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True Sex Story: Woman relates her life with father and son

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Spanking   .

If one could imagine all the varieties of lifestyles considered acceptable throughout the world, and could take the time to learn or the cultures that helped to spawn these varieties, I believe we would be far more tolerant as a people. I have elected to share with you, the readers this story of both my life and lifestyle. I undertake this project for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the pride and the joy my life delivers me everyday. If by sharing with you the intimacies of my life, I can enrich yours so much the better.

My name is Leda and at present I am a thirty three year old mother of one son, who just recently turned sixteen. For those of you without a calculator handy, I gave birth to my son at the age of sixteen. His presence in my life enhances my very being.

I have retained my figure, my breasts remain firm my hips properly shaped, my legs long and well developed. I am very pleased to stand at five foot seven and that my skin is a rich olive shade giving me the look or perpetual tan that so many of my acquaintances pay good money to obtain. My dark hair complements the deep brown hue of my eyes. It would be unfair for me to profess that I am beautiful, but many eyes will turn to follow me, staring at my ass as I saunter past them. This is true for women as well as men.

Now that you have a fair picture of what I look like, have set in your own minds if you would fuck me or not, let me fill in my back story, for without that you really will never know me. Knowing the life that shaped and developed me will only reassure you in the decision you will ultimately make about your desire for me. At this point all I can say is that just by site alone, I am capable of taking my choice of a lover and have when I was in that mood.

I grew up as an only child, the daughter of loving and caring parents who strongly believed in, and practiced, nudism. The memory of cavorting in the lake, picnicking in the lawn or just walking hand in hand with my mother surrounded by naked bodies stretch back to my earliest days. To me as a very young child these weekends at the nudist camp were carefree and fun. From that early age I saw people of all body types but few other than my mother the type whose nudity might invite the thought of sex. For the most part, I learned to ignore the person's body and focus on their personalities, their beliefs and their dreams or goals. Today I still evaluate those I meet by what they say, not how they look or dress, and I still practice nudism, often visiting the same nudist village from my youth.

I never witnessed sex in a nudist retreat, as the lifestyle is one that believes in freedom for the body, not one that promotes a carefree open sexual exchange. Sex, even in the camp was a private affair practiced in the family's cabin, as it would have been accomplished in their home.

In my home we dressed and lived the socially accepted lifestyle, my mother making it clear to me from early on that some things a person did or believed in were not always to be shared and that while our weekends free from clothes was a family belief, that my friends and teachers would take offense to that lifestyle. So when not vacationing or weekending at the camp, we were a very socially acceptable family.

My parents were in love and often expressed their love to one another physically. I can recall as a child hearing their professions of love and the sounds of their grunts and heavy breathing as they joined their bodies in their bed at night. They never closed their door at night and the sounds of their lovemaking were very normal to me. Those times when the sounds awoke me and I ventured into their room, they were always at ease, never showing any concern that I might have seen my father's cock sliding in and out of my mother's vagina or his hands caressing her firm large tits.

My mother would often ask me, her voice soft but effected by her own arousal, what I needed. She would then ask me to wait for her and my father to finish what they were doing and then one of them would assist me in my needs then put me back to bed. At that time they never flaunted their desire for sex, they never fucked on the dining room table while I finished my fish sticks and potatoes, but they never hid their love, their care or their desire for each other either.

Seeing my parents making love had been no trauma for me as they explained what they were doing in words I could understand, even that young. I did not quite wrap my mind around the idea that what they were doing is how I came to be, but later as I grew older that part of the puzzle put it all together for me.

When I started to change, when my body started to alter its shape from that of a young female child and I began to form the body that would make me a woman, my mother and I spent many afternoons shopping and talking. My mother was very candid with me, telling me what was happening to me, how my breasts would develop and ultimately be as large as hers, maybe larger maybe smaller, how hair would grow on my pubic mound and under my arms and how when my body was capable of making a baby that I would experience menstrual cycles. Mother was clear and often showed me on her own body these changes that were coming to me.

