Service With a Smile
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Mr. Marcus's wife Harriett arranges for a young woman to perform a ministry (service) to their household, especially because of her new business trips. The story builds from simple voyeurism to fulfilled lust over a series of chapters.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Humor   Cheating   Group Sex   Harem   Hispanic Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Slow   School  

Why didn't I want to pick up the phone? Because the caller ID said "CRUMHOLTZ", and I wasn't up to taking any of Stephanie's outrage about penetrating her daughter Inga. It had been only the tip - the head - of my prick, anyway. Before it could get serious and deeper, Inga reacted, or should I say, over-reacted, to the feel of a cock in her pussy. Just barely in, I swear it. Reese, Mr. Tashun's niece was a witness. Hell, Reese had called it 'nothing.' Besides, I needed to leave for Annie's college. Attending Parents' Weekend on my birthday was a gift from Harriett, and I didn't get those very often.

I had to find out what Stephanie thought, for better or worse. "Hello?"

"Harvey, I mean, Mr. Marcus."

Why couldn't we be on a first name basis? We'd fucked, hadn't we?

Dr. Crumholtz's, or Stephanie's, voice sounded frantic. "Come to my office immediately!"

I'd passed her tests, proving that I didn't have a breast fetish. "I thought we were done with my-"

"It's not you. It's Inga."

She had my attention. "Why, what's wrong?"

"She exhibits signs of clinical depression ever since she drove up from downstate. Since she saw you. Completely unresponsive. You have to help me. I don't know where else to turn, or to whom she'll respond."

I'd been upset at Inga's sudden departure. Not enough to unmount Reese from my cock and run after Inga, but concerned none the less. And not just because her mother had demanded it. I felt protective of Inga. Those feelings were real, more parental than sexual. Although my daughter Annie and I had had sex - so much for that. "I'll be right there."

I'd just hung up the phone and it rang again. Neat feature, caller ID. It was Clara from across the street, probably looking for me to demonstrate sex with another of her visiting nieces. I let it ring. Inga came first. And, she took higher priority.

I jumped into my rental car. The insurance company was procrastinating about my wrecked coupe, the one I'd driven into a ditch with Inga as passenger. The one that got destroyed by toxic chemicals. Something about personal liability. I'd exhibited personal restraint by not taking advantage of Inga during our nude chemical cleansing shower. I'd have to escalate their process as soon as I got a chance.

I didn't trust my rental at speeds over 45 miles per hour. Perhaps the rust bucket was unsafe at any speed. There were plenty of parking spaces in Stephanie's office building. Maybe emotional crises were on a downturn. Like my portfolio of investments. Damn Zenellis for screwing me out of my future nest egg. At least I screwed his daughter as compensation.

I knew my way along the corridor and into Stephanie's office. A chime announced that I'd crossed the threshold. I didn't bother to knock on the door since I was expected. The one-way mirror's curtains had been pushed back. Stephanie stood, viewing her second room. "Thank God you're here. Look."

On the other side of the glass in the second room, Inga sat, curled up on the couch. Her outfit was completely distracting. Uncomfortably short mini skirt. For me, not for her. Standard white blouse. Her arms were folded across her chest. Her face was made up. Blush and lipstick and eyeliner. Way too much. Inga didn't need any of that stuff to look pretty. "Is she resting?"

"Don't be a fool. She's withdrawn, a classic case of depression. And I have you to thank."

"Me? I did precisely what you demanded." Almost.

"Yes, you were dutiful, despite some serious lapses in judgment. Showering with her, touching her. Everything except the act of sex itself."

So Inga hadn't told her mother about my incidental penetration. "If you recall, you gave me permission to hold and touch your daughter. I stayed within the bounds of your rules. Why hold me to blame?"

"I apologize. I'm completely frustrated, that's all." Stephanie crossed her arms, accentuating her bust. I recalled her naked breasts as we'd sat on my bed. She wasn't frustrated after we'd fucked. "Why do you think she's acting this way?"

"I don't know. You're the shrink."

Stephanie bristled. "She thinks you rejected her. For some sexpot. I had you all wrong. You don't have a breast fetish. You have a young woman fetish."

Maybe the first correct diagnosis I'd heard from Stephanie. "Does that include you?"

