Women in Lust

by Sven the Elder

Copyright© 2011 by Sven the Elder

Sex Story: The helper in turn gets helped and thanked

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

The bed dipped and then recovered just a little as Maureen, the lady of the house got out and very quietly left the bedroom I was sleeping in.


Some euphemism for the last hour of wet and sensual sex we had been engaged in. Maureen had tried her damnedest to wear me out, but I think I had managed to slightly better her efforts. Now I was lying, feeling more than a little worn out in the darkness of the strange bedroom, luxuriating in the memory of her delightful body.

A floorboard creaked almost out of hearing range and then I felt the bed dip again as a warm body got back in. Except this body was different and in the same instant that I realised the difference, I also smelt the subtle perfume that Sally, Maureen's daughter had been wearing. Before I could say anything a finger was laid across my lips, bidding me to say nothing. I felt Sally lay her naked body half against me, one leg over mine, the hairs of her centre moist and wiry as she ground her pussy into my thigh, her full breasts squashed against my chest. Nipples pebble hard in arousal. She moved mor on top her legs trapping my no longer flaccid cock into the opening crevice of her sex.

"Jeez! I though mother would never leave."

Maybe I ought to step back and recap...

I am now retired and so my time is my own. I have in the past been known to help out from time to time in the various Pubs it's been my pleasure to have used as my watering holes over the years. So I'm not a complete stranger to either side of a bar then.

Even though it was no longer my local I still used to occasionally drop back to one of my old haunts, 'The Purple Cock.' Yes, it really is called that, but we won't go there.

I used it often enough at one time to know that although there was what appeared to be a normal family running the place, that in fact the husband and wife team, were nothing of the kind - they had the same names, but by coincidence and convenience only. But they had been together a long time - their daughter Sally really was their daughter though at the time I'm now writing about Tom had decided to leave for pastures anew. Lord only knows why. Maureen - Mo to her friends - certainly looked after him well enough. I had noted though that the Pub licensee was Mo, it was not a joint arrangement. Maybe she had an inkling of his future behaviour at some time in the past. No matter, I'd had a phone call from Mo asking if I could help out a bit behind the bar.

There was a busy weekend coming off in the village and she needed to make the most of it and Tom's absence was more than a nuisance.

So I'd happily said yes - the prospect of Mo's company and cooking coupled with the now adult Sally's banter and cheek were a prospect to look forward to. The fact that mother and daughter were both very pretty women was no hardship either. I was not ready for what did happen that night though.

It was, as expected a long day and a longer evening. As with a lot of village Pubs though, at least we shut at 11pm. The three of us along with a couple of other local girls, who brought out the food to folks, cleared the pub of debris. It may look dreadful at first sight, but if you're used to it it's quite extraordinary how quickly it can be done. Mo was kind enough to say that 35 minutes was a record though. Rather than drive home Mo had made me stay and I had one of the Pub's guest bedrooms which was really very nice and was complete with an en-suite.

It had been a little before midnight when I dried myself off after my shower and turned the lights off. I hadn't bothered to put the bedroom lights on or pull the curtains as being in the countryside we weren't overlooked and in any case there was a full, Hunter's Moon, that night. The bed was in darkness though, and as I got in I almost wet myself when I encountered a warm, naked female body waiting for me.

"Took yer time then."

"Christ, Mo," I responded, "you might have given me a heart attack my lovelies."

At that point her hands found my cock and it responded. Oh Lord did it respond.

Hot hands plus lips and a tongue have always had that effect on me. Even though I'm now old enough to be retired I'm not dead and the few seconds that followed my discovery I'm happy to say proved the point. Perhaps it was the low cut dress that Mo had been wearing that evening - works wonders for sales she's told me in the past - whatever? I was hard as nails almost indecently quickly.

"Likes what he's found then?"

"God Mo," I stuttered, "don't do too much of that or it's going to get messy quite quickly."

'That' was treating the end of my dick like an ice-cream cone. God she had a great action. Before a disaster occurred I made her stop and started to pay her some attention myself. Kissing her mouth I could taste my precum that I must be almost squirting given the obvious taste. She didn't seem in the slightest bothered by it and as far as I'm concerned it tastes so much like the female equivalent that neither am I.

I moved down to her breasts which proved to be every bit as wonderful as the scarcely hidden view I'd been treated to all evening.

My cock got harder!

Mo's breasts were sensitive, actually given her moans of delight they were ultra-sensitive and her pussy was now flooding with juice - God I love the scent of aroused woman.

I also love the taste. Did I mention my Cock got harder?

I know she enjoyed what I was doing, she was winding my hair in her fingers to the extent I feared I would have bald patches if she wasn't careful. Her thighs clamped around my head as the first of a number of the evening's orgasms arrived without any further warning. I was tickling her clit with my tongue at the time which just might have had something to do with it I suppose. Even so I almost drowned in the flood she produced.

Eventually I rolled on my back and she climbed on top sliding me into her in one hit - breathtaking!

She gasped as I burrowed deep, deep inside lining up with and easing into her cervix. Then she eased back off me until just the crown of the head was in her entrance and slowly, deeply slid back down until I was all the way in. By this time she was astride me and squatting down so with her knees by her shoulders I was buried far inside. She bounced easily on me with sensational feelings but so much lubrication that we could keep going without my coming. Her breasts moving in the moonlight were magnificent to watch. Great inspiration all on their own.

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