The Boys

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Scene: Africa, where an attempted rape turns into lovely and heated sex games for this white woman and her black 'boys'.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   MaleDom   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

She rattled along the old familiar farm road, loving the smell of the new pickup truck. She'd worked in the fields for a good part of the afternoon, consulting with her foreman, making sure that things were under control. It was good to be going home. She thought of things, delightful things like: shower, drink, maybe beer, maybe wine, a good dinner. On her own, of course, it would be, but Missy didn't mind that. Missy Markus was used to being on her own. Her husband of late memory had up and left already about twenty years before for some kind of adventure, and had never returned. She'd heard of his death, many years previous, only within the past five years.

She was a sturdy, no nonsense 48 years old. She wasn't looking forward to 50 but was not afraid of it either. She was dressed for the field, in gray jeans and a tan man's shirt. The men's shirts covered her more than ample 36c breasts better than the delicate fare that one might find in the women's stores. Yet, for all that, Missy Markus strove to always be lady like. She was a no-nonsense manager for her large farm, inherited from her late, beloved Daddy but she was a lady nonetheless. She made sure of that.

She was certainly in a good mood, having accomplished a lot with Jensen, the filed foreman, and was going to pamper herself that night. That much she'd already decided.

It was then that she saw the two young native men walking along the side of the road. She watched them closely as she approached them. They turned a bit and they stared back at her. Then they kind of waved. It wasn't a request for her to stop or pick them up. She wasn't sure that she'd do that, even if it were. It was really kind of a friendly gesture. She liked that, and she stuck her hands out the window and waved back at them.

She pulled into her lane and drove to the garage. There was a bathroom that had been built out of part of the large garage. It had its own entrance and Missy used it as a kind of general 'mud room'. She didn't like going into the house dirty and sweaty, and invariably would go to that bathroom first and have a shower before entering the house proper.

She had some things to put into the garage from the back of the pickup truck and busied herself carrying and fetching, until all her implements were stowed properly in the garage.

She had just finished the last of those tasks and, with some relief, had pulled the shirt tail out of her jeans and began the process of relaxing and looking forward to a shower, when she saw the boys again. They were walking toward the garage.

Missy stood by her truck fender with a smile on her face, watching them. They certainly looked pleasant, she thought. She was a good judge of character, she knew that, and didn't sense any need to be afraid of these two. They did look needy, that is, in need of cleaning up and probably being fed. She also liked the look of the two boys physically.

She guessed that they must be about 18 and were good looking. The one had big lips and Missy found herself fading into a momentary fugue about what those lips might do.

(Missy was ladylike but definitely lonely and only with difficulty fought down the physical impulses.) They finally arrived at where she was waiting for them.

"Boys!" she said pleasantly. Then they surprised her.

One of them produced from his pocket a wicked looking knife and said in a soft, and really, nice voice, pretty much devoid of macho swagger and all:

"Missus, we want that you take those clothes off."

Missy was stunned. At first too stunned to believe what she was hearing.

"What was that?" she asked softly.

"I said, Missus, we want that you take those clothes off," he repeated.

She gave them an incredulous look and asked:

"Are you two boys determined to rape me?"

They gave each other a covert look and the one talking answered:

"Well, no, we just want to do a little playin'."

"Well what might be the difference between rape and 'a little playin'?" she asked.

"What your name, Ma'am?" the other one asked.

A thought swept across Missy's mind that these were the strangest rapists ever. She looked at them, and again had the impression that, despite their demand, they were not evil or intent on harm.

"So, you want that I should take my clothes off?" she asked.

"Yes, uh, Ma'am," the speaker said.

"Well, let me tell you before I do that little chore that I think that there are things that you boys need before sex; I mean, you might need cleanin' up, and a good home cooked meal, maybe even a job. But I know how a man's mind works and, when it's cookin' on sex, there's not much will get it off of the topic."

She surprised them them by leaning against the truck fender and taking off her field boots.

She sighed, once the boots and socks were off.

"My that feels good! Field working, even as the supervisor, is busy dusty work," she said conversationally, always watching them. They made no sign of impatience or nervousness. She was becoming more and more interested in these two strange boys.

