Marie Accepts Her Needs

by SplendidSpunk

Copyright© 2011 by SplendidSpunk

BDSM Sex Story: Young woman searched for something more, and finds it

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

(As in most of my stories Marie is a real person and I've tried to represent her fantasy. She is a drop dead gorgeous blond with a body to die for. I chatted with her long enough to know she is a sweet and caring woman with a strong sex drive. Those of you lucky enough to be in the UK and meet her will want her, be you a woman or a man. I hope you enjoy her fantasy and like me wonder if she has really experienced it.)

For weeks, months, maybe even years, I've known that I was missing something in my life. Something was always there interrupting my dreams, touching at the edge of my awareness. Yet for the most part I've lived and loved and assumed I was as happy as anyone I knew. Yeah, I was still chasing the dreams we all have, security, the right person to share with, a nice place to live and a great tan all year round.

I am not an egocentric type so when I tell you I am a fairly attractive blond, I am merely relating what I've been told over and over. Personally I think I'm average and take little effort to style my hair, often it looks like I've been in a strong wind, and when I lazily chose to wear my glasses I often get the "librarian" comments. I think my body may be considered above average and perhaps that lies at the root of my issue. I have what many of my former lovers would say more then a fucking handful for tits and my nipples are sensitive and when toyed with make my pussy drip. My legs are well formed and I love it whenever a lover allows me to wrap them around their head and pull their faces tight to my smooth shaved pussy. Lest I get pigeon holed as some lesbian, let me say that a tongue is a tongue but a cock is singularly more pleasurable then the various and sundry imitations I've tried when a hot hard one wasn't available.

Having said all that I hope you will still see that I am a normal woman with a fair appetite for sex. Yet, no matter how good the tongue, nor how long and hard the cock I was always thinking after, can't there be more. I considered the threesome and discarded it immediately. One lover was tough enough to keep emotionally happy and two, well two would be too many egos in the room. After all I wanted something more from sex, not someone else to convince it was great. I mean if I was having trouble thinking it was great, who was I to convince others.

I'd been trolling the Internet looking at various adult sites, trying to imagine myself in all of them. When after a few weeks of intermittently surfing the adult options I found myself leaning towards those with 'sticks and stones' I thought maybe that was my missing link. A lot more thought and some further investigation (trust me spanking yourself won't tell you anything) I began to look for a way to try this. I was a bit embarrassed to consider a boyfriend to confide in, not that I had one at the moment. I didn't think another woman was the answer, as I generally preferred woman for their softness and sensuality. I also didn't want to be someone who 'paid' for her thrills either. After all wasn't that something men did? At least here in the UK it was, I can only assume men are men no matter where they are.

So I began looking at those sites that acted like a dating service, where people with all sorts of needs look for like-minded people to match up. I noticed an ad looking for someone new, someone who wanted to be disciplined but who had not yet dipped their toe in, so to speak. I made a note of the e-mail address but did nothing for a few weeks, other then to go back and see if the ad was still there. When I found myself using my own nimble fingers night after night getting sticky as my pussy oozed on them as my mind imagined myself answering the ad, my orgasms came hard and fast.

Finally I set up an e-mail account on one of the free sites as 'first timer' at something or other dot com and sent this message.

"I have given this a good deal of thought and I still can not say this is for me, I've never done this before but I keep coming back to this ad and to this idea. If you are willing I'd like to know more. – Marie."

I hit the send button then realized I'd used my own first name, dummy! I can't tell you how disappointed I was to check that e-mail account and see nothing for almost two weeks. When a response showed up one night it took me forever to open it, afraid of both rejection and acceptance. The message was brief.

"Marie if you still want to submit yourself to me then send me a one word reply of 'Yes', if not then good-bye. I will give you instructions in response to your yes, but will answer no further questions – James."

I hit reply and froze. My fingers would not move to the 'Y' much less the "e" and the "s" button. It took an hour before I was able to type that one word and another to hit the send button. If I'd known it would take James another week to reply I might have changed my mind. His reply was very detailed.

"You are to be at 222 Oak Street at exactly 8PM tomorrow night. Do not be early. Do not be late. If you fail to show, do not contact me again. You will wear stockings and a garter belt, no pantyhose. Your heels should be at least four inches in height, higher would be better. You will wear a simple dress with no underwear. Please make sure that your make up is not overdone and that your hair is neat and clean. Expect to stay the night, unless you are rejected as un-trainable."

