Service With a Smile
Chapter 10

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Mr. Marcus's wife Harriett arranges for a young woman to perform a ministry (service) to their household, especially because of her new business trips. The story builds from simple voyeurism to fulfilled lust over a series of chapters.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Humor   Cheating   Group Sex   Harem   Hispanic Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Slow   School  

"Feel familiar?" asked Annie. Her voice came from the side.

I cataloged the coeds I'd met. None were mystery girl's size and shape if my fingers weren't lying. I shook my head trying to concentrate on my current sex partner, not the previous aborted sessions. I lifted my hips but my dick didn't penetrate any further. I was caught in a vice grip. This young lady was scared. Of me? Of my penis? Maybe this was her first sex. God, a virgin for my birthday? I needed to console her, assure her. "We can take it slow if you want. If you're not ready."

"I've been ready ever since we met."

I knew that voice. I ripped off the blindfold. "Inga! What are you doing here?"

"I'm doing you, silly." Her pussy contracted. "You're in deeper this time."

She was correct. About one inch deeper than at the motel, which meant one inch in. God damn, Inga was the mystery girl. "How did you find me?" I asked.

"Shut up and make love to me."

The coeds all cheered and whooped. I'd wanted Inga for so long. I'd avoided sexual contact, mostly successful except for the nude showers and getting the tip of my dick in her at the motel under Reese's guidance. There was no mother to object. I had Stephanie's permission from earlier, didn't I? Annie had taken away our privacy but provided a group of cheerleaders in return. I didn't need encouragement.

"You want me, don't you?" Inga's lip quivered.

I decided to show her instead of telling her. I wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her close. "Enjoy this," I whispered.

I kissed her full on the lips as I drove forward. Her vaginal opening fought me. I slipped her my tongue and pressed ahead. My cock made no progress. Every fractional movement sent Inga into convulsions.

The assembled coeds added a play-by-play to our activities. "What's wrong with her? Is she okay?"

Maybe I was another half inch in, at best. "How does it feel?" The slow progress and my imagination kept my cock rigid.

"Like I've been stuffed. Like a cramp but a good one."

"Can I get on top?" I asked.

Inga lifted off and we swapped positions.

"Open your legs," I requested.

Inga did as directed. I squirmed my cock forward. It couldn't have been classified as a stroke. She tightened and moaned, her body shaking. I repeated the withdrawal and reentry, but no further than with her on top. This time the muscle clenching was accompanied by a shriek followed by panting. I was afraid to get any more vigorous, lest I hurt her.

"Is she having a seizure?" asked an onlooker.

"No, just an orgasm. Lots of them," I said.

"Wow, she must be really tightly wound," said another.

"Or just really tight," said a third.

Her pussy was accommodating merely the tip of my erection, but any movement caused a convulsion. "Oh, Inga!" Fucking her would heaven on Earth, if I could only get it in without her going crazy.

"In-ga the cock," sang one coed. The remainder joined the chorus. "Out-go the cock, In-ga the cock."

I matched my thrusts to their chant. Each shallow entry gave Inga an orgasm, or at least what sounded and felt like orgasms. How many of these could she experience before she gave out from exhaustion? And how was I going to climax if I couldn't fuck her like I did the girls standing around the bed? I tried a quicker entry but Inga's cunt closed up like an Illinois car dealer on Sunday. I resumed slow penetration, if you could call the head of my cock just past her labia penetration. She demonstrated a variety of physiological reactions, like tilting her pelvis or vibrating like a plucked bass string. As an experiment I did my fast thrust and then made a quick series of short jabs no more than half an inch each.

Inga went nuts, thrashing and wiggling as if she was ticklish and attacked by twenty fingers. "No more!" she panted. "I'm exhausted. Let me catch my breath." I rolled off and laid next to her, Inga's head cradled on my shoulder my arm around her.

"That was sooo hot," said Red.

"For real," confirmed Tina.

"But what about Mr. Marcus?" asked Anita who'd played Little Joan. "He's still hard. Did you cum?"

My cock waved like a flagpole in a windstorm. "Nope."

"We can help." Anita took a position next to us and took my cock in hand. By 'we' she meant herself.

The rest of the squad caught on quickly.

"Hey, don't be a hog. Share with a sister." The nurse moved closer.

"You're not my sister," said Anita.

"Then share anyway."

Soon, four sets of hands were groping my dick.

"Come on, get organized," said Red Hot. They were mostly fighting each other, rather than jacking me.

"Everybody gets three strokes. Then change," said the plumber.

"Five strokes." Anita demonstrated.

"Okay, five."