The next thing that she did shocked the two of them down to their shoes. She pulled her shirt tail up and removed from her waist, a gun belt with a big Browning 9MM automatic.

Both boys got wide eyed, when they saw the gun but Missy simply went on and said pleasantly, removing the gun from the holster and taking the bullets out of the chamber:

"I'll just put these in the truck, so that no one gets hurt here. Okay?"

She proceeded to do that, locking the gun in one compartment and the ammunition in another. By the time she was done, the speaker had the knife in his hand down by his side.

"Why you do that?" he asked.

"Because, you told me that you wanted me to take my clothes off and the gun was in the way," she answered with a smile.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said to her then.

"What are your names," she asked. "If we're going to be really good friends here, I want to know your names."

The speaker said: "I'm Igwe."

The other said: "Rhondi."

"I'm Missy Markus," she said. "This is my place."

"Why are you doin' this, nice boys like you two, handsome boys?" she asked.

Then she just laughed and said: "Silly of me to ask that, I guess. Of course I know why you're doin' it. But let's get on. Shall we?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Igwe said, as entranced by this woman as Rhondi was.

Missy gave them a bright smile, liking the way the situation was developing and intent on enjoying it, and began to unbutton her tan work shirt. They just stared. The knife, still in Igwe's hand, no longer much of a factor in the situation.

As the buttons were slowly undone, Missy's lacy, beige bra came into view. It caused the boys to smile.

"That more like it?" Missy asked pleasantly.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," Rhonde answered.

"Seein' what you want?" Missy went on.

"Beginning to, Ma'am," Igwe answered, as she shrugged her shoulders and let the shirt slide down her arms and off.

She took the shirt and folded it and put it into the front of the truck. She looked at them staring at her breasts, and before proceeding, straightened her shoulders up and thrusts her breast up and out for them.

This got a sigh from both boys. They stared at her plump, dark nippled breasts, barely hidden by the stretchy fabric of her lacy bra and both boys gave her a white toothed smile.

"What you boys want next?" she asked pleasantly, discovering with each advancing minute that this was an adventure that she really liked.

"Jeans," Igwe said, "Please."

"I like it that you're polite," Missy said and moved her hand to the button at the waist band of her jeans, having undone her belt.

Their stares were riveted to her, hovering between her exposed breasts, snug in their pretty bra and the expected vision that her undoing her jeans was about to reveal to them.

She moved her hands with a smile for them and unzipped the jeans and then used both hands to push her jeans to her knees. Her panties were beige companions to the pretty bra. She stopped her progress, once her jeans were at her knees, and let them stare at her.

"Pretty, Missus!" Igwe said.

"Pretty," Rhondi echoed.

"Thank you, boys," she said, "Shall I take them off now? Want me to turn around first?"

"Please," Igwe said, his voice a bit choked from his reaction to Missy's stripping.

She slowly turned for them, standing for a while with her plump ass cheeks pointed at them.

"As nice as Rina's," Rhondi said, and Igwe apparently agreed with that assessment.

"Bend please," Igwe said next, and Missy moved to accommodate his request, almost order.

She stayed in a bent over position, showing off her ass, that was 'as nice as Rina's', for about three minutes, then she straightened up and turned to them."

"Thank you, Missus," Igwe said.

"Well, you're welcome, Igwe," Missy went on, "Jeans off now, boys?"

"Off please," Igwe said.

"Off," Rhondi chimed in.

"Off," Missy echoed and pushed her jeans down and off totally.

She was, by this point, really excited herself but determined how this would play out. She was sure that she would be able to get these two to do things the way that she wanted, and even had some vague plans running through her mind.

With her jeans off, standing in her panties and bra, she had a strange and exciting thought.

"Now it's time for you to come over here and do something for me," she said.

Igwe hesitated and asked: "Why you doin' this, Missus?"

"Because I want to," Missy answered, "Here I have two beautiful boys making demands on me that I'm more than happy to comply with."