"That was a slip of judgment." Stephanie scowled. I never should have -"

"You enjoyed every bit. Don't lie." She'd been horny, and I always am. It had been a natural conclusion. Only complication was, Inga walked in on us just as we were climaxing.

Stephanie paused. "It was pleasurable. But we're talking about Inga." Stephanie, Dr. Crumholtz, paced. "What happened in that motel room? Please tell me."

I wasn't about to admit that I'd kind-of sort-of half-fucked her daughter. No way. "What did Inga say?" The truth will out, as they say.

"She told me that when she found you at the motel, you were with a young woman. Your paramour insisted Inga get undressed."

"And then?"

"Nothing. She said you did nothing with her. I wouldn't have believed it, but Inga never lies to me."

Reese had used the term "nothing" as a comparative to full contact active sex, not as an absolute, but I was grateful for the mix-up. "Thanks for your confidence."

"I must say, I'm surprised. Given the circumstances and the opportunity, I would have expected you to take advantage. Given the close encounters you and Inga shared at your home, and after your auto accident. But you've shown yourself to be bigger than that."

Stephanie knew of whence she spoke, having coaxed me to an erection and acquiesced to fucking me. She pointed to her daughter. "See how she's withdrawn?"

Inga had tightened her fetal position, clenching her knees. Her skirt had risen, leaving a clear view all the way up to colored panties. I wondered what logo decorated them? Perhaps I'd get lucky enough to find out.

"So she's depressed because we did nothing? Then think," I said. "Me doing nothing with her and something with the other young lady - and by the way, we were accidentally stranded there - angered and humiliated her."

"I believe you're right."

Odd, Stephanie agreeing with my diagnosis. I was bull shitting. "You know what will happen if I go in there. She'll throw herself at me and demand sexual satisfaction. She probably views a good fucking as revenge." Or just something pleasurable I'd denied her, primarily due to her mother's rules. On top of all that, she saw her mother and I having sex. "And you won't let me go that far, so that's that." I walked towards the door. Stephanie had put me in an impossible situation, so leaving was the correct choice of action.

Stephanie grabbed my arm. "You can't go. She won't talk to me."

"You don't get it, do you? Inga doesn't want to talk. She wants sex. And she views me as a desirable partner in that activity. You can decide from your own experience if that's a wise choice or not." I wasn't going to let the dear doctor forget our tumble in the sack. I had such little leverage with her, but I sensed more was about fall on my side of the scale.

"So what are you saying? You want carte blanche? You can just march in there and do whatever you want with my daughter, including-" she swallowed hard, "-intercourse?"

I thought about her words. "Yes. That's precisely what I'm saying. Take it or leave it."

Stephanie took her classic pose, face in her hands. She assumed that position whenever she had to make a decision with sexual consequences. "Okay, you win. Bring Inga out of this, using whatever means necessary. I won't stop you."

I wanted to say, "Like in Norma's case?" - when I fucked Inga's best friend in Stephanie's office - but decided not to rub it in. "Stay here." It was a warning more than a statement.

I walked out and made my way down the hall to the session and examination room, Armed with Stephanie's unlimited permission, I considered the possibility of fulfilling Inga's desire for intercourse. Our sexual activity would be under her mother's scrutiny, through the one-way mirror, not a pleasant prospect. The door wasn't locked. A good sign.

Inga swung her attention to the door when I entered the second office, the same one in which I'd fucked her best friend Norma. She jumped from the couch and ran over, strangling me with her arms. "You came to see me," she whispered. Did Inga know about the surveillance?

"Your mother asked me to come."

"Awesome." Her hands went to the buttons of her blouse.

I grabbed her wrists. "What are you doing?"

"We're going to make love, in front of my mother. She's watching us."

"That would be a really bad idea." My dick, already hard, pulsed at the thought.

"She won't tell anyone, because then I'll tell about how she had sex with you." Inga's smile was ear to ear. She felt in control, all-powerful. And all sexual.

This was even worse than Stephanie thought but in a completely different direction. Inga was ready to use blackmail to achieve her objective. Which meant she was serious and dangerous. "I'd appreciate some privacy when we do it. IF we do it."

Inga released me and folded her arms. Like mother, like daughter. "You're a tease, do you know that? First, in the chemical shower, then at the motel and now here. Is it your job to humiliate me?"

