The Long Walk Home

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Rape and revenge, and redemption on the frontier

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   MaleDom   Humiliation   Interracial   .


(There are times, when the horrible of life suddenly and unexpectedly turns into what is wonderful. It's strange when such a thing happens. This is that kind of story, this metamorphosis of the horrible into the wonderful. This is the story of an 'ultimate' romance.)

Place: The western Nebraska frontier in 1868

Sarah Wills was making bread that morning, while Jim was away on a trip to purchase some stock for their little Nebraska holding. The sun was warm and a breeze was blowing off of the prairie.

She heard the commotion of someone coming a bit before the four riders actually showed up and stopped in front of her place. There were two white men, with beards, a Mexican, and a black man.

Sarah went to the doorway to wait for them to approach.

They greeted her very politely. It was one of the white men who spoke up for the group:

"Good day to you, ma'am, we was wondering if it's at all possible for us to water our horses before we travel on."

"Sure can," Sarah said brightly, "Well's along side the house. While you're doing that, if you'd like I've got some fresh bread here and can give you a bite to eat."

"Why that'd be just wonderful, ma'am," the other white man said, and the Mexican led the horses around the side to water them, as the others, brushed off the dust and dirt of travel and entered the house.

"Nice place you have here," the white man said.

"Thank you," Sarah replied pleasantly.

"Your man around?" was the next question.

"No, he's off buying some stock," was her answer, as she busied herself cutting bread and putting out some butter to go with it. She also had some coffee that she set out for the riders. They sat to the food and were grateful for what she was providing for them.

Sarah and Jim Wills were fairly newly married. Living out here on the frontier in their own place was a dream come true for both of them. They were self-sufficient people.

She was dressed that day in a gingham dress with a simple apron over it. Sarah, at 26 years of age, was a lovely woman. She weighed about 133 pounds, which looked really good on her 5'8" frame. She was sturdy across the hips and in the butt and fairly large across the breast. She had a pile of auburn hair that she had clasped about her head in a kind of bun.

She served the men until they had had enough to eat, and busied herself replenishing their coffee. They were extremely grateful for the way that she'd taken care of them.

"This is very neighborly of you, ma'am," one white man, who introduced himself as Curly, said.

The other white man, whose name was Earl, asked her name.

"It's Sarah," she said to him.

"Well, we're pleased to meet you, Sarah," Earl said. "But we'd best get goin' on. We thank you again for your kindness here."

They got up and, taking their hats, went out to fetch their horses.

They walked the horses around to the front of the house from where they'd been tied up by the well at the side and mounted.

Sarah stood in front of her door, advancing just a little to bid them farewell.

It was the Mexican who did it. He was on the far side of the white men, Earl and Curly. He took a lariat from his saddle and with a deft movement tossed it until he'd put it around Sarah's hands.

"Got her!" Earl said, "Good throw, Juan!"

The three of them were gleeful.

Sarah was too startled at first to do anything, and lost her opportunity, as the four riders turned the heads of their horses and began to ride slowly away.

They'd already been aware of the fact that Jim Wills was away and had decided to pay his wife Sarah this visit.

They rode slowly, going on their way, with the Mexican, Juan, pulling Sarah, who was compelled to walk behind them, along with them.

"Stop this!" she shouted at them, and they laughed.

"Please!" she shouted next and got a curt answer from Curly: "Quiet woman and just do as your told, so that you don't come to any harm."

When Sarah called out to them, as she did periodically, Juan would urge his horse on a bit and make Sarah trot for just a little bit of time. This had the effect of rendering her quiet each time that it happened.

They went on in this fashion out into the prairie for about a mile, when they stopped.

They all got down with the black man, whose name seemed to be Poke, holding the horses.

Sarah found herself surrounded by them. Her face was a mask of mostly fear, with a tinge of anger. The anger surged, as soon as they stood around her.

"You stop this foolishness right now!" she said. "I treated you in a neighborly fashion, and you go and do this."

Earl slapped Sarah's face. She was quiet right away.

"Well, missy," he said, "We know how to treat a woman and we'll show you that soon enough. But we've had enough of your lip so let me just do this."

