Andrea Believes in Home Schooling

by SplendidSpunk

Copyright© 2011 by SplendidSpunk

Sex Story: Wife and Mother starts counseling young men with sexual problems

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

This tale is a joint effort, kind of like a tennis match where Andrea and I would write a bit and pass it to the other, back and forth. Kind of like fucking in a way. So I would be real interested just as Andrea would to know if it works for you. Did we get you hard or wet; did we leave you with sticky fingers? If you want let me know, and I will be sure my partner hears your comments as well. SplendidSpunk.

It happened again last night and I hate myself for letting my own frustrations dictate my mood this morning. I am married to a wonderful man who has given me three wonderful children. He works hard so I can remain at home and he has always been great in my bed or wherever we choose to enjoy each other. Sometime ago he and I opened up our marriage and while I won't go into all the details of that part of our life, I will tell you that my loving husband has met so many of my fantasies, watching me with another women, sharing multiple women with me and my favorite allowing me to experience being gang banged. I've enjoyed having five cocks all at my command, two in my hands, one in each of the other holes god has given me. We enjoy these occasional forays into the less socially acceptable arenas, but it's not an everyday thing, more of a special occasion, like a present for a birthday or anniversary. My tubes are tied and we take whatever precautions we have to for health reasons, but so far almost anything goes. I am working on something for his birthday in ten months but other then that our life is day to day just like yours.

So why was I frustrated to the point where it ruined my mood today? In one word probably the fucking economy. My poor loving husband worries about his job and works harder then he should to assure that his family is secure. Consequently, he is a tired man and his capability to get me off has become spotty to say it as nicely as I can. Last night, he came and passed out leaving me still horny and needing relief. I hate myself for being frustrated with this man who does so much for us and that's why I am pissed at myself this morning and unfortunately both the kids and my dear sweet husband had to suffer my ego driven mania this morning.

The kids will forget their crazy mom as soon as the get on the bus, too busy with their friends and their days to give a damn about my actions but my husband will take my mood with him and by the time he comes home tonight he'll be apologizing to me and that's just wrong, damn it. Not tonight, no I will not let that man take my stupid egocentric craziness and believe it's his problem. No fucking way.

I called my mom and got her to pick up my kids, keep them for the night and deposit them back at school tomorrow and I was going to make sure that my husband was treated like a king tonight and if I had to get on my knees and beg I would get him to forgive me for being such a asshole. I did bathe and dress to appeal to him, but I did not do so to seduce him, no I wanted to apologize and be nice to him, not be a demanding cunt just looking for my own needs to be satisfied. I'll give him a blowjob if he wants but I will not make him more tired screwing his selfish wife, no I was not.

"Hey babe! How was your day?"

God he looked beat. I led him to his favorite chair and made him sit and relax then went to the fridge to grab him a beer and a glass of wine for me. Handing him the cold beer and then sitting on the couch I said

"John, I am sorry for this morning. I am such a self centered bitch some times I just want to rip my own head off. You look like you've been run over today and if I contributed to that I am so very sorry."

"Andi you had nothing to do with my day, I knew you were a bit off this morning and I know why."

"John, I am sorry."

"No, Andi we both should be sorry. I'm just so tired it's hard for me to enjoy you the way I want to. I know I went too quick last night and didn't do for you as I should or would."

"John, please its me. I know all you do for us and for me to be so easily irritated just because I didn't cum, is so childish I wish you'd take me across your knee and spank me like the child I am."

"Andi, we both know where that would lead and I got to admit I just don't have that energy tonight."

"Shit, John the last thing I wanted to do today was to ask you for sex, I was serious about being a child thought, but agree that you spanking my ass would lead to sex. I just want to know what I can do to help you. babe?"

He grinned and the shook his head.

"What John, what so funny?"

"Now don't get mad at me it was just a fleeting thought."

"John, I'm the one who you need to get mad at, I promise you I am not about to get mad at the man who does so much for us all."

"Ok, you know how we've been pretty open about our sex. You know we both enjoy watching and participating with other partners and such?"