Igwe gave her a huge electric smile, when she said:

"You come over here now with your knife and I'll show you what to do with it."

He got an unsure look on his face but she hastened to say: "I't fine, honey, no one gets hurt here."

The next five minutes were exciting ones for all three, with Missy giving instructions to the two boys and them following the instructions closely.

When they were finished doing what she wanted, the two very dark skinned boys just stared at what they'd done.

Missy's bra was still on but the clever knife had carved out the pockets of the bra cups, leaving the structure and setting her plump breasts free, with hardened and pointy nipple displayed.

Her beige panties too were still on but had been shredded by the knife, in much the same fashion as the bra had. Now the waist band and leg bands were intact but eh material was flapping, having been slit from waist to leg by the knife carefully, exposing, much to the boys' delight both Missy's ass crack and the triangle of her pretty curly pussy.

The boys were staring with wildly grinning faces as Missy turned for them yet again and, without the instructions this time, bent from the waist for them.

"Very nice, Missus!" Igwe said, as Missy straightened up and grinned at the two of them.

"Put the knife away now, Igwe," she said softly "We won't be needing that now."

"No, Missus," Igwe said, putting the knife away, "We won't."

"Now come here, you beautiful boys and get your hands on me!" as Missy's next order. As she said it, she opened her arms wide and took in the embrace of both of the boys, who were hesitant at first but then emboldened by the fact that she took their hands and moved them down her back and left them resting on her ass cheeks.

"Very nice, Missus," Rhondi said, and Igwe agreed immediately.

"Like my ass?" Missy asked.

"Yes, Missus," was the consensus.

Then the hands were roaming. She lifted her head then and indulged herself in a kiss with each of them. She took possession of their large, luscious lips, letting her tongue play along the lips of each of them in turn. As they kissed, she felt hands kneading her ass cheeks back and forth, up and down. She also felt hands on her large breasts with her sensitive nipples. It caused her to break the latest kiss and sigh.

She looked up then at the two grinning boys and said, with her own smile:

"It's my turn now."

She disengaged herself from their embrace and began by tugging at Igwe's tee shirt. It was almost in tatters and came off easily. She proceeded to his shorts right away, pushing his underwear, also tattered, down and off, leaving the lovely boy totally naked.

She turned then to Rhondi and performed the very same service for him, and then she went back to the hug, now with her almost naked and the two glistening boys totally naked.

She loved the feel of the hands on her ass and her breasts, she also loved the feel of their muscular ass cheeks, under her own hands and the press of those big black cocks against her belly and thigh.

It was then that she made a decision about what would happen, and she spoke up:

"Okay, boys, Igwe, Rhondi, here's what we're going to do. We all are dirty. I've been working all afternoon and I smell. I know it. At times smell can be erotic but I want us clean. You two smell also; you've been on the road and have had to take care of yourselves the best you could. Right here in the garage is a bathroom. I prefer to get myself naked and clean, before going into the house."

She hesitated then to look at them. They were regarding her with rapt attention, listening carefully.

"We're all three going to shower and clean up. I want to wash those magnificent asses of yours and those lovely black cocks. Then we'll play any dirty game that Igwe and Rhondi have had in mind all along."

They both got a huge grin on their faces, when she said this.

"Then, after the dirty games, I'll find you something to wear, and then I'll make dinner and we'll think about what we're going to do."

"Going to do, Missus?" Igwe asked, his hand idly stroking Missy's left nipple, causing her to sigh out loud.

"Yes, we'll talk about what you want to do; work here, stay here for a bit, that kind of thing."

"You are so special, Missus," Igwe said softly, "We came to strip you and maybe harm you and you are being so nice."

Her answer to his meek, heartfelt praise, was to raise herself on her tiptoes and kiss him, licking her tongue along his sensuous lips.

"For today at least, before we make any decision about the future, you are my boys!" she said in a determined voice, "And I'm going to enjoy you."

"Thank you, Missus," Igwe said.

"Yes, thank you, Missus," Rhondi echoed.

Missy fetched her keys then and opened the door of the garage, walking with them, holding each one's hand and led them to the large, luxurious bathroom off of the garage floor.