He took a dirty bandana out of his pocket and tied it around Sarah's head, gagging her mouth with it. Her eyes were now big with fear.

"No, Sarah," he said, "We're not going to hurt you, unless we have to.We just want to have some fun and then you can go home. So, if you cooperate, you'll be fine. If you don't, it could be a pretty long, painful morning for you. Understand?"

She shook her head 'yes' immediately and made inarticulate noises against the gag, and Curly said:

"Speak up, woman, we can't understand you!"

They all laughed at his witticism. While they were laughing, Poke fooled with Sarah's hair and pulled it out of her braided bun, freeing it to hang down.The hair was rich and went almost down to her waist.

"Better!" Curly said.

"Lovely," was Earl's comment.

Juan just grinned and Poke took the opportunity to stroke Sarah's face with his hand. She shuddered, and they all laughed.

They mounted up then and rode on with Sarah plodding along behind them, her hair sensually whipping in the prairie breeze.

They took turns riding slowly so that they could, at times, ride around her and behind her to watch her struggle on and on.

"Hey, Juan," Curly called, at one point, "Take that damn apron off of her; can't tell nothing about her figure with that apron on her."

They stopped the process for a few minutes and Juan, getting down from his horse, took the apron from Sarah, and folded it, putting it behind his saddle. He then turned to the wary woman, released her gag and leaned in for a kiss. She averted her head and said an involuntary 'no'.

Curly acted immediately. He released the bonds on Sarah's hands and then he grabbed Sarah and pushed her to her knees. He looked around and picked up a largish flat rock and put her hand down on it. Then he took out a huge knife and set it down against her little finger. Sarah's eyes were wide with fear.

"Missy," Curly said in a nasty voice, "You weren't very friendly to my friend Juan, who only wanted a little kiss. Remember that I told you before that we weren't going to hurt you unless we had to?"

Sarah shook her head, 'yes'.

Curly slapped her face, knocking her sideways. "You speak to me, woman, when I'm talking to you! Or you'll regret it."

"Yes, I remember," she said softly.

"So, here's the way it is," he continued, "Every time that you don't cooperate, I'm going to cut off a finger. When I'm done with both of your hands, I'll go to your feet and cut off toes. In the end, you won't have fingers or toes but you will do what we want. Do you savvy, Missy?"

"Yes, I understand," she said, her compliance now total fear and a clear understanding of what she would have to do, how she would need to cooperate.

"So, you just go and apologize to our friend Juan who only wanted a friendly kiss," he said next.

"Juan," Sarah said quickly, "I'm sorry for reacting that way; there was no cause for it."

"Better," Curly said, "Now ask him nicely for a kiss, and remember your little finger depends on this kiss!"

"Juan, I acted badly," she said softly to the smiling Mexican "Would you please kiss me again? I'd like that."

"Of course!" Juan said eagerly, and went to her putting his arms around her.

Sarah was serious about the kiss. She slipped her arms around his neck to kiss him. She was, in fact, a very passionate woman, and in this instance, prompted by her fear and the situation, she kissed Juan with all the passion that she could muster, accepting his tongue into her mouth in the process.

"Wow!" Earl said, "That's a kiss!"

When the kiss was broken off, Juan said: "You kiss very well, pretty lady."

"Thank you," Sarah said.

"Me next," Curly said and claimed his own version of the kiss with Sarah fully participating.

Then Earl stepped forward to claim the next kiss and finally Poke got to kiss her last.

Sarah, to her own amazement, found that Juan and Poke were the best kissers in the group.

"Let's keep going," Curly said, "We want to put some distance behind us. Now you just keep your mouth closed, little lady, savvy?"

"Yes," Sarah said, as they rode out again and Juan continued to pull her along.

They went along at a slow pace, stopping about every half mile or so to all get another kiss from Sarah, who was becoming really flushed from all the attention.

After a while, Curly called to Juan:

"Hey, compadre, can't we do better with this woman to make her look prettier?"

"Of course we can," Juan said, and stopped to get down from his horse.

