Qia Jea and I

by SplendidSpunk

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Romantic Sex Story: Romance in Italy, becomes more

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Sister   .

I had just about figured that I'd heard and or seen everything one could see or hear in life when Qia came into my life. Interestingly enough I met Qia in Italy. Interesting because it's the last place I expected to find a beautiful, sexy Asian woman. I guess if you live long enough and travel enough you might not see the interest in that, but having spent a few weeks in Italy and enjoying the stimulation of so many dark haired Italian women, stumbling on a quiet, shy beautiful Asian was enough to want to get to know her.

Of course I do not speak Italian, nor do I speak her native tongue and she has a weak command of English so I am not really sure how we came to be together in the first place, much less arrive at where we are today. No, Qia is not a submissive do anything I want kind of person, but once she and I managed to get past the preliminaries of a relationship I found her to be a vibrant and creative partner in bed.

Qia is about five foot three with that dark soft luxuriant Asian hair that she allows to grow down her back. Her breasts are small as most Asian girls seem to be and her body is shaped to fit. Her round hips and soft ass complement her firm A/B breasts but her nipples are something else and very sensitive. But as always with me it's the composition of her face and the way her eyes peer out at me that make my heart melt and my cock stand on end. Her soft lips and brilliant smile draw my own lips to hers every chance I get, be it in the market, at a restaurant or in the comfort of our bed.

Making love to Qia is never an assumed action, but one that develops over time, finding the need and exploiting it. Over the past few months we have learned to read each other well and by the time my cock sinks into her warm wet pussy it transcends pure sex and becomes a ballet of erotica. I've never quite experienced the level of passion we seem to draw out of one another, nor the level of satisfaction as my spent cock shrinks in her cum filled pussy. The look on her face when we have consummated that joining is pure delight and her eyes are always filled with love and a desire for more.

Each time we make love is stronger then the last, more involved, more intense and our orgasms, while not necessarily occurring together, always make the other shudder at the violence of the others release. I've often continued to pump my spent cock inside her, using my pubic bone to rub her clit working to bring her the release she seeks and when she lets go her body clasps mine and I enjoy the ride of her body as she writhes beneath or on top of me. It was never just sex for us it was always a combining of our lives, a sharing of our heat and desire. Making love, maybe! Pure fucking, never!

I became unable to part with her, wanting to share her life and she felt the same and eventually we made that commitment and married. For some this step changes things and one or both of the partners seems to start taking the other for granted, but with Qia, this was not happening. We each sought out to learn something each day from the other. Our life together grew stronger and our erotic life in bed so much more thrilling. We never feel the need to create a new position, or play roles and dress up. That is not to say that Qia does not have an amazing collection of lingerie, or that I fail to be neat and clean when we join, but for us the act of intercourse is always in its own way a unique and beautiful poem or story.

When Qia gave birth to our daughter, I felt my love for her grow even more and our bond became stronger. We had elected to stay in Italy and to make our life there. We did not want to be the stranger in the other's homeland and in this place we were equally unique to the local crowd. When Qia's younger sister came to assist her when our child came home it all seemed so natural. Her sister was a great help and after a few weeks there was a sense of order in the house again, even with the demands of a new born. Her sister Zo did a wonderful job helping but not taking away Qia's place in the house. She'd step in behind her older sister, finishing the dinner or cleaning the kitchen only when Qia was busy with our daughter.

A couple of months after Zo had arrived and our daughter was three months old, Qia sent Zo and our daughter out for a walk. Qia then took me to bed saying it was time to resume our adventures. Like always it was more then just sex, though my cock and her pussy were one for a while it was once again a spiritual feeling when we were together and when in a relatively short time we found our satisfaction, Qia wrapped her arms around me, keeping my spent cock inside her and whispered.

"Kevin, I've missed the feeling of you inside me, your cock feels so good I want to keep you in me for now. Do I have your blessings to do this?"

