Partners in Seduction

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Fantasy Sex Story: Finding a trustworthy driver is easier than they thought. This is a part of a series. You should read Recruiting my P.A. first

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Torture   Group Sex   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Petting   Size   Leg Fetish   Body Modification   .

As we entered her office, I produced my semi hard cock to Lisa.

"Here, take care of this." I said. Without hesitation, Lisa fell to her knees in front of me and engulfed my whole cock into her hot mouth. She sucked on it feverishly until it found its way down her throat. Lisa continued to suck and gulp her throat in an eager attempt to drain me of my juices, while she grasped my ass and literally face fucked herself on my raging prick. Her movement was violent, but I had never experienced a better blow job. With effort, I pried myself away from the sucking woman, and pushed her over her desk. I flipped up her dress, tore off her panties while I whispered into her ear, "You won't be including these in your wardrobe anymore." I immediately jammed my hardened cock into her moist pussy, and thrust into her until I was completely seated. She squirmed on my prick as I continued to thrust into her at an ever increasing speed until she was able to match my movement thrust for thrust. Lisa was moaning and thrashing like a woman possessed, working her way to oblivion. I shot into her as she had cummed on my rampant cock, only to roll her on her back and enter her hot little pussy again, this time pulling her legs onto my shoulders. I stroked her smooth thighs as I pounded her to yet another orgasm.

As we finished Lisa looked up to me and said, "Wow! That was intense! How can we beat that?" I answered, "Get me your sister, we can both have her." Lisa nodded as I backed out and put my penis away. As I was leaving, I turned to Lisa and told her to have an adjoining door installed between our offices.

As I approached my office I said to my secretary, "Sharon, have Natalie report to me in one hour".

I thought to myself, I am going to give her my cock to suck, and she had better show some improvement, if not, I knew just where to send her.

As I sat at my desk I pressed my intercom, "Sharon, Make a reservation for Natalie to attend a week long class at the retreat in Maunaloa, Hawaii." Why wait for the inevitable? I knew already that she would not be satisfactory. But I did want to humiliate her another time and this would be the perfect opportunity.

Natalie arrived right on time and was escorted into my office. She was wearing the obligatory skirt and blouse and she walked in like she was still shy about showing her slim legs. I knew that her husband refused to let her wear dresses and skirts. I made a mental note to cure her of her affliction starting today.

"Natalie, take off your skirt." The young woman stood in her spot like a deer caught in headlights, her eyes wide and her breath was uneven. I could see that her lips were quivering and she seemed frozen to the spot where she stopped, in my office. I pressed a button on my intercom and said, "Lisa, come to my office."

Lisa promptly arrived to see Natalie standing in the center of my office at attention with a tear leaking down her cheek. I pointed at the sofa indicating that Lisa should sit there. As she did, I walked around my desk to face Natalie as Lisa looked on.

"Natalie! Take off your skirt, now!" Natalie stood there unmoving and I roughly undid her waist band, lowering her zipper. The skirt fell down her legs to the floor, in a heap around her feet. I looked at her crotch to see that the tails of her blouse covered her panties. I reached down to grab her shirt tails and ripped her blouse apart, sending buttons flying everywhere as she was now exposed in her bra, stockings, and panties. Natalie now moved her arms in an attempt to cover her bra and panties, while she crossed her legs. I slapped her ass hard with my hand as I ordered, "Stand up straight! Put your hands at your sides!" Natalie yelped in surprise as she jumped to attention and stood there shaking. I walked up to her, standing very close as I reached down and stroked her panty clad pussy, looking into her face, I calmly said, "Spread your legs." Natalie immediately complied as I increased my fondling of her privates as her sister looked on. I stroked her for a couple of minutes as I looked her in the eyes. When she tried to look away, I pinched her clit eliciting another yelp as she resumed her position looking at me. I continued stroking her until I felt her crotch moisten, then, pushing her panties aside, I inserted my probing finger into her pussy as she stood there with shame reflected on her face. As I dominated her for a few more minutes, I said, "You know what you're here for, get to it!"

Natalie cowed as she dropped to her knees and reached for my zipper. As she pulled it down, I loosened my belt and trousers allowing them to fall to the floor. Natalie looked on as I directed her shaking hands to my waist band indication to her that she should remove my shorts. She exposed my semi hard cock and it popped into her face as it sprang out of its restrictive state. Natalie hesitated and I slapped her on the side of her face prodding her to action. Natalie grasped my cock and attempted to press it into my mouth when I commanded her, "No hands!" As she captured my cock head into her mouth, she placed her hands on the front of my thighs and started devouring my hardening cock. As she progressed, she slid her hands around to the back of my thighs and pulled me further into her sucking mouth. I stood in front of her passively as she administered to my erect prick. I noted that she showed signs of improvement but fell far short of her sister's skills. I pointed to Lisa and motioned for her to kneel next to her sister and observe her technique. When she was in position, I abruptly pulled my cock out of Natalie's mouth and introduced it to Lisa. She gulped it down, into her throat as she fiercely grasped my ass cheeks. Lisa proceeds to violently face fuck herself on my rampant cock, driving it down her throat on each stroke. Natalie kneeled next to her formally conservative sister and looked on in amazement as she enthusiastically strived for the rewarding cum deposit from me that she craved. After a dozen or so strokes, I felt myself arriving at a climax; I abruptly pulled myself out of Lisa's sucking mouth to reintroduce it to Natalie for completion. Natalie failed to deep throat my member and I knew that she would spend next week in training to be a world class cock sucker, like her sister. I grasped her head and forced my cock into her mouth as I released my load down her throat while she gagged and struggled to breathe. I looked down at Lisa as she knelt there with a saddened look on her face as though she just lost a contest. I told her to take Natalie into her office and summon a security agent to take her to the airport for departure to the retreat. Lisa looked at me with concern at the thought of that trip and I took her aside. I told her not to divulge what happened there and to send Natalie on her way.

At noon I called Lisa to my office, we would be going out for lunch. First I called her to me and reached under her skirt and slid my hand up her thigh to her crotch, looking for her panties. There were none, and I fondled her for a moment before releasing her with a smile. She returned my smile and I asked her if she was ready for lunch. I thought to myself that the time that she spent in the Retreat was well worth the money. She adored me and freely allowed me to do anything I wanted to her, or so it seemed. I knew that I would have to test her soon and I knew how I would do it.

The chauffeur arrived to escort us to the limousine that he parked outside the front door. I advised him to pick us up at the executive entrance at the side of the building in the future. We got into the limo and I immediately started making out with Lisa, kissing her as I raised her skirt, exposing her thighs. My hands were roaming all over her petite body as she was getting hotter and hotter. I was bothered by her stockings and garter so I told her to take them off, and eliminate them from her daily wear. "What should I wear?" asked Lisa as I stroked her. Put lotion on your legs. Your skin is so smooth that no one can tell that you don't wear stockings. Keep them on hand though, that underwear is sexy and we may have an occasion to use them. I said as I stroked her thighs and naked pussy with my hands. Soon I pulled her up and started feasting on her wet pussy as she lay in the seat, inverted and moaning at my manipulations. She was delicious and I knew that I made the right decision to recruit Lisa into my domain.

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