He approached Sarah, who as usual was wary of what was going to happen. Curly reminded her:

"Remember what I said, Missy!"

"Yes," Sarah said, "I'll remember; I won't give no trouble."

"Better not," was Curly's answer.

Juan knelt down and looked up at Sarah's fear dominated face and took out his big knife. He began to cut the material of her dress at the waist, until finally he had cut the skirt part of her dress off altogether, leaving Sarah in her linen under drawers. She was blushing furiously.

The men gave an approving laugh and they continued their little parade. During their journey, they were laughing and talking among themselves. Juan was now in the lead with the rope that was attached to Sarah's hands, pulling her along but at a decent pace for her. Poke, Earl and Curly were riding behind and making comments about Sarah's ass in her under drawers.

"Nice butt, Missy!" Curly said.

"Thank you!" Sarah said quickly, attempting to do her level best to keep this as friendly as possible.

"Polite, ain't she?" Earl said.

"Sure is," Poke said, "And downright pretty in those undies."

"Hey, Juan," Curly broke in with at that point, "Let's stop to give each of us a chance to kiss the pretty lady in her under drawers."

They stopped, untied her hands and soon, Sarah was being embraced and kissed by each of them, and getting red faced again in the process. Then they hitched her up again and walked on for about another quarter of a mile.

"Hey, Juan," Curly called out.

"Time for an adjustment?" Juan wanted to know.

"Yes, don't you think?" Curly said.

"Well," the Mexican said then, "Let's see what we can do here."

They all stopped and Sarah eyed them with fear and suspicion.

Juan got down from his horse and smiled at her, as he approached her, taking his knife out as he advanced. She winced.

"Hush, hush, pretty Sarah," Juan said, "I'm not going to hurt you, just do a little adjusting here."

He inserted the knife just below the neckline of her dress and cut across; when he got to her shoulder, he cut downward until he'd cut under her bust line and then he cut back across.

The effect of his cutting was to remove the dress fabric from over her breasts altogether. She had on a linen under type of slip, which Juan proceeded to cut in the same fashion. A cheer went up from the other three men, as the fabric was taken away revealing Sarah's large breasts and her dark nipples.

"Look at those titties!" Earl said.

"Wow!" he said, walking forward and joining Juan in petting and squeezing one of Sarah's breasts.

"Ohhhhh!" she said involuntarily, when Juan pinched a nipple.

"She likes that, Juan," Earl said, as he and Curly now joined the group of them groping at Sarah's exposed breasts.

"Hate to stop the fun but more later; we'd better get going on," Curly said.

Juan took the opportunity to kiss Sarah's left nipple before going back to his horse. It got another loud moan from Sarah, who was losing a battle here to all of the sensual treatment that she was receiving.

They plodded on for a while, them men riding so that they could watch Sarah's tits bounce from her effort at following Juan and his horse. The men were enjoying the game immensely.

After another quarter of a mile, Juan turned to look at Curly, who this time only nodded his head. They all stopped and Sarah gave them a worried look, having taken the time in the interim to regain her composure. Juan approached her, smiling as usual, with his big knife. He cut this time along the waist band of her linen drawers. Then he cut a panel across just above her knees. It left her ass cheeks hanging out, framed by the white of her linen under drawers.

"Whooohoo!" Earl said, "Man, that's an ass!" Then to Sarah, he said:

"Sarah, you're just loaded; look at the tits and ass on you!"

"Thank you," she said quietly.

Then Juan moved up to her and untied her hands. He claimed her for a kiss, as Curly and Earl were each playing with an ass cheek, and Poke had his hands on her tits, seeking out her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmmmm"! She said deep in her throat, her mouth open wide to let Juan's tongue slide in and around.

Curly again broke up their game, and they tied Sarah's hands and went on. They rode on a bit, Earl, Curly and Poke now riding behind her to watch the twitch of her ass cheeks, as she walked along, the ass cheeks framed by the white of her under drawers, and her hands still tied to Juan's horse. Curly rode up to her, close to her side and, reaching down with a quirt in his hand, gave Sarah a resounding slap on the ass with the quirt.

"Eeeeeeee!" she wailed and the men all laughed.

