After a Long Day

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2011 by Jana Cleveland

Erotica Sex Story: Black female has a threesome with her white best friend and her boyfriend

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Black Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

It was 5 o'clock my work week had just ended. I clocked out and stepped out of the office building, where I work as an office/administrative assistant. I got into my car silver sedan and drove downtown to the diner where my best friend Cianna works. I parked my car at the front of the diner and waited on her. A few minutes later, Cianna came out of the diner in her waitress uniform. She was really happy that day because I saw the smile on her face.

"Hey Cianna, how are you today?" I asked her as I started the car.

"Great, I just got paid today and got a lot of tips also." Cianna said as she let down her shiny dark auburn red hair.

"Good, I got paid too. Working that overtime really does pay." I said happily as we drove over to her place.

A couple of minutes later, we had arrived from at Cianna's house, a two-story split level. Once we got inside, we sat ourselves down on the sage-colored living room sofa and took off our shoes.

"So how's Talan?" I asked her.

Talan's a construction worker who happens to be Cianna's boyfriend. He's tall with dark brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a very built body on him, got muscles on top of muscles.

"Talan's doing very well. He's getting a bonus at work from building on the new office building across from the downtown hotel. He's working very hard and we're still dating and all." Cianna replied.

"That's very good to hear." I said to her.

"Yes, it is. He's going to be a little late getting off work tonight. Would you mind staying here to keep me company?" Cianna asked of me.

"Sure, I can keep you company." I replied.

Cianna then smiled at me as she sat a little closer beside me. She brushed my black hair aside and softly kissed my lips. Her pink lips were soft like petals and she was a really good kisser. I slowly took off her waitress uniform and then took off her shoes as she continued to kiss my lips. After the kiss, she took me to her bedroom. Once we were there, we sat on the bed facing each other. I returned her kiss that time and I slowly took off her white cotton bra and panties. Her naturally endowed breasts had peaches-and-cream-hued nipples. I heard her gasp as my tongue softly circled both nipples before I sucked them. Her moans and groans were high and soft as she lightly played with my black silk-like hair. I then softly licked and kissed her neck. While I kissed her there, I slowly rubbed her bare womanhood. She moaned and groaned as I pleasured her body.

I felt her woman lips getting wet with each rub and stroke I delivered to her pussy. Her womanly juices had leaked into my mouth and tongue. Cianna then got up and kissed my lips some more. She slowly unbuttoned my black jacket as I took off my black heels. We continued kissing as I unzipped my white, long-sleeved blouse and I took it off. Cianna smiled as she looked my ample cleavage peeking from my black and red ruffle demi bra. I unhooked my bra from the back and my endowed breasts were freed. Cianna cupped my breasts into her hands. I gasped as she suckled and licked both of my breasts; I was turned on by her breast play. While she played with my twins, I then unzipped my black skirt and let it fall to the floor. We kissed each other's lips some more as we squeezed and fondled each other's breasts. I felt Cianna's fingers as she rubbed my pussy lips I loudly moaned as my juices were leaking from my pussy.

After that, Cianna and I kissed each other's lips again. I slowly took off my matching panties while we kissed. I sat up on the bed as Cianna placed kisses up from the tops of my feet to my inner thighs. I then softly stroked her medium auburn hair which hanged loosely around her shoulders. I loudly gasped as she delivered the first lick to my already wet pussy. I moaned as her tongue gave my pussy a couple of cat-like licks. I felt myself slowly cumming into her mouth as she continued to lick me.

Then, I positioned myself on top of Cianna's body and orally played her breasts some more. As I kissed and licked her breasts, I slipped two of my fingers into her wet pussy. I heard her moaned my name as her hands stroked my silky black hair. Suddenly, I felt a large hand stroking up and down one of my thighs. I slowly lifted my head from Cianna's chest and looked to see Talan, who was happy to see the both of us.

"Baby, I'm so glad you here. She's just keeping me company because we both got off from work." Cianna said to him as Talan kissed her lips.

I got up from Cianna's lightly hair-covered pussy and said hi to Talan. He then looked at me and said, "Hi, how are you?"

"I'm good, thanks." I said to Talan with a smile.

"Good to hear." Talan said as he gently cupped my face with both of his hands and kissed my lips, tasting the sweet nectar from his girlfriend's woman lips.

Cianna and I watched as Talan took off his wife beater tank top. His body hot and ripped in the right places with muscles on top of muscles. He then joined us on the bed and deeply kissed Cianna's lips. Talan and I then softly licked and sucked her full, lush breasts as I slid my fingers down to Cianna's wet pussy, gently rubbing it. She was still very wet from me licking her down there. As I rubbed her pussy, Talan gently pulled me close as he kissed my lips. The man can kiss like nobody's business, his lips were soft and the kisses were warm and sensual. As we kissed, my hand brushed against Talan's crotch and felt his cock that was gradually hardening in his jeans.

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