"Your mother and I are concerned about you." I held her loose in my arms.

"Yeah, sure. And how about that hottie? Is she worried too?"

"I don't want to talk about Reese."

"Just leave. You've done enough." She pulled away and turned her back. Her skirt was caught in her waistband, her panties in clear view.

"You left so fast, I didn't have a chance-"

"What, did you want me to stick around while you finished having sex with her? Like I wasn't humiliated enough? Nothing! She said we did nothing. And that's what I mean to you, isn't it? Nothing at all."

"You're wrong. I wouldn't be here if I didn't care."

"How about if you have sex with my mother again and let me watch? Would you like that?"

My dick perked up at the thought of bedding either of the Crumholtz women. "I'm here to make sure you're okay. That's all. Have a seat." I directed her to the couch. We sat next to each other with my body blocking Stephanie's view of her daughter. "What's with you and the need for sex? You've been teasing me with that delicious little body of yours ever since we've met, despite your mother's directive. Or is it because your mother said no?"

"I'm delicious?" Inga's face brightened pink, a devilish smile on her lips. "Remember when I told you I was assigned to you for my ministry?"

I nodded.

"Well, that was a fib." Inga's face flushed. "I picked you specifically."

"Why me?" I had a guess, but the full picture was fuzzy. Better for her to explain.

"When me and my girlfriends hang at the mall, we meet other girls, from the public schools."

From her uniform, I knew Inga was in a private school, probably religious, Catholic if I had to guess. She crossed her stockinged legs. Her skirt was close to exposing her panties. "Go on."

"Well, the subject came around to boys, and then to experiences. Who did what, stuff like that. My friends and me came up short compared to what these girls claimed. Anyway, a couple of them said that they'd been initiated, that's what they called it, by a grown up. The father of one of their friends. It wasn't too hard to get them to talk about it, they wanted to brag. One of them slipped and mentioned Annie's name. It didn't take much research to find you. I'm curious, were they telling the truth?"

"None of your business. So, other young women claimed I'd had sex with them?"

"That's the whole point. I'm the skinny loser, the one boys pay no attention to. But if I could get you to make love to me, I'd be a winner."

So much for accidental. Everything Inga did, stripping down to her undies, showering with me, all of it was calculated to get me between her thighs. "Except your mother's rules got in the way."

"And how! I can't believe you let her control you. Didn't the other moms object to you having sex with their daughters?"

The other moms were unaware, before or after, as far as I knew. "I didn't have the chance to clear it with them. The opportunities came up suddenly. Happenstance."

"So you did have sex with them, just like they said!"I'd said too much.Inga continued, "But Mom came to your house, huh, and warned you away?"

"She was looking out for your welfare. The other moms would have done the same, if they'd been asked."

"So if I'd shown up one day, not for a ministry, but just as a visitor, and I'd taken off my clothes, would you have done it?"

I shrugged. "It wasn't that blatant. No one ever showed up at my door and volunteered for sex. Like I said, it was accidental." In the back of a minivan. In an art supply closet. In a greenhouse. Come to think of it, in a whole bunch of unusual places.

"After the car crash, we were naked in the decontamination tent. Why didn't you do it then?"

I almost had. Our bodies, slick with soap, rubbing against each other. My cock hardened, then and now. Would it be so bad to let Stephanie see me fuck Inga? Absolutely! "I remembered your mother's words."

"And at the motel"?"

I wasn't going to tell Inga that I'd have been willing to fuck her that night, if she hadn't bolted, Stephanie's rules or not. "You ran off."

"Because I was humiliated. That slut made fun of me." Inga lowered her voice. "She said we'd done nothing. I took your cock inside, didn't I?"

I sighed in relief that her mother probably didn't hear her last words. "Yes you did."

"So, I want to finish what we started. I don't want to be failure."

So that's why my liaison with Norma got Inga so angry. I was Inga's savior but Norma got bragging rights. Inga had serious self-image issues. "You're not. You're a beautiful young lady. Any guy who ignores you is missing out. They're the losers."

"See! You treat me like somebody."

My prick wanted to treat her to eight firm inches, but not here, not now. After all, I had Stephanie's permission when the time was right. "You are somebody. Don't ever forget that."

