Service With a Smile
Chapter 8

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Mr. Marcus's wife Harriett arranges for a young woman to perform a ministry (service) to their household, especially because of her new business trips. The story builds from simple voyeurism to fulfilled lust over a series of chapters.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Humor   Cheating   Group Sex   Harem   Hispanic Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Slow   School  

Olivia dressed well, despite her thin figure. Tailored clothes, definitely not off the rack. Store bought would have hung on her. She stood as far from me in the elevator as she could. Distrust flared in her eyes. I remembered Twiggy, the British model who was all skin and bones. My dick flinched.

Rianne and Harriett were already on opposite sides of the table in the resort's main restaurant. I took the seat next to Harriett, while Olivia sat across from me, next to her mother. Rianne, who seemed to constantly be waving her hand for one reason or another, summoned the wine guy and ordered a bottle. She didn't bother asking anyone at the table for their individual likes or dislikes. "You'll like this vintage. It was a very wet spring."

I've never gotten into the intricacies of wine. Too much information to remember, and then one spoiled grape and a whole batch would go sour. It was only a matter of time and this trip would suffer the same fate. The problem was to identify the sour grape before it ruined everything. I glanced at Harriett. Sour grape detected. She glared back, as if she'd read my mind.Harriett had no opportunity to talk to me about sharing a room with Rianne but I could read her expression. Harriett was not a happy camper. She probably felt vulnerable to Rianne's continued advances. If she only knew the sacrifice I was going to make.

"It's always so nice, being with people I care about. I view my subordinates as an extension of my family." Rianne reached out for Harriett's hand and patted it. My foot felt the impact of Harriett's size ten. I grimaced and bent forward but stifled an outcry. "Do you like your quarters, honey? Ours are sooo roomy. Why, we could both be there and never know it."

Olivia and I had a suite, but with only one bedroom, custom designed to force us into proximity leading to sexual intercourse if she was lucky. And if I was lucky, Harriett wouldn't lose financially."I'll deal with it," Olivia said.

I was quite surprised when Harriett and Olivia struck up a non-stop conversation during dinner. Olivia rattled on about her love of the outdoors, hiking and bird watching, and was enthusiastic about the local possibilities. I didn't know that Harriett had been a camper and bird watcher as a young girl. I loved bird watching too, just the British female kind.

Rianne kept refilling her daughter's glass and Olivia kept emptying it. Olivia's speech indicated the alcohol had affected her. Handicapping our agreement? Perhaps tonight, Olivia would be friendly bordering on intimate. I'd get Olivia, and Rianne would get what she wanted. The food was excellent, despite flashbacks to Inga, naked and mounted on the tip of my prick. Must have been the wine. I shook my head to clear the image.

Our dinner outing was especially pleasant when Rianne picked up the tab. "Oh, and I've had gifts delivered to your room." Rianne hugged her daughter and whispered in her ear. Then she turned to me. "Why don't you two visit the nightclub? Just charge it to my room. Come, Harriett, I have some figures to review with you." Olivia leaned against the wall as we waited for the elevator in our wing of the hotel. "Mum told me to be nice to you, because Harriett is her best worker and wouldn't want to lose her."

Rianne had an eye for talent. Harriett is a perfectionist, except when it comes to sex. "Your mother is very kind. How about your mother's suggestion? Do you dance?" I asked.

Olivia shook her head. "I'm not very light on my feet."

"Want to see the club?" If not, I could show her the club throbbing in my pants. Part of my condition was memories of Inga, but there was an Olivia component that couldn't be denied.

Olivia belched. "I don't feel so good." She staggered towards the elevator.

Olivia's gait was awkward, her arms outstretched to guide herself through our room. On the beds were two boxes each. The first contained bathing suits, the second sleepwear. The swimsuits looked quite plain, with conservative designs. Loose but not so loose as to expose anything. The sleepwear, however, was quite sexy. Olivia got a one-piece nightgown in a translucent silky fabric. I got top and shorts in the same material and color.

"I can't wear this to bed. It'll show, well, everything." Olivia pulled open a drawer, which fell on the floor. She lifted a long cotton nightshirt from the wreckage.

"I would have expected your mother to know your taste."