"Yes, of course Qia, I love to be inside you too. Holding you like this is also special to me, its; what we did to make our daughter and I love her so much. You have made me so happy Qia."

She smiled and then said.

"Kevin, I grew up in a very different culture with many strange and different customs. For a long time here in Italy I felt so alone and so different. Now that you and I are a family with our daughter and for now my younger sister Zo, I need to ask a favor of you my husband, and it will be a strange thing for a wife to ask her husband. Strange for someone of your back round and culture but not so for me. May I ask you that favor my love?"

"Qia, I do not think I am capable of ever saying no to you so just tell me what we will need to do and I will do it. I love you and will always love you Qia."

"Kevin, I love and will always love you too, but this is a favor that I can only ask if you are willing to say both yes or no. If I do as you say then it is not a favor and this must be a favor and you must know that you can agree or disagree and that my love for you will not change with either answer. My love is forever, regardless."

"It's the same for me, Qia. My love will always be for you. So now ask me the favor and I will consider it. I promise that I am prepared to say both yes and no. OK?"

"Thank you Kevin. In my former home the culture of my people as I said was a bit different. My younger sister is required to return home and support our parents and never to marry or have her own children. This is the way of things. However, she is permitted to also align herself to one of her siblings families, if there is need and then one of the other children will assume responsibility for my parents."

"So do you want to keep your sister here as our guest, so she can then marry and have a family of her own?"

"No, not like that exactly. If she is to join our family then she has to become a member of our family, a wife to you and to me. She cannot just stay here."

"So we just tell your parents that she is our wife and that's it?"

"No, she must truly become a bride to the both of us, share our bed and be sexually involved with each of us. If the stars align she might also have a child with us, or I should say with you."

"Ok I see why you wanted to give me a choice. I am used to being with women who are possessive and would toss me on my ass and divorce me if I asked for a woman to join our bed. That's my culture. My fear is always the same, I do not want to lose you, to have your sister between us and have that become and issue."

"Kevin, I too prefer just one man and one woman. I've been away from my family for a long enough time for those cultural mores to fade a bit. I have always loved my younger sister and know she is too weak to be left with aging parents. Her nature is soft and giving and I believe she would not come between us in the sense you speak of, but would in a way enrich us. If you say yes, it will not change my feelings and love for you and neither would a no."

"May I think on this for some time Qia?"

"Yes, of course, just know that the time my sister has with us is short, so if she is accepted here it must be sooner not later. Once she goes home she is home."

So there is my issue, the first one of any consequence in my relationship with Qia. I spent a day on line researching her people and their customs and everything Qia said was true. One child was required to forfeit their life to assure the parents were comforted as they aged. Usually it was the youngest but if, as in our case, and older child needed the sister to help now with her family, then the obligation to the parents would pass on to another child.

I'd come to like Zo and our daughter absolutely loved her. I could see her leaving would have a tremendous effect on our little family and even without her words to that effect I know Qia would miss her sister greatly. I took Qia for a walk and said.

"I am willing Qia, to ask your sister to join us, but am ashamed to admit I am not sure of how to act with the two of you so that or how it would all work out. I've never shared my bed with more then just one person. Will you guide me and teach me how I am to act, how I am to decide who to love in the night, who to avoid."

Qia wrapped her arms around me and kissed me and said

"Thank you Kevin. Yes, both Zo and I will make you comfortable, you will not have to worry about making love to the wrong person. Understand too Kevin that Zo and I will also make love and we need you to be present. Once we join together making love is to always be together. If one of us is absent or ill, then no lovemaking will occur. It is always three together. Is this still OK my dear?"

I nodded and smiled then hugged Qia for a few long minutes enjoying the comfort of her arms then I pushed away and said.

"Ok do we have a ceremony or something? When do we ask Zo?"

"Yes we will all three attend a ceremony as will our daughter as Zo is to become her mother as well as our wife. Zo has mentioned to me that she wished to join us so we need only tell her our response."

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