Rescue in Rome

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Jane is in Rome for her dream trip; her friend had to back out at the last moment and, in the process, cancelled their reservations. Jane is alone, and stranded, when unlooked for help arrives.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   .

Janie Ward sat on her suitcase and looked, almost dumbly at her phone, not even sure what to do next. It had been almost a life long fantasy, a hope, a dream, and here she was, sitting in the tatters of her great European Adventure, her longed for trip to Rome, and she was on the verge of tears. Thoughts raced across her mind, as she fought back the tears:

"How could Marge do this?"

She'd scrimped and saved and had been scheduled to go on this dream fulfilling trip to Rome with her friend Marge, who had made the arrangements. Then due to the death of her father, Marge had to back out at the very last minute. But Marge had said nothing to Jane about canceling the reservations that she'd made.

Of course, in a way, Jane understood it, because all the reservations had been made on Marge's credit card but this was so completely unforeseen that it had simply defeated Jane totally.

It was Easter, she'd been kindly reminded, and there were no places in Rome, no hotels or lodging to be had. So, Janie sat there, in the beautiful city of her dreams, on the trip for her of a life time and had no thoughts, no options and no hopes.

With these dark dreary thoughts coursing through her mind, the tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Ms. Ward," a familiar voice said to her, "What's wrong?"

The use of her name, here in Rome, while she was deep in her funk, startled her. She raised her head and saw Roy and Ryan Reeges, standing in front of her. They were students from the university, where Jane was the university librarian. She'd seen them on the plane and had waved to them, being familiar with them from the library.

The sudden jolt of good luck, of a familiar voice, a familiar figure was almost as overwhelming for Jane as had been the disaster.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she wailed and giving in to the tears, simply launched herself at Ryan, the older of the two boys, a junior, and put her arms around his neck.

Jane cried for a little bit, and clung to Ryan, and they simply let her.

"Ms. Ward?" Ryan said after a bit, though he enjoyed the feel of Jane's body against his. He was quick to sternly speak to himself about what was appropriate.

"Here she's in distress and your mind is on how her thighs feel against yours!" he said to himself with severity.

She broke away from him and said a profound:

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Ryan, my trip has just fallen apart totally."

"Tell!" Roy said, in his characteristically prissy voice.

(Jane had always strongly suspected that at least one of the boys was gay. Roy, a sophomore at the University, certainly 'swished', though Jane always found him ultra charming.) She told them of the plans that she'd had with Marge to visit Rome, a life long dream of hers. Then there was Marge's father's death and Marge had to back out of the trip. But Marge had made the reservations and had simply cancelled them. Jane had never thought of the possibility and here she was in Rome with no reservations at Easter and no place had room. She began to cry again.

"Well, we're adopting you!" Roy said brooking no argument.

He simply grabbed Jane's suitcase and continued:

"We have two beds in our hotel room, and Ryan can sleep with me."

He gave Ryan a grin and said: "And I'll keep my hands to myself!"

He barked a laugh, when he said that. Jane, looking on, was still teary and a bit confused but she did realize that she was, indeed, being rescued.

"You'd better, bro," Ryan said, matching his grin.

He hugged the teary librarian one more time and they walked her off in the direction of their hotel.

Jane discovered that the hotel where Roy and Ryan were staying was a lovely one. They had a big room with two queen sized beds. With no other thoughts at all, she put aside any reservations that she had about her sharing the room with two male students, and said, once she'd looked around at how lovely it was:

"Guys, I really, really appreciate this; you must at least allow me to pay my part of this."

"I don't think so!" Roy said in a tone suggesting an end to that conversation.

"Don't make her feel bad, Sparky," Ryan said.

"Oh, okay, we'll make arrangements somehow but you're, for the most part, our guest."

"Oh, thank you," she said.

They stood about awkwardly for a minute or two and Roy asked, nicely:

"So, what's your plan, Ms Ward?"

"Please, guys," she almost pleaded, "You found me in a foreign country in tears and in distress; you rescued me in the nicest fashion and we're to be roomies, can it be 'Jane'?"

"Lovely," Roy said with a smile, "So, Janie, what's your plan?"

"Roy!" Ryan said severely.

"What?" Roy asked peevishly.

