Green Haired Thief

by obohobo

Copyright© 2011 by obohobo

Sex Story: Homeless after being thrown out by her parents, Penny is caught stealing and spanked instead of being handed over to the police. To avoid her complaining to the authorities she has to stay with the family until the marks have gone. Her stay is extended indefinitely.

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© obohobo 2011


"I'm sorry to disturb you at breakfast, Sir, but I found this girl sleeping in the barn, or rather, Griff and Kella, did."

"Penelope? Penelope St. Carmichael?" Randolph Rankin looked with distaste at me standing there, dirty, dishevelled and struggling, held by Jake, one of the farm workers who'd dragged me into the main house. Two sheep dogs stood close by. "I heard you'd given up being a lady and become a punk girl and your green hair and the stud in your nose confirms it. You used to be a pretty young thing, but it looks like you've come down in the world since I last saw you." I didn't answer but looked defiantly at the pair sitting at the breakfast table.

"And it looks and smells like she could do with a wash," commented his wife, Evelyn, smiling and wrinkling her nose.

"She also had these, Sir. I think they are Master Michael's." Jake offered the plastic carrier bag to his employer, "I also found a piece of half eaten cake that looked like one of yours Ma'am."

"Bloody hell! Thank God you caught her, Jake, that's my father's gold pocket watch, Michael would have been furious if he'd lost that and the other stuff in here is valuable too. You're just a petty thief, Penny St. Carmichael, perhaps not so petty when we consider the value of this lot. Your father is a wealthy man and you had plenty of opportunity to take your place in the social world your mother and her friends move in, but I heard you'd rebelled against them. We ought to turn you over to the police but first I'll phone your father and see what he has to say. He hasn't mentioned you lately when I've met him at business meetings." Angrily he picked up his mobile and then stomped into the hall to check the phone number when I refused to give it to him.

Seizing a brief, if futile opportunity, I turned a made a dash for the door but before I'd gone two steps, Jake grabbed my arm and I landed on the hard floor not daring to move when the two dogs growled and showed their teeth until ordered to cease.

"Good morning, Gregory, Randolph Rankin here. We've picked up your daughter..." He explained the circumstances.

I could see father's reply shocked him and he gave us the gist of the conversation. "Penny, he said that he no longer considers you as his daughter and says you are just a punk whore he doesn't know and whom he threw out of the house a month ago and never wants to see again. He told me to tell the police and because you are now an adult, they'll put you away for good this time and he wouldn't do anything to save you and thought a spell inside might sort you out. He also suggested that I could take matters into my own hands and spare myself the hassle of court appearances by giving you a good hiding, and he pointed out that you're are in no position to go to the authorities if you end up with a sore arse. Whatever I decide to do, he doesn't wish to know about it."

"Go to hell, if you think I'll let you hit me, think again. You've got your stuff back, so you can let me get on my way," I snarled, but doubted he would let me go.

"So you can try and rob someone else? A poor pensioner perhaps? An old lady too infirm to resist and gets hurt? No Penny, you are not getting away with it but as the stuff belongs to my son and he is the one you robbed, I'll let him decide what to do with you when he comes home from college this afternoon." Using his mobile again he made another call this time I found out later, to Peter Firmin, the other worker on his estate, "Pete can you find the hobble we used on the horses when we had them and bring it to the house please? Soon as you can please."

Hobble for horses? Did they intend keeping me prisoner? For a while I kicked and struggled but my feeble efforts were no match for Jake's strength and fearing the dogs teeth, I sat still, but told them to go to hell when they probed into my life.

A quarter of an hour later Peter arrived, "Sorry, Sir, we haven't used it for a while and I had to search for it." Realising they had the upper hand, I'd quietened down and remained sitting on the floor, head bowed but at times I looked defiantly at my captors but saying nothing. From past experience of questioning at police stations, I learned keeping quiet got me into less trouble.

"Put them on her." Peter looked enquiringly at his boss, "Hobble her, she's a thief and we don't want her doing a runner." Despite my kicking and struggling, Jake and Peter fastened the hobbles to my ankles and bound my wrists in front of me with a plastic plant tie. They certainly intended to keep me a prisoner. "Take her to the cellar, she can stay there until Mike gets in and while she's in there she can contemplate what he might do with her," Randolph, my jailer, ordered. "Make yourself at home, Penny, Mike used this room whilst still at school, as his den, the room in which he made model aeroplanes, read books and brought his friends but I doubt you'll feel much like his friend. Much of the furniture remains so you shouldn't be too uncomfortable, not that it should worry a tough punk like you. He now has his own apartment above the stables as you found out."