"Yeah and you know I enjoy it a lot, because I see how it makes you harder and more demanding of me after, and I love it. So?"

"Well I just wondered about how valuable you are in bed and..."

"Shit you want me to hook? Troll the streets?"

"Don't be mad at me, I told you it was a fleeting thought."

"I'm not mad, John! I am stunned thought and if I wasn't scared about the disease and the violence I might consider it for you. It would be money, which might ease things a bit, but no. Imagine if anyone found out!"

"Yeah, I just thought it would get you some satisfaction and you'd not need for me to be the super stud all the time. I really didn't think about the money but that would be good too."

"Well that was fun, lets eat."

I'd made his favorite meal and he seemed to enjoy it and the quiet of no kids arguing and bustling about the house. Later that night as we cuddled, no sex, John said.

"Remember when I said you need to find some eighteen year old, someone who could just keep cuming for you?"

"Yeah and remember how I told you that while most eighteen year olds might have the energy they wouldn't have the talent and I'd most likely end up full of cum but no more satisfied."

"Yeah, life's a bitch. You got the stamina to get hard a lot but not the control to do anything good. By the time you've learned the control you've lost got the stamina. I wish I'd had someone like you when I was eighteen to teach me what I should do. I spent so much effort just finding a girl who's let me go there it was years before even knew she might want something too."

Sleep was good that night and in the morning after I'd happily fed and gotten my husband off to work, giving him a good blow-job at the door to make his day easier I slipped on my running shoes and started to stretch. I ran a lot to stay trim for my man and for extras we sometimes enjoyed. Being naked a girl wants to look her best as well as fuck well you know?

So I ran or jogged or whatever and as I neared my house I saw one of the neighbors boys, Anthony, I think he was sitting on the bumper of his car and looking like his world had exploded on him.

I stopped to see how he was.

"Anthony you look like shit what's up?"

"Same old same old Mrs. Jackson. Life, you know? Growing pains and all that!"

"So either your girl friend dumped you, she said no, your car needs work or your parents won't let you go to the college of your choice. Close?"

"The girl thing. She said yes and I was useless and now she says bye."

"Anthony girls are such fools sometimes. They always think they know everything, shit even John fails in the sack now and again, don't let it get you down."

"That's just it Mrs. Jackson this isn't my first failure with her. I just can't seem to figure it all our, likes its advanced algebra to me. This isn't something you can get a tutor for either. Plus I'm sure she'll put my failure on the grapevine. Life sucks.

"Anthony, come on in I want to ask you something, got time for a cold drink?"

"Sure Mrs. Jackson"

"By the way Anthony call me Andi.

He followed me into the house where I offered him a coke. We sat at the kitchen table, just talking, when finally, I said, "Anthony, I have a proposition for you. What if I said you could have a tutor to help with your girlfriend problem?"

Anthony choked on a mouthful of coke and said, "Mrs. Jack ... er ... Andi, what are you talking about?"

"Well, Anthony, I have a problem of my own, and I could use your help. So if you help me, then maybe I can help you."

"What kind of problem could you have that I could help with, Mrs. Jack ... Er ... Andi?"

"It's like this. John and I have a very open and honest relationship, you don't need all the details, but know that when he comes home today, he will know of our conversation, and if he gives his blessing, I would like to tutor you, teach you how to please me. If you can please me, then you can probably please any young girl your age. All you would have to do is be available for me, to use, to fuck, when I need it. John is great in bed, but there are times when he is too tired and can't make me cum. He gets his and I don't get mine. He jokingly told me that I needed an 18-year-old boyfriend to help him keep up with me. And while the thought of that is nice, you yourself said that you have failures. I think that's the case with any 18 or 19 year old. So, you need a tutor, and I need someone to get me off on a regular basis. Do you think we could work something out? Of course, without John's agreement, I can't do anything and this conversation never took place. However, I am sure he would agree."

