Margo and Julio

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: I saw a photo of a white woman in a room with several black men, and one other man, presumably her husband. I wrote this based on that photo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Wife Watching   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Size   .

She came out of the bathroom, anticipating what he'd told her, the thing about the 'surprise' and simply stood in front of the bed, totally halted for a moment. She was naked, as he'd asked her to be.A whole series of images were flitting through her mind, when Julio told her to go and come out naked, except for her black high heeled shoes. She hadn't, however been ready for this: a naked black man standing by the bed and waiting for her, and two more naked black men lounging in the doorway and simply leering at her. Julio lounged against a bureau and watched it all, his camera ready, plus the camera he'd set up across the room already taking photos.

Margo Esteven was a legal secretary. She'd met Julio Mondego at a party thrown by a girl friend of hers. She had liked him immediately. He was handsome with his dark hair and mustache. He turned out to be fun to be with. As they got to know each other better, she became aware of other parts of his personality. These were mainly sexual quirks, more often things that he talked about rather than anything else. They shared fantasies, though, compared to Julio's, Margo's were fairly tame. He would play with her pussy, fingers injected and rattling her properly, as he spoke of how lovely it would be to watch a sexy woman like Margo, be the absolute center of attention of a number of guys.

At the time, she merely moaned her acceptance of the idea, so deeply into his playing with her she'd been. These were his little recitations, because they did become that. He was full of stories that he'd tell her, while playing with her; they were stories about a white woman and other men, and more and more frequently a white woman and black men.

It was Julio's preferred way to make love. He'd play with Margo until she came and then he'd have Margo go down on him. Julio's cock was only four inches long as stiff as possible. His style of love making tried to make up for this fact.

Margo, at that time, the time when they moved in together, was young and gorgeous. She had a lovely crop of strawberry blond hair. She was slim and almost willowy with a large set of tits, and spiky nipples, to top them off. Julio loved her to wear really high heels.

Margo loved to be played with, and Julio did that well. The steaminess of the stories that he'd whisper into her ear made up somewhat for his random and shallow fucking. Margo had talked herself into being content, and for that time, Julio kept her satisfied.

The stories, with the detail that he'd invariably use, were burned into her head. When she had time to herself, she'd play with herself, and repeat one of the stories in her mind, running details over and over and loving herself with her fingers. It was grand but Julio did it better, when she could focus all her attention on the sensation of being played with, lying back and letting it happen with the rich words of sex encounters drifting into her ears from his narration.

When she entered the room, she looked at Julio, who was dressed causally in black slacks and a Hawaiian style shirt. She stood and looked first to the right at the tall black man nearest to her and then to the left at the guys in the doorway. They were already naked, and were sporting erections the size of which were enough to get anyone's attention.

"Margo, these are friends of mine," Julio said. "This is Mr. M, indicating the black guy nearest to Margo, "and his associations Willie and Rad."

Margo managed a feeble "Hi!"

She was a bit shocked here.

Julio moved across the room and slapped Margo's ass sharply, growling at her:

"Wake up, woman; I'm providing a good time for you here."

She looked at him and blinked. His hand went back to slap her face but Mr M caught the hand, as it was in motion:

"Don't hit the woman!" he said softly but in a menacing voice. "A man doesn't hit his woman!"

Julio had made these arrangements through friend, who'd said that Mr M would be happy to comply. He'd also said that Julio shouldn't in his words 'fuck with Mr M.' Julio remembered the warning clearly. He looked at the well built black man and simply nodded. But that encounter was enough to bring Margo out of her funk.

(It does need to be said that lately Julio had been getting periodically rougher with Margo. It was an uneasy thought in the back of her mind these days, though it hadn't gotten out of hand. She was really taken aback by his apparent willingness to slap her face though.) This was what Julio wanted, and was giving her this opportunity to make the fantasy live but she was stopped short by the kind of concern and authority that this Mr M showed, when Julio was about to slap her. She was affected by it, and wasn't all that sure just how much. And there was more: she also couldn't get over the sight of the big black cocks that each one was sporting, though Mr M's was the larges of the three.