In turn, each girl pumped my cock five times. Some dragged the foreskin down hard. Other pumped the full length. Tina showed herself to be creative by rubbing the head five times around. This was the most unique circle jerk I'd ever experienced, not that I'd ever participated in a male-only activity of that kind.

Somewhere during the process, Inga recovered from her orgasm stupor and took her five strokes from her prone position alongside me. Gradually girls dropped off, letting Inga take their turns. The tingle was unmistakable. Inga was bringing me to the peak. My balls ached. My hips bounced generating strong friction from Inga's small fist. She changed position, straddling my legs and going at my prick with both hands.

"Cum, cum, cum," the group chanted.

"Cum for me, Mr. Marcus. Let me give back a little from what you gave me."

A growl started in my belly. Inga lowered her head so her face was within inches of my penis.

"Gimme," she whispered. "Shoot."

Her strokes were long pulls one after the other. The growl moved up into my throat.

"That's it. Let it all out. All of your love juice. Show me you love me." Inga focused on her emotions, not the physical act. "I love you, Mr. Marcus."

"I love you, too." What was I supposed to say? Start some philosophical discussion about the difference between love and lust, between commitment and coupling? I lifted my ass off the mattress. Inga was ready, mouth open. Her lips surrounded the head as the first mass escaped. She swallowed. I humped up again. Her lips remained in contact, sucking. I shot again and again, I lost track of how many times. The audience cheered. Some of them must have been disappointed that they hadn't had the opportunity. In most games, there's only one winner. In Annie's birthday sex marathon, there were five but Inga got top honors. In the middle of this chaos, I noticed that Babe Ruthie, the baseball gal, was missing. Where wasn't she here, for her share of the fun?

"I won't tell Mama," Inga whispered.

"Its okay. She gave me permission at her office. Whatever you needed." And Inga needed to be fucked. By me. On my birthday. "Sorry I waited."

"That's okay. It was worth it."

The four preliminary teasers were still clustered around the bed. Were any of them interested in another go, since now I'd fulfilled my destiny with Inga? Hell, did I have the energy to do any of the others?

Any opportunities vanished as the assembled onlookers dragged themselves out of the room. I guessed that some of them were hoping that Inga would leave and they'd take her place in the bed as my sleeping partner who wouldn't let me get any rest. But Inga stayed at my side, warm and naked and plenty satisfied. Anita looked disappointed over her shoulder as she trailed the pack. In profile, her out-thrust tits gave my prick twinges.

I didn't get much sleep. I guess you could say I was up all night. Annie's twin bed was small for a couple. Every time Inga rubbed against me I got an erection and every time I got an erection she'd slide up close or climb on top. We must have coupled, not really actively fucking, four or five times. Every time, she'd shake and bake, then collapse satisfied. Good thing her mother had given me permission to do whatever it took - I think that's a direct quote - to get Inga out of her depression. Well, four or five orgasms in one night would lift most women out of their funk.

In the meantime, I'd gotten hard but hadn't reached orgasm since Inga jerked me off. After our last coupling in a spoon position, I had to go to the bathroom. I slipped out of bed and didn't bother dressing. If I ran into some coed, my prick was too pooped to do much of anything.

Inga rolled over when I got back. "Good idea. Excuse me."

She shuffled off bare as the day she was born. Almost immediately she climbed back into bed and put her hand on my chest. Ours toes touched. Had she gotten taller? "You're insatiable," I moaned.

"How would you know? We haven't even started. But thanks for the vote of confidence."

That wasn't Inga's voice. Come to think of it, this bed partner was taller Inga. I cupped a breast, which was larger than either of Inga's. "Who are you?"

"Claudia. We met at dinner." Her hand moved from my chest to my stomach.

Claudia was supposed to play Little Joan, but her roommate with torpedo tits substituted. This was really awkward, both of us naked. "Hi."

"Hi yourself. When I got back from the stable, there was a phone message from Anita about what happened. I was really disappointed that I couldn't play the Little Joan role. I came over, hoping to get sloppy sixths or sevenths. Or whatever number you were up to."

'Sloppy' usually referred to a guy having sex with a woman who'd already had her vagina spanked. Claudia had it wrong, but I didn't care, as long as I could have Claudia. "Not that many, actually." I'd gotten the biggest rise from seeing Claudia at the restaurant and here she was, naked in bed with me. That, plus the memory of Anita's mammaries had an impossible effect of engorging my weary dick.

"Annie told us that you like role plays and puns, that kind of thing. How about if I improvise?"

I didn't care what she did as long as at the end, we were fucking. "You'd do that for me?" I swallowed hard and got harder.

