Delightful Sex With D

by Ramprabhu

Copyright© 2011 by Ramprabhu

Indian Sex Story: This is my experience with a lady of my office. We were sent to an old premises of our company to get it cleaned of old records before it was demolished to build a new building. We stayed two days on that work and on both days I fucked her nicely.

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(This happened some 10 years back. The lady involved is my collegue in my office. This is the only incident of intimacy I could have with her. I had kept the details in my diary. When I started to post the accounts of my sexual pleasures in this website, I wanted to post this also. So I wrote and showed the draft to her. She was reluctant to give me permission to post it in website. Later I took printouts of some other accounts posted by me in this site and gave them to her to read. She felt very shy after reading them and chided me. She teasingly said "you should publish in Gazettee for changing your name form Ramaprabhu to Kamaprabhu". (The Tamil word Kamaprabhu means "King of Lust"). Later she gave me permission to add this account also in this website. This is a true incident but because she is my office collegue I have used false name for her).

My Company owns several buildings in Chennai. One such building was an old house. It was very big and constructed in English style. It was situated in the middle of a sprawling compound with many trees and a small Tennis Court. The house was also very big with many rooms and verandhas. When our company was owned by English people this building was used as the residence for the Englishman who was the Chief at that time. Later our company became fully Indian owned.

Then onwards this building was not kept in much use. It was variously used as a Training Centre, as guest house, as storage for containers received from Railways, sometimes rented for shooting films and finally for dumping old records, unsued obsolete spares and damaged furniture. One old watchman was there to look after the property and he stayed in the outhouse.

Occasionally some Director will criticise in Board Meetings for keeping this property idle and Management will promise some action but nothing really happened till some 10 years back. Then a decision was taken to pull down the old building and construct a multi-storeyed complex there which would be partly kept for our own use and partly to be given for rent. A committee was formed for this purpose, and my Senior Officer was a member in it. He was also responsible for making inventory of the contents inside the building and dispose them before the building was handed over to the contractors for demolition and reconstruction.

My officer told me to go to the building and verify the contents and give to him a list of items inside the building Accordingly I went there and on opening the building I found lot of insects. So first pest control was got done. Then I again went there. I found lot of old records connected with tax/customs/excise matters of the company. (At that time all our accounts were not fully computerised). It was decided to make a detailed list of the records before they were destroyed. So again I went there for this purpose. One lady assistant was also asked to accompany me to help me in this job.

I will call her D. She was about 35 years old at that time. She worked in a different section. She was married and was a mother of one boy. She was short, medium complexioned and walked with a little limp. She was enormously fat and so her nickname was "Yaanai" meaning elephant in Tamil. She had really big breasts and stunningly big buttocks. Her big breasts will look like two big sized green coconuts. Her buttocks will look like two big pumpkins. They were full sized, round and well defined. They would push her sari away from her body and it will look as if she carried a seat behind her where one can comfortably sit. When she walked her jutting buttocks went up and down in rhythm. She had a sagging paunch belly. She normally walked slower but when she walked faster her breasts and buttocks will undulate giving some comical look. Then we men would always give a knowing smile behind her back. Some times sexy comments were also made by us referring to her balls and buttocks. We privately referred her as "Gajabrishtam" meaning "lady with elephant sized buttocks". She also knew that men often commented about her body, but she took it gently and did not make a fuss. So we used to like her for her good nature.

Added to that she would always sweat a lot. There will be huge sweat patches under her armpits and some murky sweat smell will always be there around her, in spite of her using liberal quantity of talcum power. When she came to the office in the morning, many times her talcum powder will mix with her sweat and leave white patches around her neck and hips giving a funny look. As I worked in a different section I have not many occasions to interact with her but whenever such occasion came, I always found her to be very docile and unassuming. She would talk very politely. Her big tits and buttocks always interested me. Especially her buttocks aroused me and several times I had the urge to touch her buttocks and pinch them but I did not do it fearing the consequences.

On the decided date I went to the old building in the morning at about 9 AM. I fould she was already there talking with the watchman. I opened the building and we started our work.

The bulding comprised of many big rooms with very high roof, large sized doors and the big windows were barred with heavy wooden blinds. The office records were stored in no order or fashion. Some were bundled and kept of the floor. Some were stacked in racks of steel or wood. Some were put inside gunny bags and stored. Some were heaped in big wooden boxes. It was quite a difficult job to verify them and make the list.

We first verified the bundles on the floor and quickly made the inventory list. Except a few files rest were all moved for destruction. Then we decided to verify those stored on the racks. I started on one side and she started on the other but then we felt that we can do it quicker if I verified and read the details of the files which she noted down. This made both of us to stand side by side. I had clear view of her ample bosom and buttocks. Every time I gave her a file she bent down to place it on the floor a little distance away and each time she bent her saree got stuck in her buttocks cleft nicely outlining her bums and while straightening she pulled it out from her buttocks channel. This happened repeatedly and watching it really thrilled me.

