Charlotte's Journey

by SplendidSpunk

Copyright© 2011 by SplendidSpunk

BDSM Sex Story: Twenty Seven year old woman is taken on a trip she never planned

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   BiSexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Torture   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .


I find myself in a dark room, unable to move. My arms are secured above me, my feet immobile but spread apart. I can feel nothing and I can see nothing. My last memory was walking home from work, tired and looking forward to a long hot shower then curling up alone in my bed with a steamy romantic novel. When I first became aware of my circumstances, I panicked and screamed till my throat ached. I've been here a while, I really don't know how long, but I know I am not alone. Although I hear nothing I do smell someone. It's a pleasant odor something like perfume or cologne. I cannot discern which so I know not if it is borne by a man or a woman.

In my initial panic I was sure that some man or men had somehow taken me to this place, but I have no memory of that abduction. I know I would not have come here and allowed this voluntarily. My arms have started to ache, I try to squirm to move them so as to ease the creep of the pain, but my efforts are ineffective. I have thought about screaming again, but I've learned how useless my earlier session was. No one came to me. I am evidently safely tucked away where no noise will escape and I have no option but to wait for whatever my fate is.

I am scared but deep inside I am also curious. I have not been injured; other then to be strung up like I am. I know I am naked, I can feel my nipples swelling in my fear and when I could take it no longer my urine escaped my vagina and I felt it splash against my legs, which had been clad in slacks while I was walking home. For a while the odor of my own urine turned my stomach but that was now gone, perhaps I've passed out and whoever has me has cleaned it up, perhaps the cologne or perfume I detect is but a remnant of that person who mopped up my piss.

My name is Charlotte and I am twenty-seven years old. Until I was taken, I was a clerk in a small company and led a simple but comfortable life. I've dated a number of men in my life but no one has ever interested me enough to enjoy their company once they had me in bed. Some of them were quite capable, their cocks very talented and my orgasms came easily. Most were poor in their efforts and only the used condom left in my trashcan remained of them the next morning. I've contemplated trying a woman but have not yet met one that I felt emboldened to seduce and no woman has tried to seduce me. I understand that too, I am a fairly attractive girl, tall for a woman almost five foot six inches in height. I allowed my red curly hair to grow and cover my shoulders and I do keep my body in shape. I walk everywhere and on weekends hike the nearby hills, toning my legs and keeping my round ass firm. My breasts are natural and perhaps something larger then a B cup, but a 36 B bra is not overly tight. My eyes are pale blue and my complexion is typically pale like you often see with a natural redhead.

As I stand here tied and unable to move, naked and having already screamed my throat sore then pissed myself I am now calm. I am still afraid but I have managed to calm myself with only moments of fear popping up from time to time. I suspect that whoever has taken me and brought me here intends to do something with me. Being naked suggests that I will be used sexually and the thought both scares and excites me. I dream of my home and my warm bed; with the stack of romance novels crowding the shelves of my room. I wonder if I will ever see them again and long for that tranquility as I wait for my kidnapper to act.

I've read about women, in my novels, who are taken by handsome strong men and who find their pussies dampening and their nipples turning hard as their handsome strangers have their way with them. Yet my pussy remains moist only as long as my piss doesn't dry and my nipples are enlarged by the way my arms are secured not in hopeful anticipation of a tender caress. I continue to listen to the utter silence of my prison, waiting for my doom. My hips are now starting to join my arms and a dull ache fills me. I begin to think my tits are heavy as the ache spreads to my chest and I wonder if this is similar to the 'ache' my heroines express as their handsome strangers use them.

A noise interrupts my thoughts and the aches that have so consumed me are replaced by something new. Fear comes raging back through me as I anticipate that my fate is soon to be realized. But as I strain to listen I hear only the sound of my breath as my fear stoked body gulps for air.


Pours from my mouth as unexpectedly as the strip of pain emerges from my ass.

"No. Ouch."

I scream out as the pain is replicated and my ass is aflame in pain. Again and again I cry out as my ass in whipped over and over again. I can hear now the faint whish of the whip moments before a new pain inflames my naked ass.


I now beg my torturer to stop, I sob and cry yet the pain continues and soon even my tears dry in this dark prison. I don't know that they have stopped as I endure the pain and try to control it. Yet I do realize that the room is silent again and only the sounds of my rapid breathing fills my ears. The pains in my ass slowly fade and once again I am seemingly left alone.

"Please, why am I here, who are you?"

I say over and over again to the empty air that envelops me. My pussy feels moist again but I do not smell piss and my nipples are very hard and I feel them growing even harder as my minds concentrates on what has happened to my ass. I have no time to wonder why as suddenly both of my nipples are on fire. I scream into the darkness as the pain searing my nipples flares. I cannot wriggle much but I try to shake my body and ease the pain that continues to force me to concentrate on my nipples. I feel a dampness oozing over my inner thighs and know that my pussy is responding to this latest attack on my body. Just as suddenly whatever was pinching and hurting my nipples is removed and the pain caused by the return of blood to my tender nipples overwhelms me, the wetness of my thighs increases. I moan at the relief and the pain.