I peered down into the windowless cellar and at the top of the stone steps, sat down and yelled, "I'm not going down there, it's a dungeon, I'd rather go to prison."

Jake didn't stand for that nonsense, tossing me under his arm like a sack of corn, he carried me kicking and screaming into the room and dumped me on a rather decrepit, musty smelling, settee. "Sit there, bitch and think about what you did and maybe what he'll do with you. It's really disgusting that a girl who had everything tries to steal from a boy who has been through so much pain and agony. Have a good look round cuz it's going to be pretty dark in here when I turn the light out."

"No! Leave the light on!"

"It's a dungeon, remember, that's what you called it and dungeons don't have lights." I yelled, cursed and pleaded with him but it made no difference, bound and hobbled I couldn't follow him and soon an all-pervading blackness encompassed me. Fortunately they'd fastened my hands in front and having had little sleep in the barn, I lay down and closed my eyes in an effort to shut out the eerie almost total darkness of the room. I opened them again but even when they'd become accustomed to the gloom, the few shards of light from under the door, only vaguely silhouetted the larger items of furniture and I knew that with all the other rubbish in the room, I didn't dare move far. I cried and before dozing off, my mind went through the events leading to my being in this predicament, blaming everyone except myself. "It's my bloody parent's fault, they were never there for me or showed any interest in what I did unless I got into trouble. So I got into trouble. I rebelled and deliberately kicked against every authority, the authority at school, the police and my parents. The head suspended me from school a few times, so what? Even then they didn't get the message and I started shoplifting and the police picked me up. Why should I worry? Daddy's money would buy my way out of trouble, and in the beginning it did. Yeah, I overstepped the mark when I stole that expensive skirt and was caught on CCTV. That was stupid and on this occasion, bloody Daddy decided he'd had enough and let justice take its course. By then I'd been taken to court three times and the bitchy-faced judge gave a hefty fine and a community service order. I did thirty days of that, cleaning some old folks homes. Ughh! Sodden Daddy insisted I pay the fine out of my own money and I didn't have enough and still hadn't paid it all when the final demand came so when I saw him pay the housekeeper's her wages, I stole it from her purse. Another stupid move because she easily guessed where the money had gone, and immediately came into my room without knocking and caught me with the money still in the envelope. Daddy went berserk and I almost laughed when his face went bright red and he spluttered and said he was absolutely disgusted and fed up with me. I didn't laugh when he gave me half an hour to pack and then threw me out of the house. "I'll pay off your fine but that it the last thing I will do for you. You are no longer my daughter and at twenty years old you should either be at college or working at a full-time job." Mother gave me a few pounds to 'tide me over' but none of my friends wanted to know and I had to go on the road."

My mind turned to Michael and what he might do to me. "I've only seen him a few times since his motorbike accident several years ago and I taunted him about the beard he grew to cover the scars on his face and the way he limped along with a funny rolling gait. I heard he now has one leg shorter than the other, and after the way I treated him, I doubt he'll show me any sympathy. I wonder what prison would be like? Sarah found it pretty awful and wouldn't join me when I wanted to burgle an old man's house on the estate. She seemed very fearful of going back inside but wouldn't say much about what happened to her. Perhaps he'll want to punish me like father suggested by giving me a good hiding, but he daren't do that otherwise he'd be in trouble. No, they were right, I couldn't go to the authorities and complain, not without being in more trouble than I was already. Maybe if I offer him a couple of fucks, he'll let me go. But where will I go? I've no money left, no home and only the clothes I'm wearing and probably the only work I can do is as a prostitute. Don't really want that."

Slowly I dozed off only to be wakened a few hours later by the light coming on and Evelyn descending the stairs. "I've brought you a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits, I wasn't told not to give you anything but I mustn't untie you. Even with your wrists tied you should be able to hold a mug."

"I need to use a toilet."


"I need to use a toilet please," I repeated like a young child, knowing that if I didn't go soon, I'd have wet trousers and feel even more uncomfortable, but having to say it made me feel like a three years old child. At least she didn't seem as hostile as the others.

"I think the one down here still works but it hasn't been used for a while, not since Michael used this room. Would you like the light left on? I can accidentally forget to switch it off. Michael's due in about 3:30 so you've several hours to wait. I'll bring you a sandwich at lunchtime."

"What will he do with me?" I had the feeling that Evelyn was at least partially on my side.

"I really don't know dear, had it been anything but that pocket watch, you'd have got away lightly, but apart from its rarity value, it has a great sentimental value to him. Sorry, I have no idea what he'll do."