The night moved very slowly for me as I debated how far I wanted to take this thing. While I debated I looked at my clothes and decided I'd at least need to go purchase the hose and garter. I was satisfied with a dress I had and the make up and hair were no problem. The shoes would need to be purchased. I'd spent so much time thinking and debating I didn't realize how late it was and I headed for bed. As I pondered what I'd need to buy tomorrow and how long it would take me to get to Oak Street my fingers were buried once again in my wet pussy. When I realized how wet I was and how needy I felt I knew I'd be at the right address in the right clothes tomorrow night. My only worry was if I would stay the night or be dismissed.

The next morning I was a calm and determined young woman. Well I was a lot calmer after masturbating again that morning. Now that I'd made the decision to go tonight, I was eager and excited. I needed to pick up the shoes, garter and hose and so after a quick breakfast I headed out. The note said at least a four-inch heel, but indicted the higher the better so I started my shopping with the shoes. If, you're a woman then you know what it takes to find the right shoe, if you're a guy holding your cock right now waiting for the good parts, then, well never mind you'd never understand it. Shoes for me have to match me, not just fit and look right, their soul and mine must be in alignment. It took a few hours but I found a pair of five and a half inch stiletto heels. They were black, which would work well with the red dress I knew I'd be wearing.

Pleased with myself in finding the right shoes, I headed to an upper crust woman's lingerie store and selected a lacy red garter belt that I knew would frame my pussy and make my ass look like desert. I selected a light black shade of hose and satisfied that I had everything I needed I had some lunch and used that time to broadcast a text message to my closest friends that I'd be unavailable that night and maybe through the weekend. I was hopeful that I'd not only impress James and stay the night I might be permitted to stay though Sunday. In my mind, having made the decision, I knew that this was something I could do, something I wanted to do.

It was a little after three when I made it back to my place. The time for going to Oak Street neared and I found my sexual needs rising. I elected to take a bath, a long hot bath in scented oils and allow my skin to absorb the fragrances and at the same time my I could relax and ponder what I was about to enter into. I knew the likelihood existed where I would leave of my own accord as soon as James spanked me harder then I was imagining. After all I had no idea what lever of pain I could endure or as the experienced submissive says on line, convert to pleasure. Nevertheless as I soaked in the bath and my hands talked to my swollen hard nipples and my achingly wet and ready pussy I pondered the possibilities.

Emerging from the bath I felt great, the orgasm my hand had given me combined with the fragrance of the bath oils left me feeling ready and I strolled naked to my kitchen for a small bite to eat, not knowing what I would or would not be offered later. Then I knew it was time to prepare and I was eager to don my outfit and become the sub looking for discipline. Getting dressed was never I mean never, this erotic for me. Sitting naked on the edge of my bed and facing the mirror on my closet door, I rolled first one then the other stocking over the smooth soft skin of my legs. As my hands brushed my upper thigh I could feel my hairless smooth pussy shudder in hopes of a return engagement from my hands. Strapping the red lacy garter about my waist and then slipping the stocking to it, I knew I needed to put on my shoes before I stood to see the effect of the stockings and garter. Slipping on the shoes I felt at one with the leather and closed my eyes to just enjoy the feel of them. As I stood a bit unsteadily at first from the height of the heels I waited to feel comfortable at that height then opened my eyes.

When I looked into the mirror and saw how sexy my pussy looked framed by the garter and stockings only the swollen lips of my slit showing, how my legs looked in the heels, my nipples got erect and hard in a flash and I could feel a dampness between my legs. I liked the girl in the mirror and I wanted to fuck her, she was so hot. My eyes fixed on my pubic mound smooth and promising of delight below. I knew if I didn't move, I might end up with myself in bed, again, and so I pushed myself to grab the dress and slid it on. It was as requested a sensible dress though by no means was it dull and ordinary. It came to mid thigh, below the top of the garter but enough of my thighs showed to make me pleased. The neckline was as modest as I had but with the size of my tits and the way my nipples insisted on protruding the modest had to be a relative term I loved the way my tits came together just above the dress forming that tender valley between them and in my mind pointing to the true treasure between my legs.

As I looked at the total picture I saw a housewife on her way from work, except for the shoes and the way my hard erect nipples pushed at the thin fabric. The shoes told anyone looking closely that this woman was so much more, that she was on her way somewhere and nothing would stop her. The nipples popping though the dress would tell you so much more about where I was headed. Yet I felt the need for a necklace to complete the look. I had lots of inexpensive neck chains and selected one that hung just to the onset of my cleavage, just when the very top edges of my tits formed the pathway that led between them. I knew that by their size my breasts would draw a number of eyes but I still clipped on an inexpensive necklace that came to just the top of that tunnel. I guess I always wanted something to bring a stranger's eyes where they wanted to go. Like most women I felt I needed a bit of jewelry and with the silver colored necklace I felt complete.

