Battlemage Nonetheless: Book 6 - Apprentice

by Risq

Copyright© 2011 by Risq

Fantasy Story: Dusty, his family, and his friends have been able to over come almost every "obstacle" they have faced. But now the issue between the Mage's council and Wolfgang will come to a head in a way Dusty wouldn't have imagined and he will be forced to intervene to maintain a balance. But in the middle of all of this Dusty will have to train a new and unexpected "Apprentice" from his former world. All these things combined will change everything forever as Dusty's knows it.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Slow  

Author's Notes:

There are 17 chapters to this story. I'd like to thank AZ for the base character concepts, Audience for his help with character concepts and interactions, and Mendon Fishers for his help at proofing, content editing, and help with my various grammar issues.

And yes after they all gave it back I still tinkered with it a touch. Sorry that's just me (^_^)

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