"She said Jane," Ryan said evenly.

"Oh, I like the Janie," Jane said, "It's a name from my childhood."

Roy smiled at his brother and they turned their attention to Jane.

"Well," she said, "I'm not totally unprepared but Marge was going to get the itinerary together for us.

"Good," Roy said, "You'll come with us."

Ryan laughed and said: "Roy is the guide, and he's a good one, I assure you. Will you join us on our wanderings in Rome?"

"Love to," Jane said. She thought for a few seconds and said:

"Can I, do you mind if I shower first to get some of the trip grime off of me. I'd like to feel human again."

"Be our guest," Ryan said.

She turned to her suitcase and took out the clothes that she was going to change into.

Roy was grinning and said: "Uho, naked woman alert!"

"Roy!" Ryan said, laughing, and Jane joined in the laugh with them.

"I guess!" Jane said, heading for the bathroom. "I won't be long, but does anyone need to use it, before I shower?"

"No," Ryan said, "We're okay."

"And we won't peak!" Roy said, and then quickly to Ryan: "I know: 'ROY'!"

They both laughed at that and Jane shook her head and laughed too.

The shower felt like a life changing event for her. The hot water was wonderful. She let it run down her entire body, from her short auburn hair to her feet. It made her feel alive and well again.

Jane Ward was, at 27 years, a retiring beauty. She was a fairly tall 5'8" with rust colored, auburn hair, cut short. It made her look perpetually 'perky'. She was large in the bust, sporting a pair of 37/38c breasts. She also was sensually rounded in the butt. At the university she worked out all the time to keep her weight under control. She was not, however, flashy in the way that she dressed. When she was done with the shower and had dried her hair, she put on a simple blouse and blue skirt with sensible shoes. She hoped that she was ready for Rome now.

She emerged from the bathroom with a big smile on her face.

"There she is, right from the library stacks!" Roy said pleasantly.

"You must, please let me take you to dinner to say thank you! I feel so much better, so human," Jane indicated.

They looked at one another and Roy got an impish look on his face. It made both Ryan and Jane smile and Ryan said a quick:


But Roy, unabashed, said: "Well, you've already been naked in our room; that should be payment enough for some of us!"

He laughed at his own cleverness and Ryan and Jane joined in the laugh with him.

Then she said: "I insist."

"Fine," Roy said, with Ryan nodding. "It'll be Bafetto's for pizza. The best in Rome!"

"That sounds so nice!" she said and then, "Well, guys, I'm in your hands."

"Wow!" Roy said, without a pause, "That sounds so sexy."

He held up his hands at that point and said to Ryan, "I know, I know! I'll behave."

Jane laughed, and he gave her a huge smile, while Ryan said, shaking his head:

"I simply doubt it!"

By the time they were ready to go out, it was already turning evening. They were just in time for an early table at Bafetto's for pizza. Jane was tickled with the dinner and the location as well as the company of Ryan and Roy. She told both of them as much. They also, for their part, seemed to enjoy her company. The three of them talked and laughed together as they made their way across Rome.

Roy proved to be an excellent guide. After an affable dinner they struck out on a walk. He took them first to the piazza with the Pantheon for a visit. Jane was overjoyed. All gone and forgotten was her previous fears about the vacation trip imploding and turning into a disaster.

From the region of the Pantheon they went on with their Italian type of 'passeggiata' into the evening. They went on to the Trevi fountain, braving the crowds there to see the famous fountain lighted for the night time.

"Oh, this is beautiful," Jane gushed, and her enthusiasm made both Ryan and Roy happy.

They spent a bit of time at Trevi and then wandered back toward Piazza Navonna. They stopped on the way to have a drink at a convenient cafe. As they were seated and talking, it was Roy who brought up the need for a schedule for use of the bathroom. They all agreed on the necessity and also decided to leave it to him to set it up.

He made it a simple one, with which they could all agree. While they were agreeing, she made a kind of squeak and covered her mouth with her hand.

"What is it?" Ryan asked.

"Oh dear!" she said. "I just realized something." But she stopped talk at that point.

"Aha," said Roy, "It's something that she doesn't want to tell us."

She began to blush.

"See!" Roy said triumphantly.

"Roy!" Ryan said with his customary calmness.

