Visiting the Petersons: a Sex Farce

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Scottie goes for the weekend with his room mate to visit his family. Each night of the long weekend he has a sexy visitor, whose task it was to ravish him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Humor   FemaleDom   .

Scottie Worley played tennis at the university. He was thin and lithe with a shock of brown hair that had a rakish Harry Potter kind of look to it. He had gray eyes and only escaped the description of 'beautiful', pushing maybe, in his beauty, effeminate, by a short margin, and by the fact that he wore heavy glasses.

He roomed with Ingmar Peterson, whose Dad was an architect. Ingmar's home was not very far away from the university but he lived in the dorms, as a part of his educational experience, as he put it.

Scottie was a computer science major, and fairly comfortable with computers, having grown up with them. The two of them, one a brown haired semi beautiful boy and the other a blond semi beautiful boy were both extremely popular on campus.

They were to have a long, holiday weekend at the end of that month and Ingmar asked Scottie if he'd like to go home with him, meet his family and just lay back for a time. Scottie thought it was a great idea and the plans were made.

The time came and Ingmar drove the two of the away from the university. They were both in high spirits, anticipating a laid back weekend.

Scottie was really impressed with Ingmar's family. His Dad, Ralph, pronounced 'Rafe', turned out to be really, really nice but the part of the family that almost shocked Scottie were Ingmar's Mom, Dagmar, and the twin sisters, Lorena and Ivana. Scottie's observation, which he shared with them was that it was really pretty hard, at first especially, to tell Ivana from Lorena from Dagmar. The two lovely blond haired girls, a bit older than Ingmar, were the very image of their tall, lovely, blonde Mom.

Scottie and Ingmar settled down for a relaxing afternoon. The Peterson's, apparently fairly well off, had a pool that was within a screen house, and the boys spent the afternoon lounging at the pool. Scottie was doubly, triply, if you could see within his mind, pleased, when the twins and Mrs. Peterson came out in the mid afternoon for a swim themselves. Each wore a different color of the same brief bikini.

Scottie had to get into the water to make sure that his growing erection didn't show, and he hoped that it wasn't noticed by the family members. The women were in fact gorgeous and it was difficult to tell the mother from the daughters. Their bikinis were tiny ones, one red, one blue and one a bright yellow.

"You three look like a girly show," Ingmar said, and everyone laughed.

"Well, if it's a girly show, then you just enjoy it," his Mother said back to him.

They all laughed and Scottie stayed in the cooling water for a while. They had snacks and drinks, the boys were allowed to have beer, at the pool and stayed there until dinner.

Dinner and the evening were pleasant. The family conversation was lively and they made sure that they drew Scottie into what they were talking about.

That evening they watched a movie, letting the boys pick which movie it would be, and thereby avoiding a 'chick flick'. It was around ten o'clock that the general announcement was made that people were going to bed. Scottie had his own room and went to bed intending to read for a while. It had, however, been an active day and he was sleepy soon.

The house was quiet and he settled down quickly enough.

He didn't know how much later it was, when he was awakened. His room was at the end of a rounded corridor, since the house had a large atrium around which it was built. When he woke, he saw that the door to the room was open. There was a moon that night and bright moon light was streaming into the room from the atrium skylight, illuminating a figure standing in the doorway.

He reached for his glasses and the person in the doorway moved so as not to let him have them.

"No," she said quietly. "No glasses for the lovely man."

He just settled back and looked. He positively couldn't tell which of the women it was, especially without his glasses. She just inside the door of the room now and wearing a short light colored robe, looking like silk.

"Yes?" he said.

"Quiet, lovely Scottie, I'll do the talking," was her next order to him, and he obeyed, lying there in silence.

Then his eyes widened, for, standing in a moonbeam, she removed her robe, showing that she was wearing only a pair of light colored panties.

"Ohhh!" he sighed, looking at her.

"Scottie likes?" she asked.

"Definitely," he said.

"Well the, Scottie gets!" she said, advancing now to the bed.

When she reached the bed, she stared down at him and made a show of taking her panties off and setting them aside with the robe. Naked now, she went to the bed again and climbed up on it.

"Beautiful man, beautiful Scottie!" she began, claiming for her own his briefs and tossing them at the foot of the bed. "First time is for you; second time is for me! Beautiful Scottie!"

He only watched her, sensing that he wasn't supposed to do anything, as she reached out and took in her hand his already stiff cock.

"Can I have this, Scottie?" she cooed to him, lowering her head, as she asked.