"Er, Mrs. Jack ... Andi, I can't believe you would offer that to me. There has to be a catch. I mean, we never had a conversation about sex, other than the generic, 'Hey Anthony, how they hanging' you throw at me every once in a while. I mean, don't get me wrong, if you are serious, I would love it. But what's the catch?"

"There are only three 'catches' as you put it. First, as I already said, you would need to be available for me to use you. That means, other than work and school, when I call, you come. The second is a little more serious. No one, and I mean no one, is to know of our arrangement but you, John and me. Not you're friends, your family, no one. I will show you things you have only dreamed of. Lastly, I don't want this to get out, but if you have a friend or two who are in the same boat I'd like to have a good tutoring business to help with the family finances, but it has to be kept quiet. I do not want anyone coming to me whose mouth is loose. Here's the thing, Anthony, when you moved in next door, you were 16. I waited and waited until you turned 18 so I wouldn't feel shame when I looked at you. Now that you are of age, I want you as my boy toy."

"So there is a charge for this?"

"Anthony, I don't want you to think I'm some sort of whore, because this is more like sexual counseling. Part of John's issue is that the economy sucks and this is an area I am very good at. I figured if I could help you learn to be a competent lover it might be a skill to market. Now, I'm going to give you free lessons, as long as you obey all the rules. If you know any other boys, at least eighteen, who might want to purchase some training so they can learn how to please a woman let me know, but it will still always require John's approval for each of them."

"Jee, Andi, I know lots of guys who if they'd admit it are just lost when it comes to this."

"You know John said just the other night, when I was young I had the energy but not the talent, now that I've got the talent I don't always have the energy. With my help Anthony, you will have both the talent and the energy. I know you're going into the service and there will be lots of women who love a man in uniform."

"Ok. I'm in when do we start."

"First thing we start with is some basic understandings. When you wanted to play baseball you had to learn how to throw the ball, then where to throw it and then how to catch it etc. Right?"

"Yup, took a long while to learn all that and then to understand how and when to do everything."

"Well fucking is the same thing, it's one thing to learn how to put your cock in a girl, it's another to understand what she likes and when to do it. You have to learn how to read your girl. So let me start today with lots of words, next time we can try a few things and get you going. Also I am going to give you homework too."

"So Andi, if someone else were to want you as a tutor, what would the tuition be?"

"Well for the classroom stuff about $100 an hour. To check to see if the student has done the homework and learned anything it's $200 an hour, and for the labs $500 an hour. The labs are where the student gets to practice on me."

"Wow, you're sure giving me a break Andi."

"Not really Anthony. Remember once your trained to do this right; you are committed to coming when I call and getting me off. If you don't pay attention and learn how I like it, then I might have to replace you with another student, give him your scholarship. So you had best be willing to follow my orders and do what I tell you, OK?"

I spent the next hour talking to Anthony about women and what they might like and how he should watch and listen to see what motivates them. I told him what I liked (well not all of what I liked if you know what I mean) and how I liked to be treated. I told him to make sure if he went bareback that he really liked the girl because the odds of him getting her pregnant and tied to her for a long while, even if its only in child support is serious. Even when using a condom I told him to make sure he liked the girl because nothing is 100%. Then I told him about warming the girl up, getting her to want to have more and not pushing more on her.

I talked about how to take it slow and to watch to see what she liked, if he touched her tits and she groaned or moaned or even was more direct and said.

"Oh yeah baby squeeze my tits!"

Those these were ways to learn what turned the girl on. I told him guys were pretty easy, rub their cocks and spread your legs and most guys are chomping at the bit to do it. To break things up a bit I asked him.

"What do you like best about sex Anthony?"

"Well Andi, from everything you've said today I know this is probably wrong but I love it when I cum. If feels so good."

"Anthony, there is nothing wrong with that, but what do you think your girl would like best?"

"I got to be honest with you Andi. I really don't know!"

"Well if you like to cum, don't you think she might like the same thing? To her she'd call it an orgasm but its pretty much the same thing."

"It makes sense, but I've never seen a girl do that, I wouldn't know what to look for."

"You've never watched porn?"

