Getting Caught

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My brother and I got caught peeping at our next door neighbors as they sunned by their pool and she slowly stroked him in the warm sun. We didn't get punished, it turned out to be much more a reward than anything.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Lisa and I've never written anything for these kinds of websites although my brother and I have read quite a few. So, if my English isn't perfect, please be nice about it, I'm trying.

So, how to start? At the beginning, I guess, at least the beginning of the situation with my brother and me with our new neighbors, Steve and Sandra.

As I said, I'm Lisa and I'm fourteen, I'll be in high school in the fall. Most of these stories tell you what the people look like, I'm five foot-two with long blond hair, usually in a ponytail. The guys reading this will want to know that I'm considered quite pretty and my measurements are 34B-22-34 and I weigh one hundred and ten pounds. Yeah, you guys would like me, I look great in a bikini. I guess even better in nothing at all.

Now my brother, Kenny, he's two years older, sixteen and will be a junior in the fall. He's really cute, well, handsome, I guess, more these days, stands five feet-ten, has streaky blond hair, isn't really athletic but has some nice muscles and, well, he looks pretty good in his swim trunks and that's his sister saying it.

The two other people, the ones that moved in about a month before this all began, they're Sandra, I now know she's twenty-four, stands at five-five, has curly blond hair and is 36B-24-36, weighing about one-twenty. She looks terrific naked but I'll get to that in a minute.

Steve, well, Steve is twenty-six, six-one, has brown hair and has a beautiful, long, thick cock. You'll soon find out how I know that but, to finish up, they are both shaved in their pubic area. I am, myself but my brother isn't. Well, wasn't, he is now. You may wonder how his little sister knows this, well, that's coming, too.

So, here's how this started.

My brother and I have always been close and have talked about all kinds of things. As we've become teens, of course, some of that has been about boys and girls and sex.

We did some show and tell when I was eight or nine, looking at each other's genitals, the typical stuff, and even played with each other some after that. That began to change about two years ago when I began sprouting boobs and Kenny was fascinated by them almost as much as I was. I loved having boobs, I loved showing them to Kenny, I loved how he loved them.

When he first sucked them, well, can you women remember the first lips to suck your nipples? Oh, it was the best. He was attached to my boobs a lot after that. I loved it. I was also now giving him handjobs which I loved.

When I made his cum first spurt out the end of his dick, well, I knew he was in for a lot of stroking from his sister. I quickly had him masturbating me and then it was only months before we were doing oral like so many kids we knew.

We would have been fucking, I'm sure, if I'd been on the pill but we were both just deathly afraid of me getting pregnant. So, it kept us, like a lot of our friends, at the oral stage, not that that is so bad, it's really pretty wonderful.

So, we were very sexually involved with each other, very happy with it, loved loving each other's bodies, just relishing in the physical sex we were having.

We often spent our summer days naked in the house, just enjoying our sexuality together, there was no embarrassment or shame or shyness between us. It was wonderful.

We did have new neighbors, a young married couple, Steve and Sandra, who we met when they moved in. They had our parents and us over after they were in a few weeks. They're a really handsome couple, really nice.

Then a few months later, during the summer, Kenny came in my room, I figured he was looking for some sex with his little sister but I was wrong.

"Hurry, come on, wait 'til I show you what I've been looking at, come on," and he pulled me up off my bed by the hand and I followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen where he stopped.

"Now, you've got to be quiet so they don't hear us. Quiet, okay?"

I nodded and we went outside and I followed him over to the hedges that separated our yard from Steve and Sandra's.

He pointed and I looked.

There they were, laying out in the sun next to their pool on a blanket ... naked. Her hand was over slowly stroking his dick as they lay there with his hand on her bare boob.

They were beautiful, just beautiful. We had seen them, of course, but now, naked, well they were stunning. And, oh, so sexy.

Kenny had his hand on my boob up under my teeshirt as we watched. Oh, I was so wet watching them, then she moved, got up on her knees and took his dick in her mouth to suck, her butt facing us showing us her pussy glinting in the sun between her thighs.

Kenny leaned in to get a better view.

"What are you two doing?" Steve's voice called out. Sandra raised up and looked over our way.

"I know you two are there, I saw you both move. Kenny, Lisa, come around and in the gate. Right now. I mean it."

"Oh, shit, Lise, they've seen us. What do we do?" my brother whispered.

"We go over there. What else? They can tell our parents we were spying on them."

So, we both slowly went around and came through the gate into their backyard.

"Over here, come over here," he said and we both slowly walked over to them on the blanket.

