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BDSM Sex Story: An s/m couple play Forfeit games, wife cannot refuse to act out a forfeit even if it involves sex or beatings from strangers. She loves the humiliation of being used.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Rape   Fiction   Slut Wife   Cuckold   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

(Fictional story told from Female point of view)

My husband Ron and I like to play sexual games. One game that we sometimes play is Forfeits, this is where I am given some task to fulfil and if I fail I have to take a note from the Lucky Dip jar and act out whatever is written on it. These have ranged from relatively mild things, such as leaving off my panties and flashing my nakedness in a pub, to very severe things like inviting a strange Master from a sex contact mag, to come and beat me. Even though I find some of these forfeits disgusting, I never the less, end up enjoying them.

This is about one forfeit that I found particularly objectionable. There is an acquaintance of Ron's who is, to say the least, repulsive. His name is Gus and could easily be mistaken for a tramp. A Hippie type who never washes, has long greasy hair and smells to high heaven. When I read the forfeit that I was to call at this guys house on an errand for my husband and allow him to seduce me, well, I rebelled. I put my foot down.

"That's against the rules." said Ron. You can only refuse something that could cause physical harm." He of course was right. I had agreed to the rules and being masochistic, I really revel in being made to do things. So off I went, beautifully turned out. See through blouse and no bra. Very short black skirt with splits up the side that allowed my stocking tops and suspenders to be seen and very high heels. I of course was wearing a full length Mac for walking through the streets. Gus didn't live far. When Gus opened the door he was positively drooling. I had the front of my Mac open and my breasts were visible through my blouse.

"Come in! Come in!" said Gus and ushered me into the front room that was his bed/sitting room. There was a mattress on the floor where he slept. No bedding. The only furniture was one kitchen chair. "Have a seat," said Gus pointing to the chair.

"Thank you," I replied as I removed my Mac and placed it on the chair so that I could sit on it. Gus sat on the mattress. He was directly level with my crutch and as I could see him staring between my legs, I opened them slightly.

"Mmmm! Now what is it I can do for you?" asked Gus.

"Well, Ron asked me to call and see if you had finished with the books that he had lent you," I stammered. I held a hanky to my nose, the smells in the place where getting to me.

"Oh. Do you mean the ones with girls showing their open cunts or the ones with girls being fucked?" he asked.

"I don't really know which ones," I said and opened my legs a bit more. I could see that Gus must have thought it was his birthday and Christmas rolled into one. He stared openly at my pussy and licked his lips.

"Open cunt ones are great, don't you think?" he said as he moved closer. He put his hands on both of my knees and tried to prise my legs even farther apart. When his hands touched me, even though it was through my stockings, it still made my skin crawl. Here I was, offering myself to this smelly, unshaved, unwashed Hippie. I was totally repulsed and totally turned on at the same time. He raised my legs over his shoulders and buried his face in my pussy.

"Your cunt smells lovely," he said.

"Thank you," was all I could think of to say.

"You take good care of your cunt, don't you," he said between slurps into my inner private parts.

"Yes I do, I like to look after my pussy." I panted, his tongue was getting to me, he was really turning me on. I suppose it was the whole bizarre situation that was helping to stimulate me.

"Say 'I like to look after my cunt," he demanded.

"I like to look after my pussy," I said. "AAaaaaaggghhh!!!" I screamed as he sunk his teeth into my pussy lips.

"OK. OK I look after my CUNT!" I screeched. "Suck my CUNT. Suck it!"

"Say please," he said, looking up at me from between my thighs.

"Please," I replied softly.

"Not good enough." he said as he stood up, taking me with him. He turned around and dropped me onto the bare mattress. All the screaming that I had been doing had attracted attention and I could see 3 other Hippies stood in the doorway, watching.

"Don't just stand there," Gus said to them. "Come and help."

They didn't need to be asked twice. The 3 of them dived onto the mattress. I was held down as they helped themselves; they just tore my clothes off, hands where all over me, grabbing my breasts and pussy. Mouths where sucking on me. My nipples where chewed on, love bites covered my breasts and stomach. Fingers where shoved up my pussy and bottom. I hated it and loved it at he same time. I wanted them to stop and I wanted them to go on and on forever. I was writhing, screaming, moaning. I didn't know who was doing what, I was just enjoying every minute of it.

"STOP!" I heard Gus shout. All activity ceased. I had a feeling of disappointment as all hands where removed from my naked, bitten and scratched body. Gus raised my legs over his shoulders and placed the head of his cock against my pussy lips. He moved it ever so slowly, it glided across my clit and lovely sensations spread through my body. "You like that you horny Bitch?" he asked.

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