by Howard Faxon

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Many authors have envisioned a device to cause spontaneous orgasms. Woody Allen's "Sleeper" is an example. This is my take on a famous Sci-Fi author's story.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   TransGender   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The real story of the tasp

Give credit where credit is due--thank you, Larry Niven, the author of Ringworld and Known Space!

Afte watching Woody Allen's movie Sleeper for the sixth time I wondered if a device that could produce orgasms on demand was possible. After all, what does everyone in the world desire? Basic food, water and safety, sure. But after that, what's the next most desirable thing in the world? Orgasms!

I was 18 and ambitious. I had learned enough electronics to be truly dangerous. I dove into biology, kinisthetics and neurology. Twelve long years and several patents later I had narrowed down the spinal nerve patterns that produced an orgasm.

The first time I tried it out on myself I passed out. When I woke I had a crippled little knot where my prostate used to be. I pissed blood for days. I had given myself a ¾ jolt for three seconds. It was too much of a good thing!

I recalibrated my device and set THAT as level 15 out of 20. I fitted a little parabolic antenna into the palm of my left hand and anchored the controls in my right pocket along with the battery.

I set about giving joy to others--unexpected joy at random places!

I smiled at the effect of a level 3 shot to a six year old girl on a swing at the local park.

She screeched and fell over backwards, then hyperventilated as she looked about at

what happened. She caught me grinning at her and blushed, then ran over to me and

clutched my leg.

"Did you do that?"


"Do it again!"


I hit her with a level 5, twice as long. She groaned and blissed out, sinking to her knees.

I picked her up and set her on my lap, then did it again. She stiffened for a moment, then collapsed and purred like a kitten. I kissed the top of her head as I gave her a hug and left her on the bench to recover as I left.

I hit the mall. Level 5 seemed to produce a nice effect. I zapped grandmothers, housewives, sales people and teenagers at random. I think I left an improved appreciation for the day behind me as I went.

I gave everyone in the food court a level 2 zap with a broadcast model I had in my backpack...

It was instant silence followed by a little hum from everyone. Very nice!

I came across a little bastard with a pistol holding up a little old lady. She was down and had bruises. I cranked up the amplitude to the max--20 and hit him for five minutes. He crumpled and lay there twitching. After calling 911 for the cops I hit him again, same power and duration. I figure that I burned out his prostate at that level. Too fucking bad.

The little old lady had caught the fringe of the effect. I helped her to a seat and held onto her for a bit until she came to.

"What the hell..."

"Just relax. You got caught in the edge of something I projected at the bastard that tried to hold you up. You'll be fine in a bit."

I held her close as she panted and clutched at my arm.

"I haven't felt anything like that in over 30 years! What the hell did you do?"

I figured that telling her the truth couldn't hurt her or me.

"I figured out the neurological conditions that generate an orgasm, then built a device that can send it out on demand, at any strength I want."

She gave me a dirty little grin.

"Ohh. you're out having fun, aren't you? You made the entire food court happy, didn't you? I wondered what happened."

"Yep. Level 2 leaves a nice little buzz. Level 5 blisses people out. I hit your attacker with a level 20 twice. I figure that it burned out his prostate."

"Holy crap. Holy shit. Boy, you've got a money maker there. Just zap people at an 8 or 9 and ask for a check! How much repeat business do you want? You've got it!"

She was right. I had a guaranteed money maker. I grinned a moment, turned my tasp up to 9 and hit her with it. She groaned and melted into my lap.

"Like that?"

"Oh, you sweet bastard. You're gonna have more groupies than the rolling stones if you're not careful."

I hit her with a level 11 and left her blissed out on the bench.

I had places to go and people to do...

I snuck up behind a sweet looking teenie and zapped her with a level 9.

She groaned and collapsed against me.

I kissed her hair and said "See that kid over there bullying the other kids?"


"I want you to make love to an ice cream cone while I talk to him."

"You're NASTY!"

"Yup. Fun, ain't it.!"

I bought her a cone. She was a dirty little girl. I walked over to the kid and started talking

into his ear with a hand on his shoulder.

"See that girl? Yeah, over there. Look at what she's doing to that ice cream cone. Imagine what that toungue could do to your dick, licking and sucking like that. Look at her. She's looking at you! Just imagine her hot, hot lips covering you, teasing you. milking you."

I hit him with a level 5--enough to fill his pants and drop him to his knees. Both she and I laughed at his mortification with his shorts full of cum. He dodged out of there fast.

Back in the lab I made a ring. It would transmit level 8 signals for one second on, one second off until I released the micro-switch or the wafer battery ran out of juice.

I used a low-level effect to attract a beautiful red-headed woman working as a greeter in a high-class restaurant. With little zaps here and there I seduced her into bed and me into her. When the action grew frantic and the end seemed near I triggered the ring while holding the back of her neck.

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