"So not only do you mock me, you try to steal my stuff and then sleep in a barn. I presume you're homeless and you smell, quite a drop in status for Miss Penelope St. Carmichael." Michael paused on each step as he came into room accompanied by his border collie, Griff, one of the dogs that found me earlier, and confronted me. Griff stood a few feet away and growled until Michael's command silenced him.

"What are you going to do with me?" I feared the worst when I heard the anger in his voice.

"Dad only told me a few minutes ago so I've yet to think it through. First though, I'll put you in the bath or perhaps the sheep-dip might be more appropriate." He gave a little grin, "Come with me, I'll cut your wrist ties when we get up to the kitchen and don't even think of running even if with hobbles, you may well be faster then I am, but Griff will have your ankles before you've gone more than a few paces."

"Can you fit another one in for dinner tonight, Mum?" Mike asked when he saw her preparing food in the kitchen when we passed through.

"Will she be in a fit state to sit?"

"Yes, I'm only going to get her clean enough to handle for now."

"Have you any clean clothes?" he asked when we arrived in his room,

"All my things were stolen day the before yesterday, that's why I took your stuff. I didn't know it was your place until I saw you leave this morning. I spent the night in the barn and peeped through the crack when I heard you lock the door and saw you put the key under the shrub. At that time I intended to look for some food and then I saw the watches and thought I could sell them but I didn't really know where. What are you going to do with me?" I asked again.

Again no answer to my question. "Get undressed while I run the bath, no need to be shy, you've shown your body to many others, I'm sure. I'll run your clothes through the washing machine but we'll have to find something else for you to wear when we go to dinner." Of course I'd been fucked but my pills were taken with the rest of my stuff and I'd only a couple left anyway. He unlocked my hobbles and when he stood I noticed his trousers were tented in front and wondered again if seducing him might be a way out of my predicament. "Stay Griff," Michael ordered when he went downstairs with the load of washing.

"Surely he doesn't expect me to run without anything to wear?" I smiled but kept an eye on the dog. At least he obeyed his master. The tub filled and I added bath salts intended for men but better than nothing and they created a covering of foam on the water. For the first time in ages I'd get myself clean and for a little while I relaxed in the water.

"Will the green dye come out of your hair with the shampoo and the hot water?" Mike asked when he returned and sat in a chair alongside the bath and watched me rub the soap and bubbles over my body.

Continuing with my seduction idea, several times I flashed my tits at him but he seemed unmoved. "It shouldn't do, it's supposed to be permanent but a little comes out each time. It's lighter now than it was a month ago. Are you another one of those buggers who think I should bleach it all out, one of those who believe green hair makes a girl a criminal?"

"Not necessarily, but in your case it probably did. It could be that is the impression you wish to create and uphold, a statement to everyone that you are tough and not to be messed with, but underneath the facade maybe you are not so tough and a little uncertain of yourself, a little unloved by your parents and others perhaps?" His comments were unusually perceptive.

Hobbled and clothed in one of his dressing gowns and wearing a pair of his mother's slippers, he led me across the courtyard into the main house for dinner, the first decent meal I'd had for over a week. All eyes were embarrassingly on me as we went into the kitchen and Randolph asked his son, "Well, what are you going to do with her?"

To my surprise, Mike dismissed his father's demand and answered, "You said it was up to me to do what I thought necessary with her and I will do that but what I do will be between me and her." I could feel the tension between the two but I interpreted his answer as being the punishment one. But what form would it take? Evelyn tried to diffuse the atmosphere with mundane talk and plying me with food, and once more I felt she might take my side but in the event of a conflict, though I doubted she would openly oppose her husband and son.

In many ways I wanted the dinner to end and find out what my punishment would be and in other ways I wanted to delay the inevitable. Could I play the seduction card? Apart from getting an erection, his lack of reaction to watching me in the bath led me to suspect he wouldn't allow sex to stop him doing what he intended to do. Again and again, I pondered what form that would take. Would he spank me? Whip me? Rape me? In his room he could do anything and they could keep me prisoner in the cellar afterwards but somehow, I doubted he would go that far. His controlled manner and outward calm hiding his anger, could mean he'd be lenient but once he started it could unleash a rage that I would feel and suffer. And would they let me go afterwards? They could keep me indefinitely and no one would know and father, the only outsider to know my whereabouts, wouldn't bother to find out. My mind returned to the food. If they punish me, they'll have to look after me for a while and at least I'll have a roof over my head and I think Evelyn will see that I have food in my belly and maybe if he fucks me, I'll get better treatment. I'll need to get back on the pill in a few days if I don't want to have his baby.

