Nam Hui

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Erotica Sex Story: Mike reveals some of his time in an Asian paradise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Leg Fetish   .

Nam Hui was her name and she was a friend of my wife. The first time I saw her, I was mesmerized with her beauty. She was tall, about five foot seven inches and slender. With brown, almond eyes and blue-black hair, she wore it cut close like a business executive. She always wore skirts and blouses, dressed for business as well. Her skirts were cut to just above her knees and her blouses always created interest in her firm breasts. They didn't need the support of a bra, for her, a bra was just another accessory to accentuate her perky tits, and in reality, her tits supported her bra. She wore heels that were three and a half, never more than four inches tall. And she carried herself like a goddess.

I knew as soon as we met that I had to stifle my interest in her to keep my wife from becoming alarmed. You see, we were light swingers and we had played with a good number of couples on those get togethers. She had seen me in seriously nasty poses with some of those hot women, and all was OK. The difference is that these women were not Asian. She knew that I was a fool for that smooth, hairless skin that Asian women are so famous for. I was lost in their sexy, almond shaped eyes as they looked up at me while sucking my cock. Yes, I would have to be especially careful at the way that I acted around Nam Hui.

The reason that we became acquainted was that she needed some remodeling done around her suburban house, and I was laid off at the time. I was a prototype car builder, and the economy wouldn't support a full year's activity at that time. Jo, my wife described some of the home remodeling work that I had done in the past, and it sparked Nam Hui's interest. I didn't know at the time, but Nam Hui has a fetish for hands-on craftsmen. She loves the feel of strong, callused hands on her, and she almost has an orgasm when the proper touching occurs on her aroused body.

I went over to her house to find that Nam Hui had a fifteen year old daughter and her mother in law living there. The mother in law was a fifty something matron with large tits and a mature figure. She was not too fat for my taste and had that pleasantly plump air about her. I immediately liked her tits as they did not sag too much and appeared to be nice handfuls. Grandma never seemed to wear a bra, and her nipples seemed always excited. Her granddaughter was another case however. She was Am Asian with long, auburn hair, and smooth, creamy skin. She had those almond eyes that she got from her mother and I was hooked. It was summer and she wore shorts or miniskirts and bare legs. I wanted her soft thighs wrapped around my head from the instant I saw her. Her bedroom was next to the laundry room that I was remodeling, and she pranced around me in her underwear, exposing a multitude of sun tanned skin to me daily. Her name was Lynn and she was a little fuller, with broader hips than her mother, but in her own rite, she was a knockout.

I made up my mind that I would fuck all of these women before leaving their employ. I gave Nam Hui a low bid on the laundry room repair and she took it like it was a midnight madness sale, after Thanksgiving. I started the next day.

Lynn started out the fun as she would spend an hour talking to me in her baby doll pajamas. They were sheer and showed off her young tits and protruding nipples, not to mention her creamy smooth legs that popped out of her brief panties, exposing the fine muscle structure of her inner thighs. I worked hard at not staring at her, while trying to maintain a conversation with her. She asked many questions about what I was doing, and I enjoyed talking with her.

Nam Hui always slept in as she seemed to always be out late at night. She would call down to Lynn to come up for breakfast, ending our conversation. Occasionally, Nam Hui would call down to me and invite me to join them for the meal and, of course, I would join in, usually getting an eyeful of Nam Hui in her pajamas as well. I was always trying to hide my erection from them, but I think that they knew what I had and it amused them.

It wasn't long and it was like I was a member of the family and I got to see all of the women in various stages of undress. Nam Hui would send me into Lynn's room to wake her and I would see her naked as often as not. I would smack her on her ass to awaken her, and she would roll over and expose her little pussy to me. Sometimes, she would be completely nude. She was a joy to look at and I would warn her of what could happen if she teased too much. I occasionally goosed her young tit as I admonished her and she would jump and giggle at her sudden stimulation. Nam Hui was the same, she would tell me that I should awaken her at a certain time so that she could make an appointment and be in bed nude. I goosed her, just like I had done to her daughter.

It wasn't long when grandma found a project that needed my attention in her bedroom. I walked in to find her in her pajamas as well, the difference was that I bared her breasts and stuffed one of her long nipples into my mouth and nursed it, while I squeezed the other one. I don't know what needed repair, but I got grandma tuned up that morning. She was a good, energetic fuck and I took her numerous times during the day. She stayed in bed nude all day, telling her grandchildren that she was sick. Good old me, I gave her numerous protein injections to relieve her ailment. I guess it worked as she was up the next day with a big smile on her face.

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