"I like that," Earl said, "Like that noise! Do it again, Curly!"

Curly did, he hit Sarah's unprotected ass a few more times and finally he said:

"Juan, finish it!"

Juan was grinning at the suggestion and said:


He stopped his horse and got down, going to Sarah, who was red faced from the use of the quirt on her naked ass. He took out his knife and using a few well placed snips, soon had the rest of Sarah's clothing littered around her on the ground, leaving the comely woman totally, completely naked.

"Sarah," Curly said then walking around her, "you are so god damned pretty naked; you should always be this way! We're gonna soon stop and have some play time. You won't mind, will you, Sarah."

He had his hand on her tit, rubbing a nipple as he spoke, it made Sarah blush and she quickly said:

"No, I won't mind; you do what you want to."

"Oh, we're gonna do that," Earl said, kissing her.

She yielded to the kiss and was almost overcome by the feel of hands on her ass and on her tits and now even rummaging among the hairs of her pussy.

"Let's get her there," Curly said, "I'm about damn ready."

"Good idea," Earl said, and the other agreed.

Sarah was pulled along for a while again behind Juan's horse. The sight for the men was even more than they had anticipated that it would be, watching her walk behind Juan's horse totally naked.

They went on until they came to a camp that was among the rocks and fairly sheltered on all sides. They untied her hands and let her standing among them naked, as the horses were taken care of.

"Time now!" Curly said, and Juan echoed: "Time!"

Curly turned to Poke then and said: "Poke, bring me a flat rock; I'm going to perform some surgery here."

"Whyyyyyy?" Sarah wailed, and then frantically went on: "I've done everything you've asked, haven't I?" She looked from one of them to another in a frantic search for any kind of help and found none.

"Well, it's this way, Sarah," Curly said, "Up to now all we've done is some kissing and petting, not really big things but now we want all your cooperation. We none of us kin go into town for a whore and we're in need of one. So, we went and fetched you. But it's been play up 'til now. Now we intend to get serious and each of us wants to get laid. I'm just not sure that you're going to cooperate; so, we'll begin by cutting off one little finger to remind you about what the consequences might be for not being real nice to us."

She held up her hands, as if to ward off some evil from the lot of them and said frantically:

"Look, you've got me here, got me the way that you want me. I don't have no clothes on, don't even have any, Juan has them all and they're all cut up. It's the way you want it. I've done everything and will keep on doin' everything. There's no need to get so nasty. Please."

"What we're fixin' to have here is our own whore for a while; you gonna be that for us, Sarah?"

"Yes, yes, I will!" she said, "Please."

"Leave it, Poke," he said and the black man dropped the rock. "If she doesn't cooperate, we'll take a little finger and one of those tempting nipples." He stared at Sarah, as he talked, she got wide eyed at his suggestion but said a soft:

"Fine! I'll cooperate; you'll see."

He walked up to her then and ran a finger along her lips. On the second stroke of the finger along her lips, she opened her mouth and sucked the finger into her mouth, sucking on it.

"You do that, Sarah?" he asked. "You do that with the cock of that man of yours?"

"Yes, I do!" She asked, desperate to go along with anything that they had to say or ask at that point.

"You do it often?" he asked.

"Whenever he wants!" she said.

"Bet she knows how!" Earl said with a chuckle.

"Bet we gonna find out," Curly added and they all laughed.

"You swallow his spunk, when you have him in your mouth, Sarah?" Curly asked then.

"He doesn't make me do that; I don't like it so much," she answered honestly.

"But us?" Curly asked.

"You is different," she said, "You want it and I'll do it. I promise."

"Well," Curly concluded, "Look at you, Sarah, all naked and promising to be our whore! Just look at you!"

She smiled, hoping that he wasn't, after all, going to hurt her.

Curly turned to Juan then and said: "Juan, you just get some of that bank gold out of the saddle bag and pay our whore for her services. Give her a few gold pieces."

Sarah blushed but said a very polite 'thank you' for the gold pieces that Juan gave her.

"Okay, Sarah," Curly said, "Time to earn that gold; on your knees, girl."

