Susan Is Mugged

by SplendidSpunk

Copyright© 2011 by SplendidSpunk

Sex Story: Woman is mugged and more

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Rough   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

I sat in the vinyl chair a blanket wrapped around me as I waited for the policeman to finish his report. I'd been here for what seemed hours after being mugged as I left my office earlier this evening. A gang of mixed race boys appeared from nowhere and grabbed my purse before pushing me to the ground and running off. In a vain attempt to stop them I'd held on too tight to my purse and in ripping it from me my blouse had been ripped open leaving me laying on the cold concrete with my bra encased breasts exposed. I woman passing soon after used her cell to phone the police and after a brief trip to the emergency ward to check for a concussion, I had been brought to the station to give a report on the incident. The police gave me the blanket to cover my chest, as my blouse was useless. It at least gave me a sense of modesty, though the terror of the mugging had me in tears I could not seem to control.

"Miss, I know it was a scary thing for you to experience but you were not injured and only lost your purse. We've already had your credit cards canceled and if any one tries to use them we'll find the perps who did this. Do you want us to set up a meeting with a therapist to help you through this?"

"No, I'm just mad at myself for letting this happen."

"Miss this kind of thing happens a lot, you shouldn't blame yourself. Just be glad you only lost a handbag and not your life, some of these guys are real drug addicts and have killed others for less. All in all, though you can't see it now, you were lucky tonight. You were mugged by amateurs and your still alive."

"I know, I know, it's just so damn infuriating. I've always been a strong woman, have my own company, and I just feel I could, no should have had more sense than to walk out in the dark alone. I've certainly learned my lesson."

"Well if you'll just read this over and sign it if its accurate, I'll have a squad car take you home. You can have someone help you retrieve your car in the morning. I'm sure with the weekend here you'll have the time to put this behind you."

I read the report and felt stupid as I recalled just how foolish I sounded. But I was stupid and should never have acted like I was invulnerable. I mean I read about this kind of thing all the time. A policewoman drove me home and came in to check the house, why I don't know, probably to make sure I was ok. I have to admit walking into my dark house would have been frightening after all that had happened. She hung around to assure I was OK and I sent her home, locking the house as I closed the door.

I took a long hot shower hoping to wash the whole night off of me and out of my head. I succeeded in cleaning my body but not my mind. As I dried off I looked at my naked body and shook in shock at what that gang could have done besides just taking my purse. I knew that had they seen my C cup breasts when my blouse had ripped open they might have done more then take my money. I was proud of my body, and I worked hard at the gym most mornings knowing that as I aged I'd need to work even harder. I stood a little over five foot six and my belly was flat and my bottom nicely rounded. The long legs were well shaped. At twenty-six I had enough attention from men to know I was attractive. My curly red hair framed my face and my naturally pale skin and dark green eyes completed the look. A look that I knew, coupled with my MBA, helped to make my business a success.

I slipped on a nightgown and crawled into bed, more tired than I should have expected and fell asleep quickly. My mind was still working, and I woke in a sweat recalling the terror I'd felt as I was mugged. I went to my bathroom and drank a cold glass of water and took an Ambien to help me sleep. The sleeping pill let me sleep a dreamless ten hours not waking till after 10 am Saturday morning.

I called my secretary who came and picked me up so I could get my car. I took the spare set of keys kept in the kitchen and told Marcy, my secretary that I'd stopped for a drink and felt it best to take a cab home. I just wasn't willing to admit to anyone that I'd allowed myself to get mugged. I thanked Marcy and got in my car and drove to the bank, knowing I'd need some cash until my cards had been re-issued. Then I went and shopped for a new purse and while shopping had always been a treat for me, buying a new purse only reminded me of the mugging. I watched my speed on the way home realizing I had no license to show if I were stopped the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a police station again. I parked in the garage and went into the kitchen the fact that my door was unlocked never crossed my mind until I was grabbed from behind a hand quickly covering my mouth. I felt hot air invading my ear as my assailant said.

"Shit bitch you so stupid."

Panic swept through me with the realization that my purse not only had credit cards, money and keys but my license and address. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I allowed myself to look around at the five large boys standing around the kitchen, the sixth one still holding me tight. Two were black and maybe the one holding me was black too, two were white and one looked Latino. All were smiling at me in a way that sent a chill down my spine.

"Bein as you as stupid as you are bitch, we's gonna enjoy you today."

I felt his other hand come around and rip my blouse open, exposing my bra. Seconds later that same hand ripped my bra from my chest and allowed my tits to fall free. The Latino then came forward and smiled as he took my left tit in his hand and squeezed it hard.