Olivia reacted to her cell phone's buzzing. "Hi, Mum. The Jacuzzi? If you insist." She flipped the phone shut. "Mum wants us to meet her down by the pool."

It seemed odd, given that she'd just told us she had work to do. Olivia stood still, staring off into space. "We'd better change if we're to meet them."

Olivia was unresponsive, so I touched her gently on the shoulder. "O?"

She slapped me across the face for my trouble. "Hands off. Just because I had a few drinks-" Vomit interrupted her scolding.

I aimed Olivia at our bathroom. While she took care of herself, I chucked my soiled shirt and pants, and quickly slid off my jockeys and slid on my trunks. They were smooth, almost as if they weren't cloth at all. Some kind of exotic synthetic.

Finally, Olivia came out, her designer dress wet where she'd tried to clean off the puke.

"I usually don't drink that much." Olivia snatched up her suit and returned to the bathroom.

Olivia's arms and legs were completely exposed in her swimsuit. It was too loose to show the shape of her breasts, but they must have been tiny not to be visible at all. Inga's breasts had much more volume. "I'm better now." She wiped a few stray hairs from her eyes. "Let's go downstairs."

I threw my vomit-stained clothes in the bathtub and soaked them. To make sure we had some, I grabbed two towels from the rack. Olivia put on the latest trendy beach clogs. I had cheap sandals.

The Jacuzzis were situated along one side of the pool area. Rianne and Harriett weren't there. Harriett is a good swimmer but gets embarrassed wearing bathing suits. She says it shows off too much of her body. If she'd lose a few pounds, she'd show less, but the last time I suggested that, my shoulder was stiff for a week,

"We don't have to wait for them," I suggested.

I turned a control knob a full turn. Warm bubbles danced across the surface. Jets churned the water below. I stepped in and took a seat on one side. Olivia chose the opposite side, as far from me as possible. The water massage was quite relaxing. Across from me, Olivia must have been enjoying the feeling. She leaned back, eyes closed, arms along the Jacuzzi's rim. I blinked twice. Olivia's suit seemed to be transparent. Cloth sometimes does that in water. I wanted a peek at her tits but tried not to stare, until I realized that her swimsuit wasn't wet. It was dissolving. Her minimal breast mounds broke the waves as she straightened her back. I felt my thighs. My suit had dissolved as well.

"Uh, we have a problem."

Olivia opened her eyes and detected her exposure. Her hands flew to cover her private parts, but she was one hand short. One arm crossed her chest, the other hand cupped her mound. "What's going on? What happened to my suit?"

"Our suits." Evidently they were water-soluble.

Olivia shrieked. Any guest within a hundred yards would have heard. "Is this one of your tricks?" She grabbed a towel and threw it around her torso. Her stork legs were visible but all of her privates were covered.

Rianne probably thought that stunt would assist me, but all it did was piss off her daughter. My hardening cock bobbed in front of me, partially from viewing her body. Was I finding that skinny shapeless collection of bones attractive? I stood to intentionally let her see what she had in store, then pulled a towel around my waist. We rode the glass elevator, standing on opposite sides, towels covering our suitless bodies. Guests getting on and off stared but said nothing. Did they know we were naked?

In the room, Olivia's face hadn't returned to normal color. Her pale complexion was pink from her agitation. Her eyebrows danced as she spoke. "How could you? Embarrassing me like that! You should be ashamed."

I wasn't about to be the villain, even if I couldn't be the hero. "Don't blame me. I didn't buy those suits. Think about where they came from."


"Riiiiight. Think she knew what they'd do in water? And how come she didn't show up to join us?"

Olivia stood silent, holding the towel firm.

"Think about that, huh? And she gave us that sleepwear too. The stuff you said would expose you. Like the swimsuits. Can you identify a pattern?"

She plopped down into the bed. Her legs were slightly spread, straining the towel to keep her pussy covered. A lump was evident under my towel, but I didn't flaunt it. Olivia was supposed to be smart. I witnessed the light bulb come on. "Mum set us up. She wants something to happen between us. Something sexual."

Good, I didn't have to tell her.

"She's thrown men at me before. Lots of times. Just never so blatant. And never a married man. Harriett is a nice lady." She spoke softly. "What timing." She chuckled lightly.

