Making Love to a Big Little Girl

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Tom finds himself working with one of his sexy co-workers, Erica, and finds out that after hours, she's got another kind of work on her mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   .

Erica is a big girl even though she's short in height. She's about five feet tall, but she's definitely packing a bit more weight than she should be. But, she is one hot sexy young woman. The first time I saw Erica I thought she was actually expecting a baby and was in the early months with her baby growing in her belly. No, she was not pregnant but we'd soon change that status. Erica has a very cute face and she's got a nice rack on her chest. The more I was around her and the more I talked to this sexy young woman, the hotter I became for her. I didn't know if she had a boyfriend or was in a relationship, and I didn't care. I wasn't going to let either of those slow down my eager lust after her.

Our first sexual encounter actually occurred at work one afternoon an hour or so after all our coworkers had already gone home. Erica and I were working together on a project, and we'd stayed late to try to make some headway. We made head-way all right – in our relationship. I'd found Erica very sexy and alluring even if she was a bit overweight. I thought I was the one with designs on Erica, but it quickly became apparent within about twenty minutes of everyone else leaving for the day that Erica was hot for me, too. About a half hour before things took a much more serious direction, Erica had said she had to go to the bathroom and was gone a few minutes before she returned and came back to the work table where I was trying to finish up the project items we'd been concentrating on. I glanced up at Erica to acknowledge she was back and didn't really notice anything different. In just a few minutes, however, I began to smell a very alluring and especially nice aroma, and I knew it had to be something Erica had just put on while she was in the bathroom.

"I like the smell of your perfume, Erica," I said. I looked over where she was standing there close next to me, pretending to pay attention to the work, but I saw the subtle smile when she heard my comment.

"You do? Thanks," and as I continued to look at Erica now, I could see something I'd missed earlier. Erica had worn a skirt and button-up blouse to work that day, and now as I looked at Erica, I suddenly realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I was sure she had been earlier because I'd noticed the nice lacy design of her bra cups through her blouse earlier in the day. Erica was a petite young woman, but I was sure she wore either a C- or D-cup bra. Now there was no apparent evidence of a bra underneath her blouse at all. Erica's breasts were full and rouned and even without a bra, her breasts were proud and pushed out firmly against her button-up blouse. I felt my cock grow hard in my pants as I realized that Erica had plans for us before we finished the day.

"I like your blouse, too, Erica," I said, in an attempt to let her know that I now realized what she'd done when she'd gone to the bathroom without coming right out and saying it. I wanted to be bold and blunt, but didn't know Erica well enough to know how she'd respond to my being bluntly and overtly sexual with her. I'd been with women in the past who loved it when a man was sexy and openly honest with them. I didn't know if that would just inflame Erica's horny passion more or if she'd suddenly consider a sexual harassment charge against me.

The moment I'd started making comments to Erica, I noticed at first she just acted like it was no big deal, but I also happened to be looking at her chest as I commented on her perfume and then her blouse. I suddenly noticed that as I said those rather normal but nice comments about her, Erica's nipples began to grow hard and the perky nipples poked out boldly against the material of her blouse. Whether or not Erica was welcoming my verbal advances, her body was responding in a very obvious and sensual way. My cock was already totally hard inside my pants and I knew I was either going to have to stop working and address the chemistry between us or focus more on the work we were supposedly doing and let my hard cock try to go down.

I continued to look at Erica's chest and saw her breathing start to grow deeper as I talked to her. Knowing she'd had a bra on earlier and now didn't and that she'd freshened up her perfume, I was pretty sure Erica was open to whatever developed with there being no one else there in our workplace.

"Erica," I said, pausing for a moment to get her attention to what I was saying, "what do you want to do next?"

The sexy young woman turned and looked me straight in the eyes, and then a very sexy and pretty smile broke across her face. "Next? Can we stop working for tonight and spend the rest of our time together enjoying a hot fuck, Tom? I'm so horny I can hardly stand it."

There – now I knew exactly where Erica and I were at and what she had on her mind.

"You bet," I said, as I stood and reached over to bring Erica into a sexy embrace in my arms. I pulled Erica's body close against mine, and I could hardly believe how sexy she felt against me, her full and braless breasts pressing firmly against my chest. I began to kiss Erica and she started to moan hotly as soon as our lips touched, while my left hand slid smoothly down over her back and I cupped her right asscheek, pulling her groin close against me so she could distinctly feel the large bulge of my hard cock pressing against her pussy mound. When Erica felt my hardon and knew I was fully aroused and hard, she moaned more hotly. I knew this was going to be something beyond what I'd ever have imagined.

My hand on Erica's ass also told me that she was either wearing a thong or she'd removed her panties too when she removed her bra. It was clear she was not wearing bikini panties or anything like that. That was probably what happened and I'd soon know for sure.

I didn't want to waste time in excessive foreplay with Erica. In fact, it seemed clear Erica was already very aroused and fucking her was a foregone conclusion. These were the kinds of sexual scenarios I loved to be confronted with—a horny young female coworker who couldn't seem to wait to get her clothes off and have a fuck with me. I was always amazed at the amount of horny pussy in my workplace.

My desk was just through the doorway to the right of where we were working. I broke the embrace with Erica and picked her up in my arms, carrying her to my desk which was surpisingly clear of papers and books. I placed her ass on the edge of my desk and reached up, quickly unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it apart to uncover her large D-cup sized breasts. Erica's breasts were tipped by sexy large pink aureolae and her nipples were both hard and perky. Her sexy tits were obviously bigger because of her heavy weight, but I didn't care "why" Erica's had nice big breasts. I was going to lose myself in them and in her horny pussy.

I lowered my mouth to Erica's chest, taking the erect left nipple in between my lips and suckled it firmly while my hand cupped and caressed her naked right breast. Erica's hand pressed the back of my head, letting me know how good it felt to have her tits sucked and played with. I switched nipples and suckled the other one, and then I stood in front of Erica, reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up towards her waist as she held her ass up off of my desk to help me uncover her upper legs and pussy. I quickly saw that Erica was pantyless as well as braless. Yes, she'd gone to the ladies room and removed both of them before she propositioned me to fuck her instead of doing anymore work.

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