I couldn't believe it but they just sat there looking at us as we walked toward them, still naked, not trying to cover themselves, I was so nervous and so turned-on, it was crazy.

"So, you two get a good eyeful?" Sandra asked.

"Well, uh, we ... well, I saw you and got Lisa to come look, it was really my fault," my brother owned-up.

"And you watched Sandra giving me head?"

"Uh, yeah, kind of, yeah," Kenny told them.

"You two want to watch me finish sucking him off?" Sandra asked.

We both just stood there. I mean what would you have said?

"Well? You wanted to see. Do you still? My poor guy is still horny because you interrupted a nice blowjob I was giving him. Look at his poor cock, all hard and ready, so horny," she said as she lifted his dick in her hand.

"Um, yeah, okay," my brother said.

"Well, if you're gonna watch, then you've got to get naked like we are, go ahead," Sandra said.

I looked at Kenny and he looked at me, then he started pulling off his teeshirt. I guess we were getting naked with our next door neighbors. My brother was soon standing there with his long cock sticking out as I slowly began taking off my shirt. I guess it was time to get naked. I wasn't wearing a bra underneath, I usually didn't when we were home alone, Kenny often wanted to see and play with my boobs and, well, I loved it when he did.

So, I slid off my shorts and panties and stepped out of them now all of us naked in the bright, warm sun of the afternoon.

"Go ahead, sit down," she said and then got up on her knees, bent over her husband's cock and took it in to suck.

It was fascinating to watch her, holding the long part, twisting her head around as she sucked the end. Then, she shifted over and swung a leg up over him and lowered her pussy down as he began eating her out.

Kenny and I often did the same thing but watching someone else do it, especially a beautiful pair like they were, it was so, so sexy. I soon had my hand between my thighs rubbing as my brother slowly stroked as he watched.

They went at each other, so hot, so sexy, I finally moved over to Kenny and stroked his cock for him as he fingered me while we watched. I think much of our nervousness was now replaced with sexual arousal, you just don't sit idly by watching a couple giving each other oral sex and just wonder about tomorrow's weather.

They were both moaning, the sun shining down, a little perspiration on each of them, then Sandra began to buck up and down over her husband's face. I knew she was close, I'd been there many times myself. Then she raised up off him, crying, "Oh, god, I'm cumming, more, Steve, mmm, more," and she was jacking his dick as she licks all around the top as he started spurting his white cum up onto her face and mouth as she dropped down to suck the rest.

Kenny rolled me over and got up over me to drop his head down between my legs as I gripped his dick and began sucking. We were in a sexual frenzy at that point, I don't think either of us was really thinking about what we were doing except for just doing it.

We were much more wound-up than usual, we just attacked each other and were soon getting each other off and just fell on each other at the end exhausted and happy.

"Well, you two seem to know each other better than many brothers and sisters," Sandra said.

Kenny had moved off me and replied for us both, "Well, yeah, I guess that's true. You'll keep this just between us, right?"

"Oh, don't worry, guys," Steve replied, "we think we'll all get along just great together. We already have been like this, naked and having fun together."

"Yes, I think the four of us could have lots of fun together if we wanted to." Sandra added. "Kind of grown-up fun, if you know what I mean."

Kenny looked at me when she said that and I shrugged my shoulders not knowing exactly what they had in mind though I was wise enough to know it was all about sex.

"Why don't you two tell us how far you've gotten with each other. Are you fucking?" Steve asked.

"Oh, I wish," Kenny replied, "Lisa's not on the pill and there's just no way we'll risk her getting knocked-up. No way."

"There are ways to prevent that, you know," said Sandra, "There's spermicidal gels, condoms, a sponge-thingy you put inside, for a few. These you can get at a drug store."

"Well, we've talked about it, I'm fourteen now and, well, we've been doing oral for quite a while and we both kind of want to have regular sex but I just wasn't sure about condoms," I told them.

"Well, when I started about your age, I used the spermicide stuff. Worked fine, in fact I have some, still use it with my diaphragm. I'll get it if you two want to have sex, if you think you're ready to fuck each other."

Well. There it was. I looked at Kenny, he looked at me and said, "Well, it's really up to Lisa. She's younger and the girl, I'd love to, I've wanted to for a long time now, but if she wants to wait, it's okay."

What a brother, no wonder I love him.

"Could you get it? I think I want to do it," I said softly as Kenny grabbed me and kissed me over and over.

Sandra got up and went in the house as Steve got some cushions down on the ground. I was fascinated watching him, his cock, larger, thicker than my brother's, the only one I really knew until then, as it swung back and forth while he got the cushions ready.