It had a wall to wall glass shower stall, all along one side. When they were inside of the bathroom, with both boys gawking at the loveliness of it, Missy, unhooked her destroyed bra and took it off, putting it on a shelf. Then she skinned her tattered panties down and off. She turned to them, matched their smile and put her arms up in the air in invitation. They went to her and were once again ensconced in a three way hug. Once again she was feeling those muscular ass cheeks and big, dark black cocks. Once again she was having her ass cheeks played with and her nipples rubbed. Once again she lost herself in wet kisses, licking lips and teeth, seeking out tongues and giving her own in return.

"Missus," Igwe said, "You are so pretty!"

"Wonderful!" was Rhondi's word.

"Thank you, boys," Missy said, letting go of the embrace then.

"Shower time," she said, going into the shower stall and getting the water temperature exactly right for them.

She took the time to wash each of them, paying attention to all of the details of the washing. She had them giggling almost uncontrollably, as she ordered them around, making them turn, bend a little so that she could wash between their butt cheeks. She took special care in washing the long, shiny black cocks that were bobbing up and down in front of the very excited boys.

She had Rhondi's cock in her hand, soaping it and looked up and asked:

"How old are you boys?"

"We're just eighteen, Missus," Igwe said. "We've been friends a long time. We left home to see if we could find some ... adventure, a life maybe."

"Not trouble?" she asked softly, still soaping the cock.

"No, Missus!" Igwe said quickly, "That was shameful! We're sorry for that."

"Yes, sorry," Rhondi added.

"Well," she went on, "We're fine here now, I guess."

"Yes, thanks to you and your kindness, pretty Missus!" Igwe said.

Then Rhondi giggled. Missy looked up at him and he said:

"It's so clean now, Missus! You've been washing it for many minutes!" She laughed and they joined in the laugh with her.

"You must call me 'Missy'," she said, "It's my name."

"Oh, we can't do that, Missus," Igwe said.

"But why not?" Missy wanted to know.

"Oh, we came here with shameful intents, a knife and sexual hunger and we were going to do things to you, and we're ashamed because you've been so nice, and we can't call you by your first name, Missus, it would be impolite," Igwe explained.

Missy smiled at them. Igwe had a thought and said:

"We will call you 'Missus Missy'"

That made Missy Markus laugh, and they joined the laugh.

"Missy is a pretty but strange name," Rhondi said.

"Yes," Missy sighed, "My Father liked names that began with the letter "M". So I was named Melissa Melinda but always called 'Missy' all my life."

"What a pretty name," Igwe said, "Like a song: "Melissa Melinda"!"

"There you are, Rhondi," Missy said, finishing her washing of the boy and then she shot her arms up in the air and said:

"Now me! Wash me! I've been out sweating and working the afternoon! Wash it all off of me."

They took soap and wash cloths and vigorously began to wash her. Rhondi got to wash her front, paying precise attention to her large breasts and sensitive nipples. Igwe washed down her back and began to rub his hands over her ass cheeks in a slow round motion. Missy sighed and bent over a little from the waist to give him more of a target for his washing, and causing her tits to sway a bit, much to Rhondi's delight.

"My, my," she cooed to the two boys, "This feels so nice, that maybe we don't need to get out of the shower at all."

"No, Missus Missy," Igwe said, "You are precisely right."

"But it'll be such fun if we do!" Missy said to follow up.

"Oh, I think so," Rondi added.

"Now this for you," Rondi said, beginning to soap between Missy's ass cheeks.

"Well, I did yours," she said, sighing, "I guess you can do mine!"

"Yes, Missus Missy," Rhondi said, "Take good care of you."

"Yes," Igwe agreed, 'The best care."

Missy sighed then and said: "I'm afraid that we need to turn off the water now but this has been so nice."

She led them out of the shower, and from a linen closet, fetched a pile of large bath sheets and began to dry them off, each in turn. She worked quickly and had them each dry in just a little bit. Then it was arms in the air again for her and letting them dry her off, enjoying the feel of the rough towel rubbing against her pubic hair and her engorged nipples.