"Yeah, some. Is that when the girls start wiggling and yelling OHHHH?"

"Anthony that's just bad acting, but the girls body will sort of jerk and spasm just like your cock jerks a bit when it lets go."

"I got ya Andi."

"I've given you enough for today. Tonight, if you can, watch a porn movie and jerk off. But and this is important Anthony. Just when you think you're ready to cum, stop and let yourself cool off, then when you feel under control start again. When you come tomorrow I want to know how many times you were able to stop. Do you understand?"


"Tomorrow, as long as John approves we will move on to some more physical stuff. Understand Anthony I plan to check your homework, so that means I intend to watch you jerk off and stop at least as often as you say you did in your homework."

"Do you want me to bring the porn over with me Andi?"

"No, Anthony, if John approves of this then I will be your porn. I will be playing with my pussy for you. It will make if harder for you; I think then a porn movie. Are you willing to try?"

"Yes Andi. This is a great thing you're doing and I won't let you down."

Later that night in bed I told John my plan. He readily approved of my plan with a few changes. We sat in bed that night. I was stroking his cock slowly as I told him about my conversation with Anthony. He was excited and leaking pre-cum on my hand. I explained my fee structure for friends. We also agreed that both he and I would have the final approval on whom Anthony could tell and bring to "class".

John's exception was simple. I was to videotape my sessions with Anthony and any others he might bring to me. Basically, John wanted to watch. This was for our pleasure only, and he wanted to add these tapes to his collection of the others we have entertained. I agreed to this and told him I would start taping with our masturbation session tomorrow. At this point, John was close to cuming and I dropped my mouth to his cock and took him in, all the way into my throat. This was about all he could stand and after a few thrusts he shot a load of cum down my throat. And then he rolled over and went to sleep. Of course!

The next day, as I was returning from my jog, I saw Anthony sitting on my porch. I smiled, thinking, "Boy, this kid is eager!"

"Good morning Mrs. Jack ... er ... Andi. Howareyouwhatdidjohnsay?"

It sounded like one long word, but I think he said how are you, and what did John say? "Well, Anthony, he agreed with one little exception. He wants me to tape our sessions. Are you ok with this? If not, the deal is off."

Of course, he agreed. What 18 year old wouldn't agree to be taped in order to get laid. So we went in. I had Anthony get comfortable on the couch. I told him I was going to take a quick shower, to wash the sweat from my jog off, and he was to be naked when I returned. But he wasn't to touch himself yet.

After my shower, I put on a short robe and walked into the living room. There he was, in all his glory. He didn't have the biggest cock I had ever seen, but it was better than average. I arranged myself across the room from him, out of range of the camera, and talked to him a minute. I told him that we were going to go over his homework. And then we would get into some other things.

I took off my robe, and spread my legs and started to rub my clit. I asked Anthony how many times he was able to stop last night. He said he was able to stop five times, but wanted to try for more next time. I told him we would stick with five for now and told him to start stroking his cock for me. I had to stop him as he was going so fast his hand flying on his hard cock.

"Slow down. This is not a race; didn't you listen to me at all yesterday? Slow and easy, bring yourself off slowly; remember we are trying to get you so you can satisfy a woman. Besides, mutual masturbation can be as much a turn on as fucking."

He slowed down.

"Watch my hand as I stroke myself Anthony. Match your hand speed to mine."

I stroked my cunt slowly and watched Anthony tried to watch my cunt and stroke himself.

"If you can hold off cuming till I orgasm, I'll give you a treat."

That slowed him down and I loved watching his cock as his hand caressed it, I had to stop myself from stepping over and grabbing it. My own pussy was wet now and I felt some stirrings. I knew I'd cum easily with this young stud watching and I hoped I could cum before he did I really want to give him the surprise. I got my wish and my orgasm flowed over me. Anthony simply stopped what he was doing and watched my body quiver and shake as my fingers plowed in and out of my cunt.

"Wow, Andi. That was so cool, I never knew women did that."

A bit out of breath I said.

