Helen Is Enslaved

by b biddle

Copyright© 2011 by b biddle

BDSM Sex Story: White trash Helen is coerced by rich Stanley into being a slave.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Helen was a beautiful 27-year old woman. She had red hair, long legs and large firm tits with huge nipples that sprung erect at the slightest provocation.

Helen's daughter Alice was now almost 13. She would eventually have her mother's beauty. But for now she was awkward and coltish. She was not very self-assured and was regularly teased by the other kids.

Alice had been born when Helen was 15 and already an orphan. When Alice's father refused to help support her Helen was left to support Alice alone. Since she had no high-school education, she got only dead-end jobs and it was only her ability to keep men randy that prevented Helen and Alice from starving.

Helen was not a prostitute, but nearly so. She lived with a series of men in trailer parks. The men paid the rent in exchange for fucking Helen. She was careful to choose men who would leave Alice alone. She would put up with cocks in HER cunt, but was not about to tolerate one of her men trying to fuck Alice. She tried to be a good mother and generally succeeded.

But she and Alice were looked upon as trailer trash and she wanted more for Alice than a life of dead end jobs and boring sex.

The store at which Helen was working was taken over by a chain owned by Stanley Jones. He was richer than God. His wife had died two years before leaving him with 17-year old twin boys. He adored them and would do anything for them except provide the discipline they needed. They ran wild.

The day Stanley visited the new store he couldn't help but notice Helen. She was stocking shelves. Her body, encased in a tight tee top, caught the attention of his cock. He had to have her.

He asked her for a date and she accepted. She hoped that a relationship with him might get her out of the trailer park. She had become desperate.

Stanley had had his share of good looking women. He was filthy rich after all, and at 40 was not all that bad looking. He had an incipient paunch but had a big cock that still got steel hard and his balls spurted copious quantities of jizz.

But he was at an age when plain-vanilla sex was beginning to bore him. He saw in Helen a chance to move on to the satisfaction of his fantasies. Fortunately, for Alice, those fantasies did not include molesting pubescent girls. Stanley liked big tits. Helen had magnificent ones.

Helen went on dates with him more than a dozen times. She began to let him fuck her, but only in the missionary position. Even that she tolerated only every other date. Stan wanted much more sex, and being a busy executive didn't want to work for it. He asked Helen whether she would agree to frequent sex if he let her and Alice move in with him and his sons. Helen was desperate so she agreed, but only after determining that sex with Alice was not part of the equation.

She and Alice moved into Stan's home. Stan let them use a BMW sedan, let them buy nice clothes and paid to enroll Alice in a first-class private school. Helen got rid of her old clunker of a car and got rid of the trailer. Alice thrived in her new school environment. For the first time she went to school unafraid that the other kids would hurt her or that she might be the victim of a drive-by shooting.

She was getting great grades and it was clear that if she stayed in this school she would easily qualify for college and would escape the life that she and Helen had heretofore led.

Stanley sprung his trap about six months after they had moved in with him. Alice's tuition for the next semester would be due momentarily and Helen knew it. Helen had run through the pitiful assets she accrued selling her car and trailer. Worse she had become addicted to the wonderful lifestyle of good housing and good food. She would momentarily discover that her addiction had a price.

When Stanley entered the bedroom that night he found Helen ready for fucking. She was living up to her obligation for frequent sex. She was wearing a long sheer gown and high heels. She thought she knew her duty. She would suck his cock a little and then spread her legs and let him fuck her while he played with her tits. She would urge Stanley on with cries of "Fuck, me! Fuck me with your big cock" until he came. She would feign a terrific orgasm and then get a good night's sleep with Stanley's jizz dripping out of her cunt. It was a small price to pay for the lifestyle she now enjoyed.

That night though Stanley growled "Strip and get on your knees!" She was so surprised that she did so. He stood menacingly before her and stripped off his clothes. "Suck, bitch!" Still unsure of what to do she simply acquiesced. She opened her mouth and drew Stanley's cock into her mouth. It felt harder than it ever had. She began to suck.

She expected Stanley to pull out and fuck her cunt like he'd always done before, but he kept her sucking. She sensed that he was about to erupt and she tried to pull away. She didn't want his disgusting, slimy jizz in her throat. But suddenly he grabbed her head by the hair and drove his cock to the hilt in her mouth.

She began to gag and sputter but he continued to pound away fucking her throat punishingly. Just as she thought she would pass out from lack of air his balls pulsed and what felt to her like a cup of jizz poured out of his fuck-rod into her throat. He kept his tool deep in her throat and allowed her no respite.

"Swallow all of it, bitch!" he said continuing to rape her throat. She didn't want to and much of his sticky goo spread out around his cock and dribbled down her chin. "I told you to swallow, cunt. You'll be sorry you spilled my jizz!"

He pulled out of her and before she could get her breath he was sitting on the side of the bed with her draped over his lap. His still-hard cock drove into her belly as he began to spank her firm, naked, shapely ass. He grabbed a tit with one hand to keep her from moving and squeezed it hard. She screamed. Even she couldn't tell whether she was screaming at the outrage he had performed, the pain he was inflicting on her ass or the brutalization of her tit flesh.

In any case he kept beating her. Her screams of pain and humiliation turned to screams of outrage. Soon she was hollering imprecations at him threatening all kinds of retaliation. He paid no heed except to redouble his efforts to redden her shapely, firm ass.

He kept spanking her until she could scream no more. By then his cock had recharged and was boring a hole in her belly. He flung her onto the bed with her legs hanging to the floor, got behind her and forcing her legs apart drove his rock hard fuck tool deep into her asshole. Helen screamed in pain and humiliation but Stanley kept pumping until he loosed another wad of jizz, this time up her shit hole.

When he finally released her she was furious. She began to sputter and threaten. Stanley bitch-slapped her and knocked her to the floor.

"You've given me boring sex up to now and I'm no longer going to stand for it. If you want to stay in this house and have your daughter in a safe school then from now on you'll give me whatever I want and when I want it."

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