"So are you. My future lover." She leaned over and kissed me. Warm and needy. My hand fell onto her knee and slid along her thigh. I almost changed my mind. After all, we were on a padded horizontal surface. "So when will we do it? Tonight?"

"Sorry. I'm leaving to see my daughter at school right from here," I said. "We'll talk when I get back."

"When?" she repeated.

I stood up. "I don't know. After the weekend." When we're out of your mother's sight.

She posed, hands behind her back. Her delectable breasts pushed against her blouse. No bra? "The next time a bag of flour explodes on us? Or when we're in a decontamination tent getting sprayed?"

Inga was quick, that's for sure. "Give me a chance to figure it out."

"Okay. But don't make me wait too long." She stood close and put one hand on my hip. The other cruised across to the front of my pants. "Too long."

I gently removed her fingers from my crotch area and held her hand. "You can make that judgment next time we're naked, not before." I kissed her. Sweet lips. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Inga nodded. "I can't wait, but I guess I can!"

I gave Stephanie a "thumbs up" towards the one-way mirror. In a few seconds, she was through the door, hugging her daughter.

"Are you better, baby?" Stephanie mouthed a silent "thank you" over Inga's shoulder. Was it thanks for not fucking her, or getting her out of a perceived depression.

I decided Stephanie wasn't very skilled as a therapist.

The drive to Annie's college took longer due to my rental beater and traffic and construction. Way longer. My stop at Stephanie's office didn't help either. Annie was in the foyer of her dorm building.

"Hi, Daddy." Annie threw her arms around me.

I enjoyed the warm greeting and the feel of her breasts against my chest. Had they grown since the last time she was home on break? Although I wasn't intent on sleeping with her, the idea gave me a pleasant shiver. "Hi, baby."

"What's that piece of shit you're driving?"

I gave an abbreviated explanation of my accident, leaving out the part about fondling Inga naked in the decontamination tent. "Sorry I'm late."

"Some young girl in need of your services?" Her hand slipped between us and slid past my dick. If it hadn't grown at the thought of sex, it definitely responded to her touch.

"You know me so well. That, plus construction and traffic. What's on the agenda? Do they have parent events?"

"They did, three hours ago. You didn't miss anything. Speeches, tours, the showbiz spin from the administration. They're about to begin a building fund drive and want to put their best foot forward. I could give them a program that would fund two buildings," she stroked my dick again, "but I don't think they'd go along."

I pictured a four-color brochure, advertising a funding drive where you'd pay to have sex with a coed. No, definitely not. "So what's an old guy to do on campus, if the events are over and your building fund idea is a non-starter?" I didn't have to let Annie know I was horny. She knew that was my persistent condition.

"I'm taking you to dinner for your birthday, and then you'll get your present." She winked.

"Ah yes, my birthday." Harriett gave me this trip to see Annie as birthday gift. "You remembered."

"Kind of hard to forget with Mommy sending me countdown email messages. Three weeks, two weeks, one week. Since when did Mommy get so Internet proficient?"

"Her new job I guess." Harriett never emails me.

"You don't need reminding because you always remember my birthday."

That was true. Hard to forget the Ides of March. My stomach growled. "So where are we going for dinner?"

"Tropical Circle Bar and Grill. Best place in town. Nothing too good for my Daddy."

Town was an overstatement. More like a glorified strip mall but very old. The second best place was a fast food joint. We walked to the restaurant because everything was within walking distance. The place was almost empty at five o'clock. Maybe business picked up for the late dinner crowd, with truckers tired of burgers and subs.

A college student approached our table, a white apron around his waist. "Annie, long time. This your dad?"

"Yeah. Dad, this is -" She paused, clearly at a loss for his name.

"Brad." He didn't extend his hand. He wasn't my daughter's date, just a waiter.

"Right," said Annie. "Bring us a couple of Tropical Storms. You'll love it."

I nodded, because I'd been given no choice. While we sat, I quizzed Annie about her courses. Every answer was, "It's okay," or "Fine," or "Feels like a review from high school." Evidently, the academics weren't very challenging. I had been convinced that a more elite school with higher standards would have been a better choice, but Harriett wanted her baby within driving distance. Funny how, with Harriett's employment and travel, she wasn't home enough to see Annie or come down to see her. This trip was only possible because of Harriett's generosity. Although, in retrospect, she'd ordered it.