Olivia leaned over to fetch her cotton nightgown from the floor, choosing not to wear the gift from her mother. The awkward stance caused her to tilt precariously. "Whoa." She raised one leg to keep her balance. The towel wasn't big enough to hide her round ass and the protruding mount of her cunt, an orifice my prick would never visit. With nightgown and sundries bag in hand, she disappeared into the bathroom. I got a quick glimpse of her ass, unreasonably full for such a thin frame. In our pattern of behavior, I changed into Olivia's gift, hoping it wouldn't disintegrate while I slept. Soft moans wafted from the bathroom. Damn, was Olivia masturbating? I would have gladly helped if she'd asked. Evidently Olivia didn't require a male assistant. Still, I didn't get any softer thinking of Olivia servicing herself, while she ignored a genuine erection just a few feet away.

No words were exchanged when Olivia finally exited the bathroom and slid into her bed.

One day was over, with one more remaining. How and when should I tell Rianne that she'd won? I decided to wait until our departure. Only a miracle would put me between Olivia's thighs.

I woke up to the sound of drawers opening and flashes of light as Olivia entered and exited the bathroom. She was decked out in khaki shirt and shorts and hiking boots. An array of camera equipment, bodies and lenses, hung from straps around her neck, as well as a pair of world-class binoculars. The numerous pockets of her photographer vest bulged with accessories. A pith helmet straight out of a Tarzan movie topped her stylish outfit. How much had she dropped at L. L. Bean for this get-up?

"Where are you going this early?" I asked. It was three AM according to the alarm clock, an ungodly hour.

"Bird watching. I mentioned it yesterday."

"The birds won't be up for a couple of hours yet." I stretched my arms and legs. A partial erection made a small mound under the sheet.

"I'll be at the Ryston Reserve and Sanctuary if anyone is looking for me." She closed the door gently. She was being kind to our neighbors. Certainly not me.

I rolled over to catch a few more winks. After all, this trip was eating up a couple of vacation days. It was time I started treating like a vacation. The phone chirped. A glance at the clock radio and a quick calculation told me I'd managed to get an extra hour and a half. "Hello?"

"So, how are you two getting along?" It was Rianne.

"What was that swimsuit stunt?" I sat up. "Don't you know your daughter well enough-"

"It was an ice breaker. Olivia would never take her clothes off in front of a man. Even you."

Damn right. Even the thin nightgown was a no-go. "So you came up with water-soluble bathing suits?"

"Ingenious, no?"

"Not at all. She thought I did it, for obvious purposes." I didn't disclose my suggestion to Olivia that her mother was responsible. "She's colder to me than ever. And this morning, she's off bird watching-"

"And you didn't accompany her? Why, that's at least half a day of opportunity lost. Shame on you."

Shame on me? Rianne was coercing me to fuck her daughter, and shame on me? "Olivia made it clear she wanted to go alone. Besides, she was dressed and leaving before I'd rubbed the crud from my eyes."

"The clock is ticking, Harvey. Although if you'd like to reconsider, I'd be a worthy sexual companion-"

This time I interrupted. "Sorry. And if sabotaging Olivia and me is your plan to get laid, forget it."

"I don't need you to get satisfied. By the way, I'll require proof."

"Of what?"

"That you and Olivia had sexual intercourse."

"Would a video be sufficient?" I was being facetious.

"If you have the equipment." Of course I had the equipment, otherwise how could I fuck - oh, she meant a movie camera.

"Or I could observe," she continued.

She wants to watch me fuck her daughter? I'd been in that position before, sometimes with the parent as cheerleader or coach. Rianne wasn't my idea of an appropriate audience. "No way."

"Not even from a distance? For example, you could do it on your balcony."

"So not only do I have to fuck your daughter, but do it in public view? Tell me, would you do that? Fuck some guy on your balcony?"

"If that's what it takes, then fine. I'll find a companion and consummate a one-night stand on my balcony. After Harriett is fast asleep, of course."

I walked to our balcony and ventured out about twelve inches. "Come out and wave so I can see you."

Rianne was already on her balcony. She hung a striped towel from the railing as identification.

"I see you," I said. I grabbed my pants from the previous evening and swung them over my head.