"We women love that, Anthony and if you can make it happen for your girl, you will have her. Now since you managed not to cover my couch with cum, I have a surprise for you."

I went and knelt before him and as I bent over to take his throbbing cock into my mouth I said.

"Just let it go when you want Anthony, you've proven to me that you have the potential, this is your reward."

I took him in my mouth and sucked his cock hard. I used my tongue to tickle the base as I tried to get all of him in. I held his balls in my hand and massaged them as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. I could feel a tightening in his scrotum and I let my other hand find his asshole and slid my smallest finger in his ass as her erupted in my mouth.

Streams or his hot gooey white cum filled my mouth and I worked fast to swallow as much as I could, knowing I still wanted him to see just a bit of it flow back out and down my chin. When his cock quieted, I removed my finger from his ass and used it to scrape the escaping cum up and then stuck that same finger in my mouth, enjoying the musky flavor of his ass and the creamy texture of his cum. Then I smiled at him and sat down in front of him, facing away, my ass up against his spent cock.

"Anthony I want you to masturbate me. Here take this hand to my cunt and put the other one on my tit. Good now slide your fingers in my pussy like you saw me do and play with my tit while you do it."

I coached him along as he worked his fingers on and then in my hungry pussy. I wanted him to feel me cum, so he would know more about what a woman feels. I had him play a bit rough with my tit, telling him all girls were different but that I like to feel my nipples being teased and pinched. He wasn't yet a pro, but he managed to give me my second orgasm that day and he sounded amazed after my cunt clinched his fingers as I came.

"Jee Andi, that was wild. I could feel your body reacting. It made me realize just how little I knew about sex, and how one sided I had been in my previous attempts with girls."

I was a bit exhausted and so I said.

"You did great today Anthony. Do some more work on controlling your cock and be back tomorrow, I think it's time to see how you fuck."

John was overly aroused, if that's possible when he watched the tape that night and he managed to give me a good fuck, so unlike what had been happening. I was beginning to believe that this side job of mine was making it easier for my poor tired hubby to enjoy me. By the end of my sessions with Anthony I was an easy fuck and that took a lot of pressure off John.

When Anthony showed up the next day I was basically naked. I wore heels, hose and a garter. Anthony just stared and I watched his pants tent in his crotch. I chose little fanfare for this one, I would be the dominant teacher and I said to him.

"Strip Anthony, take it all off and go stand in the living room naked till I come to you."

I never saw him move so fast, leaving a trail of clothing as he complied easily and stood at attention, yes even his cock was up. I sauntered into the room and circled him. I touched his cock and it jumped but Anthony staid quiet. I rubbed his ass and shoulders and said.

"Ok we are not lovers so we will not pretend to be. I'm going up to my room and will lie on the bed. You follow and when you get there start by paying attention to my body, kiss my tits, my cunt, use your hands in both places but for now no kissing, no thinking we are making love. What we are going to do is simply fuck. Do you understand me?

"Yes, Andi. Yes I do."

"For today Anthony its 'Yes Mamm.', got it?"

"Yes, Mamm!"

I sashayed myself in front of him letting my ass swung back and forth as I led him to bed. Then I lie down and spread my legs and said.

"Get me ready and when I'm wet enough I will tell you to fuck me. Then and only then will you take your hard cock and slide it in my pussy, now put this condom on."

"He fumbled but managed to put the condom on and then he started to play with me. He was crude and simple but he listened to me and watched my body and was smart enough to adjust and soon enough he was stoking my cunt nicely and teasing my tits with both fingers and mouth. I said.

"Put your mouth on my cunt Anthony and use your tongue like you are using your fingers."

He moved slowly to obey. I realized this was something we'd not really covered but from watching porn he wasn't totally surprised by the act. He wasn't bad at it either and managed to continue to use his hands on me while he ate what probably was his first pussy. He gotten me wet and close to cuming and knowing he might not last I waited just a bit longer to give him the command. When I felt my body wanting to move in odd and uncoordinated directions I knew I was ready and said.