I was always a grateful child, obedient and respectful to my parents and to all who entered our life. I performed my chores like all the other kids in my class, but never complained and rarely needed to be reminded to vacuum or dust. For me I saw it as my part in the house, my contribution. From an early age I maintained a fairly neat room, always wanting my dolls and other toys to be put back in their proper places when I finished playing with them. When father or mother asked, I was happy to do what they wanted or needed, be it a beer for dad while he watched some sports game, or a fresh cup of tea for mom as she read her book or watched her movie. In my later life I would recognize this behavior as a desire to be submissive, to serve, and while that is not part of this history, it would be wrong not to tell you that I am a devoted submissive to a Master who calls for me whenever I am needed.

By the time I was thirteen and so familiar with nudity and my parent's sexual activities, it was not unique for me to come home from school and see them on the living room floor, my naked father on his knees behind my mother with his cock plowing in and out of her from behind. My mother's tits swaying as my father's cock pushed and receded inside of her. I never really stopped or stared, just went about my business, usually getting a snack in the kitchen then sitting at the table with my books and homework. When they'd finish my mother would often sit with me, still naked and flushed from her activities, and ask me about my day. It was a fairly normal activity for a mom, if you forget about the doggy style fuck that preceded it. Having experienced seeing my parents in many different positions, so many times, I did basically ignore it.

That day however something stirred inside me as I thought about what I'd seen and I guess my mother sensed this in me. She said.

"Leda, I can see that you are reacting to what you saw, its normal. Now that your body is developing it's telling you in its own way what it wants. What you see your father and I do, the sex act is in part the result of us having those same kinds of feelings."

"Mom, I feel kind of funny inside, good but it's a feeling that's new to me. I've seen you and dad having sex all my life why is it I have this feeling now? Does this mean I want to have sex now, to let some boy do with me what daddy and you do?"

"Someday Leda but don't rush into it, OK? I think you understand that you are too young yet, this feeling you have is new but it not yet as strong as it will be when you get older. I can show you how to enjoy those feelings Leda, if you choose to."

"I'd like that mom, but first I've a lot of work to do, maybe later if you have some time."

"You do your work, I need a shower and we will all need some dinner. Your father will be joining his friends for a few hours tonight so if you complete your homework and have the time, I will show you how you can enjoy those feelings, how to manipulate your breasts and pussy and let those feelings bring you pleasure."

Dinner and homework finished and dad out the door soon after allowed mom and I some time. She led me to my room and asked me to remove all of my clothes and as I did so, she too stripped. Then we sat on my bed and my mother took my hand in hers and said.

"Leda, I've told you about your body many times. As I look at you now I see the beginning of what will soon be a beautiful woman. A woman who will attract the eyes of many lovers if that is what you choose. Those feelings you had when you came in the house while your father fucked me are normal and I often have those same feelings, maybe a bit stronger because I am older but the same feelings. Most of the time, I am able to satisfy those feelings or cravings by taking your father to bed, or like today to the floor of the living room. His cock entering me, and what he does with his hands and his mouth, help me to find a great deal of pleasure inside and to satisfy those feelings."

"However, my Leda, when your father is away the fact that he is not here does not stop my cravings and I learned when I was about your age how satisfy those needs, cravings or feelings without him. It's not the same as when your father satisfies me, not as good and sometimes it only makes me want him more, but it helps. As you continue your development my dear, as your tits fill out and your nipples sensitize, as your pussy develops, these feelings will intensify and you should learn to control how you satisfy them. To find a man, any man, and not someone you love and just use their body to sate yours is never a good choice. So do what I do, copy my actions and let yourself go, if you don't feel anything, tell me and I will do it for you."

Mom turned to face me on the bed and told me to face her and to spread my legs wide like she did. I nodded and followed mom as she took her hand used just one finger to stroke her pussy. As I touched myself I felt the same funny feeling in my belly and as I continued to follow mom's movements rubbing top of my opening, finding a little nub there that felt so good when I rubbed it those feelings inside me grew.

"Now my darling, I'm going to demonstrate how us girls can have some fun when our men are absent. As you can see my love, I've got my legs open and I am gently rubbing my cunt area. Now I want you, sweetheart, to do the same, that's it my lovely, gently. Does it feel good? Are you warming up? I know I am."