His cock was a darker color than Kenny's which was light pinkish; Steve's was darker, a brownish shade, no doubt from sunning naked. But it was beautiful. Watching it was the first time I'd thought about another man or boy other than my brother. The idea of Steve putting his big cock inside me was making me almost as excited as my upcoming deflowering by my brother.

Sandra came back out with the tube and had me lay down as she used the applicator up inside me. It seemed a little clinical until my brother got down in front of me, kneeling between my legs and took his cock right up to me and pushed it against me.

Chapter 2

The stuff Sandra had used was slippery and Kenny pushed as I held steady. I felt a tightness as I was sure he was going inside.

"Is it in?" I asked.

"No, not yet," I heard as he pushed more. Then, I knew something happened because there was a wince of pain followed by a feeling of tightness and fullness.

"It's in, Sis, you okay?"

I nodded and he began moving slowly, carefully back and forth.

"Mmm, oh, this feels so good," he groaned, "is it good?"

"Yeah, okay, pretty good," I said, hoping it wouldn't disappoint him. Then, as he went on, moving in and out, it began to feel better and better. I lifted my legs up as he began to probe me deeper and deeper.

"Oh, yeah, that's better, mmm, a lot better."

And it was feeling better, lots better. Soon, wonderful, actually, as I began moving under him, relishing in this new and wondrous pleasure we were having. Oh, yes, this was just perfect, I thought, I'm so glad we're doing this.

"You two look so beautiful, so hot together," Sandra said. "I'm so glad we're doing this. And all it took was my tube of spermicide."

Kenny's dick felt so good inside me sliding back and forth. Oh, as wonderful as oral sex has been, this was better, lots better. I knew we'd be doing this a lot. And it was really sexy to be with Sandra and Steve, to have them watching us as we had our first time fucking.

"I can see why the two of you were attracted to each other, you're both really very attractive and, Lisa, your boobs are so nice, all puffy and pink. I envy you two," Steve said as my brother stroked his wonderful cock in and out of me.

They were watching us but they were also enjoying each other as well, Steve rubbing his fingers on her pussy as she sat there, legs open, her fist stroking his cock as we made love in front of them. I never thought I could feel so sexy but this was doing it.

What I was feeling was incredible. I'd always heard about sex, fucking, how good it was but, now, actually doing it, oh, wow, it was so good. And all because of this tube of stuff that you can get at the drugstore, the same thing Sandra had used when she was my age. Well, I knew that my brother and I would be doing this every day from now on. Well, except for my periods, we already got around those by me sucking him.

I pulled my legs up to my chest as I looked down to watch with fascination as my brother's dick rose and fell in and out of me, each stroke feeling better than the last.

"Oh, Sis, this is incredible. It feels so good. Does it to you?"

"Wonderful, yes, oh, wonderful, thanks Sandra, for the stuff, that sperm-killer stuff. You're sure this woks, right?"

"Did for me, it's been around for a long time and if it didn't work, I think they would have been sued by lots of pissed-off mothers."

We all laughed at that.

Kenny was now going even deeper inside me and it was feeling so good. Being outside in the warm sunshine gave it all a sexy, erotic feel and soon I was squirming under him, moaning and close to cumming.

"Mmm, oh, Kenny, it feels so good, I'm really close, are you?"

"Yeah, pretty much, I ... uh, uh, UH, UH, um, mmm," he groaned as he pushed hard into me.

I raised my hips up to take him in as much as I could as his cum throbbed into me.

"Oh, Kenny, oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, UH, uh, mmm," I cried as I was immersed in the most beautiful feelings I'd ever felt, it was just glorious.

"Oh, Lisa, we did it together, we cummed at the same time. That was awesome."

I pulled him to me and we kissed over and over as the feelings went on and on.

"That was beautiful, just beautiful," Sandra told us. "You two make such a beautiful young couple. So hot for each other, so eager, so sexy."

"Sandra's right, you two were just beautiful to watch, so young, so hungry for each other, beautiful," Steve added.

Kenny and I stayed with them the rest of the day, all four of us naked, each couple, necking, making out and each one fucking for the other to watch. What a horny, sexy time. We really felt accepted by our new friends and didn't feel like two kids, they made us feel like adults. Well, we were certainly doing adult things, that's for sure.

Maybe, in a way, the sexiest thing that afternoon with Sandra and Steve was when we left to go home. We each hugged the other two, and, I must say, when Steve hugged me, that large dick of his pushed at me so arousing me as his hands slid down my back onto my butt as his tongue went in my mouth. Well, I did masturbate in bed later dreaming back to it.

In the next week or two, there were several times we were over at their pool, each couple now quite relaxed being naked and having sex in front of the other.

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