"Yes, yes. There you are. Are you wearing the pajamas I provided?"

She could see me, but no details. "Uh huh."

"They're break away, you know. One swift pull, and, well, you'd be exposed and available. Olivia's nightgown has the same feature."

"Nice to know." But useless, since she wouldn't wear it. "I'll be looking forward to your show this evening," I said.

"I'll ask Harriett to get to bed early for a breakfast meeting tomorrow. Watch for me at nine. And then, I'll expect to see you and Olivia later tonight."

"Absolutely." Fat chance. Maybe I could find a look-alike. No, Rianne wouldn't be fooled. And no one I'd seen at the resort looked anything like Olivia. All of them had more meat on their bones. Even young Inga wasn't that skinny.

I daydreamed about Inga as I laid out near the pool. Our sexual liaison had been so brief, yet it left a deep impact. Perhaps because there had been no deep penetration. We'd both had wanted it, but her almost convulsive reaction to getting penetrated took us both by surprise. I sensed movement in my vicinity and shielded the sun from my eyes. A brunette on one side and freckled redhead on the other surrounded me. No swimsuit, normal or dissolving, could have disguised my erection, so I didn't bother. Until I noticed Rianne and Harriett walking past the pool. I tossed a towel over my midsection. Harriett, in street clothes, scurried off, most likely on a business errand. Rianne, in a beach robe, selected an empty lounger off to the side and waved for a drink. Her suit showed everything she had - rolls of skin, likely the remnants of some extreme diet program or procedure, bulged from her middle. When the busboy delivered her beverage, I saw her stuff something into his hand and then held it shut, forcing him to retain his bent position. Had she passed him more than money, perhaps a note? Was he the selected stud for tonight? He met Rianne's criteria, muscular and young.

I removed the towel and thought about hooking up with either of the two young ladies surrounding me. Maybe both. They seemed eager enough, adjusting their bra straps and repositioning their bottoms by hooking their fingers in the edge of the material and pulling it away from their hot flesh. But I decided to save my sexual strength, just in case seeing a rare species put Olivia in a rare sexual mood.

I spent the reminder of the day in my room, watching old movies and local TV shows. One news anchor wore a particularly low cut blouse. Every time she leaned towards the camera to make a point, her cleavage was on display to all of her viewers. The cameraman dipped down on a couple of occasions, losing her face off the top of the screen, focusing instead on her tits. Amateur.

I was in the middle of documenting our financial assets on a yellow tablet when the door opened. Olivia entered, bruised, cut, hair escaping from her ever-present bun. The lens cases were coated with dirt. The pith helmet was missing.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

"I was standing on an embankment when I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a red-cockaded woodpecker. They're endangered, you know? I guess I leaned too far to get a better look. My feet slipped."

Looked more like tumbled down, head over heels. "Come with me and I'll fix you up."

Olivia pulled a wad of mud from her hair and flicked it down. She allowed me to take her hand and lead her into the bathroom. Her hiking boots left a trail of dirt on the rug. She'd skinned both knees. Scrapes and scratches decorated both legs. Her shorts were damp. I sat her on the granite counter of the sink and moistened a washcloth with warm water.

"You did a real number." I lathered up the cloth and stroked her ravaged skin as gently as I could. At least I could clean her wounds, even if I didn't have antiseptics.

"I have some creams," she said. "In my tote." Her face reddened. "Uh, never mind."

"Okay. First we need to make sure there's no dirt in the wounds." I guided one foot onto the nearby toilet seat. That spread her legs, with no complaint. With thin thighs and normal sized leg openings, it was easy to see up her shorts to her panties. Despite her ruler-straight frame, touching her skin through the washcloth was titillating. The promise of pussy kept me inflated.

I treated both legs, now wide spread, and stood close enough to prevent her from closing them while I administered her arms. Although she flinched when I started to wipe her face, she let me cleanse that as well. Her head tilted back. I saw no evidence of breast bumps under her shirt, but the material was blousy. All of the buttons were still closed, although I expected no cleavage. "Hungry?" I asked. "Are you up for going down to dinner?" Or just up for going down? "Your mother is expecting us."

"I'm famished, but I'd prefer room service."

"Fine. We'll both eat up here. I'll keep you company."