"Fine," Roy said, grinning, "Just tell us, Janie, we'll work it out."

"This is embarrassing," she began.

"Goody!" Roy said, and immediately put a hand over his mouth.

"Don't listen to him, Jane," Ryan said, "Whatever it is, we can take care of it."

"I know," she said, "You've been so nice to me. This is just a kind of a problem of my own making."

She sighed a great sigh and then went on: "Well, it's this way. This trip, one that I've been dreaming of for a long time, was to be with my friend Marge. As you know, when Marge's father died, I had to come alone. That was the whole thing about my earlier melt down."

She stopped at that point, getting emotional thinking of it again and it was Roy who put his hand over hers in re-assurance.

"Thank you," she said to Roy, kissing him on the cheek, which caused him to quip:

"I got the first kiss, Ryan, remember that!"

They all laughed.

"Okay, so there I was planning for a trip with Marge and trying to not overload my suitcase. Well, you see..." she blushed, and Roy said to Ryan, with a grin:

"This is going to be good."

"Go on," Ryan said softly, and Jane did:

"I had planned to wear, you know, only, uh, undies to bed and provided myself with only one nightgown, a kind of slinky, sexy one, since it was a trip to Rome..."

"And you never know what's going to happen," Roy finished the statement.

"Yes," Jane said blushing. "And that's all that I have to wear to bed."

"See," Roy said to Ryan in triumph, "Told you it'd be good."

Roy turned back to Jane and said: "Boy, Ms Librarian are you in trouble!"

Jane blushed but joined the two of them in a laugh at her dilemma.

But Roy jumped into the conversation right away and said:

"Ryan, did you bring extra pj bottoms? I didn't."

"No," Ryan admitted.

But Roy went on: "But you do have an extra tee shirt?"

"Well, yeah," Ryan said, understanding now, "It might work for her too."

"What?" Jane asked.

"My tee shirt," Ryan said, "I have a few with me and I think that they're big enough to come down probably to your mid thigh. Might work for a night shirt.

"Unless of course you just insist on wearing only..." Roy broke in with.

"Roy!" Ryan said softly.

"Sorry!" Roy said, "Getting carried away."

(It can be noted here that Roy had a slight, slim build and was about 140 lbs, whereas his brother Ryan, who'd been a wrestler at the university, was much bigger, probably about 195 lbs.)

"Oh, that might work," Jane said with obvious relief. "I just hate to keep making a fool of myself."

It was Ryan who spoke quickly this time: "Jane," he said, "You are so gorgeous that wearing a slinky nightgown or less is in no way going to make you look like a fool."

"Ryan!" Roy said, and grinned as he said it.

Both Ryan and Jane joined in the laughter, after Roy had made the remark.

"See," Roy said, "All settled!"

"Thank you both," she said earnestly. "I'm going to be so far in your debt."

"No, no," Roy said, "We intend to take care of you in Rome, damsel in distress and all that. Especially if it's a damsel in distress wearing only her undies!" He was already laughing by the time he ended the sentence.

Then he held up his hand and said: "Okay, Jane, you're so much fun but I promise, scouts honor, that I'll back down. Otherwise the jock here will begin to pound on me and I will have deserved the pounding."

She laughed and put her hand on his:

"Roy, you're just such a good tonic for this girl's spirits, and the two of you today have turned my disaster into a wonderful day in Rome."

"Care to walk some more?" Ryan asked.

"That would be nice," she answered.

"Especially if it puts off having to get ready for bed!" Roy said and immediately put his hand over his mouth. "I will stop now," he promised then, although the other two were grinning at him.

"It's such a nice night," Jane said, "What is in this neighborhood to walk to?"

"Oh, that's the great thing," Roy said "Just five minutes in this direction is St. Peter's and the Vatican!"

"Really?" Jane answered with obvious delight, "Can we walk there now?"

"You're going to make Rome so much fun for us!" Roy said, "Bro?"

"I guess you're right," Ryan said, and they left the cafe and walked toward the narrow streets and lanes that would lead them in the direction of the Vatican.

They got out to the bridge at the Castel Sant' Angelo, from which it was possible to see St. Peter's and Jane made a sound of positive delight, when she first spied it in the near distance.

