The Tallest Building the Longest Fall

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: Working in the tallest building in LA. Laudra finds a way to break the monotony of the long ride up to the top in the elevator each morning

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I have been telling my editors that every story I write, has something in it that is true, I let them try to figure out what it is. Now I'm letting you the readers in on my little secret, try to figure out what is true, then send me your comment. In some stories It's quite a large part of the story, other stories its a very small part. I hope you all have fun with this. If you email me, I may even tell you what part of the story is true. Have Fun.

I don't really know quite how to start this story. I'm sure a lot of you out there will find it somewhat hard to believe. But I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about and I'm pretty sure there are some of you out there, it has happened to. I didn't think it would ever happen to me, but it did.

It started very casually, at first I thought it was just overcrowding in the elevator, but soon realized it was a little more than overcrowding. Once I realized what was going on I decided to play along. I guess the reason I played along was to break the monotony of going to the same old building, going to the same old job, doing the same old thing, day in and day out. At least that's what I thought when the game first began. I call it a game because that's the way I looked at it. He, was taking it slow and easy, to see how much he could get away with and I was allowing him to go on, wondering how far he would go before I would have to put a stop to what he was doing.

I better take time now to tell you a little about myself and my husband. Were both twenty eight years old, we'd been married seven years when the game started, maybe it was the dreaded seven year itch, that sparked my interest in playing the game, or maybe it was just plain boredom.

My name is Laura Hopper. I'm 5-8 and weigh around a hundred and thirty five pounds give or take a couple I'm 36c 26w 37h. I have blue eyes and a true Nordic blond. I'm employed as a customer relations person for a large publishing company located near the top of the tallest building in Los Angeles.

My husband Gary, has worked for the city of Los Angeles for the past five years. as a building inspector. He's 5-7 170 pounds, up about twenty pounds from when we were married.

He's an average looking guy, Sandy colored hair, gray eyes and not much of a sense of humor. We used to have a very high sex drive but we've calmed down some in the last couple of years. When we were first married we would do it any time, anyplace and as often as we could. I would still enjoy doing it as often as we ever did, but in the last six months or so Gary has slowed way down. I asked him if he was having an affair, or if he just didn't like having sex anymore and he blamed it on being to fat and promised to lose some weight. We had gotten into having public sex and the shear excitement of maybe being caught, caused us both to have the most intense orgasms we had ever had. Now we both have jobs that we would be fired from, if we were arrested for this activity.

We both knew and accepted the fact we had both been around by the time we met and soon discovered we enjoyed many of the same things and not long after we met, decided to get married.

As I said earlier, I work up near the very top of the tallest building in Los Angeles. Every morning I get there early so I don't have to wait in long lines to get an elevator to my floor. Even then its always full of people pushing and crowding to get on or off. I'm always among the last to get off, so I always tried get to the back of the elevator to avoid being shoved around.

It started with this guy getting to the back of the elevator ahead of me. I don't know why, but I always go to the left side of the elevator when I walk in. As soon as the doors opened, he would hurry in and go all the way to the back of the elevator on the left side, leaving me just enough room to get in the corner. The others would crowd in around us like sardines and we would start the long stop start trip to the top.

At first, all he did was smile when I got on as though he were playing some sort of game by getting to the back before I did. After a couple of days of seeing each other, we began saying good morning. It was around the second week that I began noticing what felt like his hand touching my butt. At first it felt more like an accidental brush, but it was enough so I felt it. Soon after that it went to a soft massage like rub right where my bubble butt, is the roundest. I tried changing position's thinking he would stop, but it didn't help. Not wanting to give up my spot, I stood there allowing him feel my butt all the way to the top. It didn't take long until the massage became more prominent by giving my butt a gentle squeeze now and then. By allowing him to touch my ass and letting my mind run wild, I was soon becoming wet by the time I reached the floor where I got off the elevator.

