Down Boy!

by wordytom

Copyright© 2011 by wordytom

Humor Story: A brother and sister prepare to go to a body paint contest. Mom is horrified that they they are spreading paint all over each other. Then Mom decides she had better go and chaperon things. David Lloyd, where are you when I need you?

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Humor  

This story is an example of what happens when I don't have David Lloyd to keep me in check.

Believe it or not, this story is based on an actual party that took place back in the late forties. Of course there are a few embellishments here and there...

'Oh my god, Danny!" His mother exclaimed. "What in the name of ... what are you doing to your sister? I don't believe this, I must be hallucinating." Danny's mom walked back out of his room and closed the door.

Teresa grinned. "Count of three," Danny said, "One, two and thr..." The door swung open and slammed back against the wall.

"Teresa," she yelled from the open doorway, "I want you to get your fat little ass out of your brother's bedroom right now." The teen girl looked at her angry mother and froze.

Dotty frowned at her youngest, "That is, if you have the willpower to let go of his pull toy. Don't you realize that if you play with your brother's thing it'll go off and cause you to go blind and grow hair on the palm of your hand?"

Terry turned around and tried to leave. She forgot to let go and almost jerked her brother's penis out by the roots. "Hey!" Danny yelled.

"Oops?" she squeaked and released the stretched to the limit sex appendage. "Sorry."

"Leave the paint brush here," Danny told her. She nodded and placed it on the tray of body paints with the other brushes.

"What perverted things have you done with your sister? Stand up, Mister." He stood and she screamed as she saw the well drawn, realistic looking charging elephant painted on his belly and upper thighs. The elephant's trunk was Danny's painted gray penis. All in all, his sister had done an artistic job worthy of a professional body painter.

This time Dotty Henderson staggered out and didn't close the door behind her. "The elephant's trunk is smeared," she mumbled over her shoulder.

She staggered out of Danny's room, staggered a little further to the liquor cabinet and removed a bottle of expensive wine. She grabbed the cork puller and got the bottle opened the first time. She upended the bottle and chugged twenty-five dollars worth of a hundred dollar bottle of Riesling. She sat.

"Mom," Danny called from his room, "Is it okay if Terry comes back and fixes the paint you caused her to smear?"

Dotty stood and returned to Danny's room. "No, young man, your sister may not come back in here and masturbate you. That's incest."

"Mom, she already did that earlier so it would stay down while she painted it and made it into an elephant's trunk. That brush tickled and every time she applied the paint, I got hard."

"I'm dreaming. We are not having this conversation. My son is normal and his sister does not play with his penis. We are a normal loving family." She took another chug of the wine, shuddered and looked at her son again. She felt so confused right then.

"Mom, I need Sis to come back in here and repair the paint job you messed up. Please?" Between the kick of the wine on an empty stomach and her son's lack of embarrassment, Dotty nodded yes. "Go ahead and finish that work of art, by all means."

"Thanks Mom," Terry said from behind her. "May I have a taste of your wine?"

Dotty nodded and held the bottle out to the side. "Don't drink it all, just a mouthful. Riesling of this quality was meant to be savored and not slugged down like some cheap crap with a screw top."

Terry took a healthy sip and returned the bottle to her mother. Dotty only took a fifteen dollar slug of wine and passed it back. Terry took another drink, smiled and nodded. She handed the bottle back to her mother and began to repair the damage to her artistic painting.

Dotty watched as her only daughter handled her only son's penis with practiced ease. Dotty's suspicious mind decided this was not the first penis painting expedition Terry had been on.

"How long have you and your brother been having sex?"

"What? Mom, that was a dumb question." Danny looked shocked at his mother.

"Mom, Danny and I have never had sex. I did not have sex with my brother," she stated with Clinton like sincerity.

"Blow jobs count as sex in this house," Dotty told her.

"Sorry Mom," Danny interrupted. "Still no Kewpie Doll. We don't do family."


"Mama, Danny's is not the only cock in town." She let go of her brother's penis and nodded her acceptance of the finished product.

"Oh my god, this is too much information." Then she sat down on Danny's computer chair.

Terry begin to undress. "What are you doing?"

"Sis has to get naked so I can paint her costume on her. You don't want her to go to the party naked, do you?" Danny went into his closet and brought out a series of templates and a small spray gun.