"Now Anthony, fuck your teacher."

He moved quickly into position but then had the smarts to stop and move slowly and he slid his cock into me. Oh god the feel of that young hard cock filling my cunt was amazing and groaned as he let himself slide completely in. I could see he'd paid some attention to our class work as he built a steady pace moving in and out of me. He would be very good if he could keep this up but I knew that would be too much to hope for. The condom in addition to protecting me from a pregnancy also deadened his feel a bit, which helped him hold off. When he began to move faster and start pounding my pussy I was ready and although he came before I did he listened when I said.

"It's OK that you came, just keep fucking me and help me get there stud."

The obedient Anthony continued to thrust into me as his cock softened a bit but remained hard enough to entertain my needy cunt. Having had him eat me and warm my body up, I came shuddering soon and wrapped my legs about his back holding him inside me. When I felt it safe to open my mouth I said.

"For your first full fledged fuck, that was pretty good Anthony. When you are with your future girls, remember if you cum first it doesn't end it and keep pumping that cock in her till she cums for you. You won't always com last Anthony, but if you remember to make sure your girl gets hers she will love you for it. Understand?"

"Yes. I liked very much Andi and when you did cum I cold feel how your body clenched my cock and I liked that part a lot. Knowing that a woman will do that to me is really neat and it's something that would make me want to keep pumping, you know?"

I smiled at him and said. OK stud, that was your intro, not love just fucking. Now I want you to make love to me, I know you can get it up again especially with my help. Now go flush the condom and come on back t bed.

When Anthony came back I had him lay beside me and we touched each other and kissed on the lips like lovers, I let my hand rest on his cock, stroking it now and again and urged him to play with my pussy, my tits and my ass if he wanted to. I was getting worked up again and could feel his cock coming back to life. I got close to him and whispered in his ear.

"This is your bonus fuck stud. When you're ready just put me where you want me and ram it home and fuck me hard and fast. Make me your whore in this bed now Anthony."

Having already ejaculated once he was a slot longer this time and a lot rougher too. He pounded me fiercely forcing his cock deep into me and making me say all those nasty things to him.

"Fuck me stud."

"Shove it in me!"

"Make this girl cum for you Anthony."

"Make me desire that hot cock and what it does to me."

Each phrase pushed Anthony to pound me harder and soon my head was bouncing off the backboard of the bed. I loved it. He would only get better and he was pretty good at that moment and my body reacted to his hard fucking and I came hard, harder then even I imagined I would. As he continued to pound into me and my orgasm re wound for another blow I thought to my-self.

"God this kids a stud, and I am so glad John and I decided to arrange this."

He continued pounding his hard cock into me and I kept cumming and cumming. He was lasting longer, since he had already cum once, and I was enjoying every hard pounding, cunt piercing thrust. Finally, after a long time, he screamed out,

"Oh God, Andi, I am going to cum!"

He thrust all the way in one final push, and I could feel his cock jerking inside me as he came again, deep in my pussy. He collapsed on top of me, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, holding him inside of me, milking his cock with my pussy.

He shuddered again, and rolled off. He went and flushed the condom and came back and lay down next to me. We rested for a few minutes before i decided it was time for the next lesson.

"Now, you have homework, again tonight. I want you to find some porn with anal fucking. I do like to have my ass fucked, and I know a lot of girls your age don't. But I want you to know how to do it, gently, if you can ever talk some lucky girl into it. I want you to watch that porn, and masturbate slowly. Because the first strokes in and out of my ass, and anyone's ass, are going to need to be slow. Also, have you found any other young studs who may need my help?"

"I will watch anal porn tonight, Andi. I can't wait to do that to you. I have always wanted to, it looks so great on porn, but no one will let me try. And I think I have a couple of possibilities for you. Robert, my friend, told me the other day that his girl won't let him fuck her anymore. When I asked why, he said it was because she didn't like it. I think if you could tutor him, she might like what he can do for her."

