Betty Boop Birthday

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2011 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Three of Mr. Marcus's daughter’s friends engage Mr. Marcus in a guessing game while his wife and daughter are out of town. Give it up for a sexual Blind Man’s Bluff.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   First   .

A summer cold is the worst cold you can get. I had one, a doozy. I was taking over-the-counter medications every four hours. It was keeping my nose clear but running and my sinuses from exploding. It also made me groggy as hell. When my wife and daughter decided to take a trip to her folks' house for the weekend of our daughter's birthday, I took a pass. Better to rest up for work on Monday.

I had settled down for a quiet evening at home, alone. In t-shirt and shorts, I was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons. Don't laugh. They relax me. The doorbell interrupted my solitude. I wasn't expecting company. Anyone who came over was liable to catch my germs.

I opened the door to a shocking sight. Three young ladies, all dressed identically like Betty Boop. I never told anyone this before, but as a youth I would get a boy-sized woody while watching Betty Boop cartoons. I thought she was oh so sexy in a coy way. The large plastic heads with big painted-on eyes and dark curly painted-on hair completely concealed their identities. I had a pretty good idea who these masked visitors were - my daughter's three closest friends. Bree, Sally and Marci were the young ladies I'd introduced to sex on their birthdays. I didn't have to pretend to be surprised. In my drugged stupor, I let them walk right in, single file, like they belonged there.

"Hello, Mr. Marcus. Anna told us you'd be here all alone. We wanted to cum, that is, come over to cheer you up."

So this was Anna's doing. Did she know what I'd done to and with her best friends? I'd gotten curious looks from Annie after each of my sexual encounters, but I didn't have the balls to ask her, despite our relatively open relationship.

Their young breasts bobbled inside their strapless red dresses with short hemlines. Fishnet stockings caressed their smooth shapely legs with a single red heart garter on their right ones. The costumes smelled of mothballs. My nose tickled. I reached for a tissue and blew.

"Am I supposed to guess who you are?" I asked.

"No, silly. Isn't it obvious who we are? Betty Poop," said the first Betty.

I recognized her voice as Bree, my Valentine encounter.

"That's Betty Boop," I said.

"So it's not poop-poop-pe-doo?"

"No. Boop-boop-pe-doo." Sheesh, kids!

"These were the only costumes they had three identical ones of, in our size," said Betty Two.

It sounded like Sally, my Independence Day fuck. That left Betty Three as Marci.

"And the only ones we could afford," said Betty One.

Even with my cold, the plastic bobbling heads stunk. "They smell like they've been in a warehouse for years." I touched one of the plastic heads. "And they're still dusty."

"Sorry, Mr. Marcus. We should have cleaned them off before coming over, but we were in a hurry," said Betty One.

"For what?"

"We want to play Guess The Boop."

I figured I'd already won, hearing their voices. At least two of the three, and the third was pretty obvious. But I was bored and this was a chance for some entertainment. I wondered what the prize was. "Sounds like a fun game. Are you going to tell me the rules?"

One part of me, my cock, hoped it included another chance to get into their panties. My head was too cloudy to object. Besides, I'd already had all of them at least once.

"These costume heads are way too hot. But if we took them off you'd see us, and that's a violation of the rules," said Betty Two.

"We can blindfold him," said Betty One.

I watched Boop Three make her way up the stairs. Swaying her hips, I pictured Marci, my Easter bunny boff. Soon she was inching her way down the stairs leaning on the railing with a large bandana cloth. She handed it to Betty One, who held it in front of her mask's eyeholes, folding it into a thin strip of cloth.

"Upstairs we go," said Betty Two.

I followed the three Bettys up the stairs. I couldn't tell if they were even wearing panties. To be naughty, I slipped my hand up Betty Three's leg as I followed her. She jumped like a scared animal. Marci was more skittish than I remembered.

Betty One led us into my daughter's bedroom. "Put this on tight. No peeking," said Betty One.

I did as asked.

"Can you see anything?" asked Betty Two.

"Not a thing. Now what?"

Fingers pulling my shorts down were a good clue.

"You're going to pleasure each of us, one at a time. The idea is for you to figure out who is who, just from touching," said One.

"And tasting," said Two.

"And probing?" I asked.

"Oh yes! Definitely probing!" said One.

My prick was delighted. "Where do I start?"

"We'll be lined up, in random order, on Anna's bed. We'll start out on our backs, legs spread. We'll change positions if you want us to. But from now on, we won't say a word," Betty One said.

"So we don't give ourselves away," Betty Two added.

"Shhhh," said one of the Bettys.

"All right. Let's get started."

They were giving themselves to me in another way, one I was anxious to sample. I heard them take off their masks and take deep breaths of fresh air. The bed springs creaked. I followed the noise and groped forward until I touched a knee. I let my hand trail down to the top of the stocking, then moved cautiously towards the skimpy panties I expected. I was touching bare skin. Even better, the little minxes weren't wearing panties under their Betty Boop outfits for ease of access.

I knelt down and moved my face forward until I was in the correct position. Squeals and moans didn't help me identify the first Betty, who was enjoying my tongue between her legs. Her thrusts were almost uncontrollable, warming my face from the repeated impacts of her upper thighs against it.

Her hands pushing my face away meant it was Betty Two's turn. I made my way blindly to the next body on the bed. Her cunt was even sweeter than the first, but her reaction was more subdued. She only tilted her pussy forward in a rocking motion to match my tongue's efforts. She also pushed my head up.

It was Betty Three's turn. As I put my mouth near her moist opening, her legs closed on my head. This one was quite sensitive. I tried to remember which of the three was either ticklish or skittish about being touched between her legs. I couldn't remember if any of them were. I thought I heard Three stifle a scream as I sucked on her clit.

My erection was at full length, rubbing against the frilly cloth ruffle of Anna's bed. I decided it was time for the main event. "All of you, get on your hands and knees, backsides to me. Let's see if my talented penis can remember what you all feel like."

I groped my way back to Betty One. Her dress was covering her rear, so I flipped it up. I moved closer and smelled the dust from her costume. Her hand came back, gave my erection a friendly squeeze and helped me guide it into her.

"Oooh." She couldn't help but make a sound of pleasure as I sunk into the warm depths of her willing and ready pussy. I pulled out and pushed back. The rhythm was getting to me. If it was possible, I was getting even harder. But there were two more Bettys to sample.

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