While I pursued a conversation with Annie, a coed stopped momentarily at our table. A short brunette with a boyish haircut. Kind of cute. "Hi, Annie." In my direction, she said, "See you later." Then she was gone.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"One of my g-friends." Annie was casual, almost flippant.

I hadn't gotten two words out when a second coed stopped by. This one was a redhead with shoulder-length hair and freckled skin. Same "Hello" and the same promise of "See you later." The third was a tall blonde, very Scandinavian. Completely hot. Blood pumped hard to my cock for this one.

The fourth was also blonde but medium height, bigger tits and a ponytail. The fifth was a curly haired brunette, a bit stockier with wide hips.

When we were finally alone, I asked, "So, what's with the parade?" More like models on a runway. "They all friends of yours?"

"Yeah. There's an evening event where you'll see them again." Annie choked back a laugh.

I could tell my daughter was up to something. "I thought all of the parent weekend events were over."

"All but one. A special one."

Brad delivered our food orders. Annie teased me by deep throating her bratwurst after it sufficiently cooled. I focused on a strip steak that tasted like my steer had walked from San Francisco to New York City.

"How about a private tour of campus?" Annie hooked her arm through mine.

"Sounds good. A walk will help me digest. You know, a really good restaurant here would be a money-maker."

"Great idea. Why don't you open one? Then, after it makes a mint in three years, I'll graduate and you can sell it. Or give it to me as a graduation present."

It was my turn to laugh. I'd never make it as a restaurant owner. "Is that what you'd like to do? Food service management?" We followed a blacktop path that wound among the classrooms and administration buildings.

"I don't know. Sheesh, I'm just a freshman. The university doesn't require me to declare until end of next year."

Annie's phone played the theme from The Lone Ranger. Odd ring tone. I only heard her half of the conversation. "Hi. You psyched?" "Huh?" "So? You don't have to be there do you?" "Are you sure?" "You will? Great!" She snapped her phone shut. "Minor change of plans but no biggie. It'll be okay." Her expression didn't say 'okay.' It showed anxiety.

I changed the topic from academics. "So, how are activities?" I explicitly didn't ask about dating or anything like that. If Annie was fucking the football team, I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

"The girls are cool, but there's a drought of hot guys. Lots of loners and geeks who don't know what end is up."

I pictured some anonymous coed on all fours, and a faceless geek walking in a circle around her, clueless about the opportunities for a blowjob or doggy style penetration. "How's your roommate? Do you two get along?"

"She's a little up-tight, but better than most. She went home with her folks for the rest of the weekend." The Lone Ranger theme sounded again. "Excuse me." Annie took a few steps away. "Hi, how is it?" "Who'd you get?" "No, not her. She's so -" "Are you sure she'll go along?" "Like what?" "Good idea. Later." Annie seemed more upbeat after this conversation. "See, I told you things would work out."

"What would?"

"Wait and see." Annie directed us past and named every building on campus, the five-dollar tour. "Time to go back to the dorm."

I read my watch in the streetlamp light. Including the dinner and the long walk, we'd been out a couple of hours. "You said there was an event?"

"Uh huh. Special for parents with birthdays today." Annie kissed my cheek as I reached for the front door to her building.

Annie's room was on the second floor. The hallway was deserted. Her hand fondled the doorknob. "You still do word games, right?" she asked.

"You mean puns? Only if I get credit, of course." Credit. Course. It was a bit forced, but fit the locale.

She didn't react to the example but seemed delighted. "Goodie! You remember all the girls who stopped by our table?"

What breathing male couldn't? "Uh huh."

"Well, they're all participating in your birthday celebration. You should have a lot of fun!" And with a flourish and a wiggle of hips, she was gone.

Alone, I glanced around. The room accommodated two. One side was quite plain, almost generic. Annie's decorating job exploded from the other side. Enlarged photos of her girlfriends adorned the wails. Not one of any male student. Scattered papers on her tiny desk. Her twin bed, made for a change.

A familiar brunette coed entered Annie's room wearing a baseball cap and jersey. The uniform came to her upper thigh exposing nice legs. It was impossible to tell what was underneath, if anything. She wore sneakers. Oh yes, and she held a baseball and miniature bat. Was the bat a weapon or a sexual aid? "My name is Babe Ruthie. You're Annie's dad?"