For the first time since we were introduced, Olivia smiled at me. I was her hero, attending to her after her disaster, and now skipping a command performance. Maybe if I stood up to her mother, she'd let me get closer, which is just what her mother wanted. Freaky.

Olivia fumbled for her cell phone in one of her many pockets and punched one button. "It's me. We won't be joining you for dinner." Pause. "I guess." Pause. "Okay. Good night."

"Mum said we should enjoy ourselves."

Of course Rianne would say that. She probably expects I'm preparing to take my shot. I led the way out of the bathroom. "Mum and Harriett are going take a customer to dinner. She said she'd see us later." Olivia scratched her head. More strands of hair popped out from her bun. "I think I'm going to shower." She reached for her once-used nightgown, draped over one of the sitting chairs at a small circular table. She lost her balance and fell against me, knocking me onto the bed. In reaching out to stop her fall, her hand landed smack on my groin. My erection must have been obvious to her, under her palm and fingers. "Sorry." Not so much, since she took her sweet time letting go. Her face regained that pink glow.

Okay, so now she'd seen and touched my penis. Wouldn't any woman be willing to take the next step?

Olivia got up and grabbed the nightgown. She hesitated, then sniffed it. "It stinks."

Perhaps her masturbation was the cause. "You could wear the one your mother bought." It was a reasonable suggestion, if not a self-serving one.

"But it's so thin. You won't think I'm leading you on?"

"I promise." Hollow.

Olivia retreated to the bathroom with her mother's gift. I heard the water start.

I opened the door a crack, not enough to see anything. Not that there was much to see. "What do you want me to order for you?" I asked.

"Burger deluxe, cooked medium, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, sweet potato fries, small green salad, raspberry iced tea."

"Great choice." I closed the door and called room service. I ordered a T-bone, potato skins with the works and a cream soda.

As I changed into my set of Rianne's gifted pajamas, I thought about what kind of scam I could use to trick Olivia into getting sexual with me. And then I came to the stark realization that she was too damn smart to fool. My only choice was the truth. Olivia would see through any fabrications. Just as I hoped to see through Olivia's nightgown.

The door opened, revealing Olivia in the translucent garment. There was only a hint of breasts, but her thin torso was plainly visible. She'd let down her hair, dark and full, a bit longer than shoulder length. It was wavy and curvy even damp, nothing like her body shape. She'd brushed out all the foliage.

I took a deep breath. "I can explain why your mother put us in the same room and gave us dissolving swim suits. She wants us to have sex."

"Oh, she does?" Olivia crossed her arms. That plastered the nightgown tight against her body. And there they were, faint swells. "How convenient for you."

"I'm serious. Your mother will fire Harriett if we don't have sex."

"You've got quite a line! That's ridiculous. Mum isn't that manipulative." Her eyes rolled up. "At least, I don't think she is."

"She must think it's in your best interest."

"Well, she's wrong. Dead wrong. The last thing I want is some guy's penis. No offense. Yours seems to be very nice."

Good. Acknowledging that she'd seen and touched mine was progress. "No offense taken."

"Sometimes Mum's timing is spot on, and other times - well, let's just say this complicates things.""How come?""One of the reasons I agreed to this trip was to tell her in person - I'm gay. A lesbian."

So it was the entire gender, not a personal rejection. It still felt personal. "You are?" Harriett will lose her job because I promised to fuck a woman who'd prefer a female roommate. "Is there something I can do?" Evidently intercourse was out of the question.

"Like what? Change my DNA?"

Olivia's challenge was righteous. But it was her job to break the big news to her mother, not mine. Was her chosen lifestyle an excuse for lack of performance on my part? Maybe that's why Rianne wanted me to fuck Olivia in the first place, because she suspected Olivia's lack of male companionship was a leading indicator.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of our dinner. I gave the busboy a thirty percent tip, on Rianne of course.

We sat at the small table, burgers and T-bone on good china. "Tell me, how did you decide you were a lesbian?" It was honest curiosity.

Between bites, Olivia told her story. "I had two kinds of dates: none and bad. One guy said it was like making love to a bag of baby back ribs. After the meat had been eaten off."

At least she'd had sex.

"He never even tried to get my panties off."