"Oh, how gorgeous!" she said. She looked around, as they made their way across the bridge toward the Castel and noted:

"Look at all the couples."

Then she put her arm through Ryan's on one side and Roy's on the other and said, kissing each of them on the cheek:

"Lucky me to be in Rome with two handsome champions! They both beamed at her in response.

They walked up to and around St. Peter's square, enjoying the balmy Roman night and the sights, and all the people that were out strolling.

When they'd walked around St. Peter's, with Jane in awe of Bernini's columns, they turned back in the direction of Navonna.

"Can't put off getting ready for bed any longer!" Jane said, grinning at Roy.

"Beat me to it!" Roy said with a grin. Then he turned to Ryan and said:

"I hope you have more than one tee shirt; I don't want the university librarian swooning over your naked chest! I know that I always do!"

He lapsed into a smile, as he finished saying this and then said to a grinning Jane:

"Yes, Janie, I'm the gay one. Don't know how the jock here missed the gene but he did. So, if there's creeping and crawling around during the night, you know that it won't be me. You need to watch out for the jock here."

But she jumped in, before Ryan could say anything with:

"Maybe it'll be me doing the creeping and crawling around!"

Ryan broke into a laugh at that point, and was joined by a surprised Roy in the laugh, as she beamed at them, taking their arms again and strolling back toward the hotel with them.

When they got to the hotel, they talked in the room, as, according to Roy's schedule, he got to use the bathroom first. When he was done, and in pj bottoms and a tee shirt, it was Ryan's turn. Then he too was done and, he fetched a large tee shirt from his bag for Jane, and she retired to the bathroom.

She had a quick shower, humming to herself during the shower and thinking all the while how fortunate this day had turned out for her.

"Marge will kick herself," she said to herself with a grin, "When she finds out who I had to room with on this vacation."

She was out and ready in a few minutes. The tee shirt did indeed go down to within about four inches of her knees.

"I have skirts that are shorter!" she said, more likely to give herself courage than from any other motive.

Then just before she went into the bedroom, a voice in her mind said:

"Go get 'em, tiger!" and she giggled before opening the bathroom door.

"Main event," Roy said out loud, as the bathroom door opened.

"Even more gorgeous!" Ryan said, and Roy agreed:

"Even I can see that."

"Thank you, roomies!" Jane said. Then she went on earnestly:

"I hope that you have enough room. I'm sorry if you're crowded."

"We're fine," Roy said, "As long as Ryan keeps his hands to himself." He laughed, when he said that.

Before slipping into bed, Jane went to Roy's side of the bed and kissed his cheek, saying 'good night.' She moved around and got to kiss Ryan on the lips and said the same thing.

"Hey," Roy complained, "I only got a cheek kiss."

"You forgot to move your head!" Ryan said, and they all laughed.

Jane sighed, as she got into bed and said: "My knights in shining armor!"

They talked across the dark room for a bit; they were all excited and only gradually fell asleep.

Jane opened her eyes only slowly the next morning. It took here a few seconds to flash back to what had happened the previous day but she ended up smiling to herself. She heard movement around the room and then it was Roy's voice saying:

"Oh, that's nice!"

"Shhhh," she heard then from Ryan, and she realized that she'd kicked the covers off of her at night, an inveterate habit of hers, and her butt was sticking out, and, since night time movement had rucked up the tee shirt that she was wearing, she was apparently showing her panty clad fanny.

"Lovely in pink!" Roy said and was quieted again by Ryan.

She didn't know is she should acknowledge it or not. Then she felt a soft hand move the covers and slide them up over her hips and across to cover her totally. It was then that she stretched and said a very sleepy: "Good morning, guys!"

"Oh," Roy remarked, "Show is over!"

"Roy," Ryan said quietly, "Go use the bathroom; it's your schedule and your turn!"

"Show?" Jane said, going for innocent.

"Nothing," Ryan said.

"Nothing my foot," Roy said, going into the bathroom, "Just one of the nicest butts on the planet on display."

He turned to the room, once he'd said it, and grinned at her. She had the covers pulled up to her chin and was grinning back at the two of them.

"Sorry, fellas!" she said with some chagrin.

"Hey," Ryan said then, "That's okay, and it's not really the kind of thing that you need to ever apologize for." Then he followed that quickly with: Roy, let it go!"

