Amy's Nightmare

by De Von

Copyright© 2011 by De Von

Sex Story: This story is straight out of the dark side. Its primary subject is a violent rape, portrayed from a young woman's point of view. If such stories are your cup of tea, by all means read it and let me know what you think about it. I only ask this: If this kind of story is NOT your forte, then please pass it by. Please don't read it and then score it low because you don't like the subject. These kind of dark stories really only appeal to a small number of people,and I post it for them

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"Oh! Oh God! Brad! Someone's gonna see us! Fuck Me!!" Amy whispered huskily into her boyfriend's ear as he held her up against the wall in the hallway of her condo building, her legs wrapped around his waist as his cock pistoned into her, driving her closer to a thunderous orgasm with every thrust.

They had been out to a couple of different clubs, and Amy had a nice buzz going on that lowered her inhibitions, much to Brad's delight. She knew she got a little freer when she drank, but she still couldn't believe she was letting Brad fuck her in the hallway outside her door! What if one of her neighbors came in?

'We should go inside so we can really get with it!' Amy thought, but then Brad hit her sweet spot and her thoughts evaporated as her orgasm overtook her and waves of pleasure crashed thru her body. She was starting to come down from her high when Brad thrust hard and deep and growled as he came into her. Feeling his cum blast into her body sent Amy over the edge, and she buried her head in his shoulder to muffle her cries as she came again.

Brad held her up as they both recovered from their orgasms, leaning against the wall, pinning her and kissing her passionately several times. Amy was starting to regain feeling in her legs, and had put her feet back on the floor, when Brad's phone started ringing.

"Let it go, Baby!" she said, taking his hand and reaching for her keys to open the condo door. "It's the hospital. I have to take this" he said as he opened the phone. "Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Smith," she heard him say. Brad listened intently a few moments, and then said "Wow! I didn't think it would happen in time. I'm about 20 minutes out. Prep the patient and get the OR ready!"

Amy already knew what was coming as he hung up the phone. She had a pouty, disappointed look on her face. "I'll make it up to you, Babe!" Brad said. "But they got a donor for DJ!" That, at least, made it worth it to Amy to miss out on what promised to be a night of amazing sex. DJ was a little boy who needed a heart-lung transplant, and no one thought a donor would be found in time. 'I guess I can delay getting my brains screwed out for another day or so' Amy thought, smiling at the thought of her Brad prolonging the young boy's life. "Go!" she said. "But you better come back and fuck me silly when you get the operation done!"

"Will do! Love you, Babe!" Brad said as he skipped down the stairs toward the door. She heard his Corvette start (she loved that exhaust rumble and the way it felt when she was in the passenger seat. It never failed to get her hot!), and then he was out of the parking lot and gone.

Amy just stood leaning against the wall, basking in the afterglow, until she heard the lower door open and realized she was standing here in public, half naked with cum running down her thighs. "Oh shit!" she muttered to herself, while hurriedly grabbing her jeans off the floor and fishing her keys out of the pockets. She got the door unlocked and closed it behind her just as the elevator stopped at her floor. She flipped the deadbolt and turned off the buzzing alarm. It took her a few tries, as her mind was still fuzzy from the drinks and orgasms, but she got the right code punched in before the phone rang. She got halfway to her bedroom before she remembered to go back and reset the alarm. She punched kinda blindly at the keypad, heading back down the hall toward her bedroom when she heard the panel give its 'armed' beep.

Amy stumbled into her bedroom, realizing she was a little more drunk than she first thought. She briefly considered jumping in the shower, then decided she would just clean up in the morning. She needed to change the sheets anyway, so she just fell onto her bed, lying there with her arms and legs splayed, wearing only her blouse. She moaned softly, still thinking of how nice Brad's cock felt squirting inside her, as she drifted off to sleep.


Amy stirred sometime later that night, slowly opening her eyes and blinking away the fog. Had she heard a noise? 'I think I remember setting the alarm' she thought. As her eyes slowly cleared and the room began to materialize out of the darkness, the figure of a man took shape, standing next to her bed.

"Brad?" she asked in a slightly slurred, still drunk speech, "Thatchu, Baby?" She reached one hand between her legs, finding her pussy still slick with his cum. He always shot so much cum inside her! Sometimes she felt like it would leak out for days.

The figure didn't respond, only stood looking down on her. Somewhere in Amy's addled mind alarm bells started ringing, but they were faint and far away. That would soon change.