"Ok, Anthony, bring him by to hang out sometime, and I will make sure I get out to meet him. John, too. If we approve, you can tell him of our "school" we have and see if he wants in. You said a couple who's the other guy?"

"It may be hard to believe, I know it is for me, but this other guy is like the school stud. He's got all the girls he wants but when I casually mentioned how nice it must be to have his pick of any girl, he said no. He said they all want to go out with him and he said they all got like you know hot and all that but then he says they just go cold and ask to go home. He didn't say what and he might not want help, but I thought."

"Well same deal. Talk t him and ask him if he wants some of my counseling, don't tell him who I am but just say you've seen a sex counselor and its really helped you. If he's interested then we'll see if John's OK the usual route."

That night, John came home and watched the tapes I had made with Anthony. Again, he got so hot watching me take it fast and hard by this young cock that he had to have his turn again. John wanted to know if he could fuck me hard like Anthony did, but only after he made me cum by the way of my choice. I told him that was fine; I enjoyed the hard fuck earlier in the day, and wanted it again. But, if I was going to cum first, John had to eat me. I told him what I wanted and he agreed, and settled his head between my thighs. He first kissed my thighs and down to my knees. Then back up again, slowly, as he teased me. He knew this was one sure way to get me off fast, so I guess he wanted to get right to fucking me as soon as he could.

He brought his mouth to my pussy, and just sucked in my cunt lips. Licking them lovingly, before he moved his tongue to my clit. Flicking the tip of his tongue on my clit, he put two fingers inside my wet hole. As he put pressure on my g-spot, I thought that I needed to teach Anthony where it was. The combination of my g-spot and clit both being rubbed caused me to gush my orgasm all over John's face. He knew how to touch me to make me cum hard. And, now that I had cum, he knew he could fuck me hard.

I lay back on the bed, bringing my legs up over John's shoulders, as he aimed his cock at my wet slit. He rubbed the head of his cock over my pussy, getting it slick, and then rammed himself home inside my cunt. That was all it took for me, I was cuming again, and John was pumping his cock into me so fast, it was like he was 18 again. He couldn't last as long as Anthony, but he lasted long enough for both of us to thoroughly enjoy it. And when I felt his cum splash inside my pussy, I came again, even harder.

I was all jumbled up the next day, too excited to have my ass reamed out and by the time Anthony arrived I was like a cat in heat, I wanted it and wanted it now. But Anthony stopped me quick and said.

"Andi, that second guy, his name is Kevin. I ran into him last night and mentioned the counseling thing and he's real interested, but he says he doesn't know if it will do him any good. He's willing to try; he says he'll try anything. So if you want I can take you to him later or we can 'bump into' each other somewhere and maybe you and John can check him out. He seems anxious."

"Well Anthony if you managed to fill my ass today, I'll get John to the mall around seven. You get this Kevin there and we'll 'bump into each other at the food court. Now come on stud I need that cock of yours in my ass."

I had Anthony strip, I was already naked, and we played a bit with each other and then I rolled onto my hands and knees and instructed Anthony to get behind me. When his hands spread my ass cheeks apart I got real wet and my pussy was humming by the time he laid the tip of his hard cock at the backdoor.

"Nice and easy stud, Yeah just like that, oh yeah baby just a little harder."

God his cock felt so fucking good in when it popped into my ass. I got to give him credit he took it in all the way so slow it was all I could do to not cum. When he finally withdrew and then pushed back in I was ready and needed to be royally fucked hard.

"Ok stud, your girls ready now fuck my damn ass and fuck it like you mean it stud!"

I growled and tried to hold onto the sheets as my fist were gripping anything as my student stud's cock drilled my backdoor and brought my to the brink quickly. I heard him say.

"Oh damn it Andi your so tight back there, you sure I aint hurting you?"

"Shut up and fuck me stud, just shut the fuck up and fill my ass stud."

