Jimmy: at the Office

by John Demille

Copyright© 2011 by John Demille

Erotica Sex Story: A young man gets caught masturbating at work by a couple or female coworkers. An interesting situation develops.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Workplace   .

When I took this job, I never imagined that I would be naked in my office, stroking my cock in front of two female coworkers. But here I was, about to blow my load on four displayed tits. It was a crazy situation, but one that was very enjoyable.

I worked at an office with many women. I was one of three guys in the whole place. The other two were middle-aged men that went home at five every day. Being the single young guy around focused much attention on me. Attention that I wasn't used to before working here. At 23, I was younger than most of the people who worked here. The exceptions were few temps that worked part time to make some money for school.

I don't know whether you've experienced something similar dear reader, but being in this position brought on interesting situations frequently.

After few months here, I was used to women flirting with me left and right, sometime it got practically obscene. Some of these women had no shame around me and gave me many thrills.

For example, it was very common to me that when I go to some woman's office to make an enquiry or deliver something, that I would be met with an abundant amount of cleavage. Women around here seem to have a habit of looking up at me from their desks with their arms pushing their tits together and up to show what they have.

I've even had women drop things on the floor and reach down for them which made their billowy shirts separate from their bra-clad mammaries and a couple of occasions braless ones with stiff nipples.

I'll tell you about some of the notable things that happened around here.

Being one of the young ones here, I had no seniority so I had to do too many night shifts. The night shifts were boring. We didn't do much. We answered some phone calls from overseas where the time zone made it daytime and required somebody to be on this end.

One particular night, it was my turn along with two women in their thirties, Christine (Chris) and Teresa. It was my turn to answer the phone, and they were to do some filing.

Each of us had our own offices and as there were no incoming calls, I started getting sleepy. I desperately needed something to do to ward off boredom.

I turned on the computer and started cruising the news sites, one place led to another and I soon stumbled upon a gallery site that displayed nude pictures that wasn't blocked by the company's firewall.

Some of the girls were ultra-hot and soon enough I was sporting a big hard on and was getting hornier by the second. I couldn't just look at the pictures anymore, I had to take care of the situation in my pants; otherwise, I would go home with a big case of blue balls.

I got up from my desk and checked the hallway to the document storage area and heard the women gabbing away while they worked.

I closed my door, although that wouldn't help much as it was mostly glass, but at least it would help with noise.

Soon, I had my fly open and my dick in hand. I was taking my time enjoying this. The night was long, and I had few hours to kill. At one point, I turned on the computer's camera and started recording myself to examine how I looked when masturbating; I just have to make sure to erase the evidence when done. I wouldn't want anybody seeing this around the office. It could get me fired instantly.

I clicked few galleries and checked out multiple chicks and then settled on a very busty blonde with big natural tits. I hate implants that look like balls attached by some flesh to the women. Ines was the type that I like: round ass and big tits along with a very cute face. I settled down and started stroking slowly as my computer played the pictures in a full-screen slideshow.

The bastard who set up my office, had my back to the door, so I didn't see what was coming. One moment I was looking at busty Ines displaying her charms on my screen and the next I was startled out of my erotic revery by my chair rolling back and turning around.

Suddenly, I was facing two giggling women.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Chris asked looking down on me. She was the one who pulled my chair back.

"It seems Jimmy here was passing company time with unauthorized activities..." quipped Teresa.

"That's bad. He's wasting company time. He shouldn't be doing that, should he? What shall we do?" Zinged Chris.

As expected, they were having fun at my expense.

As my blood had rushed south, my brain was too starved for oxygen to form a coherent thought, let alone a sentence in answer.


"Poor boy. He's speechless!" Said Teresa.

During the thirty seconds that this has happened through, I was too distressed to keep my hard on and my horny train of thoughts. Thankfully, my cock started deflating, allowing better blood flow to my more important organ, and just like that, I started thinking more clearly.

This improved mental capacity allowed me to have a better grip on the situation and I noticed that the women weren't really doing anything harmful to me. On the contrary, I could clearly see their nipples pushing hard at the inside of their bras and shirt. These were two aroused women. Well, maybe the situation wasn't too bad after all.

"Ladies, I'm at your mercy. I'm sure that we can come to some kind of arrangement..."

"Negotiating, are we?" Asked Chris.

"Well, I haven't seen a handsome young man masturbate in front of me before." Wondered Teresa.

"Me neither."

"You want me to masturbate for you?"

"Why not?" answered the voluptuous Chris.

"Yeah, come on, go on." Urged skinny Teresa.