So much for previous experience. I wondered what they'd done that warranted his comment, and what Olivia meant by making love.

"Then, I joined a bird watching group. That's where I met Barbara. We started going on watches together. She was sweet, and seemed to really like my company. One day in the bush, waiting for a flock of quail hens to come down to a stream, I almost fell down the embankment. She threw her arm around my shoulder to steady me. The next thing, she leaned forward and kissed me. We skipped the bird watching that morning. Probably scared off a dozen species of birds and mammals."

I pictured two woman rolling around in the grass, tearing at each other's clothes. Olivia's nipples stiffened, pointed behind the sheer fabric. Just talking about Barbara was getting both of us hot.

"So you were going to spring the news on good old mom this trip?" I asked.

"Not spring. Ease it into conversation, so she wouldn't bust a blood vessel."

There, the facts were out on the table, along with scattered bits of crumbled bacon, chopped onion and the remnants from my T-bone steak.

"How about if I just tell her we did it?" Olivia offered.

"That's a nice offer but that won't be enough. She wants proof. We're supposed to do it on the balcony, so she can see us."

"In public view? She's crazy! At least she didn't ask to be in the room."

I didn't tell her that was Rianne's first choice. "Would you like to watch her?"

"Do what?"

I pointed to our sliding glass door. "She's going to make love to some stud on her balcony at nine."

"No! She's going to cheat on Dad? In public?"

"Since she wanted to view us, I asked if she'd do the same thing, so she volunteered."

Olivia swung her fist in an arc. "How could you?" She missed my shoulder and hit the edge of my plate, sending gristle and bone flying into her lap.

"But she agreed! Willingly! Maybe you don't know your mother as well as you think."

Olivia grabbed a wastebasket and stood, dumping the leavings into it. Grease stains dotted the front of her gown. She went into the bathroom to wash them out. On her return, the damp spots were almost completely transparent. Random areas of skin on her chest, belly and thighs were visible as if she was naked. The exposed patches were quite erotic.

I checked the clock radio. "The show's about to start."

"I've got to see this." Olivia started towards our balcony.

"Turn the lights off and get down." I grabbed Olivia's camera and binoculars. We crawled out onto the balcony. Olivia went first, giving me a good look at her round ass. Must be where all the meat is.

I used the binoculars from behind. There was Rianne, bent over the railing, the pool boys' hands on her tits, pounding away behind her. At that distance, I couldn't hear anything except muffled grunts, or perhaps my imagination was adding the soundtrack. Rianne and her companion would have to be careful not to wake Harriett. I chuckled at what Harriett would think if she found her boss being fucked on their balcony. Outraged, most likely. Embarrassed, for sure.

Olivia grabbed her camera, mounted a telephoto lens and clicked away. "These might come in handy some day, when I've had enough of Mum's meddling. I've seen enough." Olivia backed up, thumping my thigh with her heel. A few inches to the right, and she would have scored a direct hit on my dick.

"Give me a second." I scooted back, stood, and turned the light back on.

Olivia stood, hands on hips, holding her camera by the lens. How phallic! "So now what?"

"Your mother expects us to have sex, visible to her. Then Harriett keeps her job, and your mother is satisfied that you've been, well, satisfied."

Olivia scratched her head. "So why don't we give her what she wants?" Her lips formed a crooked smile.

"Huh?" Olivia actually agreeing?

"Not for real. Maybe there is a way we can fool her with simulated sex."

Too good to be true. "You mean, I stand behind you, and you moan and groan as if we're doing it?" Even that sounded better than hitting the sack separately.

"Not exactly." She put her camera down and pulled a contraption from her sundries bag. "With this." She handed me a strap-on dildo. "I use it with Barbara."

So Olivia plays the male to Barbara's female. Very interesting, but completely confusing. I didn't see Olivia as subservient, just flat chested. "And you'd be willing?"

"I'm not unreasonable, Mr. Marcus. Mum shouldn't have asked you to seduce me, and it's not Harriett's fault that my mother wants me to experience sex. You and your wife shouldn't suffer because of Mum's well-intentioned but misplaced delusions. Besides, I've had this inside me before."

"With Barbara? Fine."

"Do you need me to show you how to put Hard Luck on?"

"Excuse me?"

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