Terry explained, "Danny doesn't have an artistic bone in his body. We'll use templates and an air brush to get my costume straight." Terry thought a minute. Mom, will you please help him if he has trouble when he starts to paint my coochie?"

"Your what? Did you say coochie?" Dotty wondered if her daughter had a speech impediment.

"Well, I was afraid you'd freak out if I mentioned Danny and my clean shaved pussy in the same sentence. I thought 'coochie' would lessen the impact.

"Thanks, but I'll watch." Dotty took a small sip of wine from the bottle. "I don't do coochies," she mumbled under her breath.

Danny mixed the blue paint with a little black until he got the depth of color he wanted. and held the template in place one handed. He sprayed the wonder woman bikini bottom properly. Then he did the red top without over spraying onto the rest of her body. After that he went back to the bottom and took his time as he sprayed the white stars.

"Dotty took another mouthful of wine and told Danny, You're spending too much time putting those stars around her little ... er, coochie. Hurry up."

Danny blushed his guilt and stood up. Damn, but his sister had a fine looking coochie. He took the gold paint and began to paint the headband across Terry's forehead ... Then he stood back and nodded. "Lookin' great there, Sis."

"Where is this party?" Dotty looked back and forth between the two of them. "Why didn't I know anything about it?"

"Mom," Danny sighed and continued, "We both told you about the body painting party last month when we first got our invitations. Remember?"

Dotty thought a moment and shook her head. She frowned and told them, no you didn't..." Then she remembered. "But I thought it was one of those things where kids went in cutoffs and smeared finger paint on each others' faces. You know, like you did in the first grade that Halloween."

"That was the first grade and this is now. The party is going to be held at the Wilsons' house. Mister Wilson is taking Missus Wilson for a romantic weekend to San Francisco."

Dotty emptied the bottle and dropped it on the carpeted floor. "Well, in that case I better go along and chaperone things."

Danny looked at Terry and back at his mother. Terry shook her head. There was no way, drunk or sober, they would go to the party with their mother in tow. "Mom, there is no way they'd let you in unless you have on a costume. Are you ready to get naked and let Terry and I paint a costume on your naked body?" There, that ought to kill that idea.

"If I must, I must," Dotty sighed, ever the drama queen. "Let me go pee first." She walked over to the door to the bathroom Danny and Terry shared and got undressed. She sat on the stool and let fly. It took a long time to empty the whole liter of wine, less the small amount Terry drank, from her bladder.

Then Danny looked at his sister as he remembered a horrifying fact. Alcohol passed through his mother and only had one effect on her. It lowered her inhibitions. "Sis, that whole bottle of wine went on through her. Hoo boy, what do we do now?"

Dotty returned to the bedroom and stood. "Okay, I don't have the equipment to be an elephant and Wonder Woman is already taken, so what can you think up?"

Danny grinned. "We'll make you an art gallery of famous characters." He pointed down at his mom's bush. "Sis, you know how much Mom likes to listen to Willie Nelson. Paint a young Willie down there. You already have Willie's beard ready-made."

He grinned at Terry, "Make her boobs into a couple of cartoon characters and put a butterfly on each cheek." He paused and added, "All four cheeks. Then paint pythons around her legs."

It took over an hour to make Dotty over into a walking, talking art gallery. Danny and Terry both grabbed their small digitals and shot a few of their mother. They put fresh chips in their cameras and left for the party. Danny drove Dotty's two seat "Jap Mobile," as she called it, even though it had been made in Korea out of parts from around the world. Terry and Dotty sat in back.

At the Wilson's, Danny parked and opened the back door to let the woman out. They came up to the front entrance and Danny rang the bell. Derek Wilson opened the door and looked at the trio. "Hell man, we now have a whole herd of elephants. I recognize you by your trunk, Danny. Terry, I recognize those go everywhere, do everything lips of yours." He stared at Dotty, "You are unique, girl. Your Willie Nelson is great. You have the only Willie at the party. You go to our school?"

"Oh no," Dotty answered. "I'm..."

"Just visiting," Danny cut her off. That would be so uncool to let anyone know he and Terry brought their almost naked mother to a body paint party. He shuddered.

"Well, never mind. Whoever you are, you're welcome here. He led them over to the bar and said, "Help yourselves." All three chose bottles of beer.

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