Roy grinned again and nodded, disappearing into the bathroom whistling 'the stripper'.

"Go!" Ryan said, and Roy went off to use the bathroom first.

Ryan's turn was next in the bathroom. Jane watched as he got up from his side of the shared bed and went into the bathroom. He absent-mindedly was taking off his tee shirt as he went.

Jane was gaping at his back and what she saw of his chest. Then she watched the twitch of his ass cheeks, as he moved. Roy had already gone out in an effort to fetch coffee for them, when Jane, with a giggle said:

"Ryan, nice butt!"

"Thanks, Roy!" he said, flashing her a grin.

"Turn about and fair play!" was her next comment.

"Watch out, librarian or the covers come off of you next!" Ryan said, as he closed the door.

"Eeep!" was her only comment, hugging the covers to her chin and grinning at his retiring figure.

When he was gone for his quick shower, she simply settled down and sighed. She didn't remember a time when she'd been as happy as she was at that moment. She reflected and thought that this had been the most fortuitous accident that she'd ever had.

It was then that Roy came into room with coffees.

"Coffee for the princess?" he asked, and brought it to her.

"Oh, thank you, honey!" she said and offered a kiss to his cheek.

"See, and no head movement!" he quipped.

"Okay," he went on then, "I'll behave."

"Oh, I know you won't!" she said, smiling.

"Right the first time!" was his next remark.

She reached out for the coffee and the covers slipped, putting on display, despite the tee shirt, her large breasts, and very hard nipples.

"Oops!" she said and clutched at the covers.

"It's okay, love," Roy said softly. "With me it's just a nice kind of display but be careful what you flash at the jock. He might be on the prowl."

"I'll try to remember," she said. "I guess I was kind of flashing this morning. Sorry!"

"'Sorries' don't apply. It's Rome, we're buddies, and we have, for this trip, much to our all out luck, a gorgeous companion. What could be nicer?"

"Thank you!" she said and reached up and this time made sure that the kiss was on his lips.

They settled down for a few moments then to the extra strong cups of coffee that Roy had brought for them. Ryan came out of the bathroom then. His first glance was at Jane with her breasts pushing against the fabric of his tee shirt.

"Uh, Ryan, honey," Roy said, "You're staring!"

"Oh, sorry!" Ryan said.

Jane moved to cover herself but Roy intervened, and said: "Sweetheart, the damage is done. Just let him get used to it. He'll stop panting by this afternoon."

Jane giggled and Ryan mumbled a "Very funny!" but cast a glittering smile at Jane.

They finished the coffee and Ryan began to herd Roy out of the room to give Jane some privacy to get up and get herself going.

"Plan today?" she asked. "I need to know how to dress."

"Well," Roy said, "We're both sporting jeans, so, why don't you do kind of the same? We're going to do some major tramping around today. It'll be comfie shoes, or maybe cross trainers, if you have them."

"Thank you," she said, "I do have, among all my stuff, some shoes that I can wear."

"Now," he said then, earnestness in his voice, but mockery intended. "Shall we stay? Do need help getting up, getting showered, getting dressed? Wash your back?" he hesitated then and his grin widened and he said: "Wash your front!"

"Roy!" Jane said, using the same tone of voice that Ryan would have and the two guys headed for the door with all out grins.

"Breakfast room is off of the lobby. Don't have to creep around. I've squared your presence with us with the management, and we're fine," Roy said.

"You're so nice to me!" Jane said and held her arms out for a hug from Roy. He went to her and gathered her into his arms and said:

"You're welcome, love! You're making our Rome holiday quite a treat."

Then he went to the door and said to Ryan: "Well, go ahead, you get one too, even if I'm doing all the work!"

Ryan laughed and went to Jane also. Her eyes never left his, as he approached and bent down for the hug. Jane found herself thrusting her breasts forward to push against his chest, and just clasped him to herself.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"Okay, no sex in the morning here!" Roy said, and the two of them broke off the hug, but not before Jane, on an impulse, slid a quick kiss along Ryan's lips. She blushed a deep shade of scarlet after she'd done it.

"No, thank you!" Ryan said and turned to leave with his brother.

