First Wife

by That's Rich

Copyright© 2011 by That's Rich

True Sex Story: This is a true story about my sex life with my first wife and how she turned me into a cuckold.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Group Sex   .

This is a true story about my sex life with my first wife and how she turned me into a cuckold.

First let me explain a little about myself, what excites me and what I believe makes a man a cuckold.

I have always fantasized that one of the most sexually exciting, erotic sex would be with my wife and another man in our bed and both him and I having sex with my wife at the same time. I really have no idea why I find an mfm threesome so hot, but I do and I bet I'm not the only one. I don't believe having a threesome with my wife makes me a cuckold in any way whatsoever.

What I do find makes a husband into a cuckold; is when a wife is cheating on her husband, he has no control over what's happening whether he desires It or not, or if he is aware of it or not.

My first wife Linda and I were married when we were very young. I married her because I knocked her up, in those days that's what you did, if you got a girl pregnant you married her. The best part of that marriage was receiving the most beautiful daughter a man could have.

Our first apartment was the first house on a 3 mile long dead end dirt road.

After Linda had the baby, on a few occasions I would come home from work and Linda would not be home. I noticed baby carriage wheel tracks going from our driveway down the dirt road. Once on foot I followed the tracks down the road (my intent was simply to walk with my wife and baby) which went right to the driveway of another house approximately half a mile down the road. I had no idea who lived in that house but just assumed they were acquaintances of Linda's. But I will get back to that later in the story.

Linda and I had an exciting sex life in our short-term marriage. She was the first girl to give me a blow job and swallow. She allowed my fantasy of a threesome to become a reality. I didn't even have to encourage her; Linda did it on her own.

She flirted with a lot of guys including my best friend Bob in front of me (probably behind my back also but I didn't know about that). Of course this was something I enjoyed; I was already having fantasies of an mfm threesome.

Bob would often spend some time at our house mostly drinking and having a few laughs and getting drunk. Even though we were all still underage (Linda was 17, I was 18) we would get hold of the booze somehow.

There was also a bar that Linda and I would go to on special occasions and have a few drinks. The bartender and owner of the bar was a friend of my families and told us that since we were married we could enjoy the same benefits as people over 21 years old.(I don't know if that's true but we weren't going to argue with him).

One Saturday night, Bob came over to our house and the three of us started to drink rather heavily. Of course we were having a lot of fun and laughs.

Linda was putting on more of a show than usually, halfway through the night she went to the bedroom and came back out wearing a see-through blouse without a bra. This got me in the mood and I was making a point of playing with her tits and pinching her nipples in front of Bob and I know this was also getting Bob in the mood.

As the night wore on I said to Bob "hey buddy why don't you spend the night, you're drinking too much anyway to drive home."

When Bob agreed he said "sure is it okay if I sleep in my underwear on the couch tonight."

Laughingly Linda replied "you can sleep in your underwear or naked however you want, you can even sleep with us, I always sleep naked though".

Bob immediately came back with an answer "then I'm definitely going to sleep between you two" of course he was laughing and only joking when he said that.

We continued to have some more drinks and fun for awhile but Linda was constantly taunting Bob.

"Bob get ready for bed now; I'll get ready for bed if you do" as she started to unbutton her blouse.

I could see even though he was laughing he was getting somewhat uncomfortable with Linda's actions. So after some time I said "come on Linda, let's go to bed now" and bid Bob a good night.

In the bedroom we left the lights on, stripped naked and got under the covers together. I was just getting ready to get it on with Linda when we heard Bob going into the bathroom which was just down the hall from our bedroom. When Linda announced; "I have to go to the bathroom, I will be right back."

We both knew Bob was in the bathroom, but Linda left the bedroom toward the bathroom totally naked. I was lying in the bed when I heard a whopping yell from both Linda and Bob and then them running with Bob chasing her back into the bedroom. Linda laughing jumped into the bed and pulled the covers over herself.

Bob just in his underwear chased Linda over to her side of bed and looking at me said "that will teach her to stay under the covers."

My comeback was to say "I don't think she learned her lesson yet" and I yanked the covers off her leaving her lying there naked.

Linda of course laughing all the time was trying to get the cover back over herself and putting her hands over her pussy and boobs all at the same time, not being very successful at either, and not really trying that hard.

I thought it was really fun and was getting hot having Bob see Linda naked so I said"Linda you have to learn your lesson, if you lie still and put your hands by your sides I will put the cover over you after you have proven that you've learned your lesson" (yeah right like I was really going to do that).

Linda did try to comply she put her hands by her sides but she just couldn't lie still. She was pushing her hips up and down with soft moans escaping from her, no doubt she was getting as hot having Bob see her naked as I was.

"Linda if you spread your legs open I will put my hand over your pussy so it won't be showing as much."

Linda did spread her legs, and fooling around with her I only put one finger across her pussy and said "is this enough cover" laughingly Linda said "no nooo" and started pumping her hips up and down again, but keeping her legs spread.

