Money Helps

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2011 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Sex Story: Palo spots two lovlies at the movies and offers them easy money if they'll put out. What do you think happens?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Spitting   Voyeurism   .

All participants in this story are 18 years of age or older

It seems I've always been horny, but until I reached my twenties I lacked the nerve to do something about it. Truth be told, I got the nerve when an aunt died and left me $255,000.

I had a decent job, that paid well, and with the windfall I decided to try some experiments with the opposite sex.

I didn't really give it much thought, and looking back realize I could have done it better, but what the fuck, if I hadn't done what I did, maybe I wouldn't have tried the damn stuff at all.

The impulse hit me one night while I was at the movies, the ten o'clock feature to be exact. Two rows ahead of me sat two lithesome beauties, in their late teens. I had seen them outside the theater, digging in their purses for the exact amount to pay for their admission. I had been tempted to offer to pay their way in, but realized that while they might accept my offer, it wouldn't have half the impact of a more generous offer once they were comfortably relaxed in their seats and watching the movie.

I moved into their row after the featured film began. The one closest to me had well tanned legs, a firm curvy bod, and when she leaned forward to discard a candy wrapper, an ass that struggled to remain in the short, shorts she was wearing — probably since she was thirteen or fourteen. When she sat back I got a good look at the cutest ripe little cones perking out of a light blue tank top. All in all, she seemed a very edible girl.

They were immersed in the film and I saw no reason to bother them particularly since the flick was all about a working class girl marrying a prince and living happily ever after.

I left the theater before the film ended and parked my Porsche outside the entrance and waited for the girls to emerge with the other s who had watched the film.

I knew they would spot the flashy car, especially with the rags to riches theme of the film so fresh in their youthful brains.

But it was her girlfriend who spoke to me. She wasn't half bad either – slim, with rather advanced curves of womanhood self-evident wherever I happened to look. She was a ponytailed brunette, about 5' 4", with coltish slim hips and a generous bust, which she accentuated with a midriff-baring sleeveless navy knit top. She wore saucy little three inch red heels and white socks with elaborate lace trimmings, and her legs were smooth and shiny. She, like her partner, was just starting to blossom into full-fledged femininity, with a bright pouty red lipsticked mouth, mascara'ed hazel eyes with thin plucked brows and lightly highlighted cheeks. Cute face too-- delicate bone structure with a longish look and a short pointy chin and a pair of dimples to die for. A slightly above average teenager even with the braces she revealed as she gave me a respectful smile.

Both girls were nicely tanned. Tanning beds, God bless 'em, I thought and continued my rapid inspection of her body. Her tits were about twice the size of her girlfriend's, but she was a plain Jane compared to the one I wanted most.

"Nice car!" she exclaimed, and moved closer to get a look at the driver, although I have to admit, she might have wanted a look at the car's interior.

"Thank you. It's a Porsche," I added, knowing that they would see dollar figures on hearing that famous brand name.

"Really cool car!" the white shorts said, coming right up to the car.

"Would you like to go for a ride?" I asked.

I got the usual response. One wanted to go, the other didn't. It was a tactic young women often resort to in order to retain control of the situation. I mean, give the devil his due; girls have one basic bargaining chip – their pussies. Forget that shit about the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It's the snatch, gash, cooze, cunt, or whatever name you want to pin on it that draws men like flies to honey, and every girl in the world knows it.

We bantered until a car honked behind me and my expression told them it was now or never. They got in, with braces sitting on white shorts lap. No way would either one be caught dead in the tiny back seat the Porsche afforded, and I couldn't blame them.

I pulled away from the curb with that soft growl the Porsche is so famous for; the girls added to the sound by screeching loudly at the sudden acceleration. I was certain their daddies never drove like this, at least not with them in the car.

"So, I'm Palo, what are your names?"

White shorts answered first. "Noel," she chirped. "Do you always go this fast?"

Braces followed with, "And I'm, Whitney."

"Hi girls, tell the truth, I usually go faster."

"Really?" Whitney said, obviously a non-believer.

"Go faster!" Noel urged.

"No! He'll get a ticket!" Whitney said, but her voice told me she wanted speed too.

"I can afford a ticket or two," I replied and gave the car the gas.

In seconds we were racing along the boulevard at 120 miles per hour.

Both Whitney's and Noel's hair whipped around the interior of the Porsch and I had all I could do to keep it out of my eyes.

Gradually I slowed and then pulled into a deserted parking lot next to an old, and now unused warehouse.

