My Life With Katie

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Romantic Sex Story: Mike recalls his life with his lover.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Incest   Mother   Son   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   Caution   .

As soon as I fucked my mother, my whole lifestyle changed. I no longer had to sneak around with my girlfriends or my sister. I just took them whenever and wherever I had the urge. Of course, mom got the same treatment from me to keep her on edge.

I always enjoyed molesting her as she was occupied doing other things around the house. I convinced her to wear dresses and hold up stockings, for my pleasure. I would come home and find mom sitting on the couch, in her stockings, reading a cook book for this evening's dinner and sit next to her and run my hand up under her dress, feeling her long, smooth thighs. I loved the feel of the taught skin as I worked my hand up to her panties. As I did so, mom would slightly open her legs to allow access to my roaming hands. The higher I got, the more she spread those luscious thighs. All the while ignoring my invading digits as they insinuated themselves into her moist pussy. I rubbed her until she let out a throaty moan, signifying that she had another of her intense orgasms. I leaned over and passionately kissed her exposed neck and felt her shudder as I continued to move my hand into her blouse and bra that contained her magnificent breast meat.

Sometimes I would just go out of control, stripping her completely without regard to where we are or who was around. Occasionally, dad would walk in from work to see an embarrassed mom laying on the couch, nude while my head was between her outstretched thighs, lapping on her dripping pussy, forcing another orgasm from her right in front of her astonished husband. I knew that he was turned on by the spectacle; his cock would push the front of his trousers out obscenely while he stood in the doorway frozen to the spot, gawking at the two of us. When this would happen, I would bring her off and then jump on her, plunging my hard cock into her trembling cunt, to the hilt. Then I would calm her down by stroking in and out of her at a measured pace. She usually fell asleep as I completed my occupation of her frenzied sex.

Dinner was late whenever we engaged in my mastery of mom, but no one complained since watching mom get fucked was a turn on for us all.

Carol was my newest girlfriend from school. She was enamored with me for a couple of years, but she finally grew up, capturing my attention, and I started going out with her. I enjoyed playing with her brand new titties and spent a lot of our time together trying to suck them off of her chest. This excited her and enabled me to get my inquiring hand inside of her panties, resulting in increasingly greater orgasms than she ever experienced previously. Carol was shy so I took her over to my house, knowing that she would soon be there without her prized cherry. Carol was a petite beauty, standing five foot tall with brown hair and brown eyes; she had a trim butt and nice tits (almost a "C" cup) with pink nipples that stood out on her boobs almost three quarters of an inch. She was a great kisser and at my house, I was able to completely strip her and feast on her young, delectable little body. I spent hours teaching her how satisfy me and the uses of a rubber as I saw them.

Later we parted and some of the valuable training seemed to fall along the way side as she got pregnant and married to some hillbilly in town.

I started dating my mom to get away from the crazy girls and women that insisted that the rhythm method (without the counting) was a preferred birth control method. Mom was the perfect solution since she was married and always available to me. I finally got to her as well and she had another "little brother" for us. I think that my dad knew that something was up when mom started coming on to him after a two and a half year drought for him. I of course, never stopped greasing my mom and she had a pretty satisfying pregnancy. As her belly started growing, I never missed an opportunity to feel her up and then pork her hungry pussy, many times during the day, she was insatiable.

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