"Yessss ... yes of course," he almost stuttered, already wondering if he'd be able to recognize the next day, which one of the beautiful sisters this was.

She took the head of his cock into her mouth, getting a moan of appreciation from him, and she began slowly to suck on it.

"No hands, Scottie," she said.

And he merely echoed: "No hands!' Her sucking technique was quite good and she was able to take all of his cock into her mouth, after she'd worked on it a bit. She raised her eyes to his; her eyes glittering in the night, as she swallowed his cock and kissed his stomach.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" he groaned then.

She backed off her head to suck on the crown for a little bit, forcing him to sink his head back onto the pillow. Then her mouth went downward and she took his balls into her mouth.

"Every have your balls in a girl's mouth before, Scottie?" she asked.

"No," he said through clenched teeth, and with great difficulty.

"Hmmmmmmmm," she cooed to him, "Good tasting Scottie!"

She then lowered her head again and licked the area between his ass crack and his balls.

"Ohhhhhhhh, jeeeeees!" he groaned.

"Got old Scottie where I want him!" she crooned into the night and moonlight.

Then her attention went back to the crown of his cock and she sucked on the underside avidly. She moved her head once again and swallowed the cock down into her throat. Scottie moaned, and felt one hand working its way under him, and insinuating itself into the cleft of his ass.

He'd never experienced this before; that he knew. She was sucking his cock and sticking a finger up his ass hole. He blew immediately and she took it all and swallowed it down.

"Lovely, lovely tasting Scottie!" she said to him softly in the night.

Then she took his shrinking cock and said, while holding it:

"Got to get our big man ready again; this next time is for me."

She lowered her head, eyes on him, and took his softened cock into her mouth, sucking on it continuously. He came around fairly quickly and was hard and rampant again.

"Now he's mine," she said, and moved up on the bed, placing herself so that she could sit down directly on his cock.

He lay back and let her do it, loving every minute of it.

"Who? Which one are you?" he croaked.

"Can't tell the secrets, Scottie, Scottie!" she said softly, as she plunged her self downward on his cock, sitting on him.

With the cock securely inside of her, she leaned over him and brought her nipples to his face, brushing them back and forth across his face. He caught a nipple now and again with his mouth and sucked on it, nibbling it ever so slightly.

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed, "Scottie plays nice!"

She took his hands then and pulled him to her slightly so that his hands had hold of her ass cheeks for a bit, as she moved up and down on his cock.

"Gonna do me, and then do our Scottie again," she said with determination, moving faster and faster on him. Holding onto his cock with the muscles of her vagina and bringing him close to another orgasm. He own orgasm was one that caused her to barely bite back a shout.

When she was done, she moved quickly and had his cock in her mouth again.

"Tastes good, Scottie," she said, "Tastes of Scottie and me both! I like it!"

She bobbed her head a bit and Scottie's back bowed, as he came in her mouth again. She moved up to him and pulled his face in for a kiss, during which she unloaded into his mouth, the cum that had been in her mouth.

"Sharing!" she said, "Sharing with Scottie!"

Then she was up, putting on her panties and her robe.

"Wait!" he said urgently. "Who are you? Which?"

"The night raider!" was all the answer that she gave and she was gone.

Breathlessly, he sank back into the pillow and almost passed out from the fatigue.

It was Ingmar that woke him the next morning.

"Hey, man," he said, "Time to get up; the rest are at breakfast."

Scottie got up; told Ingmar that he'd slept well and put on running shorts and a teeshirt over his briefs.

He was chided and kidded by the family, when he arrived in the breakfast room with Ingmar.

"Sleepy head," Ivana said, and he blushed, not knowing if it had been she that he'd had the tryst with the night before. Ralph laughed at that but Dagmar intervened:

"Now Scottie's a guest; you all just leave him alone. If he wants to stay in bed later in the morning, he can. It's just okay."

This last remark was aimed at him, for him.

"Thank you, ma'am," he said, smiling.

"Ma'am," Lorena said then, "Isn't he the polite one!"

Dagmar laughed and said: "Yes, and you all could take some lessons from him."

This caused a general laugh and they all settled down companionably to breakfast. Meanwhile, he was nervous and trying, as covertly as he could to discover the identity of his partner from last night. He had had a huge disadvantage, since he didn't have his glasses on. Try as he might that morning, he had simply no idea about which of these lovely girls/women it was last night. He finally had to let it go.

