F451-62 Meeting the Boss

by f451

Copyright© 2011 by f451

Erotica Sex Story: A man offers his wife up to his boss as a gift.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Oral Sex   .

"You sure I look OK?" "Honey, you look great!" Beth really did look stunning. She wore a slinky black spaghetti strap evening dress; a simple string of pearls around her long slender throat. Her blonde hair was up in a simple hairdo that exposed her beautiful neck and high cheekbones. "You don't really need to be nervous. Mr. Grinnell seems like a good man. He wasn't always rich. Before he started the company, he was an ordinary guy."

"Yeah, but now he owns a mansion in Greenwich, CT."

"And we're invited to dinner! When else are we going to get to experience how the rich live? It'll be fun."

"I know. I still worry he won't like me or something."

"Nonsense, he'll love you, Beth."

"Are you sure you're not worried about tonight, Jim?" She pressed up against him and looked into his eyes. "Will it be OK?"

"Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I'm kind of excited about it." She could feel his erection.

"Ooohh. You are a naughty boy."

As they walked up to the door of the mansion, they held hands. A servant admitted them and led them to a large room where several other couples were sipping drinks, all dressed in tuxes and evening dresses as Jim and Beth were. A big, good looking man walked over and greeted them warmly. "Hi, I'm Dave Grinnell. You must be Beth. You're even better looking than Jim claimed." He took her hand and kissed it in a gesture that fit the tone of the evening. His smile seemed to shed warmth. He was one of these magnetic men that charm both men and women alike.

He got them glasses of wine and introduced them to some of the other guests. He then excused himself and went to greet other guests. "I'll be back. I'm eager to show you my study."

A little while later, Mr. Grinnell returned. "Come on. Let's go chat for a little while in my study." The three of them entered the study and Mr. Grinnell closed the door behind them. The room was something only seen in a truly rich person's home, two stories tall, walls filled with books, dark leather furniture.

Mr. Grinnell walked over to a chair that was obviously his favorite. He gestured to one nearby. "Why don't you sit here, Jim? You'll enjoy the view."

Mr. Grinnell and Jim sat, leaving Beth standing. Jim saw her swallow nervously and then begin to move. She stopped in front of Mr. Grinnell and sank slowly to her knees. Her slim hands fumbled at his pants, opening the unfamiliar fastening. When she pulled out his cock, she was relieved to see that it was normal and he was clean. It seemed a little longer and fatter than Jim's. She turned and gazed into Jim's eyes for a moment. She mouthed the words "I'm sorry" silently.

As Jim watched her tongue flick out and lick his bosses pink cock, he was overtaken by a powerful wave of lust. His elegantly dressed wife was about to suck his bosses cock. Watching Beth with the strand of pearls around her long slender neck was almost painful she was so beautiful. He nearly creamed when she pursed her lips and slid them over the fat head of Mr. Grinnell's cock.

Beth sucked him with a soft and loving technique. She never went after him with vigor. Instead she caressed his cock with her lips and tongue, building his desire slowly and steadily. Watching her suck him was almost as much of a turn on as feeling it.

"Man, Jim. Beth gives wonderful head. She's really incredible. Go ahead and whip yours out if you want. I won't mind. She's your wife after all." He laughed out loud and then put his hand on the back of her neck. He liked to feel her head move as she sucked him.

Despite her gentleness, Mr. Grinnell was breathing audibly. As Jim heard his breathing get louder and louder, he knew Mr. Grinnell was about to come in his wife's mouth. He didn't want it to be, but his cock was as hard as iron. He took it out, but didn't dare touch it.

Beth was now holding Mr. Grinnell's balls in one hand and holding his cock delicately with the other while she sucked him deep in her mouth, but still very gently. Her gentle touch delayed his orgasm, but couldn't stop it.

Jim could swear he saw Mr. Grinnell's cock pulse and his wife's eyes bulged. He was certain that was Mr. Grinnell's first shot of sperm into Beth's mouth. Immediately after, he grunted and then began to repeat, "Oh God Oh God Oh God..." while his orgasm ran its course. Beth sucked harder and deeper while he came, giving him an even better orgasm.

Mr. Grinnell watched while she licked his cock all over to make sure he was clean and then tucked him away. He stood up and held out a hand to Beth, who took it and rose to her feet. He kissed her softly on the lips and said, "That was incredible Beth. I'll let you two clean up. I'll see you in the drawing room." He winked at Jim, who still had his cock out.

When he left, Jim looked at Beth. She was flushed with excitement, but she otherwise showed no sign she had just given a great blowjob, except that a few stray blonde hairs made her look slightly disheveled. She pulled him to his feet and then knelt before him. Her lips had barely enveloped his cock when he began spewing what seemed like an endless stream of cum into her mouth. It felt like his body was empting out through his cock. When he was done coming, Beth stood up and he could see her licking her lips. She put her hand behind his head and pulled him down to hers and kissed him. Their mouths opened and their tongues entwined. Jim could taste the astringent flavor of cum. He wondered weather it was his or whether some of Mr. Grinnell's cum was mixed with his own.

He looked over Beth to help make sure no sign of her activities remained. He found one droplet of white on her breast. She picked it up on her finger and licked it off while her blue eyes looked directly into her husband's.