It was important to ask lest she end up half dressed with some other student's father. "Yes, you stopped by our table at dinner."

She thunked the side of her head with her hand, tilting the ball cap askew. "No duh. I get confused sometimes. Like when guys talk about how far they got with a girl on a date. Do you understand it?"

Now I was unclear on the concept. "For example?

She came closer. "Like, what does getting to first base mean?"

Wasn't it feeling up a date through her bra? Now that she'd asked, I wasn't sure. Guys had used those phrases when I was growing up but no one ever had the balls to ask what they meant. Which probably meant that everyone had his or her own personal definition.

Ruthie continued her rant. "They all say different stuff. One guy told me that second base was putting his cock in my pussy. Shit, if that's true, what's third base? Not that I didn't want to fuck him."

I was startled at the language and the frankness. This was way more than I needed to know. "Really?"

Ruthie wasn't done. "Another guy said second base was touching my boobs inside by bra without me taking it off. What's with that?"

"Guys are strange. I feel your frustration." If I played my cards right, I expected I'd be feeling more than her frustration. After all, Annie wouldn't fix me up with a present that wouldn't put out, would she? I invented an illogical answer on the spot. "I think there's a constant and a variable."

"What does that mean?" She scratched at her head with the bat. The jersey came up higher on her thighs, but exposed nothing.

I had no idea, so I made something up. "I mean, maybe couples do the same thing at each base, but with greater intimacy." I didn't want to be too pushy and scare her off.

"You talk funny." She dropped the bat and ball and then pushed at me with an open hand.

Time to break the ice. "But it has to start withy kissing, right?"

"Kissing isn't a base. At least, none of my dates said it was."

"But that's where the base running starts. It's the warm up circle. Let me show you." I pulled her close.

She tilted her head, a willing gesture. Her lips were soft and warm, then firm and unrelenting. She came up for breath. "I think there has to be touching, or it's just making out."

"Where?" I asked.

"Up here." She ran her hands over her tits, high on her chest. "All the guys want to touch me there."

So did I. Given the opportunity, I didn't hesitate. I covered her player numbers with my hands. She held my face and pushed her face to mine. Her lips pulsed, seeking response. I kissed back with as much technique as I had, kind of a silent hum. Her grip remained firm and so did my dick. She gasped for breath when she pulled back. "Yes. First base is definitely kissing and touching." Her face was flush. "So what's second base?"

I paused to construct the proper response. One of my buddies had used it to describe getting inside his dates blouse and feeling up her breasts. Was it outside or inside her bra? I couldn't recall.

Ruthie offered one possibility. "Maybe it means taking off our tops and kissing. Kissing is the constant and how we're dressed is the variable."

Ruthie wasn't stupid after all, and she wasn't shy. She was already unbuttoning her jersey. I stood like a statue. Damn, no bra, breasts the size and shape of, I kid you not, baseballs, with a wide gap in between. Below, she wore an ill-fitting man's jock strap. "You too. We should match."

I took off my shirt never taking my eyes off her round self-supporting breasts. "So second base is kissing and touching without shirts?" I answered by actions, putting my hands on the rounded curve of her chest and returning to kissing. Her nipples firmed as I explored the front surfaces.

She danced in place. I was also having difficulty standing still. My prick ached for contact.

"Wow, that's half way?" she asked.

"Around the bases." And perhaps into her pants. Jock strap, I mean.

"So then third base must be kissing bottomless." She slid the jockstrap down her thighs over her hips. Her pussy was flat with a crease. Bare of hair.

I dropped my pants and jockeys. She gasped at the sight but wasn't scared or she wouldn't have taken my erection in hand. I countered her move by cupping her pussy mound, my middle finger along the crease. We kissed, but the position was awkward for both of us. I had to bend a bit to kiss her and rub my finger up and back. She pumped her hand, affecting her balance. As the tip of my prick rubbed against the circle of her thumb and index finger, I pressed my finger deeper, hitting a moist layer of soft flesh. Her body was beginning to slump, so I held her up with my free arm. That put her naked body against mine, but made me lean even further. I couldn't sustain the kissing.