"Not for you. For this." She ran a hand along thigh and made a detour past my crotch.

"Go for it." And by that, I meant my prick.

"I'm studying veterinary medicine and one of my patients was ill. I also ride horses, so I'm comfortable in the saddle." She slid on top of me and spread her legs. Long legs. "Want to go for a ride?"

"Sure. If you're ready to mount up?"

Her hand finally connected with my cock. "Shit, you're hung like a horse." She positioned my erection at her pussy. "Keep it at a canter until I get used to it."

I leaned closer and kissed her hard on mouth. Peppermint. "Let's ride, amigo." I didn't know how long my erection would last. I grabbed her ass, squeezed and pulled her closer.

"Whoa. You that anxious to gallop?"

"I just have unbridled passion."

She laughed. "God, you do pun don't you?"

"Hang on, the race has just begun."

I hadn't started humping in earnest and Claudia dismounted. "How about this?" She repositioned herself, facing away, thighs spread.

I positioned my prick at her pussy and eased in. Her cunt was a velvet glove, the opposite of Inga's tight vice. I held Claudia's long blonde hair like reins. By tugging, I gave her silent directions. "Giddy-yap." Claudia undulated her crotch to my command. On each back-thrust she clenched her groin muscles so each slide provided maximum stimulation.

Claudia whinnied and wiggled her ass.

"You know, having sex with coeds wasn't the mane reason I came here." I slid my dull length into her.

"Quit with the puns and fuck me!"

We were going at it hot and heavy when the overhead light blinded me. Claudia's cunt tightened, for a brief moment of extreme pleasure.

"Mr. Marcus! What are you doing?" Inga had returned.

Claudia looked up and answered. "Taking my turn. Are you next or were you here? I'm sorry, did I butt in line? You must be on your second round, hmm?"

Inga stood in a super-heroine pose, hands on her waist. "Yes, you're in my spot. What do you mean, line?"

I winced. Inga didn't know about all of the preliminary penetration that occurred before she arrived.

"I know I'm late," continued Claudia. "It's just that Anita called me and after what she said, I had to take a turn."

"Who's Anita? One of the girls from the costume party? And who took turns, doing what?"

I attempted to dial back the emotion of the conversation before it became a confrontation. "Some things happened before Annie brought you in-"

Claudia interrupted. "That was no party. Are you new here? I haven't seen you on campus before."

Claudia never stopped riding my dick for all it was worth. I tried to be nonchalant, but it's difficult to fuck casually, especially in front of one of your other sex partners.

In between grunts, Claudia kept talking. "This is our traditional father's birthday ritual. We see how many of us can mess around with a Dad before he cums."

Huh? "So this wasn't special for me?" Every father got the same treatment?

Inga came alongside the bed. "Annie said they were teasing him, getting him ready. For me! And what do you mean, mess around?"

Claudia rocked back and forth, so even though I stayed still, we were still fucking. "You know, touching him, sucking him-"

"You mean oral sex?"

"Uh huh, and even sitting on that big cock of his-"

"You mean fucking? They all fucked him?"

"Not so much that he'd cum. That's the whole point. And if a dad lasts that long, the big finish is his daughter. Well, not in this case. Annie gave up the honor for somebody." Claudia stopped moving. "Oh, was that you? You should be grateful." Claudia looked over her shoulder at the guy who was still buried in her pussy. "Annie added the costumes and puns and stuff special for you. Did you like it?"

"Uh huh." Nothing and no one was going to prevent me from fucking Claudia to completion.

"Get off of him!" Inga stomped her foot. Her teacup tits jiggled.

"Inga, calm down." I slowed my pace but didn't give up on Claudia. "You got what you wanted, what we wanted, probably six times over. Would you deny me some pleasure?"

Her head drooped. "But you said you loved me."

"And I do. There's a place in my heart that cares for you deeply." I thrust all the way into Claudia's cunt. She moaned with approval. "My daughter has her place. There are very few others. You're special."

Inga pointed at Claudia. "So why do you need to fuck her?"

Need? Odd choice of words. "I don't need to, but I want to, very much. I found her attractive the moment I saw her at the restaurant when Annie took me to dinner. Maybe it's because I love sex. And while you went to the bathroom, she got into this bed naked. That's why."

"And you did it with others? Before I got here I mean? Your daughter said they teased you, got you all excited, not that practiced sex with them."

"It depends on your definitions." I hated sounding like Bill Clinton. "You were the one I came with."

"But not in."

"That's only because your vagina is so sensitive. You go ballistic when I move, even a little."

"That's not my fault. You're doing something wrong."

No one had ever claimed that, and Inga's reaction had been unique.

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