Eventually the meal ended and in his room, I repeated my earlier question, this time he replied, "I'm going to punish you with a hard spanking on your bare bum. This is not because I hate you but more because unless someone takes a real interest in your behaviour and welfare, you will end up on the streets, soliciting to pay for a drug habit. That's how most prostitutes end up. The spanking will be a punishment for stealing Granddad's watch and other things. I will hit hard and it will hurt." I looked around for a way to escape but hobbled and wearing only a gown and slippers and with Griff on the floor by the door, I wouldn't get far before he caught me and then his strength would certainly be greater than mine. I'd have to submit but he'd only said a spanking so it shouldn't be that bad. "Afterwards," he went on, "You will stay here until all signs of your spanking have disappeared."

"And be kept locked up in the cellar?"

"No, except perhaps on Thursdays when I attend the day course at college, at other times you will be with me, here or out in the old barn I am converting or doing clearance work in the woods. We'll eat and sleep together until you are free to go." So he'd certainly been thinking about sex with me and I wondered about playing a rape card, but this wasn't a game, it was reality. "Take the gown off and let's get it over with."

"No!" I yelled. Griff sprang to his feet and growling slowly approached and on command he herded me like a sheep around the room until Mike grabbed my arm and pulled me over his lap. "If you get away, you'd have two dogs herding you, Griff and Kella, Jake's dog," Mike laughed at my antics. He threw the gown back and with my bum exposed, hit first one cheek and then the other with considerable force. My screams, hollering and cursing must have been heard in the house but no one came and the spanking continued until I thought I couldn't take any more and my swollen arse felt like it would burst. Suddenly it stopped. My swearing and cursing didn't, nor did my crying but he held me there for a while, so long that I wondered if he would start again but eventually he carried me to his bed and laid me face down on the bedspread. I could see and feel his erection against my body when he lifted me from his lap and I expected him for fuck me there and then, but he didn't and allowed the gown to fall into place and cover my arse.

"Your punishment is over, Penny, lie there for a bit and think about why I did it. I owe everything I own to grandfather; those woods you may have seen the other side of the barn, two more fields nearby and the old barn I'm converting into my new home so your taking of some of the things he valued most, really upset me. He was awarded that watch for many years of service on the railway and he only inherited the property late in life from his brother. I don't think I was being overly severe with the spanking but I'm sure you won't agree and you needed to be taught a lesson that you'd remember for a long while, probably for the rest of your life."

"Bastard," I interrupted.

"Don't make it worse, Penny, I could so easily repeat the dose. Remember the punishment has saved you from a term in prison that would go on for far longer than being with me and while you are here I will care for you. Of course, I will expect a little in return but nothing too onerous, some help when I'm working and I'm sure you guessed, sex."

So there it was, out in the open, he wanted to fuck me and I wondered whether or not to resist or use my wiles to get myself away as soon as possible. I couldn't get away at least until the morning when, hopefully I'd get my clothes back. He left me alone for a while but the bloody sheepdog sat by the door and I knew I dared not try to move even if my arse muscles allowed me to. Gradually the pain eased to a dull ache but I felt it every time I tried to find a more comfortable position. Half an hour later, he came back, "It's raining a bit so I've hung your clothes in one of the stables and left the top door open so they should be dry in the morning. I told Mother to expect an extra for meals for a day or two and she's a bit concerned about you and even said she'd look through her stuff to see if she had anything that would fit you. Dad wasn't in." As a minor act of defiance, I turned my head to face away from him but he ignored it and went on, "I'm going to remove the hobbles and the dressing gown and then you can use the loo and we'll have a shower and an early night." Obviously his idea of an early night was not to get more sleep!

While I gingerly lowered my tender arse on to the toilet seat, he went to a cabinet and shook a couple of Ibuprophen pills from a bottle and gave them to me with a glass of water. "They'll help ease your pain," he told me and started to undress. So far I'd only seen his bearded face and in a way I suppose he could be thought of as ruggedly handsome with his mop of dark hair and large brown eyes but I only saw him as my warder. He sat on a chair to remove his boots and realised his having one leg shorter than the other wasn't a myth because his left boot had soles over an inch thick whereas the right one was of normal thickness. I watched somewhat morbidly fascinated, when he removed his shirt and saw the scars across his chest and when he stood and lowered his trousers, I wondered what his prick looked like. Not only was it already hard and ready, but also of a size rather larger than I'd be used to, but as he stepped out of them, my eyes were drawn to his horribly scarred leg and I knew he'd been through far more pain than my spanking. The spanking I'd received from his hands muted my sympathy.

