What Happens in Vegas...

by Hey Mikey

Copyright© 2011 by Hey Mikey

Erotica Sex Story: You'll just have to read it to find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

With the touch of her finger, the small triangle shaped button illuminated and a whirring sound could be heard on the other side of the doors. Snapping her bubblegum between her teeth, Julia tossed and checked her teased up, big 80's, hairdo in the shinny mirror finish of the elevator doors. She glanced over at the large wall clock over the concierge's desk as she stood in the lobby waiting for the doors to open. 'Hmm, only ten thirty; not too late.' Hotel guests where still coming and going in every direction but took little notice of her.

Grabbing the hem of her short pleated skirt she wriggled her hips adjusting it slightly and then removed a tube of burgundy lipstick from her purse for a quick touch up. The muffled whining of the elevator grew louder as the car approached and then quickly died down as it came to a stop. The bell sounded and as the doors slid open she enter, turned and pressed the button for the top floor. The five foot four brunet took little notice of the hotel maintenance worker dressed in a blue-gray work shirt and trousers and standing in the far corner of the dimly lit car. Staring down at the floor, he tilted his head almost imperceptibly in her direction. His eyes quickly scanned the curves of her tall, slender figure.

"Going up?" she said over her shoulder, with a sarcastic smirk that carried with it a sense of contempt. The doors slowly close and the car started to move. A split second later the workman stepped up behind her, grabbing her arm above the elbow. He forces her against the sidewall of the elevator car and held his lips up to her ear.

"No ... Going down."

His gruff words rattled in her ear as he pressed himself against her; his large strong hands pinning her up against the side of the car. She could feel the growing bulge in his pants as it dug into her thigh.

"I've been watching you all night. You're quite the little cock tease, aren't you?"

Julia's heart began to beat faster causing a hot rush to race through her veins and she felt her knees go weak. A rough hand ran up the back of her leg and under her skirt taking hold of the waistband of her panties.

"Maybe I should show you what happens to a slutty little cock teasing cunts like you."

A slight wobble of the elevator as it moved swiftly up the shaft caused a sudden shift in her center of gravity and her stomach did a quick back-flip. The butterfly sensation quickly sank to her pelvic region and caused her pussy to twitch violently.

Instinctively, her toes turned inward and her back arched slightly as she felt her moist panties being slowly pulled down her trembling legs. Moving them down past her knees and letting then fall to her ankles, His hand slid back up between her slender tanned legs where he ran his fingers along the folds of the neatly trimmed and very moist patch at their apex.

"Ohhhh!" A deep groan escaped Julia's vocal cords as her assailant began massaging her pussy; spreading and probing it with his strong hand. She felt the rumbling of the elevator car on her cheek as she pressed the side of her face up against the cool shinny wall. Bending a little further, the gasping woman hiked up her hips and her firm round ass allowing him better access to her juicy sex. Her body was swept up by a wave of lust and her head started to spin. Her large nipples became like hard candy gum drops straining against the fabric of her form fitting button down blouse.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you Bitch." His hot breath scalded the back of her neck as his forearm kept her pinned firmly against the wall; his hand still groping and fondling under her black pleated skirt. "Mmm, you're so fucking wet. You sure have a nice hot slutty little cunt, don't you." His hand moved further up under her skirt as he drove two fingers deep into Julia's quivering honey pot.

"Uhhhh!" a grunt forced its way through gritted teeth as her labia were split apart by his probing digits and her pussy stretched to accommodate the sudden intrusion; his thick cock still pressing into her thigh the entire time.

"You like that big dick pressing against you, don't you." He growled. "I'll just bet you can't wait to get those pretty red lips around it."

Powerless to resist and barely able to keep her legs under her, she turned to face him and immediately sank to her knees; frantically trying to free the massive tool that had been lodged in her thigh. Releasing the snap, she tugged at the zipper and yanked his trousers down around his knees. The impressive slab of meat sprang straight up as she tore down his boxers. Without thought or hesitation, her mouth opened to engulf the swollen tool and drew it to the back of her throat. It was huge and filled her throat as she sucked and licked as though starving.

"Ohhhh!" He let out a loud groan as he grabbed a handful of her hair. Pinning her head back against the wall, he forced another few inches into her gulping mouth as she continued to suck; gagging only for a moment as his bulbous head lodged in the back of her throat before he loosened his grip and backed out slightly. Saliva trickled from the sides of her mouth and down his thick shaft. Her hand held the back of his muscular thigh as she reached up with the other and grabbed the base of his heavy veined tool.

Julia had surrendered all control of her wanton lust as she greedily gulped down her assailant's throbbing shaft. Her hand had moved down to her dripping pussy and was furiously thrashing her engorged clit. The large amount of pussy nectar bubbling from her slit ran down her fingers and dripped onto the freshly carpeted floor.

Suddenly, his fingers tighten their grip on her hair again and she was hauled her up to her feet. For the first time, Julia was able to get a good look at his face and saw the look of pure lust it held. His dark brown eyes scanned up and down her body a few times before zeroing in on her chest. His large meet hooks grabbed at her full breasts; groping and squeezing them and pinching the stiff nipples through the silky fabric. In one swift motion, he ripped open the thin ruffled top releasing the large fleshy mounds. 'Hmm, No bra' he mused, flashing a crooked smile at her. 'What a dirty little slut.'

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