"I need to sit down," I announced. The edge of the bed was the closest, and softer than the desk chair.

"Me too." Ruthie say down on my thighs, legs spread, facing me. "Have you ever hit a home run?"

"Oh yes, many times." If she meant fucking.

"Annie says you know how to use your bat." Her fist returned to caressing my cock.

"I've stroked a few out of the park." I played with her breasts and nipples, to make the fondling mutual. My dick was thumping against her crotch.

"We're going to have to be very careful." She rose up and placed me against her slit. Then she lowered herself a bit, making sure I stayed on target. "Just take it easy until I get used to it. Most of the guys I've dated were in a slump."

I got the picture. "You want to take a few practice swings?"

"Sure." She barely dipped.

What kind of practice swing was that? I held her hips and tugged. She took a couple of inches. "How's that?"

"Ooh, you've got good wood." She joined in the action. Each bounce took me deeper. She grimaced but I attributed it to pleasure. "You've got a smooth stroke."

"So I've been told." I repeated my thrusts, inching closer to the full depth of her cunt.

At full penetration, she ground against me. "You scored," she growled.

"That's an accurate description."

"I wish we could fuck," she said.

The bouncing hadn't stopped. What were we doing, baking cookies? "Aren't we?"

"Oh yeah, we're doing it, but we can't go all the way. I asked to be your present, but Annie said that I wasn't good enough."

I lifted and dropped her. "You're doing just fine." I continued my lubricated assault when Ruthie stood up. My prick popped from her pussy. "What's wrong?"

"I can't make you cum or Annie will kill me. We'd better stop before I get carried away." She grabbed her jersey and jock strap. The hat had stayed on her head the entire time.

My pulsing prick stood erect, unattended. Carried away, fucking, was exactly what I wanted. What did Annie want? "So what am I supposed to do now?" I was damned if I was going to masturbate with a naked and willing sex partner in the room. "Come back here. I haven't struck out with you, have I?"

"There's another girl in the on deck circle." Ruthie buttoned her top.

Ruthie had a nice behind, and nice tits. What was wrong with this one? We were on track for both of us to achieve satisfaction. "Somebody else? But I like you."

"Thanks. You're pretty awesome yourself. Maybe we can get together, when Annie isn't in charge."

A knock on the door confirmed the possibility, maybe even the fact, of a second girl. "Who's that?"

"The next girl. I don't know many there are." Ruthie's ass jiggled as she scampered from the room as my dick waved goodbye.

Annie stuck her head in. "Time's up. You didn't finish did you? Cum, I mean?"

"Nope." No thanks to you.

"Good." Annie's smile was evil.

"Not good." My cock ached. "You want to come over here and-"

This time Annie's phone played the first six chords of some hip hop song I'd never heard before, with a generic beat. "Yo, what's up?" "Who?" "She is? Did she say why?" A long pause. "Really? I've got to talk to her. Have her wait with Bets." "I know, but she might be better." Annie tucked the phone in her pocket. "You're very popular you know that?"

With Annie's former classmates and now, some of her current ones. "I have my fans."

"Speaking of which, you have another visitor."

"Someone I can fuck?"

Annie chuckled and disappeared around the frame. Another coed entered. I recognized Red from the restaurant. So I was going to be visited by all of them?

The outfit didn't match but the intent was clear. She was dressed as a firefighter - white hardhat, yellow slicker and black boots. The hardhat was construction without the long back brim and the boots were tall enough but fur-trimmed.

With a second costumed coed, the pattern was confirmed. I'd face a series of beauties, word-play savvy and sex-play enabled. Annie had departed, leaving me alone with this public servant. "Where's the fire?" I asked.

"I'm responding to an alarm," she said.

I was still naked from Babe Ruthie. Red didn't seem to mind. Nor be shocked. "Are you alarmed at the size of my cock?"

She stepped closer. "No, I'm used to handing long hoses." She knelt down and took me in her grasp. Her lips surrounded the head, first kissing, then slurping.

So this one enjoyed word play as much as I did. "You should find the hot spot and care for it."

"Maybe you can help me locate it." She stood up popped the snaps of her slicker. Under it she wore a fire engine red bra and panties, the lacy translucent kind. Did I mention she was a natural redhead? She tossed her hat on the bed next to me and shook her flaming locks loose. "I'll need your hose to put out my fire."