Some of my hate left when he played with me in the shower and got me so worked up that I couldn't have resisted if he'd fucked me under the running water and perhaps some of the warmth from his spanking had worked through to my cunt because I almost forced him to stuff his prick inside me. He resisted until we dried each other and were in bed. I pretended my painful arse prevented me from lying on my back but he ignored my protests and slid his hard prick slowly in my vagina and fucked me with forceful strokes. At each one I felt a stab of pain in my bum but the sensations were such that I thrust back at him and climaxed well before he did, a most unusual happening if my past experiences were anything to go by.

Afterwards he held me close and, while I had many questions I wanted to ask, I lay silently basking in the afterglow. We woke early the next morning and when he pulled me to the middle of the bed and rolled on top, I complained, "I'm not your sex slave."

"No, you're not, if you were I'd make you do things other than opening your legs."

"You'd want a blowjob I suppose?"

"Yeah, but it would be a two-way thing. That's how I had to do it before the accident, when Lisa wasn't on the pill." Later I found out that Lisa, his girlfriend, left him soon after he came out of hospital.

His statement surprised me. Only one boy had sucked me off. I actually enjoyed the fuck Mike gave me but I continued to pretend he was forcing me into sexual slavery. I think he knew I wasn't serious but afterwards I pointed out that I wasn't on the pill and if we continued for more than another day or two, I would be ovulating and could get pregnant. "If you go to the clinic, they'll probably want to examine you and from the colour of your arse, we could all be in trouble. I'll have to get condoms," he commented, "I'll get enough to last until you are fit to leave, if you decide to leave." That last comment made me wonder if he had feelings for me or if I he saw me as a fuck toy, a sex slave, a girl forced to be with him when no others would think about it because of his disability.


We made a simple breakfast of cereals and toast and explained his plans for the day. "I need to go into town to pick up some hardware I need for the barn and then I'll take you to see it and you can help with the work. Do I need to hobble you?" I shook my head. "There's not much point in you trying to escape at the moment and I doubt you'd try and steal my watch and things a second time. Maybe while I'm gone you might like to clear this pigsty up a bit?"

The room wasn't filthy, more untidy with cups and crockery left out and magazines on chairs, but it certainly wasn't as spick and span as the maid kept our house. "Aren't you going to order your slave to do it?" I asked cheekily.

"Nope, it's your home as well as mine for the next few days, so you'll live in the mess as well. I'm going to pop in a see if Mother wants anything from town and then I'm off. Griff will come with me so you won't need to worry about him." I'd already noticed the dog now treated me as part of the home when I went into the kitchen that morning and wanted me to scratch the back of his ears. Mike came back a short while later and said his mother had sorted out some clothes and I should go and see her and decide if they were suitable. Did he say that to prevent my escape? I didn't think so.

Evelyn had a pile of clothing on the kitchen table and a pair of green Wellington's on the floor. Randolph complained, "I don't see why you are giving her all those clothes when she'll only be here for a few days."

"I'm never going to wear these and I intended to take them to a charity shop one of these days, she's been the prod I needed to sort through them."

"They would have gone to a good cause instead of to a criminal, someone who tried to steal from us. I'm surprised Michael left the hobbles off."

Moisture filled my eyes and I wanted to flee but Evelyn came to my rescue and rebuffed him, "Oh don't be so uncharitable, Randy, she's a young girl and not a horse and when she gets back on her feet, I daresay she'll pass on the clothes she doesn't need. In any case it is time you were off to the office."

"Make sure you keep an eye on her, we don't want her robbing Michael again." With that parting remark, he stomped off to his office in another part of the building and Evelyn showed me the clothes and I tried some on. Of course, they weren't the latest fashion and I wouldn't have even looked at them a month ago, but now, with owning only the clothes I wore, I accepted them and thanked her. No knickers or bras and I wondered if Mike would buy me some or if I would have to wash them each night until they wore out. Our conversation turned to how I got on with Mike and I knew she wanted to know if we'd had sex but I kept that to myself.

Before Mike returned I made a start on clearing the room but the magazines sidetracked me, the farming ones I stacked in neat piles but I looked at several of the home improvements ones and wondered if the inside of 'the old barn' would look anything like the conversions shown in the photographs. With nearly three-quarters of an hour gone, I decided I'd better make an effort to clear the kitchen. Me, doing housework! My mind rationalised it, "For the time being at least or until you can find a better alternative, you are better off staying with Mike and not taking off on your own. Here you have food, warmth and a roof over your head, and the sex isn't bad either," I told myself.

"Ah, that looks tidier, thanks," Mike commented when he returned. Praise? For me? "Were the clothes suitable?"

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