"Guys, I'll be there in a few," Jane said and scrambled from the bed singing to herself, once they'd gone.

She found herself in the lightest and best possible moods. She sang to herself in the shower and acknowledged that being with Ryan and Roy in Rome was being more than her fantasies had ever allowed. She was simply overjoyed.

She did her hair and some little makeup and then, pulling on a pair of beige panties, stopped first by the mirror to admire herself:

"Pretty!' she said softly, speaking of the panties. Then she went into the room, where she'd laid out a pair of slacks and a light sweater that were to be her outfit for the day, plus a pair of comfortable shoes, when the door opened and Ryan came in.

She was struck dumb by his appearing. Her hand went to her mouth involuntarily and she made a little 'mewing' kind of noise. He stood thunderstruck but recovered quickly, stammering something about leaving his passport. He indicated it lying on the night stand.

For her part, Jane didn't move at all. She stood there with her hand pressed to her mouth and just kind of made eyes at him.

Without further mumbling, he left.

"Ohhhhhhh dear!' she said to herself, adding quickly:

"Girl, get a grip."

She dressed then, hoping to have a moment to talk to Ryan before they faced Roy.

As she left the room, Ryan was waiting in the hall way.

"Oh, Ryan," she began immediately, "I'm so sorry; I wasn't trying to flash you, really."

"Please forgive me, Jane," he said, "For barging in on you. I keep forgetting that we have a beautiful woman with us. I promise to be more careful."

"Beautiful?" she said softly.

"Exactly," he answered, and she blushed.

She didn't know what to do then, neither it seemed, did he, so she acted for the two of them. She went to him and put her arms around his neck. He responded by putting his arms around here and holding her, for that moment or so, to himself.

She looked up at him and said quietly:

"Ryan, please, I don't want to be a conquest. I'm afraid that I'm approaching a kind of 'anything that you want' kind of thing here with you but I don't want to be 'the piece' you had in Rome."

He inclined his head toward her but she said:

"Please don't kiss me, until and unless you think about what I said and understand it."

"Wonderful woman!" he said, holding her again. Then he went on:

"We'd better go; I think we're already going to be in trouble with Roy."

"Oh, dear!' she said.

Then she gave him a searing look and said: "I know what I said and I really meant it but I want you to know that for all the world, what I really wish is to drag you back into that room, with me wearing almost nothing again and repeating my 'I won't say no to anything' statement. Honey, I'm not being standoffish here, only honest."

He kissed her cheek then and said: "You were the most beautiful sight that I've ever seen."

Then he took her by the hand and they walked down the hall, and Jane was positively glowing.

They were still that way, pretty much, though they had dropped hands by the time that they found Roy in the lobby. Roy took one look at them and said:

"Okay, children, tell. What happened?"

The latter question was directed at Ryan, who simply said:

"Well, I walked in on her!"

"And?" Roy demanded.

"And," Ryan went on, with Jane only looking on and blushing but smiling, "She was wearing only her, uh, undies."

"Oh, lovely!" Roy said with just a hint of disdain in his voice. He turned to Jane then and asked, in an tone of interrogation:

"And you, dear, what did you do? Shriek? Yell? What?"

"I, uh," she began, stammering.

"Oh this is going to be good," Roy said.

"Let her tell it, Roy," Ryan said.

"Yes, girl, tell it." Roy said then, hands on his hips.

"I uh kind of put my hand to my mouth in surprise," Jane said.

Roy barked a laugh, as Jane colored a deep red.

"Let me get this straight," Roy said, "You stood there with all those goodies showing and all that you had sense to do was cover your mouth in surprise!"

"Uh, yes," she said meekly.

"Well, one round to the jock," Roy quipped but then his face got serious and he turned to Jane and said:

"Don't you go hurting my brother Ryan! Do you hear me?"

"Yes, uh, sir," she said, nodding and meaning what she said.

But then he spun and turned his attention on Ryan:

"And you, jock, don't you go flirting with this beautiful woman's affections casually. She's not some bimbo coed whose panties you're trying to get off on a late Friday night after the game! Do you hear?"

Ryan nodded his head in compliance.

It was Jane who broke the tension. She said a soft:

"Yes, Momma!"

They all laughed and Ryan followed suit.

Roy said: "I mean it, both of you."