Amy actually drifted back toward sleep before shaking her head and trying to clear her vision again. Something was wrong with the picture in her mind. She blinked a few times and thought 'Wow! What a strange dream that was!' before swinging her legs over the side of the bed, thinking it was time for that shower before turning back in. Brad had told her these kinds of operations took 16-18 hours, so she knew he wouldn't be back anytime soon.

When she put her feet on the floor and leaned forward to stand, she smacked her forehead into the midsection of the man standing next to her bed. Amy uttered a short cry as she sat heavily back onto her bed. "Wha? Who are you? How did you get in here?!" she stammered quickly.

"Shut up, Bitch!" the man replied gruffly. This made Amy angry, and she quickly stood, bumping into the man. She noticed that he seemed awfully tall. Even though she was somewhat short and small framed, he seemed bigger than normal.

Amy drew a deep breath anyway and addressed him. "Get the fuck out of my..." her sentence ended as her world exploded in white light. She felt her feet come off the floor and her body shift back and sideways. As if in slow motion, she saw herself falling toward her bed, arms flailing, trying to make it onto the mattress without hitting the post. As she fell her mind registered that he had hit her.

'He HIT me! The sonofabitch HIT me!' she thought. 'He can't do that!' But he had, and if his size hadn't given him an immediate advantage, his big hand on the side of her head had.

Amy landed on her side with one arm underneath her body. She felt the man grab her other arm and roll her onto her stomach. He roughly wrenched her arm high up behind her back, eliciting a cry of pain. He then grabbed her other arm and twisted it behind her back before quickly flipping her over, effectively pinning her arms to the bed underneath her body. As she tried to wiggle free, he put one hand on her chest, just below her breasts and pushed downward, pinning her to the bed.

"Geh ahh mee!" Amy stammered, fighting to free her arms. She suddenly remembered she had legs, as if this were a new revelation. 'Damn good looking legs, too' she thought strangely. But now she intended to put her well toned legs to good use. 'I'm gonna get this sonofabitch now!' she thought, as she drew her legs to her chest and then began to pummel the intruder's midsection, pumping her legs as if she were riding a bicycle and striking him repeatedly. She knew this would stun and weaken him, and she was already planning her next move.

Amy was stunned when her kicks seemingly had no effect, and the man simply brushed her legs aside. Suddenly she saw his huge fist come out of the dark again, but she didn't even have time to cringe before it made contact with the left side of her head, sending her vision swimming away. Before she could move he swung again, the back of his hand striking the other side of her face, robbing her of what little vision she had left.

Amy frantically tried to raise her arms to shield her face, but they were still pinned behind her. "Stop! No! duuhhh" she said, tears flowing freely from her eyes now. "I won' figh! Don' hii mee anmore! Please!" her words ran together, most slurred and not even finished. To her great relief, the blows stopped. Her breaths were coming now in great heaving gasps separated by sobs. She fought to speak. "Why? You hurt me! What are you doing? Why? Why?" Her words were mostly intelligible now. She was somewhat surprised when he responded. "Why?" he mused, and snickered before continuing, "Because you're just such a delicious little tart." He laughed heartily as he finished this sentence.

Amy's mind was still reeling. 'Maybe there's still an easy way out of this' she thought, as she desperately tried to compose her thoughts and voice into something coherent. "What do you want? Please, you can have any of it!" she said as her mind concluded that he might be there to rob her.

The man just laughed again. "I don't want your stuff. I just want you" he said flatly. Amy's mind still refused to acknowledge why he was there, though part of her knew without a doubt. Still, she responded, "Me? What do you want with me? What are you going to do to me?" With this fresh tears came again.

"Like you didn't already know, after that display in the hall" he laughed. "I'm just gonna sport-fuck you for a while."

Her mind recoiled in terror at his words, and she began a renewed struggle as she cried out, "NO!" He was ready for her, however, and easily grabbed her knees and flipped her over again. Before Amy could react to her arms being free, he had seized her wrists and she felt him wrapping something around her arms, binding her forearms together, her arms bent at the elbows. She felt him tie off the binding, then back away. Thoughts of escaping ran thru her mind, but she couldn't do much more than wiggle. She was lying face down on the bed, he legs sticking over the side at the knees. 'Oh God!' Amy thought, 'I don't even have any panties on! I have to stop him! I don't even know him! He can't fuck me!' All her thoughts were running together now. Suddenly she realized it was quiet. 'Where did he go? Maybe he reconsidered and left!' she thought, jubilantly. Then she heard her dresser drawers being opened.

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