"Ohhhhh, that feels nice!" Missy exulted.

When the towels were put away, Missy turned to the two lovely boys and said:

"This is what we're going to do. We'll begin with this, and proceed from here but this needs to be first."

As she was saying that, she went to her knees in front of the two boys.

"No, Missus Missy," Igwe said almost as an involuntary reaction. "You don't go to your knees for us!"

"But to do this I must," she said, getting up and putting a finger at Igwe's lips.

"There's so much excitement here that we need to begin this way," she said again, and again went to her knees.

In that position, she took each of their long black cocks in her hand and began to stroke them.

"Oh, Missus!" Rhondi said.

"Oh yes!" Igwe agreed.

Then she leaned in, first toward Rondi and then, after a few minutes, toward Igwe, to take the head of their cocks in her mouth. She spent some time sucking on the heads, licking around them and sucking on, nibbling on the under side of the heads. While she was thus engaged with one, she was continuing to stroke the cock of the other.

She paid special and minute attention to what she was doing. Spending long periods of time with the cock heads and then also long periods of time with the shafts of the beautiful, black pricks that she was fondling. She then began in earnest to suck on the cocks, bringing the boys closer and closer to cumming.

Rhondi came first, filling Missy's mouth with cum. She sucked avidly, at that point, and made sure that she didn't lose a drop of it. It was Igwe's turn next, and she again got a mouthful of cum.

Missy sat back on her heels then, smiling and grinning. She beamed up at the two smiling youths and said: "That was wonderful! I haven't done that in such a long time!"

"You did it so well, Missus Missy!" Igwe said.

She laughed, "It seems so strange to have you call me that, when I just now sucked your lovely cocks!"

"But..." Igwe began.

She held up a hand, and said: "I know, and I agree it's fine; it's just strange is all."

"Yes," Igwe said, "In a way, all of this is strange."

"Well it is," she admitted "But it's going to be just fine. Believe me. But now, boys, it's my turn. I want you to come with me."

"Oh, yes,"Rhondi said, "It's the Boss Lady's turn!"

Both Rhondi and Igwe laughed, when Missy was called the "Boss Lady".

"Yes," Missy said, exulting, "That's what I'll be; I'll be the 'Boss Lady'. So, come with the Boss Lady, you've had your first turn, the next turn is my turn."

"Yes, Boss Lady, "Igwe said with a snicker.

Missy took hold of each of them by the cock and led them out of the garage, with them laughing all the way, to her bedroom.

As they were walking along, still tugging them, laughing about it as they were, by their stiff cocks, Missy asked:

"What in heaven's name determined you to try rape?"

"It worked before, Missus, uh, Boss Lady," Igwe said.

"Say what?" Missy asked stopping and just looking at the two. "You've done it before?"

"Well, Boss Lady, yes, kind of," Rhondi answered.

"Tell me," she said, stopping fully then and looking at them, her arms akimbo.

"Well, Boss Lady," Igwe began to explain, "We were out walking on the south road. Very deserted and walked up to a vehicle like yours. A lady was there, not a pretty, a bit thinner. She had tire trouble. She saw us and walked toward us. We was going to ask if we could help but the first thing that she said was: 'You're not going to rape me, are you?'"

Rhondi shook his head 'yes' at this.

"Didn't know what to say, Boss Lady," Igwe went on. "This white woman kept talking to us about raping. Until I thought maybe she wanted to. I told her to take her clothes off," he went on.

"What was she wearing?" Missy asked.

"A white shirt like the under one that you had on," he said, "And a skirt and sandals."

"Go on," Missy prompted.

"At that point, the woman began to run to the truck, she laughed, and we laughed and followed her. She jumped into the front seat but was lying across the front seat with her hands in the air. Very strange, Missus. Rhondi got to the passenger door and grabbed her by the ankles. I was at the driver's door and reached in and took the bottom of her white kind of shirt and pulled it up and off. She just laughed. Next I took off her lady underwear, the upper kind, and Rhondi took her skirt off and her lady underwear the bottom kind. She was naked and making strange noises. She was saying: 'Rape me now!' and repeating it.

