Breaking the Sub

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Mr. Marcus's daughter Annie tells the tale of how she got a substitute teacher to pursue her. They both learned a lesson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   School   .

Annie staggered through the front door, wobbling, barely able to stand, blouse buttoned one off. Irritated pink splotches smudged her baby face. "What happened to you?"

"I won!" The enthusiasm normally associated with such a statement was missing from her voice.

"Won what?" I asked.

"We had a contest. Hang on, I gotta sit down."

"Before you fall down?"

She plopped into the comfy chair and put her legs up on the footrest. Her legs splayed open, and I could see she was minus panties. From the sights and smells, I knew she'd been fucked. The only question was, who, and why so hard?

"There was this contest, to see who could seduce the substitute Biology teacher. Mr. Bender was in some kind of accident and has been laid up for the last month. His son came in from out of state to substitute. Rumor is he did it at no charge, for the experience. Anyhow, us girls decided the first one of us who experienced him would be the winner."

I didn't ask the prize. "So I take it you worked your charms on him. Congrats, I think."

"Yeah, well, who knew?"

I yearned for the details. "Care to be more explicit?" After all, she'd been intimate with this substitute teacher/son guy, and was probably itching to brag. Why not with me?

"Sure. You see, the other girls tried all kinds of things, with no luck. They'd show up at his office during posted hours and flash some cleavage or panties, whatever. He remained a gentleman and never did a thing, despite their invitations. Kept a more than safe distance. Today was his last day, and my turn."

"So, what was your tactic?"

"Make him touch me. I figured if we made contact, he'd go over the edge."

"How were you going to do that? I mean, you said he kept away from the other girls."

"First, I went to the bathroom and sat on the radiator until I was good and hot. Temperature wise, that is. Then I leaned against it, so my breasts got warmed up too. Then I went to his office, sweat on my forehead. I stood at his desk, all buttoned up, proper like. He was a perfect gentleman. Just when we were getting into class topics, I swooned and collapsed on the floor. He came around from his desk and tried to revive me. I pretended to come to. He helped me onto the old leather sofa in the office."

Ah yes, the old leather sofa. Bet his dad used it on occasion, with a random coed or three.

"Anyway, I told him I was burning up. He hesitantly put his hand on my forehead."

No big deal. "So you got him to touch you. Did that do it?"

"Nope. I told him that Mom didn't check for fever the way. She'd put her lips on my forehead, because they're more sensitive."

"Wow! And he fell for that?" They'll let anybody teach these days.

"Not at first. But I kept fluttering my eyes, like I was going to pass out again. Finally, he leaned over and kissed my forehead. 'You're really hot, ' he said. Damn right I was. So I told him it wasn't just my head. That my chest was burning up. I unbuttoned my blouse, as if that was a normal thing to do. 'Check my chest' I pleaded."

"Did he?'

"After his eyes bugged out at my cleavage and nipples showing above the edge of my half-bra. He kissed my throat first, as if he could stay away. Then further down, on the slope of my chest, and then on the upper portion of the breasts themselves. I have to give the guy credit. He gave each tit equal time."

I was mostly erect and getting harder.

"Then what?"

I was running my hands up my leg, scrunching my skirt higher on my thighs. I'd rolled it up a couple of inches in the bathroom, to make this part easier. I told him I was hot all over. 'Check my legs', I pleaded."

"Did he go for that, I mean, them?"

"He stood up and said he was going to call the Medical Center."

"Makes sense." Not what I would have done, but this guy sounds like his head is on straight, avoiding sexed-up coeds like Annie.

"Until I told him that I'd pissed off the attending nurse, and she wouldn't lift a finger to help me. I begged him not to call."

"Then what?" I asked.

"By this time, I saw a nice lump in his pants. He was excited all right, and I'd broken through the barrier. He'd already put his lips on my face and tits. One more step, and he'd be mine. I had my skirt all the way up, and I was writhing on the sofa, wiggling my ass, and moaning. 'Check me', I called out, 'Check me down here.' The sucker started at my ankles. 'Feels normal.' He sat up, like he was done. 'Not down there. Higher, it's hot higher, ' I begged him. Not that checking would do any good, but now it was a game of wills."

"And won'ts."

"When he put his lips to my knee, I couldn't stand it."

"If he was that close, why didn't you pull his head to your pussy, or wrap your legs around his head, to force him?" What am I saying?

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