by MattHHelm

Copyright© 2011 by MattHHelm

Science Fiction Sex Story: Join NIX on the station Meron as he and Rhen introduce her sister to sex.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Science Fiction   Space   Incest   Sister   .

Nix worked late Friday, just keeping the scuds from crashin' the bar. Nix is extremely strong, that's why he was hired. Being a bouncer wasn't all that bad. Sometimes he could hook up with a groupie or two. Then it was party time. Nix did have a girlfriend. Rhan was tall and willowy. Nice set of knockers. They were close to 42DD, tight and firm though. She had nipples to die for, at almost an inch long when she was excited. He made sure they were always excited. Often when they went out, there was minimal external support and those nipples were only covered by the thinnest of material. Like spotlights, they showed the way.

Rhan lived with Nix along with her sister Mil. That was a drag. Every time Nix and Rhan wanted to have sex, Mil was there and threw a damper on the proceedings. The problem was Mil was a virgin. Never been touched by a male. But her secret was simple. She pleasured herself! And she was good at it. She could give herself an orgasm inside of three minutes using her talented fingers. Her tits were even bigger than her older sister's. She was a true F cup at least. Many times Nix would wonder and daydream about a three way with Rhan and Mil. That hadn't ever happened ... yet. He was working on a plan to make it so.

"Hey Nix" the bartender called over the noise of the crowd. He waved at Nix and signaled him to come over.

'Oh good' Nix thought 'first drunk of the night. Time to put him to sleep and give him the old heave ho.'

"What's up, Doobie" Nix asked. "Where's the drunk?"

"No drunk," the bartender replied, "Over there, the cat is molesting that young thing and she's struggling too much for it to be consensual. You'd better get over there and break it up, before the old guy gets hurt."

Nix looker over where the bartender indicated. Sizing up the situation, he reached under the bar and selected a vintage Louisville Slugger and made his way over to the booth. Everything came to a head in the booth when he was two steps shy of the booth. There was a scream in the booth as the youngster slashed out. Razor sharp claws raked the shoulder of the rapidly twisting cat. Quickly Nix brought the bat down on the paw of the young Janith feline. Not enough to maim, just to get the point across. Her amber eyes glared at him, but she was put off from her intent. The Blithian cat was just scratched, and Nix could see the wound was already healing. In another five minutes no one would be able to tell there were seven cuts in the blue fir of the Blithian ambassador.

"Sir, "Nix said officiously, "I think it best you call it a night. If you take the walk-rail just outside the door, you can be at your lodging in three minutes. I'll take care of the Janith, alright?"

It wasn't a question and the diplomat knew it. He quickly settled with Doobie at the bar and left. Nix watched him retreat, and then he turned to the pretty young Janith princess. She was sitting petulantly in the booth and had scooted over, making room for Nix to join her. He laid the bat across the table and slid in.

"Sila, how many times do I have to tell you..." he began. Sila was indeed a princess, but a very unruly one. King Arnth loved his daughter but was getting tired of her antics. She had been warned about causing any more trouble and was promised a quick trip home through the gate if she misbehaved. Nix knew this because Sila had told him herself.

"Aw, Nix. I was just having some fun with the old fart. Then he had to go and get fresh with me. He was pawing me like this" she said as she grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on her teats. She rubbed his hand up and down her double row of breasts. She had a total of eight, four on a side. Each fur-covered mound was soft and pliable. Any pair of them would make a human woman proud. As she rubbed she started to purr and Nix noticed her rocking her pelvis on the seat. As she continued, her free hand began to stroke Nix through his pants. He had gotten hard feeling the princess's chest. Her stroking assured it would stay hard.

Sila, you know we can't do anything, so why do you insist on doing that?" Nix asked, not really wanting an answer. He knew she was the biggest tease in the bar. He also knew he and she were not compatible for having sex. She knew it to.