"We know that, bro," Ryan said, "And we appreciate the advice. We're really trying to be careful here."

"Good," Roy said, "Then let's enjoy Rome."

Before he could move, Jane grabbed him and kissed him, this time on the lips.

"Hey, he complained right away, "Get off, get off! I'm not the jock; I'm the gay brother.

She held onto him grinning at him, and he, with a broadening smile grinned back at her and winked at Ryan, and said:

"Good for me! Now out we go, three for Rome."

Jane took Ryan's hand and Roy's also, as they headed for the door of the hotel.

It was a spectacular day, and also an attitude kind of day. Jane found herself happier than she could remember in a long, long time. They swept down past Navonna and headed for some spots that Roy wanted to make sure that she visited.

They walked together, where there was room, and she held both of their hands. She was affectionate with both of them.

"What's up with you, librarian?" Roy asked, semi-suspiciously after a few blocks.

"Look!" she said, dropping their hands to gesture around: "It's Rome! I'm here! And I'm with two gorgeous guys; I'm here with my guys!" She was beaming at them, when she said it, and got cheek kisses from both sides.

Roy's first stop with her was the site of the theater of Pompey, where Jane was totally impressed to discover that it was here that Caesar was murdered. From that point, after the appropriate photos were taken, they walked on and Roy directed them to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, constructed through the original heart of the ancient Roman Forum.

Once they were on the street Jane was positively delighted to be able to see the Colosseum in the immediate distance down the Corso.

"Oh," she said with enthusiasm, "Can we have our picture taken with the Colosseum in the background?"

They interrupted an older gentleman, a distinguished looking man, and Roy asked him, in halting Italian, if he'd take a photo of the three of them.

His reaction was one of pleasure at doing it. He looked at Jane sand said with a smile:

"Ah che bella donna!"

Jane dipped a quick curtsey and said: "Gracie tante!"

He lined the three of them up for the photo, with the Colosseum showing down the Corso behind them.

When the photo was finished, Roy gestured that Ryan and Jane should have their photo taken. To the Italian gentleman he simply said:

"He and she, together!"

It made both Ryan and Jane blush but they enjoyed the picture taking, with each extending an arm around the waist of the other.

They proceeded from there and visited the Colosseum, spending a good deal of time there, before crossing the street to the Via Sacra and entering the ancient Roman Forum at that point.

They stopped for a late lunch from a vendor, after the Colosseum and before they plunged into the Roman Forum.

After their lunch, and since they'd gotten up fairly late, they went on without the traditional Roman posolino/nap.

As they wandered that part of Rome, their 'attitude' day continued. It was Ryan now who was constantly paying more and more attention to Jane. She certainly noticed it, and Roy noticed it also. For Ryan, it was happening certainly out of a sense of what was normal for the situation.

It was a matter of him touching her hand, when they talked, or stroking her arm. At times he put his hand on her shoulder, or in the middle of her back. They were simple gestures but gestures that spoke of a relationship, whether it was a relationship that existed already or was in the process of being formed.

For her part, every time anything like it happened, Jane smiled. She also caught Roy grinning at her from time to time, and at least once he put his fingers to his lips to silence her from any kind of mention of what was happening.

She was beginning to feel like Ryan was constantly making a kind of claim on her. It was never inappropriate touching, although at times Jane certainly wished that it might be. But, she knew that it wasn't the place for that. It was real and it was, for her, completely exciting.

Roy went off at one point to take a photo from a different angle, leaving the two of them alone. It was Ryan who spoke up, breaking the companionable silence between them.

"Jane," he began softly, "I hope you don't mind, and tell me if you do, but I keep having a tape running through my head of you, standing in the room in only your panties! It's a scene that is always with me and playing over and over again."

She stroked his cheek: "Mind? Heavens no! I can't get that scene out of my mind either. Please don't think that it was planned! I'm not trying to trap anyone here."

"Sssssshhhh!" he shushed her with a finger. "No one is being entrapped. The picture of that scene simply fills my world. I'm sure that I'll never be able to think of Rome again without that picture of you being a part of it."

"Love talk, children?" Roy asked pleasantly.

"Roy," Ryan said, "Let it go. We both remember what you said, and we both appreciate that. We're just trying to let things happen here."

