Gang banging Julie.

by Striker

Copyright© 2011 by Striker

Erotica Sex Story: Alan has long fancied his sisters friend, and when he finds jot about her secret desire to be hang banged, he decides to make it a reality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Julie and Zoe were both very attractive young woman, and had been the closest friends since their school days. They were now both 20 years old and in their second year of university, sharing a dorm room in an all girls house. Julie was about 5'2" tall, with long dark hair and a lovely pair of large breasts. She kept her body in shape with regular gym sessions and running at least 4 times a week. Zoe was slightly shorter at about 5'0" with long blond hair and a pair of small pert breasts. She also worked out regularly in order to keep her body in shape.

One evening the two girls decided to stay in with a bottle of wine and watch girly movies on the television. As the evening progressed the conversation soon turned to sex. "What is your strangest sexual fantasy?" asked Julie. Zoe thought about it for a second and then with a sly little grin on her face answered "Doing it in public or with people watching me, that always seemed like a really exciting idea. How about you?" Julie only had to think for a second before she answered "Gang bang! I really get turned on by the idea of a group of guys all doing me at the same time! I have fantasised about that loads of times!" Zoe could see the glint of excitement in her friends' eyes, and was quite surprised; she had always seemed like such a conservative girl. "Really?" she said with obvious surprise in her voice, "If you had the opportunity do you think you would actually do it?" "Oh yes, for sure!" replied Julie without any hesitation. Both girls laughed and the conversation moved on to other topics.

A few weeks later, Zoe was back home with her parents for the weekend, and was sitting talking to her brother. Zoe and Alan had always been very close, and enjoyed catching up on the weekends. He was 2 years older than her, and was often away working so they did not get much opportunity to talk these days. "So, how is that sexy friend of yours?" asked Alan. Zoe laughed. Alan had always had a huge crush on Julie ever since their school days. It had never developed any further, as Julie never saw him as more than just Zoe's big brother. "She is fine, sexy as ever" she answered, "actually she told me something the other night that I know you will get a kick out of."
"Oh yea, what?" asked Alan. A cheeky little grin crossed Zoe face and she lowered her voice a little, she was well aware that she should not really be telling her brother this. Julie would be mortified if she knew, "Well, the other night we were discussing sexual fantasies," "Oh yea," exclaimed Alan, this was getting interesting. "Yea, girls do that you know! Anyway, she told me that hers was to be gang banged by a group of guys! Who would have thought!"
Alan was really interested, as Julie had been the object of many of his fantasies. "Really?" he asked "Did she mention who exactly might be in this group of guys?" "No," Zoe laughed, "and I am sorry, but your name was never mentioned! And don't you ever mention to her that I told you this!"
"Don't worry sis," he said "you know I would never do that!" Once again the conversation moved on and Zoe completely forgot about the incident. Alan didn't!

About four months later, Alan was out partying with a few of his friends. They were all in a local club in town when Alan spotted somebody across the room. It was Julie, and she looked like she was having a very good night. It was still early, but already Julie looked a little shaky on her feet. Alan seized the opportunity and went straight over. "Hello stranger, I have not seen you for a while." Julie spun round and stared at him with a blank look on her face for the few seconds that it took her alcohol dulled mind to work out who had just spoken to her. "Alan!" she shouted out as she realised who she was looking at, "How are you, what you doing here?" At the same time she threw her arms around him in an unusual show of affection. Alan took this to be due mainly to the alcohol and her high spirits. "I am just hanging out with a few of my mates, what you doing, where's Zoe?"

"Ah, she's off with her new boyfriend this weekend, so I came out with a group of girls from the dorm. Problem is, they turned out to be real boring, so I ditched them and come over here on my own. Pretty sad hey?" she laughed.
"Yea, we can't have that, why don't you come over and join my friends and I? We have a table just over there." Julie took up the offer and went over to the table with Alan. He introduced her to his mates, and ordered her a drink. Alan could not believe his luck, catching Julie out on her own without his sister there to get in the way, and, she was already quite tipsy. He had not forgotten his sisters' conversation with him, and he was determined to do something about it that night.

"Guys," Alan addressed the three friends that were with him, "Julie is the friend of my sisters' that I have told you about". Grins appeared on all of their faces, Alan had told all of them the little story that his sister had passed on to him.

About an hour and a half and four drinks later, Julie was getting into a real party mood with the boys, and Alan suggested to them all that they return to Matt's place and carry on the party there. Matt lived close by in a large newly renovated house, which was quite secluded and quiet, and he had plenty of cheap booze in the fridge waiting to be drunk. They all agreed, including Julie, and soon they were all in a taxi for the short ride to Matt's house.

After about 10 minutes they arrived and went inside. Matt poured them all drinks and they all took a seat in the lounge. Alan made sure he had a place right next to Julie, who was now well and truly drunk, and laughing at everything the boys said. After just a few minutes, Alan put his arm around Julie, and pulled her closer towards him. "Alan, what are you doing?" she asked, still with a laugh in her voice. "You are a very beautiful girl", "Thank you, ... I guess" she replied. "I have always fancied you ever since you first came round our house to visit Zoe." He tried to pull her towards him for a kiss. "Don't be silly," she said, pulling back "we are friends". This was the moment when Alan had enough, and the moment his friends had been waiting for. He lifted Julie up and carried her towards a wooden table at the other side of the room. "Alan!" she cried "what are you doing?" "I am making your fantasies come to life" he replied. Julie had no idea what he meant at this stage. "Stop this now, your being silly, just put me down". Alan did not put her down. He moved her over to the table and stood her in front of it, then he turned her around and pushed her face forwards onto the table. Matt and Mike, another fried, knew just what to do. They quickly stepped forward and held Julies arms down. She cried out again "Stop! Please stop, what are you doing to me?" but she was too weak and too drunk to really resist. Alan's pulse raced and his dick started to get rock hard in his pants. This was a moment he had fantasised about many times. He lifted her short black skirt up over her hips, exposing her two firm naked butt cheeks with just the thin strip of her g-string visible where it exited the top of her crack. "Stop, please. What are you doing?" she cried again. "Stop complaining, I know you want this, Zoe told me all about your little fantasy, and now we are going to make it come true"

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