Women in Lust - The Next Day

by Sven the Elder

Copyright© 2011 by Sven the Elder

Sex Story: Helping the helper make up his mind

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Author's note: This will make much more sense if you read my earlier story 'Women in Lust' first.

The next Morning:

After I'd woken up to Sally's ministrations on my cock and Mo had then ambled in with a cup of coffee for me I began to realise that perhaps now that Tom had apparently gone, that maybe I really had been lined up as a trial for a replacement.


Mo left us both alone and Sally, having managed to raise the dead, knelt astride me and carefully lowered herself on to me, gently sliding my cock into her eagerly waiting pussy. After the battering she and Mo had given me last night I could only assume that as she was so gentle, that she must ache even more than I did. She angled herself so that I pressed against her clit and thankfully she came quite quickly before easing off and laying alongside me. At least she was happy. Damn! She was almost purring. I hadn't come and was just glad of the respite.

Mo called from somewhere to remind Sally that she hadn't forgotten had she, but she was on duty down at the local, small hospital in less than an hour.

"Bugger!" was Sally's reply, before she looked at the bedside clock and left to make herself presentable as I dozed. My next recollection was of her sticking her head round the door and saying 'Bye!'

It can't have been very long when I was woken from my dozing by a naked Mo getting into bed with me and snuggling up half laid on top of me. Its amazing how, even after Sally screwing me less than an hour ago that I was betrayed by my cock getting hard again, quite quickly. Or maybe it was Mo's talented hands as well as her breasts. She started to go down on me and I tried to stop her.

"Mo, don't! I really need a shower after last night and this morning..."

All I got was, "So?" as she kissed her way down to my cock and lovingly took me in her mouth.

I could only groan at the glorious feelings she was producing. To even up the equation I pulled her round so that I could put her leg over my shoulder and get at her centre and attack it. Now she was groaning as well as she licked and loved the tip of my Cock as I licked her out, adoring the taste of her copious supplies of sweet-tasting juice. In the end I had to have her. So I rolled her flat, turned her round and placed both her legs over my shoulders and eased the tip of my cock just inside her very wet, greedy pussy. It felt like velvet as I slowly and gently slid all the way into her, not stopping until I was all the long way in, balls bumping against her ass.

We gazed into each other's eyes, hers sparkling with the pleasure we were giving each other as we moved slowly. I was moving back almost right out then sliding fully home, gently picking up speed. Mo reached underneath me and held my balls and gently pulled and rolled them between her fingers seeking to heighten experience. Our lovemaking, this was not fucking of the intensity that we'd both needed last night, gradually got faster, harder, deeper, more intense. She began panting and almost grunting as I began to once more pound into her, seeking to get as deep inside her as I could before with a last gasping sigh I began to squirt my juices as close to and as far into her core as I could, my back arched almost in a rictus of pain. Mo had her legs wrapped round my waist now, forcing herself up into me and holding me there.

Then we subsided, gasping for breath, Mo with a scarlet red chest and breasts indicating the strength of the orgasm she'd just had, her legs flopping off my back and onto the bed as we lay there totally spent.

As I slipped from her I half collapsed alongside her.

"Lord, Mo, it has to become less intense than this or we'll kill each other."

"Sven, as we came it was so good I couldn't have cared, I felt I'd died and gone to heaven."

I continued, "I doubt there's any more in me for the rest of the morning. Time for a shower and given the aroma in this room I suspect opening a window or two as well."

I kissed her gently on the forehead, "Give me 15 minutes and I'll see you downstairs for breakfast."

It was probably closer to half an hour when I finally made it downstairs to the kitchen of the pub. A shower had generally freshened me up and meant I felt almost normal, if more than a little shagged out. Given my age I really hadn't had as much horizontal activity for several years and in truth was quite surprised at having managed to keep up with Mother and Daughter.

Mo had a cooked breakfast waiting for me with only the eggs left to cook. As I tucked in she poured fresh coffee for us both.



We laughed as we both started to talk together.

"After you, Mo."

"I wondered how you felt this morning, Sven? After all you got attacked by two randy women last night."

I took a sip of coffee before answering with a slight giggle in my voice, "I'm not going to complain for a minute, Hell! I'd be mad if I did, but how do you feel?" I asked. "After all you walked in on your lover of last night being blown by your daughter. Given the noise we must have then made you can't have had any illusion about what we were doing. We weren't exactly being discreet or subtle. Mind you, what happened this morning after Sally left makes me feel that somehow you didn't mind too much."

Mo looked at me, blushing a little, before she responded, "I was startled but not exactly surprised. In any case I heard you both last night as you suggested. It made me want you even more this morning. I just hoped you had something left for this old girl after my no longer 'young' daughter had her wicked way with you. We have shared lovers before after all."

"You'd shared Tom, her father, with her?"

"Not intentionally and not until she was out of her teens. I had to go into hospital to have a minor operation, but there were some problems and instead of being in and out it took a couple of weeks. Sally walked in on her father beating off because I wasn't there. Tom was very embarrassed but as you know Sally's a nurse and she told him it was quite normal and why didn't he let her do it for him, after all it would be more pleasant and she really didn't mind. I don't think it happened that time, but Sally joined him in bed a night or two later. In fact I don't think Tom stood much of a chance. She'd always been a bit of a 'Daddy's Girl' but I don't think any of us had realised quite how much."

"How did you find out?"

"Well when I finally came out and returned home it was going to be several weeks before Tom and I could have sex again, but to their credit they told me straight away what had happened that evening. I can't pretend I liked it but in the end I realised that there had been no coercion and I suppose in the end I came round to it. It didn't happen too often though. Once I was back to normal I seemed to keep Tom pretty well occupied on my own."

"So what happened to him, why did he leave, God, he had both of you to choose from so he wasn't exactly being short-changed anywhere along the line?"

"Sven, I don't know. It seems that he fell for a rich widow that could keep him without him having to work. As you know, we weren't married and in the end he just upped sticks and left. Last I heard they were living up north and had got married. He'd better not show his face back here, though. There's one or three of my regulars who might give him more than a bit of the verbals if he did."

"Christ, I hope they don't get the wrong idea with me," was all I could think to say. "After all if they find out I've bedded you both, they won't think my intentions are exactly honourable will they. After all I may be only slightly older than you, Mo, but by my reckoning I must be at least thirty older than Sally."

Mo just laughed, "Don't you worry about that. They will either realise, or guess, that you and I are sleeping together, but I don't think, given the age difference, they'll ever guess that Sally has got in on the act as well."

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