Just Like the Old Days

by Sven the Elder

Copyright© 2011 by Sven the Elder

Erotica Sex Story: So - will they swap...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   .

I was sat with Steffi, wife of an old friend, who was currently, like me, watching her husband on the dance-floor with Jan, my wife. Now that it was towards the end of the evening it was a slower dance.

Jan and Mike were dancing closely.

Um, no. Jan and Mike were dancing very closely, in a darker corner of the dance-floor.

Steffi and I were not too worried about dancing - I have two left feet and can't keep to any sort of rhythm and Steffi, well Steffi wanted to keep me company to let Mike dance with Jan. Sort of...

Steffi giggled. "Talk about the vertical expression of a horizontal desire."

"And that doesn't bother you?"

"Lord no," and then as Steffi's hand brushed my hard cock trying to escape from the front of trousers, "Nor you from the feel of that."

She went on, "I think we'll have to take this and them home before they get arrested for indecent intent or whatever."

But how had we got to this?

Well, a couple of months earlier out of the blue we had received an invitation to the wedding of Francis, the daughter of some folks we knew who lived in the next county to ours. We have over the course of our married life been either lucky enough or maybe unlucky enough for me to have had a good job, but one that required me to be able to move round the country. In the course of forty and odd years I think we moved home and usually location as well, about 14 times. Now I've retired we don't plan to move again - period!

We lived next door to these folks about four or five moves ago, but even though they were a little younger than us, as our children were of a similar age, we had become very close friends with them. Birthday parties, Christmas parties, pool parties, I think we'd been to them all.

Jan, my good lady and Steffi, Mike's wife, being the home birds looking after the children, had become particularly close. I also think that given the amount of flesh that was displayed at the pool parties that Mike had quite fancied Jan, I know I had Steffi - but younger children, that well-known contraceptive force, had very much seen to it that nothing had ever happened between us. I'll explain at this point that before our children arrived on the scene that Jan and I had been known to very discreetly and carefully swap partners, but only with folks we trusted and knew very well. But that had been a long time ago.

Retired we may be, but both Jan and I have a very healthy and active physical side to our relationship. Normally restricted to the bed-room these days - we like our comfort! Nevertheless now we have more time for each other as we've got older that side of our relationship has got stronger and more frequent. We are also more easily able to tell each other what we want and like out of our lovemaking.

So, a couple of days after the arrival of our invitation to the wedding, we were relaxing in bed, with a glass of wine after a 'nooner.' I'm not sure why we'd decided to indulge in the middle of the day, but then there didn't have to be that much of a reason other than one of us had decided to drag the other one to bed and have their 'wicked way' with them.

"So," said Jan, "Are we going to Fran's wedding then?"

We always called Francis Fran, she wasn't keen on Francis, she felt it was too formal, so Fran it had always been to her family and friends.

As we lived a couple of hundred miles away it would mean a couple or three days away from home. No matter, it wasn't a difficult question to answer.

"Oh yes," was my instant reply, "it'll be nice to meet up again. Perhaps we can stay in the area for a few days and meet up with them again after the big day when they have a bit more time. It'll be nice to catch up."

Now at this point I must admit that the thought of seeing Steffi again caused a certain part of my anatomy to, shall we say, think on its own. As Jan was still laying against me, her reaction was instant.

"Oh, what have we here, then?" And she snaked her hand between us to grasp my now rapidly and embarrassingly stiffening cock. "Hey there, Mr - he's giving you away again, you're thinking of Steffi and maybe getting into her pants at last..."

"Busted!" I laughed. "Well, you always did fancy Mike - as long as they've not had an attack of the 'Uglies' as they've got older it could be rather fun."

Putting down our half-finished glasses of wine we spent the next few minutes on a second round. I think we more than proved to each other how much the thought of meeting our old friends and whatever it might bring interested us.

The following day I came in from doing some gardening to find Jan just finishing a telephone conversation with Steffi.

"You know they've moved since we last knew them? Well I rang her because I wondered if there were any suitable hotels nearby where we might stay," Jan said. "She's delighted we can come, and as they have a large house these days would love us to stay with them. They wouldn't hear of anything else."

I laughed and said, "That could get interesting - you might get your wish to try out Mike after all."

Jan blushed and didn't say anything, but once again our lovemaking that evening was rather more intense and upbeat than normal - and that's saying something these days!

The day before the date of the wedding Jan took herself off to our local Spa beauty centre for a 'Me' day and as she put it, 'to have me and my appearance tuned up for next week.'

Me? Typical man I'm afraid - I had just retrieved my 'Match, Hatch and Despatch' suit from the dry-cleaners - I mean, what else is needed...

Jan, however, returned from being pampered looking even more glamorous than ever, the last thing she looked like was a Granny old enough to be retired. Certainly if her plans played out as she intended Mike was in for a treat - and hopefully, I'd finally manage to bed Steffi.

The journey, being mid-week, was relatively painless, Mike and Steffi as welcoming as ever. Steffi was glad of last minute help and advice from Jan, whereas I kept Mike from interfering. Wedding day was long and tiring but as these things go, a pretty good day. Truth be told weddings are not really my thing, but hey! The booze is free and generally good and I get to people watch. As a designated driver and therefore sober it can be most entertaining.