Oh mother, yes. I see what you mean this is very nice it makes me feel so good. I feel sexy with you mother"

"Now look at me darling, can you see how very wet I am? I am also very excited and my clit is my next target. Leda darling, follow me, do as mother is doing and play a bit with your clit. Yes, yes that's it darling."

"Oh mother! Oh! My gosh! This feels so good."

I rubbed my clit harder, trying to match mother and I could hear her groaning and moaning as her hands moved faster. As I mimicked her actions I found myself gasping for breath, in a good way, and mewling as my fingers continued to rub my clit

Mom's breath was like it always was when she and dad were fucking as mom slid her first finger between the folds of her cunt. As I worked to do the same I found my opening wet and slippery.

"See darling, now when you put a finger or a cock inside you are ready for it, feel how wet and slick you are. Imagine, that your finger is the cock on the man and if you can pretend that it is that special man in your life, as I think of your father then the feelings will continue to grow. Leda, use your other hand and touch and massage your tits and your nipples too darling. Sometimes it's good to pinch your nipples and pull on them."

I sat there wide eyed, my own breathing rapidly growing brisk and loud as one hand rubbed my still developing tit, pinching my nipple and finding that the small bit of pain in doing so was making me even wetter. My other hand was moving in and out of my pussy. My mother was doing the same and I could see her breathing faster and shallower. At some point I noticed that her legs were trembling and her hips were moving up to meet her finger and I imitated her pushing my hips up as my finger slid in and it felt delightful. I heard my mother saying in short choppy words.

"It's coming for me darling, my orgasm. Leda, try letting another finger and move it faster, see if you can reach orgasm baby girl, Ohhhhhhh my dear."

I really didn't know what she meant by cuming but I watched fascinated as my mother's body reacted and how she quickened the pace of her finger, then added not one but two more fingers into her own pussy. I forced in a second finger myself and was amazed at how much more feeling I had and I started to move it faster too. I felt my belly flipping over and my head getting light and I guess I let out a moan because my mother said.

"Yes baby let yourself go!

I tried and at the time I thought I had cum, but I was later to learn that I had not, perhaps I was to young, but over the next few months whenever we were alone my mother and I would get together, naked and we would practice what she told me was masturbation; an act that imitated to some degree the love between two people. My mother explained to me that some men and women prefer to find their sexual satisfaction from members of their own sex, some only that way and some with both the same and the opposite sex.

One night when my father had gone out of town for the night, my mother invited me to her bed and taught me something new. She explained how a person could affect the same good feelings with their mouths on their lovers sexual organ, how she had learned to take my father's cock into her mouth and give him his release. She told me that night that the man's cock produced a white milky substance that carried his sperm and that the sperm if it entered the woman's womb at the right time of the month would fertilize the egg the woman produced and a child could be created. She told me that women, though their pussies would moisten from sex did not traditionally produce any such ejaculation but some women did produce a fluid in greater amounts then others.

That night my mother asked to use her mouth on me and I agreed. When her warm breath hit my pussy I began to feel very good and as she used her tongue to explore the outside of my vagina, as it lightly rubbed the little nub I could not completely control my body and I writhed under her tongue's caress. When she used that tongue as I had used my fingers and entered me I had what I that night learned was my first orgasm. It wasn't a deep and overwhelming as the orgasms I would have later in life but it was wonderful. I felt so good that when my mother asked me if I would like to do for her what she had done to me, I readily agreed.

She directed me as I used my mouth on her and at first I found the taste of her so different then anything else in my life that I was tentative in my actions. My mother was a patient with me and continued to instruct me as to what she wanted and as I felt her body responding to what I was doing I began to really enjoy the taste of her sex. I loved the feeling of her pussy on my tongue that I often begged her to let me do it again and again. She reminded me that this was just a way she was training me, that someday I would have my own lovers, but in the end if my father was away she relented and I was allowed to enjoy licking and sucking my mother's pussy, even when she would refuse to do the same to me. I see now that I was learning more then sexual technique, that I was also learning how to serve another, how to fulfill my need to be submissive, how to beg for my needs.