"I wish" she started. Nix cut her off. He told her that because she was so nice to him all the time, he'd let the incident slide. But she had to promise she wouldn't act up again. After she promised, Nix packed her up and sent her home. She nibbled a little on his neck and he thought he heard her purr as he stroked her luscious mane. He surreptitiously snaked his hand back to her chest to fondle her on his own volition. She enjoyed the attention he was giving her. He reached under her garment and found her slot. It was damp and inviting. He gave her a little finger play and felt her orgasm as he played. Her purring grew louder.

"Ok, now princess, it's time for you to leave and for me to get back to work. You behave now."

She nodded and slid out of the booth. The chains around her neck glittered in the lights and swayed as she walked, paws on the floor and tail held erect. Her wet slit glistened when the light hit it just right.

Just another day at the Intergalactic Café and Bar on the core of 9324 Meron Station of Rigel. The establishment was about halfway between the hub and the outer ring and the gravity was just about perfect for all humanoid creatures. For reference, it was about .89 Class M standard.

Nix was fortunate; the rest of the shift was incident free. Maybe being half way through the work cycle had something to do with it. The regulars were there, but the young business set was not. It meant a peaceful shift. That was something of a rarity at the Intergalactic. It was the American Café of Rigel, like Rick's place in Casablanca. Everybody who was anybody came through the café and if they did, they had to get past Nix first. He was the best, and his paycheck proved it. He earned more in a week than many of the clients made in a month. But because he was there, the Café enjoyed a tranquility not found in the other establishments of the Station, especially those in the low G hub region.

She appeared at the entrance about fifteen minutes before the end of his shift. Her auburn hair shimmered in the light of the club. Her green eyes gleamed as she looked at Nix. It was evident she was in love. Her outfit was emerald green gossamer fabric. It bunched tightly beneath her breasts, causing them to be outlined against the taunt fabric. Her nipples poked out leading the way. They exhibited her excitement. As she made her way through the crowd of partiers, her nipples scraped up against others, eliciting a heightened response. When she reached his station she fairly jumped his bones.

"I'm really horny tonight" she whispered in his ear. "Take me home and fuck me good!"

"Soon as shift is over, we'll head to the apartment." He replied as his hand studied her anatomy Braille style. The apartment is closer in towards the hub and located at .67 Class M standard. Low G made for great sex. Less weight and such. The apartment was a large two bedroom place, decorated late 21st century Earth. Nix had saved over two years worth of credits and allowances to be able to bring the Earth furniture here. Theirs was the only place on the station so decorated. Every other place has syn-plas stuff. Nix had wood! He'd discovered it while on vacation three years ago to the Centauri resort world, Alpha Morpheus. He fell in love with it and vowed to get some for himself.

His pride and joy was the bed. It was huge. They called it king size. All he knew was he could lie on it and not have his feet hang off. And he could make love to three or four females at the same time on the thing. But then, that all stopped when Rhen came into his life. Like a sparkling jewel, he treasured her. Talk about putting one on a pedestal, Nix had it bad. He'd do anything for her. That's where the trouble started. She was never unreasonable in her requests. Until this last one, her sister Mil. Their parents had died and Mil had nowhere to go. She was only 15 and Rhen felt it her duty to take her sibling in. Her power of persuasion was intense. In the end, she took over his den.

It made things awkward when it came to sex. The interior walls of the apartment were not sound proof. Rhen made a LOT of sound during sex. Now you see the dilemma. On more than one instance, she made comments about the noise coming from the other room. Like a high school girl, it was meant as a tease, but it was getting to Nix. One day at the breakfast table Mil was at it again, throwing jibes at the pair of lovers.

"Oh, stop it, Mil. Just use the earplugs I got you. You won't hear a thing and you will be able to sleep uninterrupted. Nix and I are in love and lovers make love. I can't help it if I happen to tell the world when I come." Rhen was getting exasperated with her little sister.

