Bruce - My First Orgasm

by Diane O'Dwyer

Copyright© 2011 by Diane O'Dwyer

Erotica Sex Story: My first experience of K9 sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Bestiality   .

I was 20 at the time and although I certainly wasn't a virgin I was still a bit naive when it came to sex. I had never had a climax with a boy, only with my fingers. I didn't have a steady boyfriend at the time so I compensated for it a lot by masturbation. It was summer and I didn't have anything much to do. My neighbours asked me to watch their dog, Bruce, a five year old Alsation Cross while they went on holiday for a week rather than put him in kennels, they thought he might fret away from his own home, they asked me to stay there.

I agreed simply because I had nothing better to do plus they said they would pay me for the week, at least what the kennels would probably cost them. They also got in lots of good food and treats in for me to eat and left me some bottles of white wine in the fridge.

The first night they were gone it was a warm night so I fed Bruce then went upstairs to shower.

When I was done I just threw on one of Helen's robes, a beautiful silk one, it felt so sexy and cool on my bare skin.

Since it was so warm and I had the whole house to myself there was no need to put on any other clothes or anything I felt so free wearing nothing but the sexy robe as well as my having the privacy of their whole huge house to myself for the week.

I went down to the kitchen to get something to drink and Bruce was just finishing his dinner. As I went over to his bowl and picked it up to put in the sink I patted him on the head and said was that he was a good boy because he had eaten it all up.

I went and dropped his bowl in the sink then went to the refrigerator to get a cold glass of wine and leaned against the counter to drink it. I looked over at Bruce and he was looking at me with those beautiful dark eyes of his and licking his lips with his long tongue.

I swear the way he was looking at me it was just as if he wanted me for his dessert it felt kind of creepy. I just shrugged it off and walked into the living room to watch TV and Bruce followed right behind me. I sat on the couch and as I sat down the belt on my robe fell loose and the silk robe opened up.

I didn't bother to close it, probably because I had turned on the air conditioner before my shower and the cool air coupled with the silk certainly felt good against my bare skin, the wine too had also had an effect, it made me relax and feel kind of sexy.

I leaned my head back and began to run my hands over my breasts, massaging them gently I then kept my left hand on my small breasts but brought my other hand over my stomach and the down between my legs. I slowly started to finger myself. I really do enjoy masturbating and sometimes I just couldn't help myself, this was no exception being in a strange house nude except for a silk robe and the cool air against my body was really turning me on, I was getting really horny now and I idly teased my clitoris for a while.

I slipped two fingers inside and began fucking myself with them I soon began moaning and feeling myself approaching orgasm. I had completely forgotten about Bruce who suddenly appeared between my legs and began sniffing at me. I jumped up startled by the feel his tongue on my vagina I told him to stop it. I did push him away but he would have none of this, he only came right back to licking me even more aggressively than the first time. Again I tried to push him away and he let out a small growl so I let go of him, half afraid he was going to bite me. My climax now forgotten I just kept my knees close together. I waited for him to stop doing this and just go away.

I had figured that my scent from masturbating must have aroused him but never in my wildest dreams did I figure before that a male dog could become sexually attracted to a human female. He continued licking me. I didn't know what to do, I was to afraid to touch him so I decided the best thing to do was to let him have his way till he got fed up and stopped. It didn't seem to work at all! His licking was now getting more intense by the moment and despite my fear my juices had started flowing again which caused him to lick me even harder, he was now really trying hard to get that long tongue of his actually up inside me. I shuddered but as I started to relax more despite myself and lost my fear of him I just couldn't stop myself half liking what this sexy dog was still doing to me.

I have to admit his tongue was starting to feel really good and when he started to turn his head sideways to get at me at a better angle he managed to push my legs open wider with his head. At this point with my pussy opened I was now starting to get really turned on by this.

Bruce was getting excited and a bit rough so I figured I had better oblige him (and perhaps myself). I finally placed my feet up on the coffee table to make myself more comfortable and opened my legs up wide for him. I soon as I did he was really into my sex and I found myself rapidly coming back towards the orgasm I'd so nearly had but it was not from my own fingers now, but from Bruce's marvellous tongue, it felt so long and supple. I ran my hands over my breasts running my fingertips over my nipples, squeezing them hard with my fingers and I started to buck my hips wildly, on the verge of orgasm. Just at this point the dogs tongue centered right onto my clit and I went wild as I started to come. I reached down and held his head tight to me pussy, not even caring if he would bite me or not.

I just wanted to keep his head steady I didn't want him to lose this new place he was licking, onto my clit and literally masturbating me...

"Yes Bruce," I yelled out, "Don't move, Yes, good boy lick me just there, Oh please, please don't stop."

Believe me he wasn't about to, he was really into me now. I had no idea that dogs were into oral sex as much as Bruce was right now. My head was spinning and my mind was racing. I was breathing quite heavily too, my approaching orgasm just took me over.

It was incredible as well as quite erotic to look down between my spread legs to see his head with those big floppy ears lapping away at my vagina as if it was his last meal. He stopped after I climaxed but as I came back down again but climbed upon the couch a little higher and gave my stomach a few licks and then brought his body closer to mine and began humping wildly.

I sat up and when I looked down between my legs what I saw I could not quite believe my eyes. His cock was about four inches erect out of its sheath and it was now only just a few inches from actually touching up against the lips of my vagina.

It dawned on me in amazement that it was obvious from his humping exactly what this dog wanted and needed, I could see from his erect red cock that all he now desperately wanted was just to fuck me.

His cock was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I have never seen a dogs cock up close before especially one that was semi erect.

To me this next bit was like a dream that it wasn't really happening but it was, and did. I do admit I then took it much further.

(Maybe I have yet to come to terms with this, I feel guilty still about what I did next, it was me who instigated him fucking me.)

I reached down and held his cock in my hand. It was very wet and pink and it felt much different than a man would. My hand was trembling as I held him. I slowly started to rub it a bit, slowly at first then a little faster and he soon started humping again. I knew if I kept stroking him he was going to orgasm and I didn't want him to, (at least not yet anyway, I was now fully aroused again.)

I was on the very point of getting down and over onto my knees for him to mount me when suddenly I came back into my senses...

I stopped stroking him and he climbed off the couch, jumping up and down and whining. As I stood up I lost my robe and went back to the kitchen to get some wine from the fridge without it, Bruce following me eagerly from behind, bumping his nose up into my backside as I walked into the kitchen.

He still wanted desperately to mate with me and to see him jumping up and down with his cock dangling between his legs I really felt bad for what I had done to him. I got my wine from the fridge and walked back to the living room and over to the couch.

My robe was on the floor and as I bent down to pick it up the next thing I knew Bruce had jumped on my back gripping my waist tightly with his front paws, my wine glass and contents went flying onto the couch as he jumped up onto me.

The sheer weight of him on my back brought me down to the floor on my knees with my head down on the seat of the couch. He then loosened his grip on me, but only long enough to fully mount me properly over my back. He then tightened his hold on my waist and began humping me like crazy, his cock was obviously erect again, I could feel it stabbing hard up against my crotch.

'Oh my God, this is it' I thought. 'I don't have any choice now, I can't get him off me, '

I realised that whatever I wanted now didn't count. I was about to have full sex with a dog, Like it or not this one was going to fuck me and I couldn't stop him, Bruce by now most definitely meant business and after me wanking his cock he was not taking no as an answer.

I felt the tip of his cock jabbing at me from behind trying to find my opening but on the fourth or fifth jab he finally found it and when he did feel it slip just into me he eagerly rammed his cock home, when it slid inside he felt my pussy heat on his cock and just went berserk.

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