I am left to endure the memories of the last few minutes. My nipples are quieting but still hurt and my ass carries the impact of the whip. My pussy now aches for release but I cannot help it find that release. Once again I stand and wait. How long have I been here, how long will I be here? My fear fades for now I have survived yet the fear stays close because it knows it is not over. As much as I find it inconceivable I find myself drifting off to sleep. Not and easy comfortable sleep but a troubled sleep, one brought on by the fear and terror and yes by the pain. I have no sense of time, no idea actually that I've been asleep when the pain I'd first felt in my ass is now on my chest. Once again in the midst of my screams I hear the feint whoosh of the whip then the intense pain. My nipples take only some of the abuse the rest is distributed on my tits. I try to back away from the pain I know I can not escape and I plead with my unknown assailant to stop, I promise I will do anything to just please stop but the whoosh and the pain go on and on.

My pussy is throbbing and I feel it is yelling at me and demanding that I allow it to go where it wants to go. I mentally scream back that I want it too but I have no control and still the whoosh and the pain. When I find myself absorbing the strikes and controlling the pain it all stops and once again I am left only with the memories of the pain and the severe ache between my legs. I believe I will be left to this misery as I had been left before but once again my nipples are screaming their own song and I feel tremendous pressure building at the base of those nipples. Some force is pulling them down and at the same time clamping to them. There is no sound of movement in the dark room only the constant pressure and pain in my tits. I determine that my kidnapper has attached some sort of weight to my nipples and if I move at all I can sense those weights attached in some way and dangling below my tits will sway and the pain will only increase.

My pussy once again screams at me and the ache that grows in the soft wet folds on my cunt makes me move and cause the weights to sway ever so slightly. It is a cycle I can not break as the pain form the swaying only encourages my pussy to make it's demands and force the weights to sway even more. I am no longer in control and my body shakes causing my nipples to scream and my cunt to become ever more demanding. My body is now in control.

How long this goes on is impossible to measure as I struggled to stop the weights from swaying and to stop the pain. I am mildly successful, I think or have I just learned to accept the pain. I do not know and I no longer care. I seek only relief. I realize that I am no longer looking to go home, but that I crave being allowed to let my pussy orgasm. All I want to do now is to touch that little nub at the top of my slut and release the orgasm that pounds at me demanding release. I no longer care for my life or my freedom, only my orgasm. I call out to the empty room.

"Ok you win, I want to cum, I need to cum please let me cum."

The silence answers me and tells me that I must not be ready that there is more I need to prove to my kidnappers. I do not consider that they could care less and are merely enjoying the pain they give me. When I feel pressure on my legs and that spreads to my thighs I realize that my feet are being pulled further apart and in doing so increasing the strain on my arms as my body lowers with my legs spreading out. I cry but no tears come from my eyes and I feel my pussy stretching open as my legs seem to stretch impossibly further. I am left to endure this new pain and somehow I do. Yet my pussy and my tits are still in pain and demanding release. The weights, which I thought I had learned to endure, have suddenly become more painful and I have to assume they have added more weight to the tethers that clasp my sore nipples.

I am left to endure and I try to ignore the constant demands of my now sopping wet cunt and my hard and tortured nipples and my attempts to do that leave me no time to think about anything else. The continuous pain has made me concentrate on my cunt and my tits. My only thoughts are how to let my pussy release and feel my orgasm envelop my body but I cannot find a way to get there. I find myself for the first time in my life centered on my sexual needs and desires and am amazed that I have been taken here on the wings of pain.

The pain this time erupts in my asshole as I feel something trying to enter that smaller hole. Nothing has ever gone in that back; door not even my own tiny finger and the feeling of this invasion blankets me with fear and of course pain. I feel as though my anal passage will split open as whatever is being pushed inside of me relentlessly fills my anal cavity. I am in too much pain to scream and as the object settles deep in my anus and my body tries to accept the invasion I am assaulted once again my demanding cunt. My body tries, to no avail, to expel the thing from my ass. I want to cry out but there is just too many parts of my body that are being pushed, too much pain coming form too many directions. Yet, amid all of this pain and pressure my pussy becomes more demanding and I can think of nothing more then the orgasm that won't come to me.

Once again the whip starts but this time both my ass and tits are assaulted and the tremors from each strike ripple through my aching body. Pushing my demanding cunt closer and closer but never letting that damn pussy have its release. I feel my arms being pulled forward and my belly comes hard against some sort of padded bar as my body is now bent in half with my secured arms pulled forward and down. The whipping of my tits has stopped and I enjoy a moment of relief from that pain but the whip on my ass continues. Yet I find my desire to cum overriding my pain. I sense that the tempo of the whip on my ass the pulling of the weights on my nipples has found a way to focus my energy on my need for sexual release, my need to orgasm and I cringe inside at the depth of that need. No longer do I feel the pain completely but a constant increase of my sexual need. I open my mouth to scream or beg, I really don't know and before any sounds are emitted a hard but warm pole of flesh invades. It's a hard cock and it drives itself into my mouth and down my throat making me gag.

As this cock brutally fucks my mouth and throat, I feel a soft warm object licking at my over heated sopping pussy and realize someone else has put their face on my pussy as is licking the copious juices escaping from me. The whip continues and the cock is stretching my mouth wide as it plows back and forth and without thinking I find that the little movement I have in my hips are driving my needy cunt into the face below it. My first orgasm screams through me almost as soon as that tongue touches my swollen hard clit but the night does not end yet. I cannot stop the surge of orgasm that rips thru me, not even when the cock that had been drilling my mouth pulls back and sprays it's hot cum all over my face. I can feel the warm sticky mixture coating my skin and oozing down my cheeks and then my mouth is filled again with another cock. Not as large or long and a bit more gently this second cock also fucks my mouth but elects to leave his ejaculate in my mouth and I have little choice but to swallow.

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