Moriah -- Pregnant

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Moriah is a young woman who's very much in love with Josh and she's working but also in an advanced state of pregnancy from her fucking with her boyfriend. She and Josh love each other deeply and while they await the birth of their baby, they are even more passionately in love than when they first met.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Pregnancy   .

Moriah is a very cute and sexy looking young woman who's currently about six months pregnant. She's got a sexy, mysterious face, beautiful shoulder-length brown hair, and a rack of tits that is definitely enhanced by her being knocked up. Her breasts are currently at least D-cup in size, nicely rounded, and full on her chest. Moriah isn't married but has been living with her boyfriend for a little longer than she's been pregnant. When they met and fell in love, she quickly talked him into letting her move in and live with him. They became intimate and very lusty lovers a few nights after their first date, and Moriah was so ready to have a baby as soon as possible that she never gave birth control any consideration. She wanted to become a mother more than anything and she didn't intend to do anything to prevent it from happening.

Moriah didn't get knocked up as soon as she would have liked, but her boyfriend continued to fuck her and spurt his babymaking seed deep inside her horny young fertile pussy several times a day and finally the combination of his hot virile semen and her unprotected fertile pussy produced the baby in her womb that Moriah now carried proudly.

Moriah and her boyfriend, Josh, were even more deeply in love with each other now that their sexual intimacy had produced a new life that would one day be born into their loving family. Moriah loved Josh and now that his baby was nearing time to be born, she could hardly wait for them to become a family with a new baby. She continued to work as her pregnant belly grew bigger and more obvious, and she loved everyone knowing that her lover, Josh, had knocked her up.

When Moriah got home from work at the end of her shift, she'd look for Josh because she needed one thing at that moment and it was some serious sex and loving from her man. She'd be hungry for food after a long stressful workday, but her physical hunger was far overwhelmed by her sexual hunger and need for Josh's hard thick cock sliding hotly in and out of her pregnant pussy. Moriah would quickly get naked, leaving her work clothes lying on the floor along with her bra and bikini panties. Josh was just as horny and hungry for Moriah and he quickly showed her the hardon inside his pants as soon as she walked through their apartment door.

Josh loved how sexy his girlfriend, Moriah, was now that she was in an advanced state of pregnancy. He'd never forget that sexy night when they had fucked for hours and both of them were sure that was the night Josh caused Moriah to conceive the baby that had been growing in her belly all these months. Moriah's swollen belly was getting larger and larger, but she and Josh could still make love in the normal positions they had been since they'd become lovers.

Moriah stopped in the living room of their apartment and she quickly had her blouse and pants off, uncovering her very shapely and sexy body for her lover's gaze. Josh thought being knocked up made Moriah much hotter than she'd ever been when she wasn't carrying their baby. She quickly reached between her swollen D-cup breasts and unfastened the snap holding her bra closed, and sexily peeled the cups back away from her full young tits, letting Josh see the dark sexy nipples that tipped both breasts. Then, shrugging her bra off her shoulders, Moriah reached down, grabbing her bikini panties by the waistband and pulled them off, getting completely naked and ready for a hot lusty all-out fuck with her horny man.

Josh was so hot to fuck Moriah that he was pulling his clothes off at the same time she was getting undressed. Moriah got completely naked just as Josh was pulling his jeans off and dropped them at his feet. She loved the visible reaction she had on Josh, and Moriah was quickly at his groin, grasping his hardon through the material of his briefs. She pulled the front down, taking the full swollen head of his cock in her hand and she wrapped her soft hungry lips around the big head. Moriah loved sucking her honey's cock and she'd often suck him off until he spurted a big load of his babymaking sperm down her throat. Sometimes she'd send him off to work in the morning either after she'd sucked him off or fucked him and had a pussy full of his love cream. When Moriah came home from work, she always wanted Josh to mount her and give her a hot loving fuck just to show her how much he treasured her. Josh never disappointed either.

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