Without a hesitation, Sarah Wills went to her knees, ready to take their cocks in her mouth and do whatever else they wanted her to do.

"This might be rape," she said to herself, "But I'll try to see that it isn't murder."

She looked up at them, surrounding her with smiles on their faces and eyes gleaming; she said:

"I don't do this all that much. I don't know if I'm any good at it."

"Well, we'll give you some practice," Earl said with a laugh, joined in by the others.

"Who goes first?" Earl asked.

"Let Juan go first," Curly said, "He did all the work of towing her here and stripping her naked."

Juan grinned a huge grin and stepped toward the kneeling woman. She looked extremely anxious. Juan stroked the side of her face and said:

"Just relax mi' amor!"

He worked with the front of his leather pants and soon had his erect cock out. He took the final step that got him directly in front of her face, and, with her eyes never leaving his, rubbed the head of his cock along her lips. She let him, and only after he'd done it for a few times and then nodded to her, did she open her mouth to receive him.

The others sighed, as they saw Sarah capture the head of Juan's cock in her mouth. She had indeed done this, and none too often. James didn't seem to demand it the way these men did. But, realizing her situation, Sarah began to suck on his cock in earnest, licking and sucking, moving her head ever so slightly at first and then more so afterward.

"Si!' Juan said, enjoying the sensation of her mouth and lips on his cock.

She crept her lips forward, inching along and taking more and more of him into her mouth until his cock hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag. She backed off then, and breathed, only to begin again. She tried breathing through her nose and was able to get more of his cock in her mouth this time.

Juan became active too, pushing his hips into her face and grabbing Sarah by the hair, as his passion increased. He ended by cumming in her mouth. She took most of it, though some of it escaped her lips. She wiped off her chin, and rested back on her haunches, completely resigned at this point.

"Gracias!" Juan said, and she actually smiled at him.

"Earl!" Curly said, as the big man stepped into place.

"Here it comes, darlin'," Earl said, with his cock already out of his pants and ready for her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide to receive him. He was not as considerate as Juan had been. He immediately had Sarah by the back of the head, his hand twisting in a hank of her hair, and using the hair as a lever to pull her mouth toward him and push it away. It caused her to make some cries of anxiety around his cock but Earl only laughed at her discomfort and kept fucking her face.

"God damned gorgeous, big titted woman!" he snarled as he kept the motion of fucking her face.

When he was ready to cum, he grabbed Sarah by both ears and simply pulled her face to his large stomach. She tried to fight it but couldn't. He began to cum and she erupted but Earl laughed and held her in place. She was coughing and spewing cum and spit around the cock that was still lodged in the back of her mouth. It also came out of her nose.

Juan looked on with distaste, Poke just shook his head but Curly and Earl thought that it was funny. It left Sarah a mess but Curly thought it was funny enough that he proceeded to do exactly the same thing to her. This time Sarah didn't fight it. She allowed it to be done to her and knelt resigned and got messy again.

Curly and Earl, when Curly was finished fucking Sarah's face were almost rolling around with laughter.

"Now that's how to treat a woman!" Earl said.

It was Poke's turn then and he said: "Ain't either!"

"So, show us, partner," Curly said.

Poke proceeded to get some water and then he went to Sarah and stood her up. She was shaking from the treatment that she'd just received. He took the water and rinsed her off, her face, her breasts, and got all of the semen off of her.

She whispered a very quiet 'thank you'. She was in a position where such little favors were important.

Poke just smiled at her and then he surprised her totally by kissing her. Sarah was, if not willing, at least by then compliant, and allowed the kiss, which affected her a lot more than she wanted it to. Poke wasn't insistent, when the kiss was finished he stood back a step and smiled at the fearful woman, stroking her face with his hand.

Then he knelt, with the others kind of surprised, especially Curly and Earl, and Juan only watching and smiling.

Poke took Sarah's legs and pushed them off to the side, and proceeded to put his mouth against her pubic hair. It got a little squeal from Sarah. In response, Juan murmured encouragement, Curly simply looked on and Earl was frowning.