The first few time's this happened, I turned and gave him a sort of dirty look as I was getting off the elevator, not wanting him to know I was actually enjoying what he'd been doing, but wanted him to know I knew what he was doing. All he ever did was smile back at me with what I felt was a knowing smile. This massaging my ass went on for a week or so, then one morning, using his fingers he gripped my ass just hard enough to let me know he was doing it.

Within a week he was gripping my ass and I found myself moving back against his hand. When I began pushing back against his hand he moved his hand onto my leg just below my skirt and within a few days his hand began to move up under my skirt caressing my inner thigh. From then on things began moving pretty fast. He knew by then I wasn't going to cause trouble so it wasn't long after that, he began feeling me up and began touching the crotch of my panties with his finger tips. From then on I was soaked every morning and by the time I reached my floor, I was ready to get off in more ways than one.

I had never realized how being felt up by a stranger rubbing my pussy through my panties, would help me get through the long boring day. Every day I sat and thought about what he'd done on the way up that morning and wondered what he had planned for the next morning. How long would he go on teasing me, before getting me off. What if I moaned or screamed when I cum. That would be pretty embarrassing, but I wasn't about to stop him now. As time went on, I wondered how many times he had played this game and with who. How long would he play his little game with me, before becoming bored and find someone new to play with. By now I'd begun to enjoy playing his little game and hoped he wouldn't tire of me and look for someone new. It had become very enjoyable and I wanted him to continue rubbing my pussy, even if it was through my panties.

Ch. 02 A whole new level

It was Friday and once again I was standing off to the right side of him while his fingers teased my very wet pussy. He managed to move my panty out of the way and slide a finger up into into me, I almost gasped as he worked it slowly in and out of my hot cunt, but before I could get off, he eased it slowly out of me. As we neared my floor, I felt him putting something in my hand. I closed my hand over it and as the door opened to let me out I turned and smiled at him. He smiled back as the doors closed and left me standing there, wondering if I dared to look at what he had given me. I opened my hand to find a piece of folded paper. I went down the hall to our offices where I sat down at my desk and opened the paper. It said, The weather has turned chilly, wear a bulky knit sweater to work. If you're not wearing a bra. it will be worth extra points.

I spent much of the day wondering what he meant by extra points and most of the weekend I spent wondering what he was going to do Monday morning. I began to think maybe this game was beginning to get a little out of hand and was going to talk with Gary about it, but decided he might go to work with me and confront the guy and cause a big scene and maybe end up getting in trouble and since no one in the elevator had ever seen anything going on between us it would be my word against his. As I thought about it I decided rather than say anything about it to Gary, I would play the game besides, it really wasn't hurting anything.

Sunday turned off warm, so I decided not to wear a bulky sweater as he had requested in the note. I did put on a loose fitting, pullover sweater along with a bikini style bra. I remembered the note had said it would be worth extra points if I left it off, but oh well, not today. I wanted to show him he didn't have complete control of me, not yet anyway. As I got on the elevator that morning, I could see he wasn't real pleased with me not wearing what he had told me to wear. I smiled at him as walked into the elevator and he did return my smile.

People were still crowding onto to the elevator as I felt his hand slid up under my skirt. His fingers soon began caressing my pussy through my panties causing me once again to become very wet before we had even reached the half way point on our way to the top. I pushed back against his fingers wanting him to finger me like he'd done Friday, but instead of fingering me he continued to play with my pussy through my panties, he was punishing me for breaking the rules by not wearing the bulky sweater and no bra. He fingered my pussy through my panties until I became very close to having an orgasm, then left me there. God I wanted to feel his finger in my pussy. I needed to have an orgasm so bad it hurt. I felt like screaming, fuck me you damn pervert.

As the elevator stopped at my floor and the doors opened. I smiled at him as he slipped another paper into my hand. At my desk I opened it and read. Tomorrow, wait until you get to work to put your panties on, it's worth extra points, plus you can earn back, the ones you lost today. As I read his note I thought. He must write one, if I do what he says and one if I don't do as he says. That way he's got me covered no matter what I do.

