The Hi Rise Fantasies: Rabbi Cohen

by Chandra

Copyright© 2011 by Chandra

Humor Sex Story: A young Jewish woman is taking a naked predawn swim in her hi rise's pool when she's discovered by horny Rabbi Cohen, one of her elderly neighbors. Oy vey!

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Humor   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

I live in a hi rise on Miami Beach. Not a whole lot of young people, which is fine, because I get tired of young guys hitting on me. But there are a lot of loveable, elderly Jewish people, we call altacockers.

As in, 'After being stuck behind a silver or white haired older person driving a white Lincoln Town Car doing 20 mph on a 45 mph road near Miami Beach, I said to my passenger in the car, "Fricken Altacocker!"

They're retired and generally from Europe, via New York. And they've all kind of adopted me and it's really cute the way they dote on me.

The women will go: "Oy vey, Chandra, dalink. Come haf some chicken soup. Haf I got a boy for you. My grandson is going to be a dok-torr."

Meanwhile their husbands find excuses to look down my tops and put their hands on me. Not that they could do anything, even if I knocked on their doors, naked. They're cute but their best days are long behind them. So I let them cop a feel when their wives aren't looking.

I don't mind. I just don't want to give anyone a heart attack from over stimulation. I love them all. Besides ... a little chicken soup prepared with love can cure a lot of ills.

Part of my cross training includes swimming laps. It's a wonderful way to improve muscle tone and cardio endurance. I'm an early riser and since we have a large outdoor pool, I'll go down there before dawn and get in my workout. The water is heated in the winter, so I can do my laps on all but the coldest days.

It's really nice the way they've done it up, too. The pool area has palm trees and potted plants and a clubhouse with showers and bathrooms and to give us privacy from the outside, a 6' wall surrounds the whole place and the inside is painted sea blue, with murals of whales and fish and turtles and undersea plants. And since we're virtually on the beach, in the early morning quiet I can hear the waves splashing on the shore while I'm swimming. Delicious.

It's great exercise but it's also very sexy. I love the silky, sensuous feel of the warm water rushing past my skin as I power end to end, doing flip turns and back again. And of being alone in the quiet solitude of the predawn darkness around me. There's no one around, so I don't bother with a suit. I'm a dolphin cutting through the water, swimming naked, natural and free.

Oh sure, sometimes when I come out and I'm drying off, I'll look up and I'll see movement from one of the windows. He, he. Maybe it's Mr. Schwartz. Give 'em a thrill. Or maybe it's Rabbi Cohen. That sweet old letch is always trying to paw me. I doubt if the poor guy can get it up, so what's the difference? Besides ... his wife makes a great matzo ball soup.

But I'm not just getting exercise. Swimming laps is boring and I use the time for thinking about things and sometimes for working out plot lines for my stories in my head. Like, if a story is stuck, sometimes in the middle of my workout I'll have an "Ah ha! moment while I'm thinking sexy thoughts and I'll be able to move forward with it.

Often, by the time my workout is finished, my body is on fire from the effort, my endorphins are rushing and I'm all turned on and I need to get off. But rather than waiting to go upstairs to my apartment, sometimes I'll masturbate right there in the pool, against one of the water jets. It's like having a liquid vibrator. Ummm ... Yummies.

I've been pounding away and getting a great work out and I never noticed the man sitting in the dark, watching me from one of the lounge chairs. I left my towel at the pool's edge and as I climb out of the pool to get it...

"Chandra, dalink, vot kind of ting is dis, a Jewish goil, svimming nakit.

Und only a few years since your bat mitzva."

"Rabbi Cohen! What are you doing here? You have my towel. Can I have it please?"

"I can't git up so goot, dalink. Come ofer here und get it, sveetheart."

What the fuck, he, he. Wouldn't be the first time someone has seen me naked.

I climb out of the pool and as I get close I see that his cock is sticking out and he's stroking it. He's trying to get it up. Dirty old man, he, he, he.

"Jesus, Rabbi. What are you doing?"

"Such a pretty goil. Such nice boobies. Come ofer here und make an olt man very happy."

I suppose I should care that I'm standing here naked while he's pulling on himself but I'm feeling sorta sorry for the old guy and it's really cute, watching him trying to get hard.

"I'm all wet, Rabbi. Can I have my towel please?"

He hands me my towel and I'm standing in front of him, drying off.

"Rabbi, you're pulling on your dick and not getting anywhere."

"The schvantz don't verk so goot like it used to, Chandra dalink.

Maybe if you turnt around untd bent over to dry off."

Dirty old Rabbi Cohen wants to look at my ass. Sure, why not? I look up and I don't see any movement from any of the windows, so it should be fine. I turn around and bend over at the waist, giving him a close up view of my cunt and my little pink star. I use the time to dry my legs.

"Uh, uh."

"Like what you see, Rabbi?"

"Oy. Such a view. Oy vey."

I turn my head.

"You OK back there, Rabbi? Not hurting yourself, are you?"

"It doesn't voik so goot like it used to, dalink."

"Awwe. Maybe I can help."

"Help? Vot do you mean?"

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