"But Rhen, those plugs feel funny in my ears. It takes the longest time to get to sleep. And what if the alarm goes off. I wouldn't hear it. I'd oversleep. I'd miss school. First period is quantum physics and Mr. Nye would be very mad at me. I'm his best student and he tries to be extra tough to get me to stretch myself." Mil giggled. "He doesn't know I've already finished the text and am looking at the post doc materials."

"Be that as it may," Nix interjected, "Rhen and I are going to continue to make love and you'll just have to endure it. Unless you want to join us."

Mil's pussy quivered and she had a small orgasm on the spot. She had wanted Nix ever since she'd moved in. She spent many hours in her room jiggling and stroking while dreaming it was her making all that noise next door instead of her sister. Sometimes she even imagined it was her and Rhen. Her sister was hot, too. But mostly it was her and Nix she fantasized about.

Rhen took the cue from Nix. "If you are so all fired sensitive, you'll just have to join us in bed. I'll bet you are just as loud when he slips his member into you. I love feeling his large cock in me. He is the epitome of male sexuality. I can't get enough of him."

Mil just sat there, speechless. All her fantasizing was coming to a head. She would be getting her chance to have Nix. She'd been watching him for some time and it was evident that his equipment was larger than most, if not all of her classmates (and teachers for that matter).

"When? " was all she could ask.

"End of the cycle. We'll have 3 periods to do it right. It's time to take care of this once and for all" Rhen said. Rhen had secretly longed for a liaison with her younger sister. Mil's beauty surpassed ever her own. Her large, heavy breasts, with thick nipples strained the cloth that covered them. She had a tiny waist and her hips flared like more mature females. Her long blond trusses cascaded down her back in ringlets. Her deep blue eyes could melt the hardest heart and had gotten her out of trouble at school more times than she cared to remember.

For the rest of the cycle, Mil was in a continual state of arousal. She masturbated before leaving for school. She masturbated after 3rd period in the school sex room — alone. She masturbated when she got home and she masturbated all during Nix and Rhen's lovemaking sessions. She was having an orgasmic high continually for the entire time.

Cycle end came. Rhen was home and Mil came to her with trepidation apparent on her face. She didn't know where to start.

"Rhen" she began. "I'm a little frightened. I've never been with anyone before. I don't know what to do? Will you help me?"

Rhen's heart skipped a beat. It was her dreams come true. Her little sister was asking her to make love and teach her about sex. Silently, Rhen took Mil's hand and le d her into Mil's room and closed the door. Slowly she striped her sister. One piece of clothing at time came off. Rhen and Mil kissed. Their tongues were doing the lover's dance and hands roamed all over their bodies. Rhen was slightly shorter than Mil and Mil's breasts rested heavily on top of Rhen's as their chests came together. With just a little movement, nipples were stimulating nipples as they rubbed together both sets of tits.

Mil lay on the bed as Rhen switched positions and presented in the classic head-cunt position. She began licking and sucking her sister. Mil returned the favor, copying what Rhen was doing. They continued sucking and playing as their orgasms began to build. Rhen stuck two fingers into her sister's tight canal and began stroking the spot every female loves to have stroked. Mil arched her back and exploded. She came and came. Rhen relished in her sisters fluids. A moment later Rhen's own orgasm hit. She released copious amounts of fluids that her sister eagerly swallowed. Rhen turned around in the bed and held her sister close. They kissed, swapping fluids retained and held each other. They played with each other's tits and paid special attention to nipples. They sucked, nibbled and licked each other's necks and ears. Their hands lowered and they lazily stroked each other to orgasm again.

Later they took a shower together, kissing and petting and washing each other's interesting parts. Then they put on matching silk robes. They also applied just the slightest amount of makeup to accent their natural beauty. They ate a light snack and talked. Rhen talked about work and Mil about school and her plans once she'd finished her doctorate. Nix was working the day shift this cycle and would be home around 27:30. They even put some of the Andorian love perfume between their breasts. Nix was a tit lover and it would drive him to distraction.

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