The next day I got on and took my place off to the right side of him and felt his hand caressing the cheeks of my bare ass while the people were still crowding onto the elevator. As the elevator lurched, to start its upward journey, his fingers were already trying to work their way into my pussy. I could tell he was having trouble, but I kept my legs together not granting him access to my pussy, it was my turn to punish him a little. He cleared his throat and gave me a pinched my inner thigh. I spread my legs slightly and his finger slid into my pussy and was soon sliding in and out. I wanted to scream at him to finger fuck me hard and fast, but I knew he could only move his finger in and out, without being seen.

I was on the verge of an orgasm when he slipped it out, punishing me again. I pushed my hips back against his hand, letting him know I wanted more. This time he pushed two fingers into my pussy and began finger fucking me, Just when I felt I was about explode, he began pushing his thumb into my tight little ass. I'm sure I heard myself gasp, but I couldn't help it, he was driving me crazy. With only a very thin membrane between his fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my ass, he began working them in and out of both holes. I felt my knees buckle and almost collapsed when the orgasm I'd waited so long to have, shook my body and I felt myself gush all over his hand. When it was over he slowly slid his fingers out, wiping them on my stockings. As we neared the top he put a paper in my hand. The doors opened, I turned, smiled, and walked out.

Today instead of hurrying to my office, I hurried to the ladies room to clean up. That taken care of, I opened the note he'd given me and once again he must have had it planned ahead of time. You did good today, you made a lot of points, were now tied up. It's anyone's game again, you play very well. Tomorrow I have a nice surprise for you. From now on put your panties on after you get to work or pay a penalty. You don't want to fall behind this late in the game, so do as you're told.

That night I laid in bed thinking about the big surprise and what he might have planned for me until I finally fell asleep. The next morning I put a short flared skirt, no panties, a bulky sweater and no bra. I wanted to build back the points I'd lost by not wearing the sweater he'd told me to wear, plus It had turned a little chilly over night along with a light rain, so the sweater felt good. I saw his face light up when he saw me enter and walk towards him wearing exactly what he'd ordered me to wear.

Once again I took my place alongside him at the rear of the elevator. The people were still getting on, when I felt his hand slip under my sweater then slowly up my side next to the elevator wall until he was able to cup my bare breast, rolling and pinching my nipple, sending shivers down my spine, making my nipple stand out and become very sensitive, making it almost impossible for me to keep from screaming, fuck me.

His hand went from under my sweater down to my ass to my thigh and up under my skirt between my legs, finding it's way to my pussy. He began fingering me until I was soaking wet and felt my juices seeping down my thigh and I hoped my stockings would keep it from running all the way down my leg. I was building towards an orgasm when he slipped his fingers out of my pussy. I thought, oh god not again, please don't leave me hanging again.

I was pushing back, trying to get him to keep going when I felt something began to slowly stretch my pussy until I thought I would scream. When it's entire length was in my pussy he began working it slowly in and out of my cunt. When it stopped at my floor, he pushed it in as deep as he could, holding it there until he felt my pussy close tightly around it.

As the doors opened he turned it on then slipped the note into my hand. I felt it vibrating deep inside me and wondered if anyone could hear it. I rushed quickly out the door trying my best to keep it from sliding out onto the floor. Once I'd gotten out of the elevator and heard the doors close behind me, I leaned against the wall unable to move as I began having an orgasm. I leaned there against the wall wanting to have multiple orgasms, but soon realized I had to shut the damn thing off before another elevator arrived.

I went quickly to the ladies room and removed the huge seven inch almost human like, black vibrator. I was about to throw it away but decided to put it in my purse and lock it up in my desk. As good as it had felt, I may need it again if he should decided to punish me again by leaving me hang on the brink of an orgasm. I put my bra and panties on and went to my desk to read the note he'd given me. It said, your playing the game very well, I'll be able to give you a good score for today. Tomorrow I hope you do as well.