Looking at the clock I knew I needed to be moving, I hadn't realized what an ego trip just getting dressed would be. I drove across town and found Oak Street and parking available close to the house numbered 222. It was still a few minutes early so recalling the message and knowing not to be early or late, I sat quietly just watching the clock on my cell. When it clicked to 7:59, I shut it down and put it in the glove box, stepped from the car and carrying only the car key walked to the door of 222 Oak Street and knocked. There was a slight breeze in the night air and I could feel it on my legs and working its way to my bare ass under the dress. It felt like forever before the door opened but when it did I was surprised to see that James was an older man, not a doting old man, but certainly one in his late fifties if not into his early sixties. He was dressed in black slacks and a white cotton shirt. He wore slip on leather shoes and was otherwise unremarkable. He was handsome for an older man and he looked fit.

As I stood their wondering about James age my pussy twitched and a buzz reminded me of how hard my nipples were. Then James said.

"You must be Marie step into the parlor."

He turned to the side to let me pass and my feet moved to obey while my mind still pondered being with an older man. I heard James close the door and was relieved not to hear any locks set. I'd still not said anything when James spoke again.

"Marie, you've asked me to take you on, for a try at least, as my submissive. I believe you want to have a real taste of the lifestyle, the discipline the obedience, the giving up of choice on your part. Is this how you feel?"

I quickly re-examined all that had brought me here and I said.

"Yes, I think so."

"Well soon you will have a choice, the door you came in through will always allow you to exit if that's is what you chose. You may put your keys in this bowl her right next to that exit door. The door in front of us will take you inside and will be the first step in your journey. If you chose the first door, I give you credit for getting this far, if you chose the second door then let me tell you some of what you can expect."

Somehow his giving me the choice to leave made me more determined to stay, but I was still intelligent, not thinking with my pussy but with my brain and I paid attention to what James was saying as I put my keys down where he'd indicated.

"If you chose to enter my domain, you will leave behind you your own needs wants and desires. For as long as you are in my house you are but another of my possessions and subject to my wishes alone. This involves sex. You will be used according to my desires and not yours. You will subject yourself to my whims and you will look to me for permission for anything and everything that you do."

He paused to let me absorb his words and when I nodded he continued.

"Inside my house there is no nodding, unless your mouth is full of cock or pussy. You will always respond politely and you will always address me as Sir. You will always thank me for anything and everything. If I chose to fuck you or spank you, feed you or let my others subs use and abuse you, you will thank me and consider that granting my desires a gift to me from you."

This was a bit more then I'd imagined and never once had I assumed I would be the toy of more then one person. Yet, my pussy seemed on board with it as it was now leaking its juices down my thigh so I said.

"Yes, Sir. Thank You Sir."

James smiled then and said.

"If you are ready please make your choice."

I briefly looked back at the door I'd entered and then moved towards the inner door, the one that would lead me to what I hoped was what would fulfill me and end that emptiness I felt. James opened the door and I stepped into my role and his front room.

I almost gasped when I saw that the walls of this room were covered in mirrors and I could see James walking in behind me carrying a wide short leather belt. I could see all of me in the mirrors even my ass as I stood in the center of the room, waiting for instructions. When James smacked my ass lightly with his belt I did gasp and moved a step away.

"Stand still Marie. I gave you specific instructions on your dress tonight and to show up having ignored my instructions is something you will never do again."

I had stepped back to the center of the room as the belt struck my ass again, this time a bit harder. I dared not move again but said.

"Sorry, Sir. I thought I'd worn the clothing you'd asked for!"

This time there were two quick swats on my ass and James said.

"Marie! Are you questioning me?"

"No, sir. I don't understand."

Another two swats landed on my now tingling ass. I can't say they hurt me physically but my mind was racing to understand what I'd done wrong.

"Marie, what do you have on?"

His question was followed by a series of swats, moving from ass cheek to ass cheek and my mind tried to recall what I might have done. Just as the swats were becoming harsher I blurted out.

"Sir, the necklace! I apologize Sir."

A couple of final swats and James said.

"A good sub is always obedient. She must listen and obey. She is never to do more or less then her Master requires. Now remove that necklace and drop it to the floor."