I put my hand over her pussy, but holding my hand up enough so Bob could see her pussy and my middle finger inside her, wiggling it around, then fingering her clit in little circles.

Linda arched her back on the bed, so I lightly slid my hand down her inside thigh; she clamped her legs closed on my hand. I said "no no you have to keep your legs open nice and wide to learn your lesson."

Linda was moaning and breathing hard as she opened her legs wide again. I lightly slid my hand back up her inside thigh and then my fingers across her mound.

All this time Bob was just staring at her pussy, with a hard-on tenting out of his underwear and said "oh yeah she's learning her lesson now."

He was also running his hand over her breast and then pinching her nipple. Not wanting her other breast to go unattended I leaned in sucking her other nipple into my mouth and was circling it with my tongue, But keeping my eyes open so I could see what Bob was doing to Linda and her reaction.

I could see that having two guys playing with her at the same time was as stimulating for Linda as it was for me. Linda took her hand which was at her side and put it around Bob's hard-on squeezing it. At the same time she put her other hand over my fingers which were still tickling her mound and tried to push my finger in her pussy. But I wouldn't allow it; I wanted to see Bob playing with her pussy. So I slid my hand back down her inside thigh and then pulling her legs open wider.

By now the laughing that we were all doing quieted down considerably, I guess we were getting serious now. I could see by the look on Bob's face he was on-board with this new activity so I said

"Bob I have to go to the bathroom now, so why don't you put your hand on Linda's pussy so it won't show too much while I'm gone.- Linda you have to learn your lesson so keep those legs spread."

When I took my hand off of Linda's pussy she kept her legs spread and Bob replaced my hand with his putting his middle finger in her pussy the same as I was doing.

She was involuntary gyrating her hips. Being as excited as I was I said to my wife "that's it baby keep your legs open nice and wide so Bob could play with your pussy."

Then I went on to say "it's okay if Bob plays with your pussy, isn't it honey. " Linda answered "oh God yes "at the same time she was pushing her hips up into Bob's fingers trying to get more inside her.

Then she pulled Bob's underwear down to his knees and put her fist around his erection and was moving her hand back and forth on it.

I got up to leave for the bathroom; taking the covers with me (I didn't want Linda to be able to cover her naked body).

I really didn't have to go to the bathroom; I just wanted to see how far things would proceed without my presence. I waited a few minutes and then returned to the bedroom leaving the covers in the bathroom. Without the covers around myself; I was also totally naked now with an erection.

When I got back to the bedroom Bob had removed his underwear, still standing but crouched over the bed. Linda still lying flat on the bed with her legs spread had his harden cock in her mouth and was giving him a blow job.

I got on my knees between her legs and put my throbbing cock in her pussy. I was just watching Linda sucking up and down on Bob's cock, I wasn't pumping due to the highly aroused state I was in I knew I would cum instantly if I moved. Linda wasn't helping but, trying to push her hips up and down on my erection at the same time she was sucking Bob.

My balls were tightening and my cock was throbbing, I was trying very hard not let my cum shoot out in her pussy. I even had to pull out of her a few times to allow my cock to calm down.

Bob was also pulling out of my wife's mouth and saying "if I keep doing this I will cum in her mouth and I don't think I should do that."

I said "let's switch places and you can cum in her pussy."

So we did that. I moved around sitting at the top of the bed. Linda got in a doggie style position and started sucking my cock, Bob moved behind Linda and got in a doggie style position over Linda and put his cock in her pussy.

Linda moaned and sort of mumbled (because my cock was in her mouth) "oh yes Bob fuck me." We were all pumping now and moving around moaning and groaning as we were both getting our jollies off along with Linda.

I was almost at the point of cumming in my wife's mouth when she pulled her mouth off my cock and started shouting "do it to me Bob, awwww yes, fuck me Bob."

She had lost interest in my cock as she was pumping herself into Bob as strong as he was pumping in her, as she reached her strongest orgasm of the night.

It was inevitable that he was going to shoot his cum into her.

"I'm cumming" Bob yelled as he continued to plunge in and out of her as he shot his load into my wife's pussy.

Bob rolled off Linda onto his back, his cock still erect and wet with both his and my wife's juices.

I hadn't cum yet, so I climbed on top of Linda where Bob had just left, and for the first time in my life I put my cock in a cum filled pussy. As I was fucking Linda she put her hand around Bob's cock and started jerking him up and down.

There is nothing hotter than fucking your wife while watching her jerking off another guy.

I finally made my fantasy become a reality and had my very first threesome. It was everything I hoped it would be, erotic, exciting and ever so hot.

Bob shot his second load on Linda's chest, afterwards he picked up his underwear and left to sleep on the couch. I rolled Linda on her back and with my fingers scooped up Bob's cum and put it on her tongue. I wanted to her to taste another man's cum. We fell asleep naked in each other's arms with the rest of Bob's cum squeezed between us.

