Sugar Mama

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Horror Sex Story: Another decline for a morbidly obese woman.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Horror   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Petting   Bestiality   Food   Pregnancy   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Rose was a large woman. Ever since she could remember, she had been on some kind of a diet. She was teased through most of the time that she was in school by her insensitive classmates. Fat jokes were the rage of the day, whenever she was around. Rose, many times wished she could disappear.

She got her wish in college. She joined the invisible crowd. That group of people that were ignored by almost everyone in the school. Now, in her mind, Rose wasn't really fat, she was large boned, but she did have a few pounds to lose for her to be perfectly proportioned. She was a 5'8" brunette that weighed in at about 185 lbs. She was meaty, that there was no doubt, but she had massive tits and was pudgy around her middle. Her folks called it baby fat, but Rose felt that she was way past being a baby. Rose thought that if she could get to 145 lbs. She would be ideal weight for her size. She dieted and exercised but by the end of her senior year, she only gained weight as she was approaching the dreaded 200 lbs.

She met her first boyfriend. He had a fat fetish and was happy to find a girl like Rose. Her parents were happy too. Rose was finally adjusting to a normal life or so they thought. Jim loved to take Rose out to the movies where he could freely roam his hands all over Rose's soft, yielding body, squeezing her large tits while depositing a random hickey on her meaty flesh. Being fat, Jim was able to mark her easily and often as he continuously molested the young woman.

She reluctantly allowed Jim to do just about anything that he wanted to her. She never had a boyfriend and she thought that girls allowed their boyfriends to dominate them. Jim started to get rougher with her to the point of placing her in bondage and administering light torture to her plump body. He would keep her bound, usually to her bed for an entire weekend, ravaging her with fruits and vegetables, teasing her with critters of all kinds. At times he would put a snake on her and let it slither around her bound body as she shrieked and cried. He would masturbate her to a climax while the snake coiled itself at a warm part of her body.

Other times he would torture her with ants and honey, leaving trails around her erogenous zones for the ants to follow. Honey bees were another of his favorite games. He would smear sweet scented oil on her neck and around her ears or pussy for them to swarm and eat as she lay on the bed, frozen in fear. He would fuck her for hours only to finish up with a cucumber to complete her weekend, driving her from climax to climax. He even introduced her to dog sex. Depending what her torture was, she could moan loud and long with her orgasms, or stifle herself if she was threatened by an attack by any of the critters accosting her.

Rose was never fed on the weekends while Jim had her in his dominance. But Jim would gorge Rose on the week days, stuffing food into her mouth as he continued to finger either her clit or her engorged nipples. Jim would slap her if any of the food came out of her mouth. Rose would lay, tethered in her bed in pain after Jim crammed food into her for hours. He was treating her like a food processor. She considered it a pleasure to suck his cock, if he was not ramming more food into her stuffed esophagus with it.

This treatment went on and on and Rose gained more weight, much to Jim's delight. Rose was never clothed as Jim had discarded everything that she owned. He viciously fucked her numerous times while giving her new hickeys daily. He liked to watch her massive flesh undulate as he pounded her unceasingly.

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