Poke had Sarah now with his hands behind her thighs, almost lifting her pussy to his mouth.

For her part, Sarah was hating what this gentle black man was doing to her, especially hating it because it was being so effective. She spoke to herself about not responding and yet the sensation of it began to creep in on her despite her efforts. Poke was very good at what he was doing to her.

Her eyes were closed, he head moved involuntarily and still Poke ate her. He brought her near to a crisis, and her barely suppressed sounds made that obvious. He stopped and her eyes flew open. Poke smiled at her and kissed her once again. Then he pushed on her shoulder. She understood and sunk to her knees obediently.

She was certainly not 'won over' but she was having difficulty denying the sensations, with which her body was still alive and tingling.

When she got to her knees, she was faced with a large black cock. She look up at him first and noted the smile on his face. He nodded and she simply opened her mouth and took him in. He wasn't rough; he wasn't insistent. He just let her suck on it and play with it. She held it in her hand and moved her head on it.

Sarah knew she had to, knew that very well by now, and also knew that she wanted to do this one well.

After a bit, Poke stopped her again. Her eyes showing her surprise this time also. He picked her up, lifting her a bit higher than his waist, and bending his hips, settled her down on his erection. It drove the wind out of her, and she sighed loudly.

Poke settled into a rhythm with Sarah. Her body, betraying her one more time, began where it had left off with his pussy eating from earlier. He moved with her; he moved her with himself and brought her to an unwanted orgasm, which she finally went through with loud cries and moans.

By the time Poke was finished, she had her arms around his neck and her face buried in his shoulder. He disengaged from her and she was looking at him with the ghost of a smile.

"Thank you, pretty lady," he said.

"Sarah," she mumbled.

"Thank you, Sarah."

Juan was there right away, before the euphoria had left her. She made a small surprise noise, as his arms enfolded her and he made love to her in the same gentle manner that Poke had. Sarah, for the second time, was swept away by it. She seemed to have lost her power to resist, that will was gone, overwhelmed by the love making of these two strange men.

She clung to Juan, having cum again, and she was crying now. She cried from the betrayal of her own body, from the humiliation of having given in to Poke and then to Juan and having almost liked it.

It was Earl that brought the situation back to reality:

"I'll show you how to fuck a woman now!" he blustered.

"Curly, help me with this whore!"he said next, grabbing Sarah and putting her down on all fours.

With no tenderness or ceremony, he stuck his cock into her pussy from behind, getting a yelp of surprise from Sarah. Curly took advantage of her surprise to stuff his stiff cock in her mouth. The two of them pulled the unfortunate Sarah back and forth like a rag doll, fucking her brutally.

Poke spoke out then: "Hey, Curly, man, we gotta go; gonna be a posse out for us and no quarter if'n they find us."

"You go, damn it," Curly said, "Earl and I are gonna do some fuckin' here."

Poke shook his head and went to his horse. He sat there on his horse and Juan was on his, they watched the continuing rape of Sarah by Curly and Earl.

The two men switched positions after a bit and laughed about Sarah's discomfort. Then, when Curly was behind her, fucking her pussy, he moved and shoved his slimy cock in her ass, with one thrust.

Sarah screamed around Earl's cock and the two men laughed again. They added that wrinkle to their fucking and worked Sarah over until they had each cum and were satisfied, each of them in the process having fucked the weary women's mouth, pussy and ass hole.

Both of them rose from the ground then and were smiling. Curly nudged Sarah with his boot and demanded that she get up. The weeping woman got up and stood miserably before them.

"You git on home!" Curly said.

"Home?" she echoed.

"Yes, jest down that road where we come from; git on home," he said.

"Walk?" she asked stupidly, her mind still reeling.

"No fly!" Earl said laughing.

"Clothes?" Sarah asked next in a very timid voice.

"As you are, damn it!" Curly said and Sarah began to cry.

"You wait one more minute, woman," Earl said, "And I'm gonna fuck you in the ass again!"

She turned and began to trudge toward the road. It was Poke that rode up to her then, and handed her a canteen of water.

"Thank you," she said miserably and walked out into the road that led to her home.