At dinner, Jim saw that his wife was seated to Mr. Grinnell's left. All through dinner she seemed to be laughing at his jokes and lapping up his attention. He burned with jealousy, but his cock was rock hard in his pants. He struggled to hold on to his jealousy, but his mind kept imagining his pretty wife sucking his bosses cock, the glowing pearls at her pale throat.

At the end of the evening, Jim and Beth lingered until the other guests had left. Jim kissed Beth, and said "I love you."

"I love you too."

Mr. Grinnell shook Jim's hand. "Thanks, Jim. I'll send her home in the morning in my limo, good as new."

Jim left and Mr. Grinnell led Beth through the house into a large bedroom. He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. As she looked, his eyes became steely and commanding. She grew a little frightened. "I am going to have my way with you tonight, Beth. You have been given to me as a gift and I intend to use my gift as I please. If you do as I wish, you will return to your husband in the morning. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Her voice was trembling and quiet. She was quivering under his commanding eyes. His power and confidence was like a microwave, melting her insides with desire. Her pussy was wet and burning just from the thought of her powerlessness and vulnerability. She had never realized she had the capacity to be sexually excited by being submissive to a man. Not knowing what he would do to her was making her pussy burn.

"You look very beautiful in that dress, my dear. You are bewitching when you perform fellatio on your knees in your black dress and pearls. An elegant beauty with a cock in her mouth is among the most wonderful sights in the world. Kneel please."

She sank down to the floor. Slowly and deliberately he disrobed as she watched from her knees, in abject submission. His naked body was tanned and powerful. His cock jutted straight out from his body and directly at her. He stepped in front of her and she took his cock between her thumb and forefinger, holding it lightly at the base. Her pink tongue licked the tip of his cock and swirled around it. Wetting her lips, she slid them over the fat head of his cock. The sight of her lips sliding over the purplish knob, smearing it with her saliva, wetting it, was mesmerizing. As she leaned forward to suck him, the pearls swung elegantly from her slender throat.

Beth was shocked at how much she wanted to suck his cock. Her insides were melting with desire as she savored the cock in the mouth.

Mr. Grinnell let her suck gently at his cock for a while, but then he put his hand on the back of her neck. "You are a marvelous fellatrix, my dear." He tilted her head back to look up at him. His eyes held hers and took his cock in his other hand. He pressed his cock to her lips and they parted to allow his entry. He pushed his cock slowly into her mouth while he pulled her head forward. He pushed until she gagged and then he backed off slowly. When her lips were on his cock head again, he thrust slowly back in until he felt the narrowness at the back of her throat and she gagged again.

"Please..." she tried to speak when he withdrew again. He silenced her with a thrust of his cock.

"Don't beg. It's undignified. Accept it." The next time he withdrew, she didn't try to speak. Several more times, he thrust into her throat. Then he tilted her head up again and spoke. "Tell me honestly, did you enjoy our earlier fellatio session?"

"I got very excited."

"Do you allow your husband to come in your mouth often?"

"No, I was thinking I should, though."

"You liked it when I came in your mouth?"

"Like I said, it excited me. It was incredible to feel a climaxing cock in my mouth."

"That can't have been the first time you swallowed cum is it?"

"Well, no. I did it a few times in college and once on Jim's birthday."

Mr. Grinnell brushed his cock on her cheek and up and down her throat. "Are you eager to taste semen again?"

Beth blushed bright pink. "Yes, I guess I am." He put his cock between her lips again and she worked her lips over the head.

He plunged deep in her throat a couple more times and then released her. He moved her a few feet and then reached over to a shelf and lifted a thick rope. To Beth's horror, she saw it was a noose and it ran up to a ring in the ceiling. He held it out to her. "Put this around your neck." His eyes bore into hers, cold and unyielding.

"No, please don't do this to me," she whimpered.

"Put it around your neck," he repeated.

She sniffled, "Please." Her arms lifted over her head and dropped the noose. It was thick and soft, perhaps it was silk.

"Put the knot behind your ear and pull it snug. It works better that way."

"Please don't do this," she begged. She sniffled as she pulled the knot tight. He pulled the other end of the rope tight until it began to choke her. She had to stand up straight to breathe. He tied the rope to a ring on the wall and walked around behind her.

She felt both his hands circling her thin waist. She was very proud of her narrow waist and sleek hips. He slid his hands up under her breasts and cupped them. He was pleased there was no bra under her dress. Her beasts just filled his hands, he was sure they would be beautiful. It struck her that she had sucked him off, but this was the first time he had touched her breasts. He used this thumbs to squeeze her nipples softly and she moaned.

He stood behind her and explored her body with his hands for a while. She could feel his cock against her back.

"Pull your panties down."

"I can't, I'll choke," she pleaded.

"Yes, you can. Do it." She pulled her dress up to her waist and pushed her panties down to mid thigh, all while remaining perfectly upright.

"Lift up your dress so I can fuck you."

She whispered, "Oh, God." She pulled her dress up to her waist again. She tilted her hips forward thinking he would enter her from behind. She was right. His hands held her hips and she could feel the fat head probing between her legs. He quickly found the vulnerable soft wet spot there and pushed inside.

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