"How was that?" I asked, knowing that the speedy ride had excited both girls.

"Great," Noel said.

"God, that was good, ' Whitney added. "So how much does a car like this cost?"

"New, this would go for about $125,000. But the original owner was a jerk. I won it off him in a card game."

"Oh wow!" Noel gasped. "You gamble?"

"Of course I gamble. What's money for if not to play with?"

"I don't know if I'd gamble any money I had," Noel said.

"I take it then you don't have much of it to begin with."

"I ... I mean, we. Me and Whitney get allowances, well I got a job, but it pays crap, you know?"

"Money doesn't go far on an allowance," I said, commiserating with them. "And most jobs pay crap as well," I said agreeably.

"It sure don't," Whitney said.

It was time to pounce.

"So, if you each had, say $200 bucks apiece, what would you do with it?

I knew damn well that each girl had a long list of purchases on their respective wish lists, but waited them out. They wasted no time in regaling me with what they would buy with that money. Of course they had easily spent twice that amount, but on that I said nothing.

I let the thought of their imaginary purchases ferment for a minute, and then asked, "I'm curious, just asking, mind you, but what would a girl, you know, someone like yourselves, do for that kind of money?"

There, the hook was out.

They bit down on it together. Well, Whitney actually started first, but Noel was with her at the finish as they blurted, "Anything!" in tandem.

Trying to sound surprised, I said, "Really?"

Both girls nodded their heads, still lost in the dream of a spending spree to end all spending sprees. Ah, young girls, they really have no idea of what life's true needs are. I felt like the Dutch buying Manhattan from the Indians for $24.

"So, you'd do the deed for $200?"

"The deed?" Whitney said, not understanding ... at first.

"He means would you fuck him?" Noel said, bringing it out into the open.

"Uh-uh," Whitney said. "No fucking way!"

My hands never left the leather-covered steering wheel as I replied, "Would a blowjob be out of the question?"

"What do you think we are?" Noel asked sarcastically.

"Two girls who just told me they'd do anything for $200 each."

"Well we didn't mean THAT!" Noel said.

"How was I to know?" I said defensively.

"You're just a big prick!" Whitney yelled and struggled with the door, trying to get out of the Porsche.

"Let's leave my anatomy out of it," I said, and heard Noel giggle.

"Let me the fuck out!" Whitney shouted.

I popped the release, the door opened, and Whitney hopped out.

"C'mon, Noel, fuck him. We can walk back."

"Um, yes. You can walk back. But please listen to me first. We're a good seven miles from the movie theatre."

"So what?"

"This isn't exactly a residential area."

"I don't care! We'll walk it!" Whitney snarled.

I wanted to laugh, but held back and just waited.

"Whitney! Its miles to civilization!"

"We've got legs, we can walk. It'll take an hour, maybe."

"Two white girls ... in this neighborhood. Are you crazy?"

Then Noel turned to me. She was still in the car. "Palo, do you really insist on a blowjob?"

"I never insisted on anything," I said trying to reassure them both. I seemed to make headway with Noel, who called to Whitney, saying, "We don't have to blow him or anything else. Get back in the car, Whitney!"

Whitney was not convinced. "He said it, I heard him!"

"I only asked what you'd be willing to do for the money."

Noel appeared to think about the monetary aspect for a minute, and then said, "You did Vincento for a giant sized Coke two months ago."

"Fuck you, Noel. I didn't! Whitney protested.

"You told me you did!" she spat accusingly.

"I was fucking lying!" Whitney yelled, but she remained close to the Porsche

"I wish you two would make up your minds," I shouted hoping they'd hear me over their own prattling.

To my complete surprise, Noel turned to me and said, "What if I did you?"

"F ... fine," I managed, and put to bed the nagging fear that they might call the police on me.

"Okay, Whitney, get back in the car!"

"Um, Noel? It's not possible to do it with her in the car."

"Oh ... right, I guess. Okay, so where or what do I do?"

"Let's start with some kissing."

"You going to pay me the money?"

"Yeah, two hundred, okay?"

"Super!" Noel said and threw herself at me. We kissed; her mouth was open and waiting for my tongue. I will admit the kid could kiss. I kept kissing her while Whitney leaned against the car door watching my every move, but saying nothing.

I waited for Noel to moan and on hearing it, sent my hand between her legs to rub against her white shorts and the pussy that hid behind them.

"What are you doooing?" she asked dreamily. I didn't answer, but renewed our kiss while carefully parting those creamy legs further apart. I had her left leg over the center console before she broke the kiss to ask the question again.

