Boss's Niece's Birthday

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: In this episode, the boss pawns off his niece on Mr. Marcus, whose self control and zipper are strained to their limits. "Just sit on the copier, my dear, so I'll have something to remember you by." Nope, even more intimate than a picture to remember her by.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Humor   .

The phone on my office desk rang. At home, there's a race to see who'll pick it up first, me or my daughter. Here, it's no contest.

"Marcus speaking."

"Harvey, this is Madeline in Mr. Tashun's office. He want's to see you right now."

Tashun is my boss's boss's boss's ... well, you get the idea. I thought I was just another anonymous middle manager. Now Tashun was asking for me. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad day after all. On the ride up to the top floor, I daydreamed reasons why Tashun would want to see me. Reviews are coming up. Perhaps there's an opening in upper-middle management and I'm in line for a promotion.

Madeline sat at a desk outside the big man's suite. "Mr. Marcus? Go right in."

I recognized Tashun's face from a company-wide internal video broadcast last year. On TV, he was tall, grey, distinguished, cool under the hot camera lights. In person he was nervous, pacing, with visible sweat on his forehead. "Marcus. Good to see you again."

We'd never met. You don't tell someone of Tashun's level they've made a mistake. "Yes. Me too."

"May I introduce my niece Reese?"

His arm directed my eyes across the large room to a young lady sitting in a chair next next to a large credenza. My first impression were of her legs, since they were exposed all the way up. Only sitting cross-legged kept her panties hidden behind touching thighs. One high heel dangled from her toe. She stood. I tried not to stare, to see if she'd expose herself as she uncrossed her legs. She was a pro. Not a fraction of an inch revealed itself as she slid her legs apart.

She was next to me before I realized it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Marcus."

I shook her outstretched hand, warm and dainty, with shimmering nail polish.

Tashun's voice redirected my attention. "Marcus, Reese comes to visit me every year during Bring Your Daughter To Work Week. You know my wife and I don't have any children?"

I nodded as if we were best buddies and I knew the details of his personal life.

"My brother sends Reese as a favor." He wiped the sweat from his brow with a hanky already wet from repeated use. Something had this pillar of business on the ropes. "I have a very important meeting out of the building. No guests allowed." He nodded his head towards Reese.

I took that as an excuse to take another look. Her hands were behind her back, forcing her chest out.

I was looking across the tightly stretched material for nipple bumps when I felt the hand on my upper arm. "Marcus! I'm putting you in charge of Reese for the day."

I grinned. Reese grinned back and licked her lips.

Tashun moved closer and whispered. "Find something for her to do, to pass the time. Anything at all. But stay away from her. Do you understand?"

He backed off and I nodded, my eyes shifting to take another look at the off limits temptation. Reese was as volatile as any of my daughter's friends and more mature, by the looks of it. Yes, I could get into serious trouble with Reese. No, I wouldn't. It was an order.

She followed me out of Tashun's office. There was a large sigh of relief behind us before the door closed.

"What are we going to do, Mr. Marcus? That's so formal. What's your first name?"

"Harvey. And you are going to do some very important filing."

"Filing?" I got my first experience of Reese's pout. "I'd rather hang with you, Harvey. I bet you could teach me things." Now it was Reese's hand on my arm, stroking instead of grabbing.

Tashun's words echoed in my head as we entered the elevator for a quick ride down to the fifth floor. The sign read RECORDS. I led Reese into a storage room filled with file cabinets and tables stacked with papers.

"All of these need filing. Each document has an account number. The file cabinets are all labelled. You'd be doing us a big favor if you'd care for these."

Reese's absorbing smile was gone. She twisted a ringlet of long brown hair around one finger. "After I care for these, maybe we can spend some time together?"

I internally rejected that possibility based on the belief that no one could get all of those documents filed in the time allotted. "You can use the phone on the wall to call me if you have any problems. Extension 769. And feel free to take a break whenever you need one. There's a coffee room and a snack machine down the hall we came in."

Reese took three steps in, her back to me. "What about those?" She raised an arm and pointed to a set of boxes piled on top of the file cabinets that reached all the way to the ceiling."

With an arm lifted, Reese's skirt went higher. The bottom curves of two smooth ass cheeks distracted me. Not a hint of material divided her buttocks. The storage room was getting very warm.

"Harvey! Those, up there."

I felt my face flush as I lifted my head. "No, leave those alone. They're older, mostly obsolete." I turned and exited, forcing myself not to take one last look. "Have fun."

The day slid away like most of them do. I even forgot about Reese, until my phone rang at a minute to quitting time.

"Marcus speaking."

"Harvey. I'm stuck! Please, come quickly." It was Reese's voice, in a panic. I jumped from my chair and took the stairs down, two at a time. I was perspiring and gasping for breath as I entered the filing room. What I saw gave me no relief. Reese was standing on a step stool, both arms above her head, holding a precarious stack of cardboard boxes from falling down and injuring her. I stood frozen, admiring her long shapely legs and exposed butt.

"Well, are you going to help me or not?" She shifted in her heels on the thin step, the object of my attention wiggling side to side, inviting me closer.

No! Tashun would have my head if I tried anything at all. Even the slightest bad report from Reese and my career was toast.

"Let me see -" I climbed the stepladder, stopping one rung below where her heels wobbled. "Maybe we can push the boxes up if we do it together -" My body was pressed against hers as I reached up to share the load.

She wasn't helping, pushing her derriere back against the lump in my trousers. "What's that?"

"Nothing." I swallowed hard.

One of hands was no longer keeping the threat at bay. It was on my crotch. "That's not nothing. That's something! Let's give it some breathing room -" I felt the tug on my zipper.

"Reese, stop it!"

She twisted and bent my penis until it was exposed. Her hand stroked it as it throbbed. My arms were getting tired. The fact that they were above my head caused the blood to flow from them. Some of that blood found an inconvenient location to collect.

"You're the boss's niece, for cripes sake. The big boss, at that."

"Not as big as this! If employees at this stupid company had jobs based on penis size, you'd be CEO and my uncle would be cleaning toilets."

"How do you know so much about your uncle's privates?" It was a fair question.

"Last year, he took care of me himself."

Tashun fucked Reese last year? And he's got a dinky dick? This was way too much information.

"I don't know why, this year he pawned me off on some low level flunkee. No offense." She apologized by squeezing my erection with both hands.

At least I was a flunkee with a big cock. With both of her hands on my exposed organ, the responsibility of keeping the potential avalanche at bay was mine alone. My arms were fatigued. We were in jeopardy. "Are you going to help me here?" I asked.

"Okay." She kicked off her heels and jumped down from the stepladder. The precarious stack wobbled as my weight shifted from her departure. "Wow, it looks even bigger than it feels."

One of her hands stoked my erection while the other dove beneath her skirt.

"I meant with these boxes!"

"You don't how horny I am. Since my uncle is such a bad lay, I've been frustrated all year."

I didn't ask why she didn't have sex with some willing young man. Given her looks, they would have been lined up to the horizon. A whisp of material came down her thighs from beneath the skirt. When she stood, it floated to the floor.

"Reese, these boxes are awfully heavy -"

"Just a minute. I just have to see this cock up close." I felt her hot breath. One finger traced the length of it, balls to tip. It jumped, touching her face. "Mmm." Her mouth formed an "O" and surrounded the head. Her tongue flitted around, teasing the most sensitive areas. It was a race to see what would happen first: cumming or getting pummeled in an avalanche of paper.

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