"But I don't see any smoke or flames."

She dragged a single finger up her panties, pressing hard enough to make a lasting crease. "It's smoldering right here."

"Isn't me putting out your fire role reversal?"

She turned around and dropped her panties. "If you'd prefer reversal-" As she bent over, her hairy pussy introduced itself. With no hesitation she backed up, spread her legs and directed my dick to her pussy. "This is no hose. This is a fire pole."

Like in a fire station, she slid down. She was looser than Babe Ruthie. With no trouble, I bottomed out. Perhaps I could finish with Red what Ruthie had started, if I was quicker. "Ummmm, that's it, work that hose."

I directed her hips but she cooperated fully. She moaned and bounced against me. This was pure pleasure.

My cock was throbbing. "Hoses spurt, you know." Our thighs slapped.

"You have to tell me before that happens."

"Why?" I held her hips as I slammed all the way in. Time was the enemy.

"Christ, not so hard. Because I'm not the girl designated to take you over the top. Damn it, fuck me."

She was more than willing for sex, and maybe willing to break Annie's rule. "What about that fire of yours?"

She lifted and dropped on my dick, with deep breathy sighs. As I humped, Red's cunt tightened. This was the opposite of what I'd experienced with every other sex partner I'd had. "What are you doing?"

"I've been building up my muscles. Put your hands on my stomach."

I slid my hands from her hips, my fingers spread around her navel.

"Now feel this."

And I did. A constriction of her cunt, trapping by dick. Which meant a halt to our humping. And no friction. My cock swelled against the pressure so I didn't deflate. However the fucking was at a complete standstill. I was too horny to sit with my dick in a flesh vise. One hand moved surreptitiously down her belly. A fingertip explored her fleshy gap.

"Uhhhhh." Her muscles loosened a bit. I restarted my fucking engine. She constricted but I kept up the attention to her clit. Her physiology had no defense. My other hand grabbed a breast and tweaked a nipple. Her movements became more vigorous. I reached up for her other breast. Her body moved closer to mine. I kissed her back because it was available. She turned her head. "You're the best."

"I try." I was trying hard to push us both over the edge.

"I'll call your dick Avis 'cause it tries harder." She rose up and dropped onto my cock. "I love this, but we can't finish. Well, at least you can't."

"So I've been told." I kept fucking. Maybe the conversation would distract her. "Do you want to stop? You have some fire to get to?"

The pile driving was working. "Hell no, but yes. I'll have to find some plebe who needs practice."

"Are you sure? Because I'm getting close to dousing that fire-"

"God, you're awesome. But I told you. Annie didn't pick me-" As quickly as she'd taken me in, she stood and faced me. Pop went the penis. "Annie would have my head." My cock yearned to be buried in a mouth in someone's head, or better yet their cunt. Red rubbed a breast with one hand, her pussy with the other. "I'm still hot, and you're not finished yet. Damn her anyway." She gathered up her things. When she bent down to collect her panties from the floor, her split cunt winked at me through matted red fuzz. She spun around and fell to her knees. "Happy birthday, Daddy." A quick kiss of my dick and then my lips, and she was gone.

My prick lurched. That was way too quick. In just a few more minutes, I would have cum inside Red. Why couldn't I finish up with her, recuperate, and still have my gift, whoever that was? Probably Annie herself. I looked at my moist erection. Two sexual interactions but no satisfaction? What was Annie doing? A cold sweat hit me. I pulled my jockeys on and threw a sheet over my legs. Maybe Annie was punishing me, giving me a sample of females who would tease me and keep me erect for hours, but never let me ejaculate. Had I done something wrong? A faint knock announced a cautious visitor. Who this time? "Come in." Hopefully the girl I'm scheduled to cum in.

The door opened in slow motion. "Hello?"

"Yes, come on in."

The feathered cap, green vest and miniature bow and arrow screamed Sherwood Forest. Below, matching skirt in green velour over a green leotard clinging to wide hips. The most outstanding thing, literally, were her breasts. They stuck out at right angles to her body. Although the vest covered the fronts, the sides of her two salami-shaped tits were in clear view. How could they stand out that way?

"I'm here for the play rehearsal. Hey, you're undressed."

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