I began to masturbate myself almost every night and had some success in achieving minor orgasm that at the time pleased me. On nights when I was able to hear my parents making love in their room it was far easier for me to reach orgasm. Over the next year or so, I would frequently ask my mother to join me when my father was out, she usually reminded me that masturbation was a solitary function but now and again she would relent and we would watch each other masturbate. I longed to be licked on my pussy and would frequently ask mom to oblige me but she was less willing to do that then masturbate with me. If I became sullen at her denial, she would say.

"Darling, you ask for too much, I am not your lover, but if you want to lick me, you may. But not until you've pleased me by cleaning the kitchen."

She often would have some chore for me to do, some way to earn the right to lick her pussy. Looking back I realize she was developing my submissive tendencies, knowing better then I did then what type of woman I was to become.

On my fifteenth birthday before my father came home my mother took me to my room and then had me lay across her knees as she sat on the end of my bed. Always obedient, always wanting to please I did so and did not question her when she lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down and proceeded to spank me. I was shocked at first, because while I had been disciplined as any other child might have been, I had done nothing wrong. I silently allowed her to use the flat of her hand on my ass, hardly noticing that my pussy had moistened and the now familiar feeling of orgasm was approaching. Then my mother stopped told me to stand and to pull my panties up.

"We are now going out to celebrate your birthday Leda. I can see as I assumed it would that spanking you has excited you, hasn't it?"

Embarrassed somewhat I said.

"Yes, mother it has."

"When you come home tonight, your father is going to fuck me and when he does then I want you to masturbate, like we did together, slowly but not before your father has his cock inside me. The ability to hold your orgasm for another is a way you will be able to please your lover when you select one. Knowing you can be excited by humiliation is something you will develop too. I know you want to play with your cunt now and look for orgasm, I know what that spanking did to you but you will wait till your father has put his cock into my pussy before you start, is that clear?"

"Yes mother."

"Good if you do obey me I will let you enjoy my pussy tomorrow when you come home from school."

"Thank you mother."

It was a long night for me, I could not stop thinking about my body and how I had reacted to the spanking, nor could I stop thinking about tomorrow and being permitted to satisfy my mother. By the time we got home and I heard the now very familiar sounds of my parents fucking I put one hand on my pussy and another on my tit and came almost from the first touch. That night as my parents continued to entertain me with their grunts and groans, I masturbated to orgasm a second time. It was so much more intense then the first one.

The next day I had some after school activities and by the time I got home I met my father as he was on his way out for the night. Kissing him good night I hurried into the house to find my mother naked and waiting for me, she was flushed and I assumed she was excited about what her daughter would do to her. She pushed her naked body onto the kitchen counter and used her fingers to call me over.

"Come to mother darling, I want you to use your tongue to masturbate be."

Her voice, stern and authoritative only served to make me eager. I started to remove my clothes but mother stopped me and said.

"Just make your mother cum darling. Don't waste time on your clothes this is for me."

I bent down and began to do what I had been taught but I noticed that mother tasted different, saltier and that her natural juices seemed thicker. Sensing my hesitant motion my mother said.

"That's your father semen you taste Leda, I want you to clean it out of me, suck it up and swallow it. Your father surprised me before he left and I thought it would be good for you to learn the taste of a man."

Knowing what I was now tasting made me horny excited me even more then I would normally have been eating my mother's cunt. I actually ravished her, sucking her hard and using my tongue to beg more of my father's ejaculate from her. My frenzy forced my mother to orgasm much quicker and when she saw me orgasm too she laughed and said.

"So, you will also love cum from your lovers. That is good it will make you invaluable to your man someday."

"Mother, when will I get to fuck a boy? I really want to have a cock inside me, is there some age or will I just know when I am ready?"

"Darling, your first time will be special and your first should be a man who is experienced. Perhaps in a year or so you will be ready, I will see. Be patient, masturbate learn to control your orgasms, start and stop yourself. Make yourself really want that completion. If you can accomplish this then each of your orgasms will be rich and wonderful, each one better then the last. When the time is near your father and I will find a man for you're first time. Then when you are with that man, you will please him by being able to orgasm with him."

I did as asked and learned to start and stop and mother was right again, my orgasms after multiple denials were rich and wonderful. I still was permitted to lick my mother and every once in a while she would come to me full of my father's sperm and I enjoyed these special sessions even more.

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