"Why, I'm just going to play with you for a while little honey." I said.

My own breathing was ragged as I pulled her little blue tank top over her head and saw her pert little tits and pinkest little nipples peeking out at me.

"What the fuck are you doing to her?" Whitney said quietly. She should have yelled, I thought, why is she quiet now?

Noel was frozen, but her mind was still a little self aware. "Whatareyou... ?"

But my mouth was already nibbling on the closest nipple.

"Nooo..." she moaned.

"Jesus, she's letting you suck on them!" Whitney gasped.

A quick glance at Whitney told me more than I need to know. The protester was grinding her pussy against the door handle of the Porsche.

"You shouldn't..." Noel moaned.

Letting the nipple fall from my mouth, I rubbed her pussy harder, creating a friction that had to have a powerful effect on the helpless girl.

"But I already am; now be a good girl and bring the other one to me."

And as Noel began to do just that, Whitney's hand snaked into the Porsche and grabbed Noel's other nipple and gave it a squeeze. Heartened by Whitney's joining in, I unzipped my fly and fumbled my hardon out into the air.

I'm sure Whitney saw me do it. I don't think Noel suspected it was out in the open just yet. It was a struggle, but I urged her out of those tight white shorts. Whitney helped by kissing Noel while I did. One thing was certain. Noel loved kissing.

Tossing the shorts aside, I realized Noel wasn't wearing anything else. I had her nude in the car. I turned to face Whitney, who was still tonguing her friend.

Grabbing her by the hair at the nape of her neck, I growled, "First time kissing each other?"

"I ... I..." Noel stammered. Her head fell back against the headrest.

"Christ ... I didn't even..." Whitney gulped realizing what she had just done.

"Never mind," I said. "Show me your tits and be quick about it."

There was no hesitation on her part. The sleeveless navy knit top was off in a flash and the half-cup bra, or whatever the fuck it was followed quickly.

She actually posed for me, sticking them in the window and turning from side to side to show them off.

"Nice tits," I said and tweaked the right nipple.

"OH!" she yelped as if I'd goosed her.

"Lean in here and give my dick a lick and a suck," I said. I wasn't surprised when she did without any protest. It wasn't the first cock she'd sucked.

"That guy ... Vincento?"

"Mmmm?" she almost purred as her tongue curled around the corona of my dick.

"Wasn't the only one was he?"

"Mm ... mmm."

"Give it over to Noel," I said, and she did. Noel jumped on it like a fly lands on shit. I figured she thought Whitney was going to get her money. I made a point to ask her about it later and she confirmed it.

Noel sucked and bobbed as best she could, but I wanted more. I suppressed her gag reflex and stroked her little ass with the aim of getting a finger up there, but the tight confines of the Porsche wouldn't allow it.

I yanked my dick out of her mouth after she choked a little and tendered it to Whitney, who gobbled it up after climbing half-way into the Porsche to get to it.

I thrust my cock all the way down her throat and forced her nose into my abdomen. I was lying on top of Noel, who was slowly being absorbed into the soft leather of the car's passenger seat.

I tilted Whitney's head a bit so I could see her throat engorge as my cock raped her mouth. Her eyes looked up at me as if pleading for me to return it to Noel's mouth. But she had pissed me off with all her bullshit and so I held her head fast with my left hand. Her eyes grew bigger and more fearful, and I eased slowly from her mouth.

"I'm getting out of the car, I said, making sure the keys were in my pocket.

Whitney slid back and eased her body out the car then stood docilely on the pavement.

"You too, sweetie," I whispered to Noel, and she opened the door and stood next to Whitney while I exited from my side and came around to face them.

What I said next was uttered with an authority I hadn't known I possessed.

"Either of you not wanting to get fucked?"

Neither girl said a word. They wanted the money. They felt they had or were earning it having blown me. Oh, they had both taken my dick and sucked it, but I hadn't come and they knew it.

"I want both of you to lean against the car like the cops have people do when they're about to search them.

They had watched enough movies to grasp what I wanted from them, and did it without any protest.

I looked at them in the scarce moonlight. Whitney's tank top was wrapped around her neck, her breasts stuck up over her bra, her nipples big and hard, still slick with my saliva. Her skirt was up around her waist, revealing white panties, a mere light shade in the dim. Had I had turned this good girl into a wanton creature, unable to resist her desires. I had trouble accepting the fact, but it was all to true.

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