Payback, Teasing Hubby as Punishment

by Silverhand

Copyright© 2011 by Silverhand

True Sex Story: A friend told me this story of teasing her husband as punishment for an indiscretion. She said I could write and post it as long as I was discrete.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   2nd POV   .

Okay, first, this is not my story, but it was told to me and I was given permission to write it up and post it. The woman is a good friend someone that I have known since she was born, actually, before that. The couple are in their late thirties, they appear to be mostly normal, I think they have a solid marriage, mostly vanilla, but they are not what anyone would call boring. Anyway, here is the story.

It started on Sunday night, it was getting late, that is true, and I did have to get up early, and he had been a bit neglected. However, having my SL cut off suddenly in mid battle was rather disrupting. When I discovered the cause was complete loss of internet connection, I grew suspicious, and when I went looking, I found that my hubby had simply gone down and disconnected the cable. To say I was not amused would be mild, but, well it was after midnight, and I did not have the energy to argue, so I just shut down, called it a night and went to bed.

The following weekend he was scheduled to be away, a conference for his work, very important, he would be leaving Saturday morning and be home Tuesday evening. Of course, usually that would mean a rather intense Friday evening, perhaps even lasting into Saturday early, But remembering his rudeness, I started to make a plan, an idea, and my bad humour was suddenly gone and I was very cheerful and happy all that week. It was a busy week, many chores, work, children, the baby was fussy, and we just sort of never really got around to either talking about the problem of the internet, or making up, or making out either for that matter.

Thursday I got home and discovered a voicemail from one of his co-workers, the message was that their flight plans had been changed, and instead of Saturday early, they were flying out Friday evening, He would be by to pick my husband up about 7 P.M ... I started smiling, and laid plans, somehow that message got lost in the shuffle.

Friday, I changed a few things and got home just after noon, I took a long bath, shaved all the things that wanted shaving, pulled on a set of sweats and got to work. First I made certain that his bags were packed for the trip, that all was ready and set aside, then I started supper plans, I intended for him to have a great dinner before he left. ( also our usual pattern. it was common for him to have to go away for two or three days at a time every few months, and usually he left very well fed so that he would not possibly find better meals, and with his balls so drained that he would have trouble even seeing other females).

When all that was ready, including his favorite beer, I went back upstairs and got myself ready. My plans were a bit exotic, and required some timing, but I was more than excited by the whole concept. Supper went into the oven shortly before he was due home and the timer set, our oven timer is one of those very loud rude ones, we found that anything else resulted in content bodies, but burned suppers more than once. I was ready, really ready for this evening.

He came in the door to find me dressed up, black silk dress, heels, my hair up, makeup and jewellery as though we were going out fancy. I had a beer in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. He grinned, set down his case, hung up his coat, lost the shoes and gave me a "I am really really really glad to be home and in your arms" kiss. Since I had a drink in each hand, he could do pretty much as he pleased at this point. by the time he let go of me we were both panting, and he was hard and eager for more. I led him into the living room, settled him in his recliner, gave him his beer and knelt down on the floor.

That got his attention in a hurry, and he opened the beer, drank probaby half of it, and stared at me. Maybe it was that my slow descent to the floor had revealed the lack of underwear, maybe it was the look in my eye as I took a healthy sip of my wine and set the glass aside. I did set the glass aside, and reached for him, I opened his pants, took out his still mostly hard cock, and tested the claims of the maker that my lipstick was long lasting.

If there is ever an Olypmic event that includes blowjobs, this was my application to the team. I gave my man the oral sex of his life to date. I love going down on him, I love the taste and texture and everything, I love the way he groans and moans, I love feeling his body twitch and quiver under my hands. There have been a couple of times that I almost think I have had mini orgasms blowing his mind, thats how much I like it.

One of the things I do, when I really want it to be past wonderful, is I wrap the thunb and finger of one hand around the base of his cock, and the thumb and finger of the other hand around the base of his scrotum and my lips go around the base of his cock head. then I squeeze and tug gently with my hands as I demonstrate the classic 'suck a golf ball through a garden hose' technique. IT makes him insane!.

the pressure of my fingers pulling his balls and squeezing the base of his cock keeps him from coming right away, and the full powered suction of my mouth on just the head of his cock appears to be a sort of contradtion that makes both things more powerful.

Anyway, this was my moment, it was not unusual for me to do this, sometimes I would give him a quick one after work so that he would be recharged, and in a better mood after supper to do a good job of taking care of my needs and desires, and we were expecting a very athletic evening because he was planning to leave in the morning.

I did it all, deep and fast, slow and shallow, I did fingers and toungue and slurping and all the wicked nasty lovely oral sex things I had learned about my man in our years together. What he did not know, is that I was keeping a very close eye on my watch. He got close to coming, and I eased off, then up again, and I eased off, I got him close to an edge five or six times, and then started going for the Gray Cup of blowjobs. He knew this was it, and since we had not had any real quality time in more than a week, it probably felt like a Gray Cup event to him too.

I had him, he was twitching writhing saying all those nasty sexy obscene things a man can say that if he says them at any other time than when your nose is pressed into his short and curlies he would get arrested. I had him, he was hovering, and I was hoovering right there, right on that edge, loving that moment of suspended time when the big orgasm is right there, right,, right...

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