The Challenge

by chieftain

Copyright© 2011 by chieftain

Sex Story: They thought I couldn't do it. I knew better.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Masturbation   .

"So, none of you think I can do it?"

The five girls shook their heads vigorously. "Of course not," said Angela. "How could you possibly do it? There's five of us, and we're girls."

"But I'm..."

" ... not like normal men, yes we know. But still, that's a lot, even for you. You'll never keep up."

"Well, we'll see. Are you all ready?"

They were. Five beautiful girls lay naked stretched out in front of me. A couple of them were clearly already aroused, in anticipation: lips slightly swollen, a hint of moisture, a blush spreading across their upper bodies. As for me, I was definitely ready - I was just hoping that one of them would be quick, at least the first time.

"OK, let's go," I said. They each reached down, and began doing what they needed to do. I looked closely, resisting the temptation to stroke myself: I didn't need any additional stimulation at this point. I'd been with them all before, of course, many times, and often together, but when girls sleep with me there's not a lot of need for self-stimulation, so it was interesting to see what they did to themselves.

Soon the room was filled with the sound of heavy breathing and the slight noise of fingers on wet flesh. The differences were fascinating: while Jackie concentrated solely on her clit, Petra hardly touched herself there at all: she was focused almost exclusively on her own nipples, with the slightest of genital contact.

Unsurprisingly, it was Carolyn who got there first - she always did come quickly. The rules of the challenge stated that the girls needed to let me know when they were about to climax, so I could get ready. So at her whispered "Going to be soon," I got in position in front of her. This time I did begin stroking. Seconds later, she came with a gasp: and so did I, squirting copiously over her tummy and pussy.

The sight and sound brought Angela close to her peak. "Oh yes, I'm going to be next," she moaned, and I quickly moved over and resumed stroking my cock, which hadn't softened at all. "Mmm", she sighed, and that was it: once again I squirted, covering her legs with my cum.

I thought there'd be more of a break, since the other three are usually slower, but sooner than I expected Gloria was ready. At her warning, I just had enough time to move over before she was cumming: and so was I.

Meanwhile Carolyn was furiously rubbing, and announced she was going to be next. The rules didn't say they had to take turns, after all: just that I had to keep up with them all. As she came, I added to my previous load with an equally large amount.

I looked over at the other two. Jackie seemed like she would be next, and indeed her breathing was getting heavier. As usual, she built slowly, with moans, sighs and "ohh"s getting progressively loader. But she was still quite a way off, it appeared.

Petra, on the other hand, looked like she was having trouble. Even though her hand had now moved down to her clit and was massaging it vigorously, she seemed unable to reach her climax, and I could see the frustration on her face. I knew what would help, and was pretty sure it would be within the rules: we couldn't touch each other, and I had to come once for each of theirs, but there was nothing to say I couldn't come first. So I moved over to her, and with just a couple of strokes I unloaded: squirting as much as possible directly onto her clit.

It had the desired effect, and she came immediately with a shriek. I stayed in front of her, as I knew what would happen: true to form, she started furiously rubbing my cum onto her clit, and after less than a minute she came again. I joined her, squirting even more onto her body.

She might have gone for a third, but we were both distracted by a loud "Me next!" from Jackie, and it was obvious she was there. With a load "Yes!", she came. It took me a little longer, having just done it twice in quick succession with Petra, but it was only a few strokes later that I too came, squirting on Jackie for the first time today.

I looked around. We'd only been going 10 minutes and I'd already come seven times. That's not totally unheard of for me, although it is certainly unusual. But it was clear that the girls were just getting started - and now they were warmed up, things were likely to go even quicker.

I was right. Carolyn was there again. As she shook with her third orgasm, I added a third load to the puddle already forming on her body. This time, I'd barely finished squirting before both Angela and - surprisingly - Jackie were both claiming they were going to be next. I decided to take Jackie first, and as they both groaned out their climaxes I had mine, ejaculating a still decent amount onto her. I knew I couldn't afford to fall behind, so as soon as I'd finished I turned around to face Angela, stroking furiously to coax out yet another ejaculation - which duly followed, decorating her with cum.

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