My hands fumbled in my haste to unclasp the cheap chain about my neck and my ass was swatted continuously while I worked. Finally the chin dropped and James said.

"Very good Marie. Now turn to me and lift your skirt."

I'd easily slipped into my role. I'd made a mistake with the necklace but I was determined to be the obedient sub. I turned to James and lifted the hem of my dress exposing my garter-framed pussy.

"Very good Marie. I see you do not have pubic hair, that's very nice. Very good now drop the dress and turn back around."

I obeyed and stood looking into the mirrors watching James as he moved around me, examining me from every angle. The stinging in my ass subsided and my pussy was wet, I could feel my juices as they oozed from my wet slit onto my thighs. When James was in front of me he slipped his hand under my dress and found my pussy. Fingering me lightly he said.

"I see you are pleased so far. I will take this time to remind you that even your orgasms will come only with my blessings. Now place your feet under your shoulders."

I moved my feet slightly apart as James wiped his sticky fingers on my upper lip causing my own scent to permeate my head. Breathing the scent of my own sex was as exhilarating as it was humiliating when his hand when it pulled those juices from my cunt. As I stood breathing my sex James commanded.

"Marie unzip your dress and let it drop to the floor."

I reached behind me and lowered the zipper then shrugged my shoulders until my dress puddle at my feet. I was about to step out of that puddle of clothing when the belt once again landed upon my ass.

"I did not ask you to move Marie. Are you completely un-trainable?"

"No Sir."

I could not say any more as the belt pelted my now naked ass again and again. By the time James had stopped I could see in the mirror how red my cheeks were. The wide leather had not left any welts or streaks but my two ass cheeks were rosy. Then James walked from the room. I remained standing naked with my dress pooled at my feet not know what to do but knew already that if James had wanted me to follow he would have said so. An eternity passed before I heard footsteps coming towards me. They were soft and were not James' and my eyes looked in the direction of the sound and soon a woman emerged.

She was completely naked, not even shoes on her feet. She was slender and very beautiful, dark where I was light, her hair long and flowing her breasts almost as large as mine but pierced with rings through her nipples. Her pussy was covered in dark pubic hair and she walked with her feet apart leaving her pussy open. I could see her the lips of her cunt hanging beneath her pubic mound and was very aroused by her. I watched her come into the room and walk right up to me her nipples only a hair's length from mine. She looked deep into my eyes and said.

"Marie! My name is Michelle. I am James's. You are to come with me."

Then she turned and walked back the way she'd come and without hesitation I stepped from the pool of dress at my feet and followed her. As she led me up the stairs I could not help but stare at her naked ass, it was beautiful, round and firm and with her legs always apart as she walked I could see both her asshole and her pussy slit. Without thought I imitated her walk assuming it was what James would want from his sub. As I did the idea that I was even more exposed this way pleased me.

Michelle silently led me into a large tiled bath. Then she pointed to a chair in the middle of the room and indicated I should sit. Then she knelt in front of me and slid my shoes off. She then reached up and unsnapped the stocking on my left leg and carefully rolled the material down and off my leg, setting it gently into my left shoe. Her touch was as light as a feather but I felt it in my pussy and reacted with a soft groan as Michelle repeated the process with my right leg. She then indicated I should stand and she unsnapped the garter belt and laid it next to my shoes. Then she led me into a large shower and after setting the water temperature she took a soft cloth and washed me. It was a very sensual wash, her hands gently touching and cleaning me everywhere. When she washed my breasts my nipples ached for her touch. When she washed my legs I waited for her hand to reach my pussy. When finally she used her cloth-covered hands at my cunt, I wanted to cum, but she said.

"Marie, control yourself, the Master is watching and has not given you permission to cum, nor has he given permission for me to make you cum. His discipline will encompass us both."

I held back and tried to ignore the feeling of her hands in my crotch as they cleaned both of my holes. It wasn't easy, especially knowing that James was watching, but I found Michele so attractive that the thought of her being disciplined for my failures gave me the strength to do so. We soon stepped from the shower and she dried me, then clipped my garter back in place, had me sit again and with the same sensuous movements slid my stockings back up my legs. As she fastened the clips and slid my shoes on I was struggling to maintain my composure.

"Master insists on his sluts cleanliness, Marie. As long as you remain with Master you are his slut and must obey his desires."

"Yes. I understand. Are you also my Mistress, should I call you that or what?"