Ch .03 Up Another level

The next morning was more feeling my breast and finger fucking me. I thought he may be running out of games to play until I read the paper. Yesterday was your best day by far. Tomorrow will be a real test to see if you are as game as you think you are. If you fail, you could lose the game you have played so well and tried so hard to win. It would be a shame if you were to lose. Get to the building at seven thirty, the door will be open. Instead of going to the elevators, turn to your left and come down the hall until you come to a door saying, building supervisor and maintenance Dept. Come in and walk straight through to the inner office.

I thought about the latest instructions late into the night, wondering if I should end the game or follow the instructions. As soon as I woke up the next morning I began thinking I should just forget about the stupid game and stand on the other side the elevator. As I showered I thought about him taunting me, saying today would prove if I was really as game as I thought I was, that's what made me decide to go for it. I had no idea what he had in mind, but I was sure he wouldn't hurt me with a building full of people just outside the door.

The next morning I followed his instructions and walked down a long hallway, entered the office of the building supervisor straight through to the inner office. The only lights on were behind me in the outer office. I was standing at the end of a metal desk when he came up behind me, putting his arms around mine, pinning them against my sides and began groping both of my breasts. It happened so fast and without warning that I cried out, but before anyone could have heard it he had taken his left hand of my breast and clamped it over my mouth, stifling the scream. The excitement of the sudden attack from behind, along with his hand tormenting my breast turned the scream into a whimpering moan. The excitement of him Coming up behind me and grabbing me without warning had taken me to the very brink of my first orgasm. As he held me tight against him his hands roving freely over my breasts, he said, "You have done well Mrs. Laura Hopper. You have proven to me, you are worthy to play the game."

How do you know my name?

"I know most of the women, s names in this building. I know all of the ones that have played the game and lost and which ones were worthy to play."

"What ever made you pick me to play the game"

He chuckled, "well, to tell the truth, a bet is what got me interested in wanting to play the game with you. It was actually someone else that picked you to play."

"A bet?" Why would anyone bet on weather I would play a game like this or not?"

"I'm not at liberty to say Laura, all I can say is as of right now we are tied up. Were now in the fourth quarter, so the game won't last much longer. The person who made the bet had no idea that I've played this game many times and have won all but twice." As he spoke his fingers were twisting and pulling on my nipples until they were sore and aching. I was about to ask him what happened next, when he pushed me face down on the desk, bunched my skirt up around my waist and began slipping his fingers between my swollen lips. Suddenly without warning he pushed two fingers deep into my pussy, when I cried out he began smacking my bare ass over and over.

He kept spanking me until I had tears running down my cheek's and felt my juices seeping down my inner thighs. My mind was reeling and my body responding to the erotic pain he was causing. I heard myself pleading with him to fuck me harder. My insides began to tighten and my breath became ragged, then screamed as the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, exploded deep inside me and rippled throughout my body. I laid there face down on the steel desk, feeling my juice's running down both thighs, I grabbed both sides of the desk as my knees buckled and whimpered oh my god, my god, don't stop, please don't stop OOOOHHHHHH YYYEEESSSS."

"Ah yes Laura, you are very game," he said, as my body shook from the orgasm I'd just had. He knew he'd given me the orgasm I had been needing and wanting for some time. When it was over he helped me stand up. Then helping me pull my skirt down he said. "You better go now Laura, before the people in these offices get here. He handed me the note for the next day as I walked quickly out of the office.

My ass still felt like it was on fire as I walked too the elevators. Catching the first one that opened it's doors, I went up to my floor and went quickly to the ladies room where I cleaned myself up and finished dressing. I went by the break room, grabbed a cup of coffee and went to my desk to read the note.

It started with, Thank you Laura, one more challenge and you will either have won or lost the game, I'm depending on you to make me a winner Laura. I know very well you can do it by the way you responded today. Be at the same place tomorrow and be sure to dress sexy like you always do, I'll be waiting for you.

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