Missy was smiling at that point. "Yes? And?"

"Well, Boss Lady, I took my man thing and put it in her mouth, she moved a bit and had her head leaning out of the car and off of the car seat and my man thing went into her mouth and to her throat very easily. Rhondi was playing with her lower lady things and we raped her."

"What did she do?" Missy asked, "Did she report you?"

"No, Missus," Igwe said, retreating to what was for him a formality of address. "She paid us both."

"And?" Missy prompted.

"Then she paid us to fix her tire trouble and she left," Igwe finished.

"So, you thought that you'd try it with me," Missy said, with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Missus," Igwe said again. "We need our clothes, Missus," he went on.

"No," Missy said, "Your clothes are ruined; I need to get you different ones."

"You're not mad, Missus?" he asked.

"It's Boss Lady," She said, "And, no, I'm not mad."

They were in the bed room by then but Missy surprised them by going to her drawer and pulling out a pair of white satin panties. She put those on and then also she put on a white bra. Then she topped that with a tee shirt and a denim skirt.

"Come with me," she said, and led them now down to where the truck was parked.

"I want you to show me what you did to her," Missy said, and, smiling at them, began to run toward the truck, opening the door and diving in.

As she hurried toward the vehicle, she let out a high pitched laugh. The boys simply grinned to one another. And then, with a whoop, they were both after her, Rhondi on the passenger's side and Igwe on the driver's side. She got to the truck but they were right behind her. She dove into the truck seat but Rhondi had her by the ankles and Igwe was at her head in no time. Before she could have much of a reaction, Rhondi was stripping her skirt from her and Igwe had her knit shirt above her arms and off. They were a bit rough as her. Igwe had his knife again and snipped the straps of her bra and hauled it off, while Missy Marcus just groaned.

Then the knife was pushed down inside her white satin panties but at that point she said:

"Please, no, don't destroy them; I like them."

"Off them, Rhondi," Igwe said and Rhondi responded by pulling the panties down and off, then he climbed into the front seat, so that his legs were straddling Missy's.

Igwe pulled on her to get her head off of the front seat. It left her with her head lolling backward and with her on the front seat up to her shoulders.

Igwe slapped her lightly on the cheek and said:

"Missus, open your mouth!"

"Oh, yes," Missy said, smiling at him broadly, and complied with a wide open mouth.

The tilt backwards of her head, and the angle of her head dangling gave Igwe the perfect angle to push his cock into her mouth and force it a little farther toward her throat. He held her by the back of her head, as he began his movements to plunge in and out of her mouth.

Rhondi moved down and was lapping at Missy's pussy at the same time. The action at her mouth and her pussy made her almost frantic.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh," she chanted making only such sounds as were possible with a cock in her mouth.

The entire event was of the fabric from which Missy's fantasies were made. This sexual adventure with the two handsome african youths was one of the things that she allowed herself to muse upon in the dark, alone in her bedroom. Here it was happening to her and she was simply transported by it. They were being rough but gentle. She gave over to their initiative and let them set the pace and the agenda. She was determined to simply be used by them.

Then Rhondi was dragging her legs apart and she could feel him invading her wet pussy with his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she now moaned, being fucked from both ends at the same time.

"Do it, Missus, Boss Lady, do it; do it to me!" Igwe chanted as he slowly pulled his prick out of her mouth and then back in again, repeating and repeating that action over and over again. The action of his cock in her mouth was accompanied by her continuous moans and throat noises.

She sensed what was coming and got herself ready to receive it, and then it did. Igwe had his hold on her head and stiffened a bit, as he began to shoot his cum into her mouth. Some of it ran down her cheek but she tried to capture it all in her mouth. Rhondi worked with her, his hips flailing at her, until she orgasmed with him.

"Help get her up," Igwe said then to Rhondi.

"Are you okay, Missus? Boss Lady?" he asked very tentatively.

By then Missy had managed to get out of the truck and draped herself against Igwe's tall frame saying:

"Never better! No wonder she paid you!"