At the end of the evening I filled the car with two very tired people, slightly tipsy, definitely tending towards the emotional, plus one, also very tired, wife

"Sven - thank you for this, I'll make it up to you in a couple of nights time when we've all had some sleep."

All I said was, "Mike - it's been a great day and it's my pleasure to be able to help."

We were all too tired even for a nightcap before we tumbled into bed.

Next morning at breakfast I was the only bright and breezy one, especially since it being a nice day I had just swum a number of circuits of their swimming pool which was larger than ours.

Mike laughed as Jan said, "He's quite insufferable when fresh, sober and not hungover."

I just poured myself another cup of coffee.

The day was a quiet one as they all laid out in the sun and had some recovery time. Mid-afternoon, it was Steffi who had surprised us by saying, "We've booked a table at the Three Horseshoes, they do a nice dinner dance and we thought we could have a pleasant evening out together with no cooking for us girls."

Mike added, "It's close enough for us to be able to use a taxi back and they're quite happy for us to leave my car in their garage overnight. We can go pick that up tomorrow Sven."

"Other than I tend to only have a token dance, sounds pretty good to me," I said.

The meal was as good as Mike and Steffi had said, and the three piece band played good music without it being too loud, which was a nice change. Steffi had said during the meal that she wasn't going to be dancing a lot so Mike could keep Jan happy if I didn't want to dance.

"Sounds good to me." I said while Jan just beamed. And so the evening had gone, Steffi and I dancing some of the slower dances and leaving the faster ones to Mike and Jan.

They walked back to the table as there was a short break in the music. Mike went off to the bathroom as Jan sat down for a little bit of a rest.

"Steffi, thank you for loaning me Mike for the evening. Sven, as you know, doesn't dance much and this evening has been great. Haven't had as much fun for ages."

Just then the music restarted with a slower tune for a change. Jan grabbed me and we set off for my token dance.

Jan snuggled up to me. "Hey there big fellow, I hate to mention this, but this is the second hard cock that's been pressed up to me this evening."

I kissed her and she put her head back on my shoulder. "I noticed you've been lent Mike for the evening, maybe we should return before midnight and the loan ends, or is the 'evening' going to be extended to 'the night' anyway."

"Would you mind?" was Jan's response.

"Not if I get to hold hands with Steffi," I responded, "Do you think they will go that far?"

"I don't know for sure just yet, but I think Mike's discussing it right now."

As we moved round we could see an earnest discussion going on. As the music speeded up we walked back across.

"Here you are Mike - all yours, I can't cope with this speed," I said, laughing to ease the moment.

Mike got up and Jan happily led the way back out to the dance-floor.

I sat back down beside Steffi. In the reduced lighting I couldn't clearly make out her face. She turned back to me. "Mike wants to fuck Jan, you know?" She used the 'F' word to emphasise the statement.

"Do you want the 'loan' for the evening to become a loan for the night?" I asked.

"Sven I'm nervous, we've never done this before and suddenly I'm not sure."

"Steffi, why not take it a step at a time?" I suggested, "Jan and I changed partners on the odd occasion a long time ago before the children came along. She and I had discussed the possibility of doing this with you when we lived beside each other, but the children were too young and then I got moved yet again before we got the opportunity. I know that Jan regretted us not doing so with you then."

Steffi surprised me a little when she said that she and Jan had actually discussed it but had never had the chance to put a plan into action. Now it might actually happen she wasn't sure if she could deal Mike and Jan spending the rest of the night together.

That's when she giggled, "Talk about the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, and then ran her hand along my thigh.

"That doesn't bother you?" I asked.

"Lord, no, leastways I don't think so any longer." And then as Steffi's hand brushed my hard cock trying to escape from the front of trousers, "Nor you from the feel of that."

"Steffi, when I danced with Jan a moment or two ago she told me that mine was the second hard cock pushing against her this evening. I think she'd like to take Mike to bed this evening. I won't say sleep with him, because I think that's probably the last thing they will do together. As you just noticed, I'm pretty horny over the whole thing because as long as both of you are happy with the thought, I want to do the same with you."

Steffi leaned towards me and gave me a gentle kiss as Mike and Jan came back towards the Table.

Jan laughed and said, "Hey there - I saw that, Mike we need to get even." And without waiting for a reply she turned and gave him a toe-curling kiss.

We all laughed and I said, "I think that taxi must be just about due, probably just about save you from being arrested for indecency!"

They both looked a bit guilty but then realised we were laughing as well. We got up, both Mike and I adjusting the front of our trousers discreetly before walking into stronger light. On the way out the two ladies went to the powder room.

I said to Mike, "Whatever happens Jan and I are cool with it, so lets just play it by ear."

Mike gave a slightly embarrassed grin and said, "That's great, I'd love to spend the night with Jan and I'm happy with the thought of you spending the night with Steffi, I'm just not sure about whether she's 100% with the idea yet."

"Mike, let's just take it gently - don't push too hard."

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