I didn't think I had much choice in the matter. I wasn't so bad, after all, I was doing it on my own.

The situation was still weird. I mean, I'm in my office, I'm sitting on a chair with my dick out of my fly in front of two fully dressed women. They were actually good looking women too. But still, the weirdness of the situation was evident to my now-limp dick.

I started stroking my limp noodle, and it didn't seem to want to cooperate.

"Help me out ladies. It seems that my cock is too afraid to get hard. Want to give him some motivation?"

Teresa, who seemed to have massive nipples on her tiny breast, was enthusiastic.

"Big boy wants encouragement? That's no problem."

Her fingers reached for her blouse's buttons and started undoing them slowly. It took her more than two minutes to undo the eight buttons that held her shirt closed. Then she pulled it from her skirt and took it off unceremoniously revealing a black bra that couldn't be more than a small B cup.

"Come on Chris, out with those big jugs you're trying to hide."

Indeed, Chris looked as though she had to big watermelons that she was trying to squish down in her shirt.

"I don't know about this. I'm a married woman you know."

"This is harmless fun." Coaxed Teresa, "Who's going to know?"

"If Jimmy here blabs, I'll be in trouble."

"He's the one in trouble. If he blabs, he will have to face the consequences of what he was doing. Don't worry." Insisted Teresa.

The glint in Chris's eyes told me that she's just putting on a show and she were as excited as her colleague. Her hands were reaching for her buttons as she protested. Soon, she joined Teresa in being shirtless. It was evident that she wore a bra that was way too small, several cup sizes too small. Her tits were squished hard. The mammary flesh oozed out of the confines of the cups to the sides and bottom. It was a funny look.

"Go on Jimmy, continue with the show." Ordered Teresa without comments on her friend's endowment.

"I'm trying, but it's still not enough. I need more than a couple of bras to look at."

"Alright, here. How is this?" asked Teresa as she undid her bra's hook under her tits. She pulled the cups aside revealing oversized nipples. They were two big brown diamond cutters. My mouth watered like a baby's when I saw them.

"Nice. Really nice." I complimented.

"Now you." I said to Chris who seemed to need some encouragement.

"I don't know about this." She protested again as her hands reached behind her to unfasten the industrial-strength straps that barely held things together.

"Come on now." Pushed Teresa.

Chris's bra sagged a bit, and her huge mammaries spilled out and down over her flat stomach.

"Damn woman." Exclaimed Teresa as she looked at her friend. "How big are those? I've never seen them undressed before. How were you hiding them?"

"Small bra. Can't you see how squished they were?" Explained Chris as she massaged and scratched her tits where the small bra left marks on the generous flesh bags.

"Why would you do that?" I asked in wonder of the massive yet firm-looking tits.

"To avoid stares from people. Plus I can't find ready-made suitable bras. I need custom ones, and those are fucking expensive."

"I can imagine." I said.

"I can see that." Giggled Chris pointing at my now very hard cock, "You've grown back to full size."

"Yeah, go on." Ordered Teresa, "Start stroking."

With the new view in front of me, I had no problem achieving full erection and resumed my self-pleasuring activities.

After a couple of minutes of watching me stroke my cock, both women had their hands on their tits massaging them and tweaking their nipples. I could clearly see that they were getting aroused. Teresa looked as if she needed to go to the bathroom as she kept squeezing her legs together. Chris was in no better shape.

"You know, you can enjoy yourselves too." I hinted.

"I'm damn horny." Nearly moaned Chris.

Teresa didn't say anything. Her hand simply reached into her skirt and stopped at crotch level. I couldn't see what she was doing.

"Come on, don't be bashful, take off that skirt. Let's see your hand working." I encouraged.

Teresa didn't take off the skirt. She didn't even let go of her nipple. Instead, she took out her hand and reached for the bottom of her skirt. She pulled it up and pulled her black panties aside revealing a short dark bush.

Since she didn't hold up her skirt, it fell back down covering her hand and its motions.

"I can't see anything. Why don't you take it off?"


Teresa let go of her own nipple, undid a button on the side of her skirt and pushed the skirt and her panties down in one motion. She was naked except for her low heel shoes.

Revealed, her bush wasn't as bad as I first thought. It was neatly trimmed and carefully shaped into a small triangle. The lips were shaved bare. Her clit was very prominently erect and it glistened with her juices.

"There! What do you think now?"

"Nice! Very nice." And I rewarded her with a bottom to top squeeze of my cock inflating the head quite a bit.

"My cock surely loves what you have.

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