No, this was new, totally new for her. Mr M's manners and the orders he clearly gave to Julio made an immediate impression. She turned to him and spoke, never being completely able to take her gaze from that lovely black prick. Margo was close to being overwhelmed here.

"I'm so sorry," she managed to say to Mr M, "Manners."

He smiled in response. Julio watched fascinated.

Saying that, she went to him and hugged him, saying a brief and quiet: "May I?" and getting a smiling nod from Mr M in return. It left her hugging the big black man with an arm around his shoulder and the other hand holding onto his big black prick. He smiled at her and said:

"Margo, lovely woman, pleased to meet you."

Then she turned and gave a huge smile to Willie and Rad also. Julio had settled down and was taking photos of all of it.

Margo turned and instinctively looked to Mr M to give her directions. She knew at once, inside of herself that something had changed. She was initially willing, once she'd come out of the bathroom and encountered 'the friends', to do this for Julio's sake. But that had now changed. Her focus was no longer on Julio and what he might want. Indeed, right then Julio became, for Margo, superfluous, totally superfluous.

She moved her head and got a look at the lovely, long, thick black cock that Mr M especially was showing and she actually became hungry for it. He smiled at her, knowing what she'd just done.

"This was no small Julio dick at all," she mused, as she handled it and raised her head to offer her lips to Mr M.

"If this is what Julio wants, fine," she said to herself, "Because right now it's what I want also." The situation was changing for Margo, and she knew it well.

For her that was settled, the issue settled; she held onto his powerful shoulders with one hand and moved her hand up and down on his large, beautiful cock with the other, in vain trying to discover for herself, if the change in the situation was due to this marvelous looking black man or to his lovely cock, which she was holding in her hand. It certainly seemed a mixture of the two but, she suspected, that she was somehow being coaxed onward here, almost taken in by the very manner of this Mr M.

He slipped his tongue into her wide open mouth and she sucked on it, hoping to give him the idea of what she wanted to do. When she broke away from the kiss, he smiled and nodded at her. She knew that he knew.

"Say 'hi' to Willie and Rad," Mr M said.

"Oh, yes, sir," she said politely. "Then may I come back to this?" she said nodding her head toward the cock that was still in her hand.

"Of course, lovely Margo," he said, "You come right back here."

"Will you tell me what to do?" she asked

"I certainly will," he said with the same smile that she'd been receiving from him all along.

She turned then to the grinning black men near the door, she walked to them with her arms extended out and her nipples hard on the tips of her large tits.

"Hey, guys," she said.

"Hey yourself," Willie said and Rad nodded.

"Come here," she said then putting a hand on each of their shoulders and pulling them toward herself.

"Lovely stuff," Willie said.

"Be polite, when talking about the woman,"Mr M, snapped, "She's no common whore! She's not your 'stuff'!"

Again, Margo was impressed by his manner, what he said, how he treated her. She cast him a smile over her shoulder, and got one in return. Julio was oblivious to all of this.

"Yes, boss," Willie said, and ran his hand down Margo's back, letting it rest on one of her ass cheeks, while Rad was playing with a tit.

Margo leaned forward to kiss Willie. Before she did, she turned and smiled at Mr M first. He smiled and again nodded to agree with what she was about to do.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed that Julio was playing with himself.

"He can't be enjoying this half as much as I am," Margo said to herself, any and all hesitation about the situation totally gone now.

She turned to Mr M then, and he simply gestured for her to come to him. She did, willingly, as Julio watched and took his photos. She pushed herself up against Mr M, trapping his stiff cock between them, and grinding her large tits and their hard nipples into his chest.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and, with his finger entwined in her hair, took possession of her mouth. The kiss was almost like an invasion. It made her even more wet that she already was. In addition, Willie and Rad had joined the hug and she had hands that were snaking around the front of her hips to play with her pussy hair and invade her pussy itself, and there were other hands that had insinuated themselves around to the front of her and were playing with her nipples.