It was great and when Anthony came, I didn't make him use a condom in my ass, I know stupid and all that, but I love the feel of hot cum filling my anus. He shot stream after stream of his hot gooey sperm all over the inside of my ass and I came like a NASA rocket launch. I screamed and yelled how fucking good it was and bucked my hips back into my little stud. I took him to the shower afterwards and lovingly cleaned him up then sucked his cock till he was hard then had him cum in my mouth. Oh I love cum, I could be a true cum slut, well as long as I was able to get some pussy and some fucking too. Shit I'm just a slut.

John came home early and I showed him the tape then asked him to come with me to meet this Kevin at the mall. I should have held the tape for later because John needed a blowjob before we could go. Anyway we accidently met Anthony and Kevin and after a short discussion, during which Kevin refused to talk in front of anyone else, John nodded and I set a time for Kevin to come by.

That night after John fucked my brains out we both wondered what problem Kevin had that embarrassed him so much. I kissed John and said.

"By this time tomorrow night we should know, now get to sleep so you can go earn the bacon while I stay at home and get the pork!"

We both laughed at the pun then slept.

I made Anthony come over an hour before Kevin was to show and enjoyed two better then decent fucks from my new boy toy. He was improving with each one and before he left he asked me.

"Andi? I've sort of been seeing this girl Angela. She and I've gotten to some heavy petting and stuff and she seems like she might want more and I'm kind of wondering if you think I'm ready for that yet."

"Anthony in many ways you're more than ready, but if you like this girl and want to try it with her, don't do it in a car or in lover's lane. If she says she wants more, put her off, tell her she deserves to do it in a bed not a car. Tell her when you are ready and she's willing you'll find her a bed and tell he you want to do it nice and not hurried. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, you've taught me how important it is not to rush, and I'm just saying she keeps hinting at me to do more and I keep backing off, somewhat afraid I'll fail, you know?"

"Tell you what. If she keeps hinting tell her that on Friday night you're housesitting for friends and have the whole place to yourself. Tell her if she really wants more then on Friday you can take her there and do it right with her."

"But Andi I aint got no place to take her and a motel seems so trashy."

"If she's willing to do this with you Anthony then John and I and the kids will go visit mom this Friday night and you can house sit here. Now go before Kevin gets here."

Kevin arrived about twenty minutes after Anthony had left. I showered and dressed, nicely but not hiding any of my obvious assets. After I explained my fees and services Kevin nodded said money wasn't an issue. He had plenty and if I solved his problem he'd only be happy to pay ne that and more. Now I was curious and said.

"Kevin you got to tell me the problem. I won't make promises I can't keep. It's just you and me and I promise I won't tell a soul."

"Well Mrs. Jackson, it be easier if I showed you. May take my clothes off? I promise I won't try to rape you or anything but seeing for yourself will be easier."

I tired a joke to ease the tension.

"I was more concerned about me raping you Kevin, you're a handsome kid which makes all of this so much more confusing."

Kevin disrobed dropping his shorts last. I saw nothing unusual about his body other then he was so fucking well built and had a nice size cock.

"Kevin, I've got to tell you I don't see a problem."

"Just wait a second of two Mrs. Jackson."

He started stroking is cock and as he did my mouth dropped lower and lower. His cock more than doubled in size from when he stripped. He had the often rumored but never seen monster cock. And the head mushroomed so big I immediately recognized why any teen age girl would go cold and want to go home. It would be hard for this guy to find many women willing to ride that monster, the fact he was with one right now didn't alter the facts much. I knew the camera was rolling and that later John's would stare in utter disbelief at the screen but I made my next move anyway.

"Kevin, I understand completely and I will tell you right now that there are not any teenage girls who would not fear your cock. The good news is there are a shit load of older women who really dream of taking that cock of yours and riding it, so you will get your fair share of sex. And some day, a few of the girls who ran from you, will come back and beg you for a second chance."

"You sure about that Mrs. Jackson."

"Kevin, I promise you I am not lying. Now I have a favor to ask, may I?"

"Sure, you may not have cured me but you've given me some hope and that means a lot, what can I do for you?"

"Can I ride your cock? And, please, call me Andi"

"Hell yeah, you can ride it, Andi, if you think you can. I mean most girls..."

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