I am a sexually virile man and I am very much enchanted by buttocks of women. In fact I prefer to watch their buttocks more than their tits. The sight of a lady's buttocks always entice me and I have no shame in watching the ass of any women going before me. If a young buxom woman crosses me I will always turn to look at her buttocks. Many times I have indulged in bottom-pinching of some woman or girls and on a few times it has even resulted in some embarassment for me. My wife always scolds me for this habit but I am not able to change it.

So the mega sized buttocks of D was a treat to my eyes and soon I was having an erection which I controlled with difficulty. But I could not refrain from ogling at her buttocks and soon I started giving one look at the file and one look at her buttocks. After some time I could not control myself anymore and I wanted to grab and pinch her bums. But I was also afraid because she was a colleague and my misbehaviour will get me punished by the company. So I was hesitating and looking for some pretext to touch her bums.

I was standing on a stool to look at the files kept on top shelves of a rack and I got down to move the stool to a different rack. At that time I lifted the stool and there was lot of space to move the stool without hitting her. But I purposely rammed the stool into her buttocks and poked the legs of the stool into her buttocks flesh with my might. With a hiss she turned and saw it was the stool pressing her buttocks. She moved away and I said "sorry" and she replied "it is okay Sir". Again after sometime I did the same thing. When she looked at me I said "sorry" and she said "it is alright sir". After some time I did it for the third time and then she moved away and looked at me very deeply. I felt I should say something and so I said "I am very sorry – I did not do it purposely - this stool is very heavy and lifting it is difficult". She smiled and said "it is alright sir- I did not mistake it". I was calmed by her words.

But my erection had come to painful point and I very badly wanted to touch and squeeze her buttocks. When we were standing close to each other throwing all caution to the winds, I simply grabbed her one bum and lightly squeezed it. Her buttock was warm and supple and I felt wonderful by the feel of it. She immediately moved away. I lamely said "sorry" and she said "sir – you are bad". I controlled myself for sometime but soon I lost control and again grabbed both her buttocks and squeezed them very hard. She turned her neck and saw me but I liked the heat and suppleness of her buttocks very much. I did not want to stop enjoying the feel of her soft flesh and so I did not take away my hands. I had come to a point of no control and I was reckless. She said "sir- please stop it – you should not do like this". Then I removed my hands and stood awkwardly. With little shame I said "I am sorry". She said "are you always hot like this – it is not good". I said "D – don't get angry – please forgive me". She said "it is alright sir – but please control yourself". I then controlled myself and we concentrated on the work. After sometime the watchman brought us tea, and we paused for having it. Then he went away and we resumed our job.

But I could not avoid drinking the beauty of her balls and butttocks. The warm feeling of her soft buttocks was still giving a tingling sensation in my hands and my erection was now at its peak. By now I had posted a huge bulge in front of my pant and I found that that she was noticing it by giving several looks at my middle. But I did not care and in fact I felt some pleasure in posting a huge erection for her to look. But I was afraid to to anything more. With great difficulty I controlled myself but after sometime I felt I cannot control myself anymore and so I said to her "D - here only few files are left – you see to them - I will go the other side and see the files there". I went to the other side of the rack and throwing all good sense into the air, I just dropped my pant and underwear and took out my cock. I started to masturbate slowly. Though I knew it was a serious thing for me to do when she was there I just did not care anymore about the onsequences. I also secretly wished and prayed to God that she should come to my side and see what I was doing and she should respond positively to my feelings.

After a few minutes she said from the other side "sir- is this file needs to be kept". I simply said "come and show me" and she came to my side of the rack holding the file. She saw my condition and with a loud "oh" she hid her face with the file in her hand. I stopped my pumping but held my cock in my hand and stood simply. After a few seconds she removed the file from her face and looked at my cock. It was dancing and drooling. I gave slow loving stroke and it throbbed more. She said "sir – what are you doing". I remained quiet but did not stop stroking my cock. She then turned and went to the other side of the rack.

I was now brought down to earth. What I had done was a serious matter. One word from her to her officer or to the staff union will bring severe punishment to me and will even end my job. I am known as a sincere officer and always earned appreciation from my bosses in my job performance. But my good record will not save me from punishment for such indecent acts. So with that fear my erection went away and I started to feel very much uncomfortable. I quickly dressed properly. I came to her side of the rack.

She was verifying the files and she looked at me. I looked at her pathetically and tired to say something but could not find my voice. In a very weak voice I said "D – please forgive me – and please do not report this to management or union". She said "I will not do like that – please leave it". Then she said "sir – this side is over – shall we do the other records after lunch". I noticed it was lunch time and said "yes – enough for now – we will do again after lunch".