"Oh, yes," she groaned, as Rhondi came around now and pressed himself against her naked back. "This is so fine, boys. I think I'll keep you!"

"Really, Missus? Boss Lady?" Igwe asked, the joy on his face fairly real.

"Really!" Missy answered. "There are jobs you both can do but first, let's go and get cleaned up."

"Thank you, Missus, Boss Lady," Igwe said and grinned at Rhondi, who was grinning back at him.


And she did keep them. Missy had never allowed herself to have such 'toys' before and she began a period of just reveling in their presence with her. Sleeping at night with all the night noises that she so loved, with one of the boys pressed against her white nakedness and the other pressed against her on the other side became not only a joy for her but almost an obsession.

She was in charge and would wake them, when she wanted to have sex. There was a great deal of comfort for her to lie and feel an erection pressing against her from behind and an erection pressing against her from the front. If she felt like using them, she would; if she didn't, she didn't have to.

The change that occurred was one that only gradually began to alter the dynamics in the relationship of the two boys and Missy Marcus.

They did what Missy called 'field exercises', and she loved the scenes that they acted out. It had begun with that exciting reenactment of the 'rape' that they spoke of after they'd first come to her.

That reenactment had been simply mind blowing for Missy. It invaded her senses in a way that she would have previously hardly thought possible. But there it was. Once it happened, she kept coming back to it mentally and it never failed to move her.

Thus the 'field exercises, which were an extension of that original, exciting event for her. And for Missy it was all about 'being captive by blacks' fantasies that were worked out in the field. There were variations in what they did but it was basically a similar exercise, one that she gave herself over to.

On those occasions during the week, when Missy had to make a round of inspection, they developed their games, once the inspections were finished.

They would invariably go to an abandoned field and Missy, telling them to give her a few seconds, would simply run for it. They boys were fast, quick on their feet and never had any trouble catching the fleeing white woman. Once caught, the game developed, that Missy was in their power.

The thrill of being caught, of hearing them approaching her from behind, was intense for her. Once they caught her, and they always did, she would take her clothes off for them, and then in the field, she would have their pleasure of them. She loved the cock sucking, especially since it always led to her being fucked by her boys.

The game it was that gradually changed things. Their pursuit, and catching of Missy gradually became rougher. She loved it. Being brought down like an animal by its captors. Igwe began to bring bits of rope and tie her hands once she was caught. Missy loved this too.

On one occasion they caught Missy and changed the scene. In the past, she would always strip once 'caught' and they'd do her sexual bidding with her sucking them off and being fucked. But his time Igwe pushed the scene farther and Missy was entranced. After Rhondi caught her, Igwe ripped at her blouse and was tearing it off.

"Don't tear!" Missy said desperately and Igwe slapped her and shouted:

"You belong to us, white animal, shut it!"

There was a tension in the air, once he'd said this but Missy was so taken up by the whole scene that she simply said, to her and their complete shock, "Yes, sir," and was quiet, while both Igwe and Rhondi ripped at her clothes, leaving them in tatters. They deprived her of her shoes and socks and with her bra hanging, ripped, and her shirt only one sleeve left and the rest flapping behind her, her pants bunched around her knees and then her ankles, and her panties in tatters, Igwe pushed her:

"Run, white animal!" he said, "Run for your life!"

Missy's breathing was so hard at the turn of events that she could hardly talk but she managed a:

"Yes, sir," again.

Both Igwe and Rhondi grinned at each other, when she said this, and with one more push, Missy went stumbling on as they ran around her and taunted her. She was hampered by the fact that her trousers were first around her knees and then around her ankles. They made it difficult to do anything but shuffle forward but shuffle she did. It's what they wanted, and for right then, she was doing what they wanted. She didn't know how long that would still last for for a time it was being too exciting for her to even consider regaining control She kept shuffling along, fearing that she was going to cum just from their treatment. They were following her and were billowing with laughter at the sight of the white woman, whose ass and tits were showing, and shaking from her forced shuffling gait.

