Waking Up

by LordSith77


Erotica Sex Story: Another short story, that I wrote for the hell of it. About waking up next to the one you love and making love.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I open my eyes; look over to see you there. You're still sleeping soundly, looking peaceful and calm. I lift up the covers, glancing down at your naked body. I can't resist myself, as I slowly caress your leg. Sliding my hand higher, I reach your lips, feeling your wetness. You must be having a very good dream. I ease a finger between your lips, moving up and down in your glistening wetness. You let out a slight moan, as your legs open wider, allowing me more access.

I bend my head down, inhaling your scent. I give you a kiss, and then part your lips with my tongue. You taste so wonderful as I drink you in. My tongue delves into you deeper and deeper. I feel you place your hands on my head, urging me on. I glance up at your face, seeing your eyes are still closed. I open you up, and suck on your clit. Your head tilts back, your eyes open wide. Your hands grasp at my hair, pulling me harder into you. I lick and suck, for all I'm worth, I can feel your orgasm approaching. You let out a scream, as you begin to cum. I hold on to your legs, drinking you in.

You pull me by my hair, raising me up to your face. You kiss me deeply, tasting yourself on my tongue and lips. You slide a hand between us, grasping my hardened cock. You position it at your pussy, easing it inside. Feeling you close around me, I groan, and begin to push. Slowly, I slide myself all the way in and hold it there, enjoying the warmth and tightness of you around my cock. Looking into your eyes, I lower my head and kiss you deeply. I slowly start moving my hips, pulling myself from inside you. I stop, leaving just the head in, and hold it there. I look into your eyes again, then thrusting deep into you, I watch as your eyes widen with ecstasy. I'm all the way in, as far as I can go, then pulling back out again slowly. Again, leaving just the head in, I hold it there. Watching the expression on your face, as I finally push myself into you again, is poetry in motion. I pull back one more time, as you wrap your legs around me. The look in your eyes tells me you don't want to be teased anymore, but just want to be pleased. You begin rocking your hips, forcing me in and out of you. I get the drift, and start fucking you, slamming my cock into your tight pussy. Your hands are running up and down, all over my chest, as your legs tighten around me. You start breathing heavy, and tilt your head back. I know you are close to cumming, so I quicken my pace, and shift so that on each thrust, my cock rubs against your clit, over and over again. Your hands fly to my back, as you start to squeal, your fingers digging into my skin making me groan in pleasure. I slow down, allowing you to catch your breath. You look up at me, smiling and glowing. I sit back, my cock still deeply embedded inside you. I look down, and watch as I slide in and out of you. The sight turns me on even more, and I look up to your face and smile.

I suddenly pull out of you, as you whimper your disapproval. I step off the bed, and grab your legs, swinging them off the edge. Standing in front of you, you quickly sit up, grabbing my cock in your hand, and feed it into your awaiting, open mouth. Swallowing me whole, your lips slide down my shaft, taking me deeper into your warm mouth. I'm stroking your hair, as you start bobbing your head up and down. Holding my balls in your hand, caressing them, you tighten your grip on them, while moving your lips over me faster. You can feel my legs begin to tremble as my orgasm approaches. Your eyes look up at me; I can see the plea from them that you want me to cum in your mouth now. I grab your hair in both hands, and begin fucking your mouth. I stop, with just inches of me still between your pursed lips, and start to cum, filling your mouth up, your cheeks puff out as you try to swallow it all. Finally swallowing the last drop, you release my cock from your mouth.

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