"Nice tatas bitch, nice and firm. Let's see the rest of you momma."

I cringed as his hands found my slacks and yanked them down followed shortly by my panties. He lifted my legs one at a time and pulled the clothing away leaving me naked except for the torn blouse. Tears were flowing freely now as I imagined what was to come now and I was not disappointed as the man behind me twisted me around and pushed my face down onto the table, holding me there while my legs were spread by one or two of the others. Someone moved behind me and I felt the rough texture of his jeans rubbing against my naked ass. I was crying hard now and begging.

"Please, no. Don't do this please I'll give you money, lots of money. Please."

Loud laughter erupted from the gang as all six of them roared at my plea. Then the rough jeans moved away only to be replaced with the feel of flesh and a hard cock lying in the crack of my ass.

"So what you tink boys da ass or da pussy first?"

I cringed at the thought of anal sex even when a lover asked but this was no lover, there was no gentle loving to be had. I felt the cock part my pussy lips and was relieved that my ass was ignored but as that fat hard cock forced its way into my dry pussy I cried out in pain.

"Dat man sure makes the bitches happy."

He was pumping now and my dry pussy reacted and lubricated my channel making his rape of me less painful, at least physically. Emotionally I felt the pain of the invasion. As my pussy responded to his cock I was shocked at myself and fought uselessly to control my own body's reactions. My hips were rocking back into him as if this was natural and I forced myself to stop but it was too little too late as I was wet and the cock fucking me, no raping me was making my body respond. My first orgasm escaped and I moaned as the familiar pleasure coursed thru me but the loud laughter from the boys stopped me.

"Shit day bitch jes cum man. She be enjoyin dis, man what a crazy bitch dis is."

I felt the cock jerk inside me followed by his hot cum filling my cunt. New fears now filled me. But I had no time to consider them as another cock was bouncing against my ass cheeks. Still fighting the urge to cum, I was impaled once again, my pussy full of hard cock. I could feel him as his cock forced the other boy's cum from me and felt it running down the back of my legs while this second cock pumped in and out of me. I fought a losing battle and was soon giving into my body and rocked my hips back into him as he pounded me. I came again and made no effort to hide it, there were still four more cocks and I knew I'd have all of them before they were finished with me. I gave up and gave in and let myself go.

When the second boy shot his load inside me I waited for the next cock only to be surprised at being lifted from the table and dragged by my hair to the living room. The pain in my scalp was significant and I cried out.

"Stop it I'll come with you, please stop pulling my hair. It hurts, please."

But it did no good as I was dragged and forced to my knees. A cock was put in front of my mouth and I heard.

"Open up bitch, suck this cock and do it good or I'll stuff it in your ass."

I opened my mouth and took his cock in. It tasted terrible as if he'd not had a shower in days but I got passed the taste and did what I had to do, sucking him as best as I could. I never liked doing this and refused more of my past lovers then I allowed, so I knew how to do it, just wasn't very good at it. It didn't matter as he was soon holding my head and fucking my face. I felt his balls slapping into my chin and my lips being bruised by his forceful ramming of his cock in my mouth and when he rammed all the way in I gagged as his cock reached into my throat. I was choking on him and as he pulled back I coughed his cock out and spit out a mouthful of saliva. As I tried to stop the gagging his cock rammed in again and pierced my throat making me gag even more. Over my coughing and gagging as the saliva poured from the corners of my mouth I heard them all laughing. Over and over again he rammed his cock into my throat and I managed to stop the gagging. When his cock pulsed and he shot his load, he pulled out and covered my face with his white sticky cum.

I had no rest as I was pushed to my hands and another cock was in the crack of my ass. I had given up wondering if my ass would be raped, only when. It wasn't this one, as my pussy was once again plugged with hard cock. I'd no sooner rocked back into his thrusts and than another cock forced its way into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and let it fuck my face while the other cock pounded my sore and well-fucked pussy. My lips felt bruised and my pussy was stretched from the multiple fucks but my body seemed to be enjoying it as I came over and over as the two cocks filled me on either end. The cock in my cunt shot first, filling me with more cum, then the cock in my mouth erupted and I swallowed that load, or at least most of it, some dribbled down my chin.

Once again my hair was grasped in someone's hands and I was dragged up the stairs. I knew it was useless to beg, so I just screamed in pain as I was pulled into the bath. I was tossed in the shower and someone turned on the faucets. The first blast of cold water revived me a bit then as the water warmed I cried at what had happened and what was still happening.

"Clean yourself bitch, I don't fuck no cum filled sluts. You gots two minutes den I dragged your white ass out, got dat bitch?"

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