"I am but another slut and like this you may use my name. If we are both with the Master you will refer to me as slut. As I will with you. Now come Marie it's time for you to become that slut."

I nodded and followed her back down the stairs and then down another staircase to the basement. I kept my legs apart as she did and felt a mild sense of accomplishment as I stepped into the room. As I gazed at the various equipment staged about the basement room I heard Michele turn and go back up the stairs leaving me I alone. I stood again in the center of the room and as I waited for James to arrive I could not help but wonder at the devices I saw and how they might be used. A small tremor of fear found a home in my stomach as I imagined myself having those devices used on me, not knowing for sure exactly how they would be used but knowing they would.

I thought about the term slut and what it had always meant to me, and how I 'd used it for girls I knew who fucked around. I realized that turning over my body and my mind to James and giving up my own desires that I was truly a slut and the thought pleased me. I wanted to be used if that's what it took for me to feel complete. I hoped I'd made the right choice and that this life, as someone's slut was what I needed. It was comforting to know that this was just a night maybe a weekend if I was good and it was what I was looking for then maybe there's be more. If not, well I was not a virgin and there was little I had not done in my life. Then James came in still holding the wide leather belt and all I could do now was hope I was right.

He said nothing as he placed cuffs on my wrists then attached them to a thick chain. Then he moved to the wall and winched the chain up, bringing my arms up over my head until I was only able to keep the toes of my shoes on the ground. The fear in my gut grew a little.

He used the wide belt on my ass a few time then used it on my tits. The pain was real and my tits screamed in my brain from the attack but I bit my lip to remain quiet. James was still and let me conquer this pain then he said.

"It's time to learn about my new slut. I will not accept lies or evasion and you will answer my question without hesitation and without edit. Do you understand me slut?"

"Yes Sir."

I blurted it out without thought, knowing any delay would bring the belt upon me but more importantly it would show my failure to be obedient.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

"Sir, I was fourteen."

I felt good responding without pause and remembering to call him Sir.

"Tell me about it slut."

"Sir, it was a boy I knew from school. His name was Bill. He and I were doing a lot of kissing and touching for weeks it seems and one night when Bill and I met he had some beer. I let him touch my breasts under my shirt and it felt so good that when his other hand slipped inside my pants I allowed that too. I will not say it was the beer, I believe I wanted what was happening. He managed to remove my blouse and bra and was sucking on my nipples and I loved it. I don't recall Bill removing my panties from under my skirt and never noticed that Bill was naked until I felt him move on top of me and felt his dick on my vagina. Still I didn't try to stop him, even when he pushed all the way in and his hard dick filled me."

As I spoke James was touching me and rubbing my body everywhere but where I wanted. He rubbed my arms and shoulders, my legs, my belly but stayed away from my tits and crotch.

"It was over fairly quickly, Sir. Bill stoked in and out once or twice then came. He got up and we left."

"Did he fuck you again?"

"Yes, Sir. Bill fucked me a couple more times then I think he grew tired of me and stopped calling."

"Did you enjoy his fucking, slut?"

"Sir, at the time I didn't know any better and thought it was exciting. I later learned that it hadn't been very good at all."

"Tell me you took another lover."

I found it interesting his choice of lover, because my second experience was with my cousin Alice. I replied.

"It was about a year later Sir. I was fifteen by then."

James was now fondling my tits.

"Tell me."

"Sir, it was with a woman, or girl. Alice, my cousin and I were very close at that time and one night we'd found some weed in her brother's room and snuck a joint. We got very high and I told her about Bill and how he's fucked me a couple of times and then left. Alice asked if I'd had an orgasm and I guess the confused look on my face told her I hadn't. She insisted I experience it and had me strip naked. She did too and although we'd seen each other any number of times naked being stoned made me look at her differently. She's a small girl with reddish hair and tiny tits. She took me to her bed and she first kissed me and maybe it was the grass but I enjoyed it and kissed her back. Then she played with my body eventually using her tongue on my pussy and made me cum."

James was now pulling on my nipples as I told my story and it was very hard for me to concentrate. He asked.

"Did you return the favor to Alice?"

"Yes, Sir."

James pulled and twisted both nipples hard and I realized he wanted more.

"Yes, Sir. I used my tongue on Alice and my hands on her tits. I enjoyed tasting her as much as I enjoyed how she'd tasted me. We did each other many times that night and frequently got together for more then a year to repeat it."

Still pulling and now pinching my nipples I groaned at the pain and felt my pussy calling me.

"So was it all girls and women for you then?"

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