Ingmar and he had plans for the day. So, after breakfast, they were out and about for a good while. They did take time in the afternoon to do some swimming. It seemed to be a 'one piece day', since all three of the lovely Peterson women were wearing one piece bathing suits that day. Lorena had a vibrant red one on. Ivana's suit was black and the one that Dagmar was wearing, the real enticer, was white, a stretch material and she looked lovely in it.

Scottie leaned over to Ignmar and said to him silently:

"Hey, man, your mother is gorgeous, especially the way that she looks in that bathing suit."

Of course, she noticed them whispering and said loudly:

"No, no! No fair whispering there! Tell us all, if you have anything to say."

Scottie blushed a bright red, and wanted to run and hide, when Ingmar suddenly piped up and said:

"He was just telling me, Mom, how gorgeous you are, especially in your bathing suit today."

"Were you really, Scottie?" she asked, smiling broadly.

"Oho!" Lorena sang out, "Scottie's in love with Momma!"

Ivana took up the chant: "Scottie's in love with Momma!"

But again, as before at breakfast, Dagmar intervened to silence the torment:

"Now stop that; if Scottie wants to be in love with me, then he jolly well can be!"

The two girls clapped and cheered at what their Mom had said. Scottie got even redder than he had been before. The only thing that he could think of to do was to go into the pool.

"See," Dagmar said, smiling at Scottie, whose head was above the water at the side of the pool, "You're making our guest uncomfortable, and I won't have it."

"He only went into the pool to hide the tent in his suit!" Lorena said with a giggle.

Ivana joined her in the giggle and Dagmar spoke up again, although she giggled along with the rest of them:

"Stop it now! I won't have it, I say!"

"Yes, Momma," both Ivana and Lorena said at the same time, though they were looking at Scottie, and Lorena blew him a kiss, once she'd stopped giggling.

"Come, girls, you can help me with the lunch," Dagmar said and got up to move.

Lorena spoke out at that point:

"Momma, Scottie's gonna watch you walk away!"

Dagmar turned and smiled at Scottie and said: "Well, honey, if he wants to, he can; it's a free country!"

"And you have such a nice butt!" Lorena quipped.

Dagmar only smiled at her and walked into the house, with Scottie staring first at her and then at Ivana and finally at Lorena, who blew Scottie another kiss, as she went into the door.

In the afternoon, Scottie and Ingmar decided to go to the mall, and spent their afternoon there.

The thought kept going through Scottie's mind: "What would he say, if he knew that I screwed one of his sister's last night! I hope he doesn't find out."

After an afternoon at the mall, they went back to the house and played video games until it was fairly time for supper. Ralph was home by then. They each had a glass of wine before dinner and spoke generally. It was Lorena who spoke up, as she had at the pool before:

"Momma wore her one piece, white bathing suit today and Scottie couldn't keep his eyes off of her."

Ralph simply raised and eyebrow and it was all that Scottie could do to not spit out his mouthful of wine.

Dagmar, as she had before, intervened: "Now stop teasing him, Lorena; I told you before, and if he wanted to notice how I looked in the bathing suit, it was his business."

But Lorena pressed on: "But, Daddy, Momma didn't dare go into the pool."

"Lorena!" Dagmar said pleasantly.

"Well, it's true," Lorena said, the she turned to Scottie and said: "If she goes into the pool with that white suit on, it turns transparent. It's so sexy."

"I see," was all that Scottie could manage.

Ralph broke in at that point:

"Scottie," he began, "They are incorrigible! I have to apologize for them. Lorena, leave it, sweetie."

"Yes, Daddy," she said, grinning at her Mom and blowing Scottie another kiss.

For the evening, the women got to pick the movie for the evening, citing the fact that the night before they had watched an action movie and tonight it would be a 'chick flick'. Both Ingmar and Scottie agreed with good humor and the evening was set.

Prior to bed, Scottie showered and, was tired enough, when he finally got into bed. A part of his brain was wondering if the same, sister/daughter would come that evening again. But it had been an active night and try as he might, he couldn't lay awake to keep up any kind of vigil.

He woke only later, looking around in a groggy fashion and realized that 'she' was standing next to the bed again. His glasses had already been taken away, and she was in the process of taking her robe off. Beneath it, she wore only a pair of thong panties, light colored.

"Scottie likes?" she asked, reminiscent of last night's scene, but somehow different too, was what he thought.

"Oh, yes!" he said, not daring to make any allusion to last night, just encase this was the other sister, and he had to admit to himself, that with his glasses off, and maybe also with them on, he couldn't, wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

"Now what is, lovely Scottie wearing?" she enquired and pulled the covers down and off of him.