We both had brought our luch boxes. There were many old furnitures and we set a table and two chairs and started to have lunch. We talked on general matters for sometime but my fear over my act with her was still inside me and so I said "I hope you have really pardoned me". She said "it is okay – but I was quite shocked and surprised to see what you did – I always know you as a very nice person and an able officer – so I did not expect it from you ". I lamely said "I am sorry - I could not control myself – I had to release the pressure". She smiled and softly asked "why so much pressure suddenly came to you – is it because your wife is not there in house or there is some quarrel between you and her". (In Tamil she said "enna avvalavu aasai dhideernu ungalukku vandhidichu – unga wife oorla illayaa – illaatti avangakooda edhavadhu sandayaa". I also smiled and said "she is there very much – but your nearness gave the pressure and I could not tolerate it". I said in Tamil "illai – ava irukka – aana nee ennoda pakkathile ninnadhum enakku thaangamudiyadha soodu kilambittadhu".) She blushed and smiled at my words but did not say anything further.

We finished our lunch and then we first neatly bundled those files which we wanted to preserve and kept these bundles away. We then resumed our verification work on racks.

This time we stood very close to each other and did the work. So practically her balls and buttocks were in my eyes and manytimes my hands brushed her body. So soon I reached the height of my excitement. I started to purposely touch her hip or thighs. Though I was temped to squeeze her bums I was also afraid and did not to it but I looked for some sign from her. Though I was constantly giving her signals of my disire, she did not show any positive response. I could not tolerate it anymore and my erection inside my clothes was giving me pain. So without saying anything I suddenly went to otherside of the rack where we were working. I dropped my pant and underwear and started to masturbate giving soft moans of ecstacy. But I did not beat faster and gave only slow gentle strokes.

A minute later she came to my side. She saw with a smile what I was doing. I did not stop my act and said lamely "please excuse me – I am not able to bear the pressure – I will finish this in a minute and then I can concentrate on the job".

She gently said "you need not do it – come – I will satisfy you". I was stunned by her words. I had not expected her to speak like that and so I asked here with disbeleif "what are you saying". She said "come – let us do it". I was thrilled and gave her a big grin. I opened my arms and she came and stood closer to me. I embraced her and gave a wild kiss in her lips. With great amount of pleasure I murmurred "D – you are really a gem". I pulled down the top portion of her sari and her big balls were jutting behind her bodice. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them very hard. She smiled and said "why so much hurry – I will not run away anywhere". I laughed and reduced my grip and slowly squeezed her balls for sometime. She caught my cock in her hand and gently rubbed it inceasing my pleasure.

Now I simply moved my hands to the place where my heart really was. I gripped both her buttocks and squeezed as if I wanted to burst her flesh. The feel of her warm soft buttocks in my hands drove me into a frenzy and I just crushed them like anything. Her buttocks were more than what my hands could grab and I started to grip and roll them. Her one hand was stroking my cock. With another hand she opened the buttons of her bodice and said "you unfasten the bra hook on my back". I did so and her tits came out of her bra. They were really big, white in color and the nipples were nicely in shape and rose colored. I bent and mouthed one nipple and sucked and chewed it. The other tit I gripped and massaged.

While I had came to the other side of the shelves to masturbate I was at the height of my passion by looking at her body. Then my slow masturbation had increased it and I was very near ejaculation. Now the touch and feel of her body was sufficient for me to come to climax point. So with a will I controlled myself and said "D – I cannot hold my water any longer – come – come -I should do it without loss of time". In Tamil I sai "D- enakku thanni vandhachchu – ini thaangaadhu – udane senjaaganum - vaa – vaa".

She said "alright sir" and moved away from me. She asked "shall I lie down here". The floor was very dusty and so I said "no – floor is dirty – please wait". There were many wooden tables and I pulled one and said "you lie down on it". The table was also quite dirty and she said "I will lean on it". She lifted her sari and petticoat and turning and showing her buttocks to me she leaned keeping her hands on the table. She wore a panty and I pulled it down to her knees. I could not help but smile by looking at the huge size of her panty. Now her buxoms buttocks were in my full view and I simply went ecstatic. I bent and kissed her bums repeatedly. Her buttocks were also fair colored and their massiveness filled my eyes. Beneath her buttocks her cunt was visible. It was also big and covered with dark hair. I wanted to push my dancing cock inside her cunt. But I hesitated because she was a ripe woman. So I gripped her bums and pulled them apart exposing her round asshole. Her asshole was reddish. I again bent and deeply smelt her asshole. I kissed her asshole and again smelt it. It had the peculiar shitty but stimulating smell and I deeply inhaled it filling my lungs with the shit smell and I could not tolerate any longer. I simply pushed my cock inside her asshole and deeply shoved it inside. I let go of her bumcheeks and catching hold of her hips I started to butt-fuck her. She heaved and humped giving a nice and tight grip to my cock inside her anus to give me good friction and the softness and heat of her anus was quite enthralling to me. I felt very wonderful and broadly grinned in extreme pleasure.

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