Back at the camp sight, the four of them agreed to divide their money and split up.

"A posse will be out lookin' for four of us," Curly said, "We can meet say in six months in the camp in Texas."

They agreed and went their separate ways. Poke and Juan went off together, while Curly and Earl lingered.

"I'm not goin' to no meeting in Texas," Poke said, as he and Juan rode. "Done with those critters."

Juan agreed and they rode away.

Curly and Earl were almost ready to go off themselves, when Earl said:

"Hey, why don't we go catch her and fuck her in the ass one more time?"

Curly laughed: "You never quit! We're risking a posse as it is."

In a little while they left together in a different direction from Poke and Juan.

Meanwhile, Sarah trudged along the road miserably. For the first half mile or so, she was crying uncontrollably. Her nose was running, she was dusty and dirty. She swigged the water and trudged on almost not caring anymore, lost in her misery. After a bit she used some of the water to wash her face to try to make herself feel better.

The thing that she didn't know was that Jim was back with the new stock early and alarmed at the obviousness of her having been taken away. All the signs along the road were still there: four horses and one person walking. He raised the neighbors, and they lost no time in setting out to look for the group.

Sarah heard the horses coming before she saw them. She looked around wildly and saw that there was absolutely no place for her to hide herself. She simply squatted down by the side of the road to try to cover herself in her misery. She was brought out of it by Jim's voice yelling her name. Then he was off his horse and racing toward her, tears in his eyes also.

Their nearest neighbor, Walt, brought a blanket and wrapped Sarah in the blanket. She cried uncontrollably for a bit, and only then explained about what had happened. She told them that there had been four of them. It's the only explanation that she ever gave.

"Walt," Jim said, "I've got to take Sarah home."

"Sure you do," Walt said, "Don't you worry, Jim, we'll get the varmints"

They went off then in opposite directions.

When Jim got Sarah home, Walt's wife was waiting for them. She bathed Sarah and took care of her, while Jim went off again to join the posse.

Poke and Juan had made sure not to leave a trail behind. Curly and Earl were not so fussy. As it occurred, Juan and Poke simply disappeared, and weren't caught. The posse did catch up, however with Curly and Earl, amid a stand of cottonwoods, armed with Sarah's description of them. They hanged the two men on the spot.


Sarah and Jim settled into a good, albeit sometimes dangerous life together. She tried not to let that event scar her relationship and was mainly able to keep it in a small, dark, locked room in her mind But events then altered it all.

About a year after her 'abduction', Jim was killed in a stampede, while helping a neighbor. Neighbors, though distant, were good to her and she began the process of running the place herself. She was left to deal with the old memories as best she could but also knew, in her self honesty, that something was needed to help her get over that past, that dirty past. She became very self sufficient at running the place but realized quickly enough that she needed help.

It was a Friday night in the late spring, with the weather still cool, that she heard a horse approaching. She went to the porch to see who it was; she was carrying a shotgun. The rider came up and stopped. To her absolute surprise, it was Poke.

They just looked at each other for a few minutes. Sarah made her decision and set the shotgun down, leaning it against the house.

"Yes?" she asked quietly.

"Heard that your man was lost," he said softly. "Kind of wanted to come to say 'sorry' in person."

Sarah nodded and waited. Poke went on:

"Heard what they done to Curly and Earl; mean, mean curs they was. Got what was comin' to 'em. Old Juan got shot in a gambling thing down in Mexico. Thought I should come back and say 'sorry'."

He had apparently said all that he needed to. He tipped his hat to her and began to urge the horse to ride.

"You can at least stay to supper," she said.

He looked at her and said: "Yes, if you invitin', I cin do that."

"I am," she said, going into the house.

He followed her in and she went on with her supper fixing. He asked for a wash and she directed him to where the well was. Through the window she watched him, as he removed his shirt and washed himself at the well. In the early evening, his black tinged skin shone with the water. She remembered but tried not to, but a small part of it intruded in her present thinking, insistently. Thoughts--memories of Poke and Juan and their gentleness began to intrude on her thinking but she wasn't ready for them and pushed them back into the darkness of her mind.