In an unexpected gesture, Roy gave first Ryan a kiss on the cheek and then Jane one, beaming at both of them. Jane took Ryan's hand and then Roy's and they continued to wander up the Via Sacra into the ancient Forum.

Their day was a full one, with wandering around the ancient ruins of Rome, visiting the Palatine Hill, then the Capitoline Hill, where Jane positively fell in love with the beautiful Piazza Campidoglio, Michelangelo's masterpiece. Then they spent the rest of the afternoon hours at the Capitoline museums.

They were back in the hotel for a rest in the later part of the afternoon, before going out one more time to find a place for dinner. Their thoughts were for dinner at one of the cafe's at the Piazza Navonna.

Roy slipped into an almost immediate sleep, but was moving around the bed in his sleep.

"He's like an eel!" Ryan complained softly.

"Come here," Jane said, looking over at Ryan, "There's plenty of room here."

He smiled at her and slipped out of the bed he shared with Roy and lay down beside her.

They were silent for a few minutes until Jane said softly, leaning her head now to place it on Ryan's shoulder.

"Oh, this is nice!"

Roy slept on. Ryan turned his head to the side for just a moment and they kissed. It was really their first, at least the first kiss of this kind. He found Jane's lips soft, and a total treat. He felt more than a flicker of heat, as Jane opened her mouth and then ran her tongue along his lips, licking and then sucking just a bit.

"We'd better stop," she said, "Or he'll catch us."

"I know," Ryan said, "And soon I won't care at all if he does or doesn't."

"I know!" she said, leaning in for one more of the same luscious kisses, only this time her opening her mouth was an invitation to him to let his tongue explore in her mouth.

The kiss lasted a few minutes and, when it was finished, she lowered her head and rested it against his shoulder once more.

"Oh, I love the feel of him!" she said softly to herself and as she drifted into her nap, she felt his hand seek hers out in the space between their bodies.

With a sigh of great contentment, she slipped into a snooze, and slept fitfully until she heard Roy saying:

"We should wake up sleeping beauty and think about going out for dinner, it's past eight."

"Ohhhhh," she said yawning. "I'm sorry that I slept so long. It was a wonderful but busy day for me."

"I noticed," Roy said, "All that kissing must have tired you out."

"Roy!" Ryan said but Roy had already put his hands up, as if to say that he'd back off with his grin plastered all over his face.

"We thought you were sleeping!" Jane said softly.

"I noticed!" he said with his continued smile on his face. "And besides," he went on, "Soon you won't care if I notice or not."

That got a snort of laughter from both Ryan and Jane, as she bounded up and headed for the bathroom to get herself ready for going out. She changed her clothes and came out of the bathroom wearing a skirt and sensible heels.

"Nice!" Roy said with appreciation, as he took in her outfit, a shorter pleated skirt, blouse and the low heels.

"Will these be okay, do you think?" she asked.

"If not," Roy answered, "The jock will carry you."

"Yes, they'll be fine, I think," Ryan said then just giving Roy his usual glance.

They did a slow turn around Piazza Navonna, watching the evening gathering of mimes and magicians, and enjoying the spectacle. They inspected menus and finally settled down in one of the cafes, at an outdoor table for their dinner. They accompanied their dinner with some wine and after dinner decided on another walk but this time selected the shorter journey to the Vatican, in deference to Jane's heels.

As they walked along, again crossing the bridge at the Castel Sant' Angelo, she stopped them and said:

"I know it's terrible of me but I want to be kissed on this bridge. Please!"

"Well don't look at me!" Roy said quickly but Ryan took Jane by the shoulders at that same moment and had her in his arms.

The kiss was a long one. She sighed into it and leaned against him, pressing her self against him and wishing, just wishing that his hands would roam a little bit. But he kept his composure.

"Wow! Guys!" Roy said, when the kiss was finished and they were still embracing and she was blushing, "Some kiss! Welcome to Rome indeed!"

They walked on then toward the Vatican and a turn around the piazza there. Jane held onto Ryan's hand, as they walked, now and again moving in such a way that she rubbed her hip or her thigh against his. She ended by putting her arm through his, in a gesture of close companionship. She was brimming with happiness. She was simply in heaven with what was happening.

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