He was embarrassed by the fact that, as soon as she pulled the covers off, his night time erection, made that much harder by her near naked loveliness, popped out of the fly of his boxers.

"Ohhhh," she said in obvious delight. "He's so eager to see me; isn't he, lovely Scottie?"

"Yes, he is!" Scottie barely croaked.

"Well, let's have these then," she crooned to him, removing his boxers and throwing them aside.

Then she reached for her own panties and pulled them off, while he watched, enchanted by this happening for the second time in two days. She took the panties off and with a silent giggle, moved forward and placed them over Scottie's nose.

"See how lovely Scottie affects me?" she crooned to him.

He shook his head 'yes, ' actually unable to speak at that point.

"Well, Scottie," she said to him softly. "First one is for you and the next one if for me. Do you agree?"

"Yes," he said quietly.

"Good, then Scottie's going to do what he's told!"

"Yes," he said again, watching as her head bent and she leaned over to lick the head of his cock.

It began the same as the night before. She sucked him off, spending some time, jerking on his cock and licking it now and again. She brought him quickly to the edge of an orgasm, and then it changed a bit.

Scottie had his head back on the pillow, his eyes closed sunk into the overwhelming loveliness of the blow job and she bit his cock. His head shot up and he stared at her. She was grinning down at him.

"I liked that reaction, lovely Scottie!" she said softly, and applied her mouth to his cock again.

She blew him, alternating her attention to the underside of his cock head and then taking the whole shaft into her mouth. She had him moaning again in no time. Then she bit the head of his cock again. This time she put a hand over his mouth to prevent him from shouting out.

"Scottie's getting excited by this!" she crooned to him and bent her head again, only now he was watching her every movement.

She had her eyes on him, as she sucked on him, and grinned around the cock head in her mouth in a number of seconds and bit him again.

She kept doing this and had Scottie eventually bobbing and shaking like a puppet on a string. She sucked on his cock and bit it one last time, but this time she moved her hand and forced a finger up his ass, plunging her head downward on his cock and bringing him to an explosive climax. He had to put a pillow over his mouth to keep from crying out.

"I think that lovely Scottie liked that; I did?" she asked in a soft voice.

"Oh, yes," Scottie said, to enchanted by all this to actually speak very much.

"Now is for me, Scottie," she said. "I want you to turn over for me."

He did as she told him, and turned onto his stomach.

"Nice ass, lovely Scottie!" she said and he mumbled his 'thank you' into the pillow.

"Now, Scottie, honey," she said into his ear. "I'm going to begin to play with you and remember the first time was for you and the second time is for me."

"Yes," he said softly.

"I love it that you're so polite, my Scottie!" she said.

There was a silence then and some rustling around and she was back.

"I'm going to begin now, Scottie," she said. "If you have to sing, then sing into the pillow."

Scottie wasn't sure what exactly she meant but he began to find out right away. The first thing that happened was the feel of her breathing, which he felt on his ass cheeks.

"Oh," he said in surprise.

"Scottie's gonna like this!" she crooned to him.

Then he felt her tongue. She was alternating between kisses and little bites all across the plane of his ass cheeks. Scottie loved it. No one had ever done this before.

Then came the first real shock. He felt her hands prying at his ass cheeks and then felt the cool night air on the valley between his ass cheeks, and next it was her hot breathing again, followed by her tongue.

He was astonished; he was transfixed, as she continued to journey downward, into the valley of his ass crack with her tongue.

"She's actually using her tongue on my ass!" he said to himself with a certain amount of glee.

Then came the next shock. It was her tongue, licking at, stabbing at and trying to wiggle inside of the rosebud of his ass hole.

"Ohhhhhhh!" he said into the pillow.

She raised her head and said softly: "Sing to me, lovely Scottie, sing to me!"

She continued then to wiggle her tongue at his ass hole and forced it a little way inside, causing another sigh from him. She continued to work there, making his entire ass hole area very, very wet. Scottie was humping his hips back and forth in time with her active tongue.

Then came the final shock. He felt a new kind of element, that he didn't think was her tongue any more. It was hard and, apparently greasy, and before he knew what to do or could do anything, Scottie felt the head of the dildo that she was apparently wearing, push its way into his ass hole.

Scottie whooped into the pillow.

"That's it," she said, bending over him, "Sing to me, lovely Scottie; remember that this one is for me, and I'm using a small one tonight."

"Yes," he said faintly and gritted his teeth and breathing hard to deal with the pain in his ass, as she began to rhythmically fuck him.

She leaned over him and bit the back of his neck, saying into his ear:

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