Over dinner she asked him if he was looking for work. He said that he was, and she offered him a place in their newly built bunk house and work on the property with her.

They established a routine that worked for them. The tension was always there but after a number of days seemed to lessen.

It was she that made the decision finally. A Sunday evening, late in the evening, about 9 PM. Poke was in the bunk house, where she could see a light shining, and she was restless in the house, thoughts and remembrances were continually crowding in upon her; she realized that she was less and less able to keep those thoughts at bay and it was constantly the bad thoughts crowding out whatever good thoughts of it there might be.

That was the night that she made her decision. She went to her bedroom and removed her clothes, all of them. Once she was stripped naked, she went out the back kitchen door. The night wrapped itself around her and this return to nakedness was for her, at that time, the most exciting thing she had experienced.

She knocked softly on his door and heard him say: "Come in." She opened the door and stood there naked and expectant, her nipples hard, and her breath coming fast. She had to take it forward to have her say before she lost her courage:

"Do it to me again! Do it like you do! Do everything again, please!"

He did!

She watched with eager eyes, as he removed all his clothes and she suddenly knew that she lusted for the beautiful, black nakedness of him. This was the part of it that she wanted again, right here, right now.

It was a repeat of what he'd done, when the other three were watching but this time it was only the night that saw their love making. She sighed when he ate at her pussy. She gladly went to her knees, when he pushed on her shoulder and took him in her hand and then into her mouth, and then was taken up by him and hoisted onto his cock again and fucked. She clung to him and pressed him this time with hungry kisses, and when they'd both come, she held on to him and she trembled with the overwhelming emotion of it.

Then she kissed him lightly and went back to the house, thinking that it felt different to her, and she was not sure anymore at all, but realized that what had just happened, this part of the repeat of those scenes, now dominated all her mind.

The thoughts fought within her mind, as though seeking the upper hand. She knew that she enjoyed having him here. She'd gone back to the bunk house a number of times to 'do it all again' but something was happening, and she just wasn't sure. The ugly part of that experience still intruded at times, and, when it did, dominated her thinking. She wrestled with it. It was her way. She was determined to not let Earl and Curly have the last laugh on her. She knew that she'd find a way, a way to make all of it come together and becomes hers. It was as much a part of her present life as running the ranch herself had been, once Jim was gone. The thought was there brooding, getting in the way and waiting for some kind of realization, some kind of crisis:

Then it happened; she made it happen. It happened a number of ways over a short period of time.

It was mid day. He was in the bunk room for a rest from the heat and the work, when she came in. Once again, she was marvelously, sensuously naked. She went to him. He stood up from his bunk, and wondered. There were tears running down her face.

"Please," she said taking him by the hand. "Please come!"

He went with her and when they were outside, she knelt at his feet. She had a whip wrapped on the corral fence.

"After that time, after,..." she began haltingly, crying and not looking at him. "After," she started again, "I never let Jim touch me, and it was wicked, so wicked! He never complained but it was wicked, ... wicked..."

She took the whip and handed it to him, and he understood. He understood the struggle of this magnificent woman and would do it her way.

"Do this!" she pleaded, and then she repeated: "Wicked ... wicked!"

She shrieked with the first lash of the whip on her back. He whipped her a few times and then growled at her, into it now himself:

"Face in the dirt, ass in the air, woman!"

She complied and had her naked ass in the air for the whip to chastise. Her shrieks filled the noon air, and went off into the emptiness. There was no one but the two of them to hear. She was laboring with it; he was exultant, as he lashed her ass.

"Stretch your legs wide!" he demanded, and she knew what he wanted.

"Yes, yes," she panted, spreading her legs wide apart to allow the whip now to curl on the inside of her thighs, screeching with each stroke. The cunning lip of the whip now reached up into her pussy hair and her shrieks were to the universe.

Then he changed it again: "Spread your ass cheeks!"

She didn't challenge him even then but simply complied, spreading the cheeks of her ass with her hands and letting the whip no hit her hands and her inner ass cheeks and the rosebud of her ass hole.

She screeched and squealed until she had almost no voice left at all and then she collapsed.

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