They stopped her and cruelly pinched and pulled at her nipples and then made her shuffle off again, pants still around her ankles. She didn't go very far, when she fell on the ground finally. They were around her quickly and each now had a kind of branch ending from a nearby tree. They began to laugh at the 'white animal' and beat her with the branches.

Missy came as they did it and her lust simply continued to keep her enthralled.

They hauled her up from the ground, with Igwe shouting to her:

"Come now, white animal and get your dirty holes filled. Is that what you want?"

Missy, dazed but completely taken in by this change in their game, simply shook her head 'yes'. Igwe slapped her face and said, speak to you betters, white animal.

"Yes," she said, sobbing, "Please fill my dirty holes; you know what I like. Fuck this white animal!"

It was as though Missy had been pushed over a kind of boundary but much to her surprise, it was a boundary that she was pleased to cross.

They tied her hands behind her back then and began their familiar ritual but it was rougher this time. Igwe had her by the hair and stuffed his cock in her mouth, a mouth fucking this time, no blow job. Rhondi unceremoniously had his prick in her pussy, already wet from the way that she was being treated.

They fucked her roughly, changing positions, as they usually did in the middle and then again. Missy was fucked into submission in the field that day. She uttered no complaint about it. They had managed to open the door to fantasies that she hardly even admitted herself. The relationship had changed.

There were two incidents that sealed the finality of the change, which occurred quickly after this first incident. They were in the field for inspection a few days later. Missy was, as usual, horny and wanted to play with 'her boys'. When the inspection was done, they went to an abandoned field and got out. They all three knew what was going to happen; it always did.

But Igwe spoke up first: "No shoes for you today."

It was a simple enough thing but it was a demand at the very beginning, and it as also a test. Everyone seemed to know that.

Missy, so far into this type of play by now that going back was not even an option for her, simply said:

"Yes, Igwe, no shoes for me."

She sat and removed her shoes then and turned to look at the two grinning black young men.

"Run, white animal!" Igwe said, and accompanied his words with a severe slap to Missy face. It was hard enough to knock her down. She suppressed a sob and started to run into the field. Then with a loud 'whoop', they were after her.

There were tears on her face, as she ran but she was as turned on right then, as she ever had been in her life. She acknowledged to herself that she was their white animal and that they were indeed going to get her and 'use' her the way they did the other day, roughly, totally, wonderfully, gloriously! It's the way it happened.

When these games were over, they would revert to their positions, and the boys would go back to working for Missy and taking care of her. On this occasion, they presided over a long bath for Missy before dinner.

(It can also be noted that it was Rhondi that took over the cooking for them. He had been a camp cook before joining up with Igwe.) The next seal on the relationship began that night, in the middle of the night.

Missy was wakened by Igwe running his erect cock along her lips.

"No," she said in a cranky voice, "I'm sore and sleepy."

In the past, this would end the 'play'. But on this occasion, with Rhondi looking on, Igwe slapped Missy's face.

"Get your white animal mouth open!" Igwe said, in an imperious growl.

In the moon light, all three players in this little drama were kind of staring at each other. It was Missy who gave in. Their relationship had indeed changed and she acknowledged it then and there:

"Yes, sir!" she said to Igwe, who grinned at her. "I'm sorry!"

Once she said this, she licked the head of his cock with her lips. It was then that Rhondi began to play with her but this time, unlike every time in the past, he began to separate her butt cheeks and seek out her ass hole.

"No," Missy said without thinking, I don't do that!"

Igwe moved quickly: "Hold the white animal!" he said to Rhondi, who complied and grabbed Missy's arms from behind, pinning them back.

Igwe came back with ropes and tied her hand together at the wrists and then at the elbows behind her back. Missy was only moaning, while this was being done. They were pushing her into that zone again, and she was losing her will to fight them.

The ropes then were fasted to ropes around her ankles and then a rope around her neck.

"When you come to your white animal senses," Igwe said, "Then we will play but you will first tell us that your white animal ass hole is ours to play with."

"Please!" Missy said, almost uncomprehending of how their relationship had changed.

Igwe slapped her face: "Have you heard me, white animal?"

"Yes, sir," Missy said, cowed now.

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