Margo was left breathless from the kiss. She moved her head and formed the words 'thank you' with her mouth. Mr M nodded. Then he said to Rad, whose hands had hold of Margo's stiff nipples:

"Pinch them a little; give the lady some pleasure."

"Love to, Boss," Rad said and pinched both of her nipples. Her head was thrown back and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Mr M's answer was to invade her mouth again with his tongue, giving it to her to suck on.

"I think that we'd better give our lovely lady some black prick to suck on," Mr M said, "She's getting hotter than a pistol."

"You getting this?" Mr M snapped at Julio.

"Sure am!" Julio said proudly, his stiff little cock sticking out of his pants.

"Make sure I get copies of those photos!" Mr M said.

"Yes, uh, yes, I'll do that," Julio said.

Mr M nodded and Willie and Rad backed off a bit. Mr M smiled at Margo and said to her softly:

"Want your chance, lovely, lovely, white Margo? Ready for it now?"

"Oh, yes," she said. "Let me kneel for you!" This last was her obeying an instinct that she simply didn't want to refuse.

"Best position," he said. Then over his shoulder to Julio:

"You'll want to get this, all of this."

"Oh, yes," Julio said excitedly.

Margo was now on her knees and Mr M's stiff cock was staring her in the face directly.

She looked up at him and asked softly for directions: "Hands?"

"At first and then not!"

She said then politely: "One more question please?"

"Yes, of course," Mr M said patiently, stroking her face with his hand.

"Swallow?" Margo asked.

"Yes, that'll be best this time," Mr M said and she nodded and lowered her head, her mouth open wide.

She looked up at the big black man, never taking her eyes off of him. She was sure that Julio didn't know what he'd brought about by producing this 'fantasy' for her. She'd never seen a cock this large, had never thought of it one way or the other. Had always worked to be satisfied with Julio, and now this. Plus the big man's manner, his politeness, his calm air of being in charge. Her head was whirling.

She watched Mr M's smiling face, as she engulfed the head of his cock with her mouth and began with her lips and her tongue to suck on it, paying special attention to the under side of his cock head. His smile broadened.

She felt a movement and knew then that Rad and Willie were beside her. There were hands groping her ass crack from behind. She made a throat noise, when that happened. Then it was hands clamping on her nipples, more noises.

She lifted up Mr M's prick and licked the underside of it. Then she took it way into her mouth and, when letting it escape raked her teeth along it once.

He grinned and then shook his head 'no'. She echoed his 'no' and then held the cock and pouted. He laughed.

Julio was enjoying what he saw as the mauling of Margo. For her part, she had never felt so well taken care of, just never. Julio had his cock outside his pants and spoke up then to Mr M. He was almost rambling in his excitement:

"Now, I want you to work her over; I want pictures of her getting her ass beat, her tits beat, maybe even string her up and beat her. Then I want you to fuck her ass. Make it painful."

He was almost glassy eyed by the time that he finished.

Mr M put up a hand and just the gesture stopped Willie and Rad dead in their tracks.

"Mr uh..." Mr M began.

"Mondego," Julio said.

Mr M went on in a soft but deadly sounding voice: "Mr Mondego, we are not here to beat your woman. Is that clear?"

Julio, sensing that he'd somehow crossed a line, just shook his head 'yes'. Margo smiled at Mr M, and Julio noticed that.

"Let me ask," Mr M said next, "Do you fuck this lovely lady's ass?"

"Uh, no," Julio said, "She doesn't want me to."

"But we're to do that?" Mr M said.

"Well, yes," Julio said then.

Mr M turned to Willie and Rad and said: "Get dressed."

He bent down then and lightly kissed Margo on the lips, saying: " Sorry, beautiful Margo."

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