A couple of months later on New Year's Eve, Linda and I made plans to go to the local bar where we were allowed to drink to celebrate New Year's.

Linda had purchased a new dress for the occasion and my God I have never seen a sexier dress. It was a silver mini dress which only came about 3 inches below her panties. I was having a hard time keeping my erection down looking at her in that mini dress and thinking about showing her off.

We dropped the baby off at the babysitter's and left for the bar.

When we arrived at the bar it was packed, most of the people I knew but a few I didn't recognize. There was a guy sitting at the bar with a friend of his, his name was Tony but I didn't recognize his friend.

When we walked in, Tony and his friend turned and were checking out Linda. But then again so were a lot of other guys and girls. I knew Tony from high school but we were never friends, just acquaintances.

All the seats at the bar were occupied so Linda and I sat at a table near the dance floor.

We were having a blast and getting quite intoxicated along the way; several guys came to our table and asked Linda to dance including Tony and his unknown friend. I was really enjoying myself watching her dance with all these different guys. Especially when it was slow dance and Linda was grinding herself against these guys.

At one point Linda got involved with a limbo dance that the crowd was getting into. When she went under the pole naturally her mini dress rose well above her panties and she was getting quite a lot of applause and whooping and yelling from the guys in the crowd. I had to stay seated at the table to hide the hard-on I got from watching her.

Now I wasn't just sitting at the table like a log, I danced a few times with Linda and also with a few of the other girls at the bar. Also there were a lot of the people that I knew coming to our table and talking and laughing about silliness with us.

It was after midnight while we were laughing it up and talking with some friends when Tony came over and asked Linda to dance. I was paying more attention to our friends and not keeping an eye out for Linda. When I did finally look around to see how Linda was doing she had disappeared as well as Tony.

I got up from the table and kind of staggered out of the bar to see if I can find where my wife had gone.

When you walked out of the bar room you walked into a hallway, to the left was the exit to go outside, to the right went down the hallway to the restrooms. Straight across the hallway were double doors leading into the dining room. Of course it was after midnight and the restaurant was no longer serving food, but the doors to dining room were still open and dim lights were on.

I looked through the doors and sure enough there was Tony backed up against the wall with my wife standing in front of him. He had one hand holding her mini dress up and his other hand was rubbing her panties over her pussy with a grin on his face.

I stood there watching them while getting an erection until Tony looked up and saw me. As soon as Tony saw me I started walking toward them (not wanting Tony to know I was watching). Just as I was getting to them, Linda turned and saw me and said "oops."

I said "oops, that's all you can say is oops?"

Tony immediately let go of Linda's dress and the silly ass grin left his face. I didn't want this situation to end so I said "it's New Year's Eve honey so if you want to have more fun you can, but not here, other people might see you. So if you want to continue having this kind of fun why don't we have Tony come back to the house with us and you could continue doing whatever you want."

Linda replied"really and you won't get mad?"

I replied by saying "really I won't get mad, let me prove it to you" and I put my arms around her pulling her mini dress up and facing her back toward Tony and said "you want Tony to feel you up again now?"

Linda asked "what about at the house, what can we do at the house?"

Still standing in back of her holding her dress up I said "then I'll probably help you pull your panties down" at the same time I was saying that I slipped her panties down enough to see her pussy while she was standing facing Tony.

Linda never tried to stop me from pulling her panties down and still facing Tony with me holding her panties down, looked right into Tony's eyes said "do you want to come back to the house, we could have some fun?"

As an encouragement and to let him know what she meant by fun; she put her hand around the outline of Tony's erection sticking out from his pants and put her other hand behind her grabbing hold of my very hard cock.

This action certainly encouraged me, I let go of her panties and slid my arms up and started playing with her breast in front of Tony, (sort of letting him know, this is my woman but I'm going to let you play with her also).

I know I was aroused enough that I was going to encourage this to happen, one way or the other. With Linda's hand still behind her back and rubbing my erection through my pants I was at a point where I was afraid I was going to cum in my pants.

Tony answered "oh yes, most definitely" but then got a puzzled look on his face and said to me "I came here with my friend John, is it okay if he comes with me to your house?"

I hesitated before answering, not sure how this would play out. I wasn't sure how three guys were all going to get it on with my wife at the same time, or if this was something I really wanted.

Before I could answer Linda answered for me "sure John could come, it will be twice the fun" and then turning her head to look at me she said "come on honey, invite John to come also."

I noticed that Linda said twice the fun and not three times the fun. I was wondering who she was leaving out. 'Was it me?' I answered Tony "Who is John? - Does he live on the way to my house, where you can drop him off on the way?"

Tony answered "John is a good friend of mine; he's a nice guy and won't get out of hand. He just recently moved here and he lives on the same road as you do, only about half a mile down from you."

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