The Wager

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2011 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Mindy comes home and tells her husband about her day and in particular an odd waer she had with a stranger.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   .

As soon as Mindy arrived home she made a Bee line for her husband. Before he had a chance to even say hello she was on her knees, fishing his cock out of his shorts and sucking on it greedily.

"Um ... how was your day?" Asked Jeff, puzzled by but not objecting to his wife's unexpected affection.

"Mmm mm Mmm M MM m" slurped Mindy, not easing up on Jeff's cock for a second.

Jeff was bewilderment increased at an exponential rate to the rate of how much he objected decreased. "Okay dear, well when you are finished down there, we can talk about your day, okay hun?"

"Mmm mm." Mumbled Mindy in a way that Jeff assumed to be agreement.

Ten minutes later, Jeff was zipped back up and sat in his chair whilst his wife, her belly full of cum remained knelt on the floor looking up at him.

"So dear," began Jeff, "How was your day?"

"Oh the usual." Replied Mindy, "Except that I met this one guy and well, he was like so weird."

"How do you mean?"

"Well he told me that he could like, control peoples' minds and stuff. It was really stupid. He told me that he could make anyone he wanted become slightly horny within thirty seconds and a total slut in like five minutes."

"But that's ridiculous!" snorted Jeff.

"I know," giggled Mindy, "I told him that too. So he told me that if I was so sure why not make a bet with him. I told him no of course, but then he got out a wad of cash. He told me that he bet me five grand that with just the power of his mind, he could make me feel horny before I was able to pick the five grand off the floor."

"I hope you slapped him round the face." Scoffed Jeff,

"I was going to." Replied Mindy, "But I saw that the money was held together by one of those paper thingies, so I knew that I could pick it up like super quickly. Even if he had all those super-duper magic powers that he claimed, I could win the bet in seconds."

Jeff noticed that Mindy's hand was now up her skirt and she had begun to play with herself. A small sense of worry began to come over him: "So what did you do?"

"I agreed of course silly." Giggled Mindy playfully, "I mean, how could I lose?"

"So what happened?" There was an awful lot more seriousness in Jeff's voice this time.

"Well I won the bet didn't I!" squealed Mindy happily. "He even tried to cheat when I agreed to the bet by putting the wad of cash away, opening a suitcase and empty five thousand pound coins onto the floor.

"He had over twenty minutes to try and work his silly mind control magic on me but it didn't work! I feel the same as I always have. When I won the bet, I even decided to suck his cock, just to show him how silly he had been." "What!" screamed Jeff, "How does that make him look silly?"

"It just does silly." Replied Mindy "I always like to suck a guy's cock when he is being silly and that guy was one of the silliest Billys I have ever met. He was trying to bet me he could make me horny, when I am always horny anyway. He couldn't win. He said all sorts of silly things like I would be addicted to cock sucking but I'm not addicted, I could stop if I wanted to but I don't.

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